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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - May 29, 1974, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise wednesday May 29 1974 sen Abourezk holds Down unique position by Powell Lindsay North american newspaper Alliance Washington a freshman senator from the nations windswept High Plains sen James g Abourezk did has found that being the Only Arab american in the Senate is a lonely but rewarding position opium ban causing problems by Sam Cohen Etc Lac Mart cd Alliece Istanbul Nana the turkish poppy expected to reappear soon in the Fields of Western Anatolia has started to show its poisonous effects on relations Between the United states and Turkey the new governments intention to lift the opium ban enforced in 1972 follow ing us pressure has become a heated political Issue Between the two allies tension in running High Here in Turkey and a new wave of anti americanism seems imminent observers fear that the emotional attitude on both sides May turn the clock Back in us turkish relations to the critical period of the late 1960s when ant american feelings reached a Climax Over the Cyprus Issue Premier bullent Ece vits coalition government is expected to announce soon a total end to the ban recently the administration decided to allow the planting of poppy Only in stat owned experimental farms in order to preserve the seeds which Are regarded As of the highest Quality in the world this is regarded As the first significant step towards the reintroduction of poppy cultivation in private farms As Well the government is now Dis cussing plans drawn up by the ministry of agriculture and already approved by the cabinets economic body for the lifting of the ban under the program this cultivation of poppy will be allowed on Fields limited to about 50000 cares under License the controlled cultivation is expected to yield 200 tons of crude opium per year a state Agency will buy the poppy directly from the Farmers for about one Dollar a kilo government sources say the cultivation of poppy will be resumed next fall an official announcement on this is expected within a few weeks meanwhile talks Between Washington and Ankara on the Issue Are continuing the us government is pressing for the continuation of the ban and seems prepared to help the 100000 turkish Farmers who Are said to have been suffering economically from the prohibition the United states currently is paying Turkey a million Grant As compensation to the Farmers and for the introduction of substitute crops however the turkish government does not seem interested foreign minister turan Giles said recently Money is not important we cannot allow the Farmers to depend on Charity of a foreign country no matter How Friendly that country May be us diplomats Here believe the Ece Vit govern ment is determined to go ahead with its plan to lift the ban they fear that any harsh move to prevent it May cause More damage than Good these fears seem Well founded in fact even some unofficial angry reaction from the United states has provoked resentment and tension Here two us congressmen reps Lester Wolff and Charles b Rangel both of new York who came to Turkey on a fac finding Mission were coolly received and when they were quoted As saying that Congress May revise the foreign Aid program to Turkey if the ban is lifted turkish parliamentarians politicians and newspapers reacted strongly a member of parliament from the ruling Republican Peoples party a sen i said the visit of the two congressmen was an intervention in turkeys internal affairs the Leader of the opposition Justice party former prime minister Suleyman Demirel remarked that Turkey is an Independent country and is Able to do what it pleases Abourezk of lebanese american extraction has disclosed he pocketed More than last year in speaking fees mostly before Ara american groups his take included an Eye popping for a single appearance before an Arab american gathering in Detroit and lesser checks of and 55000 from similar groups in Pittsburgh and Worcester mass abour zeks Honor aria which he said he revealed to newspapers in his Home state some time ago did notes Cape the notice of near East report a pro israeli newsletter published in Washington the newsletter suggested a link Between the huge fees and Cash Rich Arab interests grateful for his role As spokesman for the Arab cause in the bitter Arab israeli dispute in the Middle East Abourezk a portly Plain spoken Liberal dismisses such charges from what he Calls the israeli lobby As part of the political game the groups giving him testimonial dinners Are basically lebanese americans who Are proud As hell to have a lebanese american in the Senate Abourezk said i usually talk to them about foreign policy but hell i could talk to them about whales and they still come to hear me they dont give a Damn what i say Abourezk finds it ironic that the israeli lobby which he says has Long dominated America foreign policy in the Middle East should Point the Finger at his fat speaking fees israeli sympathizers invented the Honor aria game he says through generous fees for speaking appearances by us politicians i am not a spokesman for the Arab cause said Abourezk i speak first As a us senator and As a us citizen who wants peace in the Middle East because Ive got relatives Over there nevertheless Abourezk was one of the few Law makers who voted against the billion us arms Aid package to Israel following the october War and he has been outspoken in his belief that us policy should be More evenhanded toward the rival claims of arabs and israelis in the Middle East another senator who voted against the arms package and who also Calls for an evenhanded us policy in the Middle East is j William Fulbright dark chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee the israeli lobby Abou Rezic said seeks to have us policy makers ignore 100 million arabs in formulating us Middle East policy and to have that policy formulated in secret and presented to the american people As accomplished fact without debate the United states has been led astray by such closed door policymaking concern ing China Cuba Vietnam latin America Greece and the Middle East Abourezk insisted i want to open up the debate he said Only once when the Dis Cussion turned to the possibility that overseas Arab Oil Money might begin to turn up in the us political process did Abourezk eyes Flash with something Akin to anger in Surprise you would even bring it up he said evenly i can Tell you this it wont happen with me i let it Dolley Madison wife of president James Madison presided at the first inaugural Ball in 1809 took part in the dedication of the Washington Monument and sent the first personal message Over sub morses Telegraph wire open daily 1010 wed thurs Fri sat Why wait use your Ank Ament Lahd master charge or ii filfly makeup Tousic our Reg 7397 am clock radio automatic volume control slide Rule radio dial polystyrene 88 Diagonal measure 3 cassettes 2 our Reg 388 4 Days charge it 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