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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - May 29, 1974, High Point, North Carolina So High Point Enterprise wednesday May 29 High Point Enterprise wednesday May 29 1974 7c seads a Complete 2t volume set of the Merit students encyclopedia to Gavin Van Estey age 11 of Frederic Tob new Brunswick Canada for his question can there be life on other planets some 400 years ago scholars had to face the fact that our planet revolves around the Sun and our Earth is not the Center of the universe now modern scientists Are challenging our minds with an even bigger idea it seems Likely that our Earth is not the Only populated planet in the universe at the moment we cannot prove that life exists on other worlds but the evidence that this must be so is overwhelming and growing a few decades ago Many experts insisted that life is possible Only on the planet Earth nowadays most scientists agree that life can exist and most Likely does exist on countless other planets and perhaps also on some of their Moons serious minded scientists base their conclusions on known facts and figures for example we know that the living things on Earth Are built mainly from Carbon and oxygen Hydrogen and nitrogen we now know that these and other life building elements Are plentifully strewn through the universe so the Basic ingredients Are Here there and everywhere next we need to find possible places where the miraculous creation of life could occur such conditions would provide Radia Tion or some other Energy for Basic elements to form com pounds called amino acids for these assorted chemicals must form Complex protein molecules and one of these is Dan the blueprint that governs the processes and multiplication of life itself in the past it was assumed that such conditions existed Only in our unique solar system on the unique planet Earth we now know that other solar systems exist several close to Home our Sun is an average Star of 100 billion assorted stars in our car Wheeling Galaxy millions perhaps billions of similar galaxies Are strewn throughout the vast reaches of the universe there is evidence that Many perhaps most average stars have planetary systems in this Case there must be billions of Earth Type planets in our Galaxy alone so the life making ingredients Are everywhere and the number of possible places past counting surely the Miracle of life must have happened again again and again when we think of life we have to think in terms of the living things of the Earth but earths inhabitants Range from giant whales and redwoods to microscopic organisms that Are neither plants nor animals most but not All need oxygen some can endure below freezing temperatures and some Are at Home in boiling heat so lets now expect those numerous Lively worlds to be inhabited with Earth Type forms of life some scientists estimate that Wiser and More advanced civilizations must exist in other parts of our Galaxy perhaps some have advanced and declined according to these careful estimates at this time there must be at least 50 and perhaps As Many As 50 million intelligent alien populations not counting the billions of possibilities in other galaxies its Nice to realize that most Likely we Are not All alone in the vast universe efficiency pays in appliances new con Sumers should Check a number of appliances before making a Purchase says Arthur d Little the inter National research and management consulting firm the Best air conditioners can Cool a House As Well As less efficient models while using less than half the amount of electricity the Price differences of a More expensive but More efficient Model can be recovered within a year the firm Points out the same is True of other electric appliances such As Small cookers grills toasters Fry pans Fondue pots Etc budgets Maxwell House pastor Coffee i 1lb alb bag me j can Quantity rights reserved none to dealers prices Good thru sat june 1st land o Sunshine Astor fruit 59 saltines 3 1 your favorite brands of Coffee 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cheese jv4oz cans seafood dept French Fried fish Sticks Boneless Perch fillet la 79c French Fried flounder fillet la 99c 2lb Box 99c serve them with super Brand whipped Topping 2 Harvest fresh produce Harvest fresh yellow Corn 10 ears 99c Western cantaloupes 2 Vine ripened Honeydew Oman cabbage 2 lbs 29c Harvest fresh cucumbers 4 for 49c new crop yellow onions Harvest fresh Green Beans Sunkist bagged Lemons Doz 35c 69cj Astor cauliflower or Broccoli Spears Astor Cut Corn or chopped Broccoli Libby lemonade Frozen shoestring potatoes pet Ritz pie shells mariners fish Sticks taste0sea flounder fillet super Brand twin pops a warm weather treat 3 4 3 is 89c 39c 99c 59c Tom Meader manager Wesley Gourley manager All stores open sunday 16 pm enter re Barlow manager 1 to your i Good 1 spontaneous collapse of a lung by George c Thosteson my dear or Thosteson would you discuss spontaneous collapse of a lung or lungs i have heard that the collapse can be Complete or partial due to blebs that pop and these blisters Are supposed to be a congenital defect since they dont show up in xray it is impossible to know you have them until a lung blows out at what age will this pneumothorax most Likely occur and what Are the chances that it would occur repeatedly i am confused As to How this can happen to someone who is otherwise healthy of average weight and exercises moderately m k you seem except for a minor detail or so to have a pretty Good idea of what pneumothorax or lung collapse is All about As you say it usually results from rupture of a Bleb in the lung after which like a punctured balloon the lung More or less collapses and cannot draw much air in it most often happens to healthy Young males and most often Between the Ages of 20 and 40 it most commonly comes after heavy exertion or violent coughing but can occur with sudden changes in pressure As Hig Altitude flying without pressurization or it May be a complication of such lung diseases As tuberculosis Bronchiectasis or others Small blebs can be invisible in an xray but Large ones May be observed while it is conceivable it could occur in both lungs at once that is improbable usually it is just one Side there is a Sharp Chest pain then shortness of breath in varying degrees the Bleb usually heals Over with a Little scar for mation and the lung resumes Normal action whether the Accident will happen again is unpredictable it has been reported to recur in some women around menstruation it May recur but Many times it happens once and that the end of it dear or Thosteson my husband is recovering from Quincy with the help of an Antibiotic a Friend advised that sinus drip can contribute to Quincy is Quincy a unique virus or does it develop from other infections such As sinus this is my husbands second Quincy attack and it can be a very scary experience mrs e e Quincy is an abscess in the area around the tonsil due to infected tonsil you Are right an attack can be scary since there is usually pain and a High fever the sufferer often has great difficulty breathing a person can also lose much of the senses of smell and taste the cause is More often a Strep germ than a virus and i doubt whether postnasal drip has anything to do with the attacks that implies trouble higher in the nasal tract if this is his second attack it could be time to take a serious look at his tonsils they May have to be removed dear or Thosteson last time i had my physical my doctor told me to take no Rostat twice a Day i had been taking nitroglycerine Only when i had pain sometimes a week goes by without needing it is this something new v s your trouble obviously is angina but not particularly severe Nitro stat is the Brand name of nitroglycerine in a More stable form has less tendency to lose effectiveness on exposure to air i would assume that the two Day program your Doc Tor suggests is designed to prevent attacks of angina pain rather than waiting for pain to Start before you take medication which makes sense to me what is angina Rectoris is it dangerous is there a cure if you would like to learn More about angina Pec Toris write to or Thosteson in care of the High Point Enterprise for a copy of his helpful Booklet How to handle angina Rectoris please enclose a Long self addressed use zip stamped envelope and in Coin to cover Cost of printing and handling

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