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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - May 29, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b Terry president co publisher d a Rawley co publisher David a Rawley or vice pres mrs c h Lockwood vice pres Joseph p Rawley Gen mgr Joe Brown editor 4a wednesday May 29 1974 our self delusion Washington merry ground Nixon believes his firestorm abating one Day after gov James Holshouser told graduates at appalachian state University that the South can Lead the world in development with North Carolina in the forefront the department of Commerce reported that North Carolina dropped from 34th to 38th place among the states in per capita income in 1973 the department of Commerce projected furthermore that North Carolina will rank 41st in 1980 and 42nd in 1990 in per capita income among the states this does not even place North Carolina in the forefront in the South the department of Commerce figures have North Carolina in fifth place in per capita income in the Southeast in 1990 behind Virginia Georgia Florida and Kentucky in the face of such a Prospect gov Holshouser remarks to the appalachian graduates Are stamped with that same self delusion that is a part of the Burden of the South the South has always thought of itself As a Leader for the rest of the nation yet the South has consistently throughout its history lagged in income Industrial development education housing and health the South feels it is in a position of leadership now because it considers itself free of the Urban and Industrial blight of which it sees so much elsewhere i urge you to help prove to the world that we dont have to repeat the mistakes that others have made gov Holshouser sounded the theme to the appalachian graduates the mistakes Are already being made however Industrial development in North Carolina As in much of the rest of the South has come through industries which continue to pay Low wages Industry which has located in the South from other regions of the country pay their Southern workers a lower wage than they do their workers elsewhere a significant Factor in North Carolinas Low per capita income according to or Lynn a Muchmore the states planning officer is that tar Heel workers Are paid lower than their counterparts in similar Industry in other states this is True or Muchmore said even when assuming that living costs in North Carolina Are about five per cent lower than the National figure but for the North Carolina worker with an average per capita income of in 1973 the Cost of living differential was no Protection at All against the ravages of inflation the states economic future is a bit More hopeful in projections by the research Triangle Institute which is studying North Carolinas Economy for the state department of natural and economic resources and the state department of administration the Institute projects that the states per capita income in 1990 will be 96 per cent of the National average while the department of Commerce projects it at 84 per cent this is just As far away from the average As the state stood in 1973 the states Low standing in income and in Industrial development is but a part of the problem there Are already signs along the coast in the mountains and in the Piedmont of haphazard uncoordinated land development ecological damage misuse of natural resources a deterioration of the Small cities and towns the mistakes that led to the blighting of much of new England and the Industrial mid Atlantic and midwestern states Are already occurring in North Carolina and the South gov Holshouser spoke of things North Carolina can do the first thing we need to do is to strip ourselves of self delusion by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington president Nixon has told aides that he believes the National outrage Over the White House transcripts has died Down and that he has now weathered the worst of the storm sources privy to the presents private conversations say he feared for awhile that the Crescendo of criticism might become overpowering he Felt the demands for his resignation which came pouring in from Republican leaders and conservative newspapers were hysterical ironically the president credits democratic leaders with abating the storm he had frankly expected them to join in the clamor for his resignation he has confided instead House speaker Carl Albert Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield and Senate democratic whip Robert Byrd spoke out against resignation and broke the momentum this had the dramatic effect the president told aides of lawmen calming a mob at the Jailhouse door Nixon is grateful to the opposition leaders for preventing Congress from becoming a runaway grand jury on the eve of the impeachment hearings he has Confidence that the responsible leaders of Congress will now keep the impeachment proceedings on an even course Vietnam spending the Vietnam War May have disappeared from the India big blast there is no real shortage of shots heard round the world in these times but the nuclear blast which India set off last week assuredly ranks among them the reasons for the reverberations Are multitudinous for some inexplicable reason there Are those who feel that India is not sophisticated enough to control nuclear capability while the u s Russia Britain France and China Are in reality that body is More generally worried Over the whole subject of proliferation the canadians who assisted India with nuclear technology have expressed righteous disgust and have said their efforts in the area of peaceful nuclear research in the asian subcontinent Are at an end no one seems to be ready to believe Indira Ghandi whose spokesman has said the Indian Experiment is Only for the purpose of developing technology for mining Oil and Gas prospecting finding underground water sources diverting Rivers and for scientific and technological knowledge Here last week congressman Richardson Preyer linked the Indian blast with concern about the growing poverty conditions in Southeast Asia to suggest that development of nuclear capability could be used in blackmail projecting the news against the rest of the world he told an audience that the country of Bangladesh is Breeding so fast that by the year 2000 it will have As Many people packed inside Wisconsin sized Borders As there Are in the entire United states adding that nuclear delivery capability would put a fearsome weapon into such hands to Force redistribution of the worlds resources quite aside from the proliferation and the weapon irresponsibility questions those of the world who Are called upon repeatedly to come to India economic Aid want to know How a nation which cannot feed its own people can afford the High costs of joining the nuclear club when prime minister Ghandi raises innocent eyebrows and asks what All the fuss is about the new York times James Reston answers for us by saying Well its about the future of the human race for one thing its about what the world of National states will look like if All nations that have the capacity to produce nuclear explosions follow India example its about the use of Force to achieve political ambitions and of course its about the increasing costs of military arms now running at Over billion a year in a hungry world the world we live in looks just a Little bit less Safe now that the explosion has taken place religion and politics the Rev John j Mclaughlin has demonstrated anew that religion and politics often make for a volatile mixture in the United states Mclaughlin who joined the White House staff As a speechwriter in 1971 has emerged As one of president Nixon principal spokesmen since the edited tape transcripts were made Public but his eloquent forceful statements in support of the president have disturbed Many of his fellow jesuits and he has been summoned by his religious Superior to retire to Boston for a period of prayer and reflection Mclaughlin is hardly the first or the Only Clergyman to become entangled in politics the Rev Robert f Drinan also a Jesuit was elected to Congress from Massachusetts in 1970 and now sits on the House judiciary committee he is among the group of democrats on the committee who have been most critical of Nixon handling of watergate yet another Jesuit the Rev Daniel Berrigan created a stir in 1968 when he and eight others burned draft records in Catonsville my to protest american involvement in the Vietnam War the Catonsville nine were convicted of the crime and sentenced to prison Berrigan proceeded to acquire fresh notoriety by becoming a fugitive from Justice for four months the political activities of a father Mclaughlin or a father Berrigan Pale in comparison with those of the radio priest of the 1930s father Charles Edward Coughlin of Royal Oak Mich in the Early new Deal years Coughlin was like Huey Long an Independent political Force to be reckoned with Coughlin broadcasting career began in 1926 shortly after he had taken Over As pastor of the shrine of the Little Flower by 1934 his radio program the Golden hour of the Little Flower was being broadcast nationwide he received at least 80000 letters in the course of a Normal week and after certain discourses As Many As a million at first Coughlin was an ardent supporter of Franklin d Roosevelt i will never change my philosophy that the new Deal is christs Deal he said in april 1934 but the honeymoon didst last Long before the end of frs first term Coughlin had become a shrill critic of new Deal programs and some of his radio harangues had what Many listeners Felt were Antisemitic overtones in 1936 Coughlin organized the Union party along with Gerald l k Smith and or Francis e Townsend author of the Townsend plan for old age pensions the party and its presidential candidate rep William Lemke of North Dakota were buried without a Trace in that novembers Roosevelt landslide from then on it was All downhill for Coughlin in 1942 he was commanded by his ecclesiastical superiors to cease his radio broadcasts it louled it l a raids Revenue raid revenge an eve for an eve aloof for aloof front pages but the american taxpayers Are still financing South Vietnam military Effort two unreleased studies disclose that the United states is now paying 86 per cent of the Cost of maintaining the Saigon regime and that it May be dependent upon american Aid for the rest of this Century president Nixon is asking for billion in military and economic Aid for Saigon for the coming year this amounts to 32 per cent of the total us Aid for the entire world counting Laos and Cambodia the embattled Peninsula will get close to half of All us Aid the studies were conducted by the Indochina resource Center a private research group which keeps a close watch on Southeast asian affairs and by karmic a project of the american friends service committee South Vietnam Economy warn the studies in the manner of a heroin user is addicted to american Aid they quote a confidential world Bank study which concludes Saigon will still require 770 million a year in 1980 and million to million in 1990 looking beyond 1990 the world Bank claims Saigon will continue to remain highly dependent on foreign Aid in Short the studies contend that the Saigon government is an artificial state kept afloat mainly by the generosity of the american taxpayers the biggest Drain on the South vietnamese Economy charge the studies is corruption certainly More than a few Saigon subjects Are millionaires or nearly so the documents state and there Are probably several Hundred who together could pay the governments Bills each year for a decade hence the South vietnamese profiteers Are Able to escape heavy taxation consequently state the reports indigenous vietnamese tax revenues have not any time in the last decade produced More than 15 per cent of the total resources spent to sustain the government closing costs sen William Proxmire d wis has been trying to lower real estate closing costs a Racket that costs the Home buyers billion a year but he has been outta neutered in the Backrooms by sen Bill Brock Tenn the handsome Bankers son who seems to take his signals from the counting houses As private correspondence Between the two antagonists show Proxmire thought he could bring his subcommittee around to forcing the housing and Urban development department to crack Down on closing costs but Brock wanted to take this Power away from the government leaving homeowners to the tender mercies of title companies title searchers and insurers real estate lawyers and others who profit from High closing costs Brock offered some reforms in a double play that would also strip the government of its authority to regulate closing costs enticed by the reforms even such consumer men As sen Alan Cranston Calif Adlai Stevenson di11 and Bob Packwood Rore supported Brocks Man Euver meanwhile in the House rep Leonor Sullivan do was so upset Over a parallel move by rep Robert Stephens Dag to fleece Home buyers that she wrote personal letters to members of the House banking committee it would be extremely unwise1 she pleaded with them to accept the Stephens measure footnote Brock insisted to us that he has the Best interests of Home buyers not Banks at heart consumer men who voted with Brock said they were getting the Best Bill possible under the circumstances a word edgewise burned up about fiddling with holidays by John p Roche King features Syndicate for a Century after Bonnie Prince Charlie led the jacobites to destruction in 1745 scots and Irish Loyal to the stuarts would Toast the King and wave their glasses Over the water carafe Queen Victoria after witnessing this strange rite discovered it symbolized dedication to a Queen in exile Over the National whirligig water and removed water glasses from the Royal table i cannot claim to be a rugged traditionalist in that spirit but i confess that every time lincolns birthday turns up on february 18th or memorial Day on May 271 get furious i fully anticipate that Christmas will one Day be moved to Supply another week for Holiday shopping partly this May be irrational the quirk of a Middle aged Man dedicated to the study of american history but i also believe that one of the problems in our society is its Lack of a sense of history for example everywhere you look these Days you find instant histories of impeachment executive privilege and related Legal matters by coincidence or Nixon instant history seems to support his current position As strongly As the hypocrisy in the us Senate by Ernest Cuneo North american newspaper Alliance Washington in one of the most cynical statements in american history the democratic leaders of both House and Senate have United in a statement that the president should not resign Many americans they said would believe the president was driven from office unfairly therefore they declared the right thing to do is to rely on the impeachment process As provided by the Constitution this would be excellent but As the democratic leadership Well knows a constitutional trial is no longer possible it Hast been possible since the Senate forsook its constitutional position As trial judge to become something of an unconstitutional prosecutor thus it is difficult for most fair minded americans to conceive of sen Sam Ervin whose Public hearings bore remarkable likeness to a to trial thereafter appearing As a sitting judge of the president of the United states arraigned on charges which the distinguished senator himself had a major part in instigating to Start at the beginning the sophisticated democratic leaders know that an impeachment trial will satisfy few that an impeachment trial might assure the diehard followers of the president into believing that he had received a fair Deal at the hands of the democratic majority is a downright preposterous Assumption on the contrary an impeachment trial will deepen the polarization about which sen Mike Mansfield has already expressed alarm there Are those who believe the president should be indicted by a grand jury let alone impeached and there Are those who believe he has been the object of a malevolent conspiracy of the far left and certain of the mass Media it is a melancholy fact that there is much hard evidence to sustain both views any fair minded person would have difficulty avoiding the conclusion that the president often conducted himself in reprehensible manner on the other hand the same fair minded person would have difficulty avoiding the conclusion that the Ervin committee was out to Railroad the president and that in this objective the Ervin committee had the enthusiastic and indefatigable support of the Eastern establishment press and the to networks moreover As the democratic leadership Well knows for All practical purposes the president is being tried and retried in the court of Public opinion with the changing verdicts registered by the Public polls As a practical matter it is also perfectly obvious that the president is losing heavily in Public esteem and it is this far More than the evidence which Congress weighs far More than the process outlined by the Constitution this Congress resembles a roman emperor at the colosseum judging by the Roar of the crowd whether he will signal thumbs up or thumbs Down even More unpleasantly the democratic leadership in effect telling the Republican party that it must take the responsibility of forcing the presidents resignation and that his blood is upon them since the democrats have won four out of the last five special House elections their wish to continue the presidential crisis and the Republican desire to end it is perfectly obvious no better Way of prolonging it can be imagined than by the impeachment process no quicker Way of resolving it could be devised than the Swift and dignified resignation of the president such is the Low ebb of american statesmanship the fact that his bitterest opposition advocates that he remain is sure evidence that the president should consider As one reason for him to depart House judiciary committees backs up the Case against the president but i dont want to get into that today i just escaped from a week in Washington which should be styled paranoia Junction and am Back breathing the fresh Airin new England and irritated beyond All reasonable cause to discover that memorial Day has been moved i dont know Why May 30th was originally designated memorial or decoration Day but Damn it that is the proper Date the one that triggers childhood memories of parades and halting speeches by Union veterans old old men memory Bank we All have flashbacks episodes from the past that emerge intact from the memory Bank one of mine is decoration Day 1929 the Date is fixed because i remember the smell of a new car indeed can almost smell it As i write our last new car until dad got his veterans Bonus in the late 1930s was a Black Hearse like 1929 Buick it was some car the odometer broke at 92000 Miles and we kept it for another two or three years at any rate dad broke out his world War i medals put one on my Chest and one on my Brothers and took us Down to grand army Plaza in Brooklyn to see the ceremonies the Parade came Down Flatbush ave the Union veterans in full dress uniforms Rode in horse drawn carriages considering that the War had ended in 1865 they must have been in their 80s but there was still a sizable contingent it seemed customary for the veterans in the watching crowd to Wear their Spanish american or world War i decorations i remember someone spotting the medal i was wearing and asking to meet my father it turned out they had been shipmates following the patriotic speeches and the playing of taps with the old men often Frial and wobbly holding their salutes we went to Greenwood cemetery two of my fathers great uncles had fought in Meaghers Irish brigade which was butchered because of the incompetent orders of the Union general Burnside at Fredericksburg carrying the Green Flag with the stars and stripes they marched up the Hill into Confederate Cannon massed wheel to wheel we put Little wreaths on their Graves nearby though i had no reason to suspect it at the time my future wife family was likewise gathered around the Graves of three Union officers who had gone off in Brooklyn regiments one emerged intact that War was a holocaust memorial Day in other words was not just a Day off from work that could be moved around to constitute a three Day weekend it was a solemn remembrance of the worst epoch in our National history of an authentic crisis of the regime a memorial to these Brave Young men who responded to the trumpet that shall never Call Retreat and went Forth to preserve the Union the old old men of 1929 have Long since rejoined their generation but their idealism and courage still deserve commemoration to hell with the Congress of the United states i am celebrating decoration Day on May 30th r

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