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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - May 29, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Isa High Point Enterprise wednesday May 291974 Nixon questioned Truman executive by Thomas orphant it Atli american newspaper a Fluce Washington Nana the Young congressman was taking part in the matter be ing investigated portions of the document relating to the matter being investigated had been Given to the committee and other portions had been leaked to the press but the entire paper remained under wraps and the president of the United states refused to make it available the congressman was mad at the president and took to the House floor to criticize him the Date april 221948 the president was Harry s Truman and the congressman was rep Richard Milhous Nixon of California when the time comes that the executive department feels that a particular letter is so confidential that it can not be disclosed in an executive session to a com Mittee of Congress but that its contents can be bandied about among newspaper reporters it is certainly High time that the Congress did something about that Situa Tion and got the information to which it was entitled said the Young rep Nixon As for the proposition that a president could by executive order Block the release of information to Congress the congressman retorted i say that that proposition cannot stand from a constitutional standpoint or on the basis of the merits for this very Good reason that would mean that the presi Dent could have arbitrarily issued an executive order in the Teapot dome Case or any other Case denying the Congress of the United states information it needed to con duct an investigation of the executive department and the Congress would have no right to question his decision in fact rep Nixon asserted that any such order of the president can be questioned by the Congress As to whether or not that order is justified on the merits going beyond Legal issues he made one final argument in the interest of a com plete airing of All the facts and of dispelling these unfounded allegations if they Are that it is essential that the entire Content be released to the Congress this apparently was the first time Richard Nixon fac bicycle licensing unlikely Washington a a department of transportation panel saying bicycle fatalities have jumped 39 per cent since the Energy crisis hit has urged Federal research into bicycle safety the advisory subcommittee also recommended that Highway planners be ordered to consider bicycle needs in designing future roads the subcommittee however shied away from recommending mandatory licensing of All bicycle riders or periodic inspection of their machines it Alfo refused to recommend mandatory bicycle lanes separate from the main Roadway but said such lanes should be considered in dense traffic corridors the recommendations of a subcommittee of the National Highway safety advisory committee were transmitted Friday to transportation Secretary Claude Brinegar they Are the result of a study started by the committee last november the number of bicycles sold annually has risen from 37 million in 1960 to 153 million in 1973 according to the bicycle Institute of America the nation is expected to have More than 100 million bicycles by 1975 once the stronghold of Geronimo and Cochise and their fierce Apache warriors the Chiricahua mountains of Southeastern Arizona today form a peaceful Mecca for the birdwatchers of the world nearly on third of All the species of Birds that nest North of Mexico including the rare Parrot like Trogon can be found in the 1200 Square Miles of forested peaks and canyons of the Chiricahua de the Issue of executive privilege As it was later to be called As a Federal official it was not of course to be the last time the history of or Nixon stance on this Issue is like the history of his stances on Many issues Hes been on All sides of it his views Over the years clearly relate More to which Side of the Fence he happened to be on and what political conditions existed than to steadfastly held convictions in the Early Days though or Nixon was a fervent disclosure Man within months of his april 22 speech the House com Mittee on Una Merican activities began its famous in Quiry in the Alger Hiss Case on the very Day hearings were to begin Truman issued an executive order forbidding cooperation of any kind with them by any department this had the specific effect of preventing the committee of which Nixon was to become a most prominent member from getting an Fri report on Hiss once again rep Nixon criticized the president but exactly six years later or Nixon ended up on the other Side of the Fence As vice president once again investigation of suspected communists was the forum but this time it was the late sen Joseph Mccarthy doing the Hunting and a Republican president Dwight d Eisenhower in the White House doing the refusing out of office and with the democrats in or Nixon returned to his Crevice presidential ways Riding a Crest of deep Public Lack of Trust in the secretive credibility Gap plagued Johnson administration candidate Nixon in 1968 received much favourable attention for a radio speech he made to the nation on sept 19 1968 ghosted by his Liberal speechwriter Raymond is still with him it came to be know As the open presidency speech at one Point in it or Nix on stated eloquently that the president has a duty to decide but the people have a right to know Why the president has a responsibility to Tell them to Lay out All the facts Only through an open candid dialogue with the people can a president maintain his Trust and leadership indeed As his administration took shape Early the next year president Nixon continued to convey that impression in a March memo to All department Heads which was shortly thereafter released to Congress or Nixon insisted that the privilege be invoked Only in the most compelling circumstances however he also set up a Tim consuming Means of handling congressional re quests for information which in practice contradicted his instruction any Agency head could delay a response to a request by Congress until rulings had been obtained first from the Justice department and then from the White House something which at times took months moreover by the time the watergate coverup began in Raveling a year ago the ministration had far surpassed its predecessors in the for Mal invoking of the claimed privilege or Nixon had himself invoked it times by March 1973 but aides had done it on his behalf 15 times in a de Facto delegation of Power no president had previously attempted open daily 1010 wed thurs Fri sat Why wait Bank Amft card Mast Cut of met sunny shorts sets Reg Days unloving two piece Short of fashion value variety of Cool sleeve less styles to catch the Sun or show off your Tan easy care Nylon in spirited Jac nifty stripes save charge it i i mens Kodel mens Noiron colourful sport shirts sport shirts sweat shirts worn look westerns 3 v 77 Reg 488 1 Jar 94 Reg 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