High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 29 1974, Page 106

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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - May 29, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 18c High Point Enterprise wednesday May 291974 i have a better idea am pon1 Kwh have 60arpep o Linus do of think i should have my ears pierced your Horoscope by Jeane Dix Ort thursday May 30 that North one definer of Worth one no a Sitwell i owe him a punch of to a birth Accarp for Artie r our boarding House Usten Peter pm4 youve been of a lifelong recess now in rinsing the Bell its tue cml to work not lunch Mars Appeal to the work ethic 1 under the gu15e of opera Lon 6rwstone 16 sheer politics have you forgotten trip City Hall has a five hour that he puts is Coffee Breaks on is expense account y your birthday wednesday opens a fluctuating year of Many Complex growth processes both material and intangible if you Are willing you can now touch deep inner sources of spiritual Power relationships of All sorts encounter favourable conditions intense experience today natives tend to hold onto what they earn and to reinvest All usable resources immediately Aries March 31april your Luck is running High but your ability to per Suade others is near minimum be attentive to details As you go As there seems no easy Way to Correct errors later Taurus april 20may put in your bid for competitive spots Early pursue them vigorously through this Day of mixed influences and crosscurrents be careful when using mechanical equipment handling Money travelling gemini May 21june after a slow Start the work of the Day takes on a fun Quality news from Dis Tant places adds to personal excitement after hours Are great for entertainment cancer june 21juiy theres personal Triumph of Subtle Quality in meeting and coping with today conditions change your usual Home routine gather Good friends for a pleasant evening elsewhere Leo july 23aug Early plans must be revised nothing lost if you will Only adapt promptly social movement now goes to extremes merits your close attention join the party of the evening Virgo aug 23sept today is not a time for pay ing out Lump sums or taking part in secret ventures business done openly for Standard rates prospers make no promises yet Libra sept 23oct be ready with contingency plans alternative courses of action As work situations shift remember that machines do not care that people do not always know play it Safe Scorpio oct 23nov the unforeseen is nor Mal today youll be proud of your flexibility which comes from having thought out ahead of time what you really want and How Best to get it Sagittarius nov 22 dec whatever the occasion expect a passing resistance just on principle to test whether you really care Check your budget find out where Small sums Are dribbling away Capricorn dec 22 Jan competitors come up with new ideas which deserve study before you react its Well Worth the Effort although important dont let Money be the cause of arguments tub 0enerai uk60 to pop in at to se6 How the Mert sauce honest 1wjuw sheriff i never stole Luksys hog come out Vore hands up i aquarius Jan 20feb accept sudden reversals of attitude among your friends As natural partly a response to your own recent moves be More cautious than usual where strict rules must be observed Pisces feb 19march personal concerns run contrary to extra demands from career enterprises be choosy in making your selections there May be some surprises take them in stride funny business a surprised How Ramatico hush hush my thiw5ring Scurry to announce you pack Mort Meekle Why cant a taxi Goto the movies with 1974 to Hea inc to Heg us pact Why dont you get the Money from Youir father 529 Alley top 1s by is Tetu fila us pit Oll i pk3peller t sz9 dwt realize that were i Soch a stickier j Worth piqued by Peggy aloofness vice Prew ties to leave 1 thought you were please with i have to set Back the Hanses i rape i smell ci6ar to the Agency of bring my coat As soon As the general decides on a time to launch his assault against the stronghold we will Send word to our enemy so they can prepare to meet the attack of course so they will be blamed for mis then during the heat of Battle it will be a simple matter for eliminate Han sin with an Arrow this an enemy Arrow Short ribs in chess sire the Queen is very she can a Vance across the Board creating havoc As she the move Only one Square at a time i had to idea it was such a Archie the born loser put this i is its yacht a life Simkin Gyevat Drill i was Justl 6oins to haul up lunch have to jump Why did jughead Coane 1b74 to a Rue the Rajus pal h Blondie Captain easy mrnorden5 in Europe completed a calltohiaa1 company 1w Norden one moment ill give Vou 1974 try this15 Captain easy calling lon6 distance in tryiw6 locate a Pusey Wilde who wa5 at or party n10ht party what party Frank and Ernest the wafted ads dont bother me half As much Simce x started buvim6 an out town newspaper Dagwood wheres the Kinney contract Asod the d1tby prospectus or dithers remember Ive Only got owe head and two hands have a Little patience my it ii have been the j other Way vex around r 1 want to buy Tup Snow Coin collection Vou a Coin collector Sheik All in my country 16 much Oil x collect Many things Buz Sawyer r hear a Boner has offered two and a half million for it then r three million Cash perhaps it require several Pav for Forward

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