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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 30, 1940, High Point, North Carolina A thursday May 30. 1040 italians hear ills Home Trio Lea for funds for Ilion for mercy Quot made a j. Walter Lambeth special to the Enterprise Tomas Ville May 30. A a foal program which was fair d by the Mills Home Trio. A the direction of mrs. W. weekly meeter Tho Thomasville rotary of which was held at the worn club building wednesday p. T. Alexander was in charge in program and n. English Dent of the club presided. Plea for donations to tin reds organization was made by falter Lambeth a member lie club and one of tin to. A1 is who Are helping in the for funds to carry on red work in the stricken euro countries. Or. Lambeth who pm roughly familiar with Condi in Europe made a most earn i peal for tin1 people it this Loaid at once in the drive As Looney is most urgently need this que is set at $1,000. But due to increased need officials of the Cross have asked that the he doubled. Or. Lambeth served in the american army 4g the last world War. And in Congress was selected by Lent Roosevelt to serve on the mean Battlefield Monument litter gave members of the some first hand information the great need in the pres Triflis. In. Tom Alderman Sykes also Ember of the club and who Al in the red Cross during tat world War. Gave the club i Quot i i information about consign the stricken countries and an Appeal for immediate Arn the Way of donations to Tho High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point. Not tit Carolin Page turek Sec. H danger a serial Story Romance ahead by Tom Horner Corm out. Isao. Inca service. Inc u m i of Kohli us Pahls n. C., May 30.- a wide search was underway for a Man and woman who int cashier k b Ward said Lim at gunpoint in the Hank Island Bere yesterday and j id with $2,100. Monnie makes \ a Hlais cast of characters Monnie Miles her mania for fast driving almost wrecked her Romance. La buy a Olli Nso lieu paper Rem ter limiting the murders of his brother. Mike Bentley a wealthy rancher knew too much Aland Auto accidents. Yesterday Larry is caught Iii the Hanger. Bentley imprisons him in a cellar orders ills men to steal Daybook calves and make it appear Larry is the thief. At tile Day Hook the next morning Bentley gets a Call saying that Collins Lias been caught with the stolen calves. The colonel is determined to hang Larry. Tit colonel and Barnes go to the truck promising to Rome by for Law Rry at Midnight. Moonie goes to Bentley deter Ninde Quot to Tell that calf stealer what i think of chapter Xiii Larry sat in the Semi darkness of the basement room that formed his prison trying to decide what Bentley intended to do with him. It was evident that the narcotic smuggler hoped to avoid killing Larry himself hut it was equally Clear that he would never permit Larry to be taken to trial for cattle theft. Larry knew too much about Bentley and his operations to remain alive. Bentley was evidently hatching some plot to guarantee Larry permanent removal. The Man who had planned Hughes Quot accidents could invent another just As effective. Larry thought of Moonie. Whatever Story Bentley told. She would not believe that Larry had turned cattle thief. If he had to die. It was comforting to know that she j would always love him always have Faith in him. He was glad a he had told her Why he had come Back to Texas. Perhaps Bentley would overplay his hand. But Larry did t want to die. He wanted to live. Just when Moonier kisses had promised him a life full of happiness he had stepped into a trap. He might try to escape. Bentley probably hoped he would. There were two guards outside his door others patrolled the grounds. He have a Chance. As Long As he was still alive. The ceiling Light flashed on. The cellar door opened. Bill came in. A Rifle in the Crook of his Arm. Behind him came Bentley and 1 Monnie Quot Monnie Darling Quot Larry rushed to her brushing past Bentley caught her in his arms. She struggled to free herself and not succeeding slapped him full in the face. Quot let me go you cow thief a the words Hurt More than the blow. Quot done to Ever speak to me again. I just came Here to Tell you How much i despise you Quot Larry stared at her uncomprehending. Quot a a our of i hate you Quot she continued. A you came to the ranch posed As a Friend just to get a Chance to steal cattle. The Ordinary rustler does no to sink that Low. And you made love to me lies All of it lies Quot a she Drew closer to Bentley linked her Arm in his. Quot i even thought i cared a Little for him Mike. He fooled me just As he fooled dad and Pete Barnes. A Quot he did no to fool me for a minute Quot Bentley put in. Quot i had him spotted from the minute i saw him. I warned you the Fellows a Slick Quot you done to know How Slick he really is Mike. Do you know who Larry Collins ii Why he is Here Quot she did not wait for his answer. Quot Larry Collins is the brother of to lost Canyon and see How the sheriffs search was progressing. On the surface Bentley appeared to be his usual affable self. Underneath the veneer however Monnie was sure she saw cold relentless hatred. In such a mood it was better to humor him. They were just starting for the hangar when Monnie turned to Bentley. Quot Mike will you do something for me done to let dad hang Larry Collins Quot a but Monnie. Collins stole calves�?16 of them. Hangings too Good for Quot that idea is out dated. Mike. Of dad persists in this Lynching it will bring trouble to the Daybook and to you there la be investigations trials. Turn Colling Over to the sheriff let the Law Deal with Bentley eyed her suspiciously. Quot you be begging for his life because you happen to be in love with him a j Quot i hate him but i could never look at dad again without thinking you killed a please Quot id Promise to let the sheriff have Collins if i could be sure you Arentt in love with him but in a not sure. A Quot in a not Mike honest. I love a thief. How can i make you believe me a Quot marry met his voice was Low vibrant with emotion. Quot marry me now Monnie. You be been promising for a year. Set the Day and ill Send for the sheriff to come get Quot Mike you Darling a she kissed him lightly danced out beyond his grasping arms. Quot i was afraid you would t ask me again. I la marry you on the 10th Day of september Quot she could t evade the Man killed in the Accident on embrace then. His kisses 1,062 persons in state receiving Benefit checks latest farm Market report live feet Here Quot fruits vegetables Yva so inc ton. May 30.�? pm the social Security Board has announced that 1.062 persons in North Carolina Are receiving monthly Benefit checks under its i insurance programs. Quot Quot Quot Quot. A. A. The monthly payments in the North Carolina shipping Point info Philadelphia Market slightly state total $15,847 distributed Mau it a and wednesdays sales on the stronger. S. Too Pound sacks cob Attong 504 retired workers Ste -1 full a a a reported i Blip u s no. I. 2 50 to 2.60 u s. $10, 623 76 aged wives of retired workers. $751 314 children $3,-123 i aged widow $29. And 77 widows with dependent Young children $1,321. In addition said the Board 257 claims totalling $29,255 had been approved in the state since january i for Lump sum payments to survivors of insured workers who were not eligible for monthly benefits. For the nation the addition of 21.150 persons to the monthly Benefit Rolls in april brought pay total to 62.364. Receiving payments aggregating $l.f73.933 a month. During the first four months of the year. 13,149 Lump sum payments on the death of insured workers amounted toll -917.124. Mcnutt Calls on America for total preparedness Washington a by the u. S. Agricultural marketing service and North Carolina department of agriculture. Prices Are confined to the ranges at which the i c. I. Stock of Good Merchantable Quality and condition moved. Left Tuc k new York Market Dull on Southern Stock North Carolina 5 Peck hampers iceberg Type. 85 cents to 1.24 s. A Western crates. Iceberg Type. 2.50 Philadelphia Market slightly weaker on Eastern Stock. North Caroline iceberg Type. 5 Peck hampers 1.25 to 1.35 half crates 24�?T$, 1.50 to 2.00 30�?Ts. 1.25 to 175. Heats new y Ork Market Dull and a lightly weaker. North Carolina half Western crates bunched. 85 cents to 1.00 5 Peck hampers Loo to i 25 potatoes Charleston. S. Demand very Good Market stronger. Carloads f o. B usual terms and truckloads Cash at shipping Points tuesday. Too Pound a Acks. Cobblers and Long Whites u. S i no. I 2.00 washed cobblers to to 15 cents higher u. S. No. I size b. Lio i to 1.15. Bliss triumphs u s no i 2 of i to 2.10. Or ,. 9 a it j Chicago malice Iii on old Stock Patti v Mcnutt feeders be no. I size. 1.50 to 1.75. Str Awber Hils new y Ork Market about steady i 24 quart crates per quart wide Range i in Quality various varieties Eastern Shore a. Mostly 7 to 9 cents few to to 12 cents. Del. And my mostly 9 to to. Few la to 13 cents. Ski Ash new York Market Dull and slightly weaker. North Carolina 5 Peck hampers yellow crookneck 1.50 to 2.00 italian Type 1.00 to i 50. Snap Beans new York Market weaker. By hampers. North Carolina. Bountiful mostly 1.50 to 175, some 2.00 string less Black Valentines 1.75 to 2.00 Flat Type Wax 2 00 to 2.75. S a plentiful 1.2a to 1.75 Bount Louis 150 to 2.00. Mostly i 50 to 1.75. Boston Market firm Street Sale. North Carolina truck receipts by. Hampers. Bountiful 1.50 to 1.75 Flat Type be to 3.00. Tile fifth division of the state Highway and Public works commission. Headed by s m. Bason. Will meet in High Point monday june to. For the purpose of hearing Load request it will be the regular monthly meeting of tilt division and the first one to be held Iii High Point Joe f Hoffman who represents High Point on the Board of coun by commissioner has been endeavouring to get the division to hold a paid of its meetings in High Point for a Long time. The meeting will he held Iii the county commissioners room at the county building. To Start Elizabeth City a construction Cleek Bridge Type in ibis next week. May 30.�? of Knobby the longest of its Section a ill begin Hoey at Wallace Wallace. May 30.�? Chi a governor Hoey will take part to ski ural Mac it i i. Night in a he Coronation of a Washington Market about steady. North Perotin a. By. Tramper. String a pfc and Queen of tin in a is Taek Valentines be t 1.75 to no Wallace urn Wherry feat ii a1. 2 of. Poor to Ordinary Quality 50 cents a a a a Ato Loo Bountiful 1.25 to 1.50.Philadelphia ii i Carina to or Clinty administrator called on America in a memorial Day and total be threat total War with total Market slight y a taker. North Carolina Lur. Hamper a Rte to Flat Type 1.50 to 1.75 string less 5 to 2 25. I of Strong for new Stock. Cars on track 10b new. 32 old arrived 51 new 23 old __8. Freight shipments tuesday i of of int be die today to Quot meet the threat of q45 cars cd lot and i. R i. Track Sale j la sacked per cwt. Idaho russet but new Yoku Market slightly weaker be i Tep Aiea a Hanks v. 8 no. I. 2.75 to 2 85 Calif North Carolina in by. Hampers do jul. 3 no. I Long White or tally iced Mastic round Type 75 to 90 cents j tie rot Mer Indiana governor 2.to to 2l90 under ventilation 200 to pointed t a be 50 o 75 eau. Spoke in the Arlington cemetery 2 80. Ala u. S no 1, Var a Bliss Boston Mark Amphitheater which faces the triumphs 2 Taco 2.85. J in by. Hamper., Copenhagen Tomb of the unknown said ii. Cleveland. Market lightly Strong j Viel it 1.35 Wakeful i of to Lio. Quot we will build Tho greatest Mil to 8 c 100 Pound sack u s no. I i Washington Market eau. Not to Mary and nit i and Aerial flare up j we mfg 2m a a a a a. truck recept. By the world a Ever he said Quot we will Pua famous month run clearance brings Yoc bargains for dream vol of Friday ind saturday Only Hirry k Kiwi a dead Man curve a Quot Monnie Quot Larry shouted his plea for her to Stop. Quot shut up Quot Bentley commanded. Quot go on. Quot its True Mike. He came out Here from new y Ork to find out about the Accident. Probably hoped to get me accused of manslaughter. Claims his brother was murdered when everyone knows he was drunk. Of Mike i be been such a Quot its Sll right Honey. We All make mistakes. What about this Collins was your brother killed in that wreck Quot a Monnie s words doomed Larry last faint Hope of escaping Hugh s Fate. There had been a Chance that Bentley might have allowed the Hay Hook to Settle with him for rustling but now Larry knew Bentley would never turn him Over to anyone alive. Angry with Monnie hating himself for Loving her. He ignored Bentley a question. Quot was that your brother Quot Bentley persisted. Quot you ought to know you killed bruised her lips. A a Mike she gasped. Quot in be so much to do i la go to town today to ask Ruth and Peggy to be bridesmaids. Well have to have a big wedding. Of in a so excited. Will you Fly me into town Quot Quot you better drive. I should stay Here. But drive he watched her Speed Down the Road saw her turn and wave Back at him. He waved in reply then summoning Bill to his Side. Bentley returned to the House Quot Mike Bentley wins again. he announced Quot i always win we catch Collins red handed in the hangar. He probably heard everything i said. ,. The calf stealing gag works perfectly sets the colonel wound up for a Lynching. Now in a going to get married a Bill grinned his approval. Quot i told Monnie i let her dad hang Collins Quot Bentley went on. Quot in a going to keep that Promise. The sheriff will quit Hunting around lost Canyon when it gets dark. We a wait until it 60 to 2.�5. New y Ork Market a lightly Strong Ilot equal our or or Ole Stock and burst Fla stink potential enemies in military about steady on other s c u s no strength. We Wilt on do them. 1 cobblers barrels t of to 4.12, too we will show the wet id what would sack mostly 2 50 to 2 65 some vigilant Kiel Sud free people225 a 2 3. 8 no j my of a h 100a 1. Pound sack 1.50 to 1.75. Some High 80 a when danger is recon a 2oo Ala to. S no. I. Too Pound sacks Bliss Triumph 1.85 to 2 of North Caro a Hamp hold 1 Carol or 1 pome 1.52 a. I Boston Market steady. No n cat a Olina hr., hampers Ordinary i 75 Cir in Loo Philadelphia Mark t j no Cli Carolina by Hamp a i Peen to Orth nary Quality. 50 to 75 Ltd a i Hon. Fab the k. D Quality by Cert tat. A 1.15. Washington mantel Heady. Nor. I Cai Olina by. Hampers fair Equality 75 cents to t of que Siez a no ii 1 Zed Era pointed to of 75 of 85 Cern overs mostly to cents Philadelphia Mark t weak i. Nor he Omna in by. Hampers pointed to pc 40 to 65. Mostly 50 cents Domestic round Type 50 cents to i 00 miss Western rates Domestic round Type 1.50 to 1.75 Gheen peas j new y Ork Market a by North Iva Quot a for qty a of a by i a headache i a Way a i Quot a Var i you re always Welcome at Walgreen a St air conditioned drug stores in a Sale thursday. I Friday a saturday. 145 South main Street full refund on unused film buy All the films you need for the weekend return unused Rolls for a full re fund i Llo Lieut ,?.1.��?� valuable Coupon Metal mesh pot cleaner 2e 5 with Coupon him. I done to know How but you gets dark. Call him and Tell him did. Just a you intend to kill me our men caught Collins trying to a because Hugh knew what i know you re running narcotic in i shoe laces 27 Inch o. White. Im1 of Iii i by a reductions of 15% to so hop Early for he it a Park out go leftover Odd and end. Dipl a jumper c Ost is forgotten. We must have room for new incoming i u in Mer you have run. Ride or Fly but get Here no a phone orders. No mail orders Elm come first served the it hit a a lady Charles Coco Yorkie 59c it or or buy two a Fri Price Crisp Stra in Coconut color w Hue rink Copen Navy pug Garee bands in print Ai save fiver 27v Hummer handbags 39c amp 50c Reg 59c1 copies of expensive styles simulated pm tent Calls embossed grains summer colors and White. 50% off woman Rayon panties tailored and lace trim. All sizes Lux amp lifebuoy soaps. Ret. 2 for 15c i a in Lac lot or ass fabrics. 19c totality i 1-10 cd. Length cd. 8c women s sweaters. Value Fine Cotton string. 33c Mati St gowns. Boe. Me frills lace in her by plan Bentley. You i getting away with it now but you wont always be Lucky. Quot there la he someone else Hunt Ting you after in a out of your Way Quot a he waa talking for Man Niez a benefits Quot some Day get a tip and when they do it la he Goodby Bentley. Quot Well folks. In be got a lot of thinking to do before Bentley decide to hang me that a what you intend doing Isnit it or. Bentley a Nice to have seen you. And Monnier just forget All that stuff i told you last night. I must have been he turned his Back on them. Bentley moved to hit him hut Moonie caught mikes aim. Quot let him alone. Mike Quot she said. Quot he just talking smuggling narcotics who could Ever believe Mike Bentley would smuggle dope i certainly never will a Quot you re right Monnie he a just talking. In be been accused of Many things but that s the first time i was Ever called a dope the door closed behind them. Larry could hear them laughing a they went up the stairs. Monnie ran into trouble when she suggested returning to the Hay Hook at once. Cordially but i firmly Board a freight. Hell drive out Here As fast As he can. He won t he on the Highway much a fore i to. That gives us plenty of time Quot Quot give him the old workout Mike Quot Bill gloated Over the Prospect. Bentley nodded a til go Over the details and then let you know who we want to take on a he Job. What Story we want to Tell. Quot the sheriff will get Collins All rights but not the Way he expects to be continued Guilford county realty transfers High Point township i a Hemrick to George rms a and we. Lot in Anderson Heights p Logan Porter and wife to John a Myers and wife property in Wellington Street. L. L. Fisher and e a Wright this tee. To w s. Lambert and wife. Pit. On Burton Street. Gilmer township c. L. Wilson and wife to l. T Wilson and wife lot in Fisher Park property festival i Nic a Ahoskie. N. C., May a the sixth annual Ahoskie i Bentley insisted that she wants festival will open Jung 3 remain for luncheon then Fly up and continue for three Days. 12c Over 44% slash women play sandals 44c Reg 79c thick Cork soles. Full lined White. Blue. Confetti mixtures medium or Low heels. Save 15% menus a boys shorts shirts 2 for 43c shorts a Sanford Zed vat dyed Broadcloth also knit briefs in Small medium Large sizes shirts Swiss or Derby rib sizes for men and boys. Alarm clocks save in a it pc i Ingraham he a a movement i i v boys oxfords save Over 32% Juji a leather. To i Kresh cookies sugar wafers a bar la. Remnant curtain nets. 36 in. Wide. . Menus irregular Hose. Anklet Type. Pair. To v children a anklets. Irregular pair. Ladies White gloves. 29c value pair Side glances open saturday night until 9 o clock Charles s t of is company inc. 113 South main St. Sanitary Belt red Star "7c adjustable. I v up. Jct of a a q0. Of o Quot a mipo-0o to �o�o5 the300 cd. To do Golf Ball a Tough a Long a True oct 3 for 72c 12 for 2.50 Johnny Bulla professional Gaiter proved to do v Long distance qualities by averaging 312-yds with ii to do Golf balls new Low Price effective saturday tampax sanitary Protection worn internally. Reg. Jr., super w 29= a Klek formerly Reo pkg super Suos Ioc size limit ii a Mineral Oil of k a b o Light us Quality pint 213 13 c 25e shoe Whitener limit i i 14 in i Tkv cleansing tissues Box 500 12c a Woodbury or Quot 2 9 northerns 316 Drene shampoo. 49 Epsom salts s in. 14 for bathing. Italian Balm Boc size my disc. Pkg. Is Alm Seltzer tablets 24< 30 size White shoe cleaner pc Success b of. To 35c or. West tooth Brush in a Carton. Hiick ask size i urk agr. I u ii i 19c Here s Glamour for those Rainy Days hooded Ali film rain Cape a Eitts Pressl Al it to to it will Fula yur flies i Olor Lul trans. Pm rent material it ill not Mick curl or crack a rut sirs a a a 14 ask Warwick Tennis Racquet tie three 4 5 a j. 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