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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - May 29, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy warm More data on Page 5a 90th yearn 149 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8821719 High Point n c wednesday afternoon May 29 1974 60 pages classified ads 8852177 other depts daily 10c sunday 25c outspoken senator Defeated by Don Waters associated press writer Washington a James William Fulbright an International minded senator from insular Arkansas devoted much of his now ending legislative career to foreign affairs and did not hesitate to let his views be known three presidents democrats John f Kennedy and Lyndon b Johnson and Republican Richard m Nixon Felt the sting of criticism he delivered As chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee for an unprecedented 15 years Fulbright 69 became a lame Duck tuesday when gov Dale bumpers Defeated him soundly in the Arkansas Senate primary his Likely successor As committee chairman will be 74yearold John j Sparkman Dala a consistent supporter of Nixon administration military budgets and a Backer of foreign Aid since the Truman Days Fulbright relations with american presidents were More tempestuous Truman dismissed Fulbright As an overeducated Oxford sob when the then see outspoken on 2a 2tol margin bumpers dumps sen Fulbright by Don Mcleod a political writer fast rising political new Comer Dale bumpers ran away with the Arkansas democratic senatorial nomination and ended the 30 year career of j w Fulbright one of the leading Powers in american foreign policy the two term Arkansas governor ran up almost a 2 to1 Victory margin tuesday Over Fulbright who has been chairman of the powerful Senate foreign relations committee for 15 years at the same time 73year old Wayne Morse was Winn ing the democratic senatorial nomination for a political comeback in Oregon Morse who like Fulbright was a leading Senate critic of us Vietnam policy will meet sen Robert Packwood in the fall Packwood who ousted Morse after 24 years in the Senate in 1968 was unopposed for the Republican nomination in Kentucky another of the democratic new faces gov Wendell Ford won the Par Tys nomination to Challenge Republican sen Marlow Fulbright bows his head As he concedes a wire photo Cook in november both scored easy victories Over Token primary opposition just four years ago bumpers was a school Board member and City attorney in Charleston Ark a town of 1500 but in 1970 he upset former six term gov Orval e Faubus in the democratic primary and went on to oust incumbent Republican gov Winthrop Rockefeller he won reelection in 1972 both Fulbright and bumpers said they were sur prised at the size of bumpers win bumpers 48 had called for new leadership in Washington to Deal with problems such As inflation Energy Federal spending and Post watergate political cleanup Fulbright stressed his seniority and experience but at 69 said he would cheerfully accept retire ment if that was the voters verdict with 2626 of the states 2 786 precincts reporting bumpers had 345801 votes or 65 per cent to Fulbright 187718 or 35 per cent Morse who was voted out at the height of his anti bumpers and daughter Brooke Early today after win Vietnam War Effort used the related theme of usurpation of constitutional Power by the president but said the numbers of us opposed to it Are increasing with 1647 of the 2514 Oregon precincts reporting Morse had 89211 votes or 492 per cent compared to 71604 or 395 per cent for his chief opponent in the fou Way race state Senate president Jason Boe in the Arkansas democratic gubernatorial primary former rep David h Pryor 39 of Little Rock held a Bare majority of 51 per cent Faubus was in second place with 33 per cent followed by it gov Bob Riley Pryor must stay above 50 per cent to avoid a Runoff in the Oregon gubernatorial race state sen Vic for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one marriage information q i would like to know first if there is any state in which a 16 year old girl and a 17 year old boy can get married without a parents signature if so How Long must you be in the state and How Long must you have your marriage License what about if the girl is pregnant i want to know first if the girl int pregnant and second if she is where can they get married without a parents signature thank you p s this is urgent because if i am pregnant i need to know Fasti please try to print this answer soon i would give my address but my parents might find out a your parents will find out anyway so it would be much better to talk Over the whole business with them whatever your condition if you Arent pregnant and Are under 18 you would need their consent to a marriage if you Are pregnant and under the age minimum you would also need a written statement of a doctor Paul Craven who issues marriage licenses at the county tax office can advise you of the states requirements which Are generally the same everywhere its in your diet q would you Tell me what effect cholesterol has on a person that has hypotension and name some of the sources of cholesterol k e a what effect any substance has on a person with a certain condition is an individual matter so youd have to ask your own doctor to answer the question As it pertains to you there is a wide fluctuation in cholesterol Levels in most individuals and All sorts of factors influence it if you want general information there is no Lack of books on the subject about which there Are Many misconceptions one doctor writing in a medical guide Calls cholesterol today popular scare word and says the focus is shifting from the effect of fats to the influence of carbohydrates sugars and he cited one study which showed the incidence of heart disease in different countries was More closely related to the consumption of sugar than to the consumption of fat hard animal fats Are the major source of said the doctor a hog int fattened by feeding him fat but by giving him Corn a certain amount of cholesterol is necessary in our food its Virtues Range from Vitamin Supply to Energy and sex hormone production it is needed he said in almost every tissue of the body and if not supplied the liver will produce it in support of this a biochemist writes studies have shown that approximately 800 milligrams of cholesterol Are obtained daily from a High fat diet whereas a Normal adult liver produces 3000 milligrams or More per Day moderation not saturation and a proper balance in diet is the common theme of All who write on the subject of maintaining health for civil servants q do Yon have to be 21 or 22 to take the civil service test and where do you take it j d a the minimum is 18 years old but some jobs require applicants to be at least 21 you can fill out applications for City jobs at the civil service office at 116 e Commerce Street and you will be notified when the test will be Given for Federal civil service jobs the examinations Are Given at the main Post office in Greensboro at 900 e Market St for additional information on jobs with the Federal government you can refer to the Federal career directory a guide for College students at the Library or for Sale through the superintendent of documents Middle East truce agreement reached by Barry Schweid associated press writer Jerusalem a Israel and Syria concluded a separation of forces agree ment today after Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger won a major israeli conces Sion on palestinian guerrilla attacks the Concession was not spelled out immediately Premier Golda Meir is to announce the agreement tonight israeli and syrian commanders will sign the pact in Geneva in a few Days and the fighting is to Stop and prisoners on both sides freed at that time at the United nations in new York a in spokesman said the United states had informed the world body that Israel and Syria had agreed to Dis i whats inside amusements24a bridge8c classified ads2025c comics18c crossword8c editorials4a financial2a obituaries 4b sports15c television 4c women news615a weather5a engage their forces on the Golan Heights front the spokesman said if re Quested the United nations could shift troops from the in emergency Force standing Between egyptian and israeli troops in Sinai to Man a Buffer zone Between the syrians and israelis on the Golan Heights unofficial israeli informants said 1250 in troops would set up the Buffer and that it would be one to four Miles wide they said it would stretch from it Hermon along the Golan Heights including the abandoned Golan capital of Qun Eitra and a strip 300 Yards West of the wrecked town they said on each Side of the Buffer the armies would be reduced in two corridors each six Miles wide in the front line corridor troops would be limited to 6000 with 75 tanks and 36 Short Range Cannon in the deeper zone each Side would be restricted to 450 tanks with no Long Range artillery or antiaircraft missiles they said despite the Lack of official confirmation newsmen were invited to mrs Meirs office to drink a Toast with Kissinger its All wrapped up said one source close to Kissinger negotiations it Only needs the Cabinet to ratify it and that is a for Mality israels state radio said the disengagement pact would be signed by israeli and syrian delegates in Geneva at the end of this week mrs Meirs Cabinet met Early this morning to discuss the pact then scheduled an afternoon session during which it would decide yes or no according to an israeli government communique it said the decision would be final information minister Shimon Peres told newsmen he expected the announcement would be in very general terms meanwhile israeli officials said mrs Meir May quit office in the next 24 hours and turn Over the government to Premier designate Yitzhak Rabin Rabin won approval for a new coalition Cabinet tuesday night from mrs Meirs labor party he see Middle on 2a courts intervention opposed Washington a president Nixon watergate lawyer says the supreme court should not intervene in the Legal Battle Over White House tapes James d St Clair said tuesday that the dispute Over tapes subpoenaed by special prosecutor Leon Jaworski should be decided by the us court of appeals before any involvement of the supreme court which Jaworski has sought meanwhile Jaworski said there is evidence that Nixon probably discussed with aides use of the internal Revenue service to audit and harass political enemies and he asked us District court judge John Sirica to give him a White House tape which he believes contains that conversation discussing Jaworski supreme court request with re porters St Clair said cases that Are concerned with constitutional issues ought to be carefully considered by the courts and i think it would be appropriate that these matters not be shortcut Ted he said he would so advise the court on thursday a us District court has ruled that Nixon must sur Render the tapes and St Clair asked the appeals court last Friday to overturn the ruling on the same Day Jaworski asked the supreme court to assume jurisdiction which would mean bypassing the appeals court in papers filed with us District court Jaworski said there is evidence that the White House presented lists of individuals to the internal Revenue service for harass ment and that the White House unlawfully attempted to have the irs investigate former democratic party chairman Lawrence f Obrien Jaworski asked Sirica to reconsider an earlier order allowing the White House to withhold part of the tape of a sept 15 1972 conversation involving Nixon and former aides h r Haldeman and John w Dean Iii a wire photo Tor Atiyeh scored an upset Victory Over Secretary of state Clay Myers in the Republican primary while former state treasurer Robert Straub led a Field of 10 democrats Republican gov Tom Mccall is barred by Oregon Law from seeking a third consecutive term with 3139 of Kentucky 3 268 precincts reporting the 47yearold Cook had 872 per cent of the Republican vote and Ford 49 had 848 per cent in the democratic primary uncanny Charm got the votes by Bill Simmons associated press writer Little Rock Ark a when Dale bumpers came out of the Ozark mountains of Western Arkansas in 1970 opponents said he had Only a smile a shoe Shine and one speech but they were had More than one speech the speeches the shoe Shine and a smile that has captivated a majority of Arkansas voters for four years have felled in us cession three state political goes Orval e Faubus the late Winthrop Rockefeller and sen jew Fulbright since defeating Faubus and Rockefeller to win the Gover Norship in 1970 bumpers has added an efficient and scan Alfree administration to his political assets and at 48 is the hottest political figure in Arkansas in years he has an uncanny Charm in person or on television and has inspired hundreds of previously apolitical people to work for his election he seems almost apologetic about his giant killing Charisma my father told me politics is a Noble profession he says i believe that at least that How it ought to be i want to help create a political climate that makes the people of this state want see uncanny on 2a Billy deplores transcripts moral tone by g w Cornell a religion writer new York a the Rev Billy Graham says the transcripts of president Nix on conversations about watergate Are profoundly disturbing one cannot but deplore the moral tone implied in these papers Graham said tuesday ending a three week silence about the released texts he had imposed until he had time to examine them himself a longtime personal Friend and spiritual adviser to president Nixon Graham said that what comes through in these tapes is not the Man i have known Many years other Mutual friends have made the same Obser vation but the evangelist said Nixon remains my Friend and i have no intention of for making him now nor will i judge him As a Man in totality on the basis of these relatively few hours of conversation under such severe pressure but i would be neither his Friend nor gods servant if i did not Point out the righteousness of gods demands at such a time As this Graham telephoned his statement from his Montreal no Home Graham said he last had spoken with Nixon about three weeks ago by Telephone while conducting a crusade in Phoenix Ariz i got the Call in my hotel room one morning about am he said he just wanted to say hello Graham said he since has spent several Days Reading the White House released text and had thought about it and prayed about it before issuing his statement i just wish the whole thing had never happened he said his statement said a nation confused for years by the teaching of situational ethics now finds itself dismayed by those in government who apparently practice it we have lost our moral Compass we must get it Back Graham said while we have no other presidents transcripts by which to com pare to Nixon conversations Reading them has been a profoundly disturbing and disappointing experience although we know that other presidents have used equally objectionable language it does not make it right thou shall not take the name of the lord thy god in is a commandment which has not been suspended regardless of any need to release tensions Graham did not mention the Rev John Mclaughlin a Jesuit priest on Nixon White House staff who has defended the presidents use of profanity As an outgrowth of a need to release tensions but he used virtually the same words and in doing so disputed Mclaughlin father Mclaughlin stance has created controversy within his Jesuit order on tuesday the Vatican newspaper Losser Vatore Romano criticized priests who become trapped within the system and who turn away from the christianity which was your stimulus and original aim although the Story did not Billy Graham

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