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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 29, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 12b High we Enterprise monday May 29, 1972 o your Good health i Archdale Wrenn s ramblings zoning Uncertain bed sores and a wheelchair patient by George c. Thosteson . Dear or. Thomson my brother 64, became ill with Parkinson s disease 12 years ago. For the last several years he has been almost immobile and spends his Days in a wheelchair. He has developed severe bed sores where he sits. My sister in Law has taken him to skin specialists but creams and medications have not helped. She keeps him in bed now most of the time but off the sore so it can be exposed to the air but even this has not helped. By staying in bed so much his leg Muscles Are becoming stiffer but the pain is excruciating when he tries to sit. Let s go fishing we Are looking for help in curing the bed sores not the Parkinson s disease. A mrs. G l. Nurses and doctors know that prevention rather than cure of bed sores is the Best answer. I Hope this hint will be taken to heart by anyone who is starting to care for an invalid. Bed sores once they have started Are not easy to combat. Not that they can to be treated successfully but it is neither easy nor Quick. Such sores result from pressure. The skin becomes macerated. Perspiration traces of urine and rectal seepage add to the trouble. Invalids often do not eat Well and inadequate protein and vitamins especially a and a compound the distress. Measures that can be used at Home besides suitable answer to preview Punta s 0 across 41 notions fresh Weter 42 made docile fish 44 fish of 5 North Atlantic Tarp family in w it it Imi u Lii a is 41 railway station Porter 53 presently 54 High Rocky Hill fish 8 Perch like fish 12 operatic Solo 13 Mountain comb form 14 seed covering 56 Genus of 15 secluded True Olive Valley s italian Coin 16 unit of m Mariner reluctance direction 17 Gen Pap w Ood Auricle is game fish 60 cleansing 8 orb 8 russian Inland sea to without latin 31 italian Volcano 32 observes 38 took food 39 Snak Bird 20 edible fish 22 Mountain Lions 24 subside 28 makes possible 33 minus 34 ancient string instrument 25 feminine name 36 sea Eagle 37 pantomime game a material a 61 primary color 62 blemish Down 1 Bounder 2 space 3 Small Stream 4 tropical tree 5 Horn shaped 6 native Metal 7 kind of coat sleeve la narrow Board 40 printing 19 enclose measure poet 21 free country a 23 myself 24 fish sauce 25 feminine nickname 26 fictional dog 27 former 41 Cyprinid fish 43 strayed 44 salts chem 45 fresh water Mussel 46girls name 47 to rap 49 female Deer pm russian ruler 50 applaud 29 lost blood 51 air prefix 30 used to 52 arg attract fish 55 individual diet i n c i u d e use of area. Synthetic pads a i Are available for this purpose. When sores Are on the buttocks an inflated rubber ring May help the patient to sit comfortably a and in a Case like this one it is essential that the patient be kept out of bed As much As possible to prevent further stiffening of the legs. Heat lamps May help keep the area dry. They should be Infra red lamps. Ultra Violet ones May Burn however when bed sores reach the condition described in this Case the problem May be too difficult to handle at Home. At this stage salves and medications wont suffice. Plastic surgery May Well be necessary a skin grafts or a Gold Leaf technique to help stimulate protective scar tissue. The patient mentioned above happens to live in a City that has a rehabilitation Institute and those institutions Are Well equipped f o r such cases. I would strongly suggest considering moving him to the Institute for a time. Treatment can be Given for the sores and effective nursing procedures taught to prevent recurrence. And of course if further treatment can help the Parkinson a disease that would be investigated. Too. The patients physician can arrange for admission to the rehabilitation Institute. I a a t 4 t t a a 9 to to of in to it Quot i r or it 19 a 21 2t 23 i 24 25&Quot 2t 27 i w Oil 3ar 31 32 w a 34 or in 36 37 _ _ 38 39 in a to _ z it a t i 44 46 46 it to 49 s3 54 ii r56 _ St 58 _ to 61 62�?o 21 dear or. Thosteson re your column about Young children suffocating inside plastic bags. If a knot is tied in a Small plastic bag or a series of knots in a Large one it is impossible to put the head inside. I have three children and i make it a habit to store plastic bags that Way. A mrs. S. L. Sounds Good. But still keep the bags out of reach. Kids can untie knots too. Dear or. Thosteson is there some kind of cosmetic that will cover a Birthmark without having plastic surgery a p. S. A special cosmetic called cover Mark is often suggested by physicians. It can be blended to match skin tones. There May be other kinds but that a the one in a familiar with. By Don Wrenn Enterprise staff writer Archdale a the question of whether the City of Archdale will continue to zone the one mile radius around its corporate limits will remain up in the air for some time even though the Council voted 3-2 wednesday night to continue the practice. There is a question of whether the Legal formalities can be met before the july i deadline comes up. By that Date the City must have completed a Survey or let the one mile radius outside the City revert to an Unzo Ned status. Those against zoning the area argue that the City should not be spending Money on the outside area and that the City has its hands full with zoning matters within the corporate limits. And some have said it costs too much. Councilman Bill Kinley sort of hit the Nail on the head wednesday night when he of served it was not a matter of the City spending Money to Benefit the outside area but rather it was a matter of the City protecting itself for the future by promoting orderly growth in the area. Said Kinley a we got started in the direction of orderly growth and i would hate to see us lose ground gained during the past councilman t. C. Talbert said in his personal opinion the City a would be taking a a step backward to drop it he added a we have been looking to the future and we should hold to George Clements local builder and real estate Man spoke up for keeping the program. He said he is building a development containing about 42 houses and even though the building permits and fees will Cost him about $30 per House or $1,200, he still favors zoning. Clements said one of the main reasons the City was formed in the first place was because residents had expressed a need for zoning and planning. He said great Progress has been made in this direction and he would hate to see the City drop its extra territorial zoning. Councilman Phil Hunsucker said he Felt the $4,500 required for a Survey is a a lot of Money to spend now but it is a Good investment for the future and of worm nuts lunch Good Homo cooked moots. Served cafeteria Stylo Kelley no waiting ii cafeteria Soi til 7125 mom St 881-724 hurry on in Barbecue 40 plate 92 bring the family a a a a a a a at High pair i j Only full 5#r��cu Cor a la twin Oaks Cor Wash 2013 n. Mom Street the Trench connection Clor by of luxe i also at 10 40 Otti Century few presents senator b. Everett Jordan has been involved in the planning for the Randleman dam and the new Hope dam. Congressman Galifianakis has Only raised objections against the environment concerning these projects. Now vol know. A a be Jordan for Senate i done to see How we can go wrong with future it has also been pointed out by planning Board chairman Tom English that the City has been zoning the one mile radius for the past year and the costs to the City have been practically nil because of the fees collected from the Homes and other buildings. He said the City in effect has not had to spend any Money because of the program. The fear was also expressed that a if that municipality North of us decides to expand to its three mile limits it could zone almost around Archdale if the City Council decided to drop zoning the one mile radius. Councilmen appeared to be together though in agreeing that the Northwest Comer of the county should be zoned by High Point. The feelings expressed was that the area is in such terrible shape because of the presence of so Many Mobile Homes and that it will take a Large municipality and lots of Money to regulate it. This is the area where High Point has already extended its City limits into Randolph county. A valid reason put Forth wednesday against zoning the outside area was the fact. Archdale presently has no Way to enforce any of its ordinances whether they affect either the inside or outside areas of the City. Currently Archdale has no policemen or any other enforcement Agency. The Randolph county sheriffs department maintains an office in the City and the state Highway patrol keeps a full time patrol in the area. Other than these Archdale has no Protection or any Means of enforcing any actions taken by the City Council. The planning Board has recommended the City consider hiring a City manager who would be Able to put some Teeth into the City ordinances. Sooner or later the City will have to hire a policeman and the longer it is put off the More it will Cost. No one can really expect the Highway patrol or the sheriff ? department to handle forever those matters which should be taken care of by a City police Agency. Meanwhile councilman Talbert is going to have his hands full in trying to meet the july i deadline so the City can continue to zone the one mile radius. Richmond upheld the action of the District u. S. Senator b. Everett Jordan has requested $330,000 to continue reconstruction planning of the ram Leman dam on deep River. He has also asked for $190, xxx to be used for the same purpose in the a Loward a Mill dam which is also on deep River near Hie ran Dolph Moore county line. Both dams Are part of the proposed flood control plan for the Cape fear River Basin of which deep River is a part. The new Hope dam is part of the same system and will be by far the largest of tile three dams. Senator Jordan in appearing before the Senate a appropriations committee in Washington noted a a this project has been delayed for too Long already and i urge your subcommittees approval of the requested Jordan told the committee that the project had been challenged in the Federal courts a but the court ruled in favor of the project. The fourth u. S. Circuit court of appeals in Randleman is going to lose two of its most enthusiastic supporters Mary and Reid Andrews. The Andrews for 25 years have operated the Randleman Firestone store and they have decided to sell the business and lease the building. The couple will then move to Montgomery county where they have real estate interests. Reid has been very Active in supporting the Randleman dam and local civic programs. Mary has been the Backbone of the annual Randleman Beauty pageant which was such a Success for Many years before she dropped it this year. The Andrews Are the Type citizens any town or City needs because when their efforts Are sought for any beneficial programs they Are always willing to give it their Best. Ferndale teacher elected to Post Milton Kirkland a teacher at Ferndale Junior High has been elected a committeeman at Large of the n. C. Industrial arts Assn. The local Many selection took place during the recent exposition held by the association in Greensboro fleeced As president of the state group was Talmadge Young coordinator of Industrial arts education at n. C. State University in Raleigh. In the exposition Donnie Davis a student at Northeast Junior High received an award for outstanding achievement in Industrial arts. George Harrison Bob Dylan Eric Clayton Ravi Shankar the n concert Fanglai de8h now showing it can show at a 7 of 9 of go the bar dinner theatre with new York Cbill on the magic stack now playing a the lion in Winter comedy extra every wed. Night a dinner music i movie Mimms Fob Muhr i Touw people the thief five it the to Titi it h it infant to Tefft Mahaut the Mit Amity Al mania lament Tat Taw if a i a t hit an All Ages admitted gent Rel Aud it Nett <0 All Ages admitted Ovid Anta St it it 4 it some material May not be suitable for pre teen ogertj7�ic7ed Mem under i 7 rtt Irti at Tampa by inf latent at Huu a tit to o no oni Uno i i to Mottio aft limit in a Natty in str twin tilts is r to pm Toni is to o a a a int Yeti m mls pc we to the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise free tickets to the monday showing of. Quot the concert for Bangladesh Quot at the Towne theatre with every Steak dinner monday at bucm100 Steak ranch High Point 1711 n. Main Street Spring special blankets dry cleaned a Martins \ quicker than you think i launderers cleaners Tel. 882-6334 205 n. Centennial special tuesday Only 4 2 roasted Chicken dinners 1.89 Complete with French Fries or potato salad Cole Slaw and Rolls varsity drive in 2410 k main j of a Kun tuesday night special All you can eat 3 008 30 . A you can eat filet of flounder i Golden French Fries. Tony Cole slow Hus Pupp gets children under 12 flounder All you con lot 75 Tram seafood restaurant 171 in. Main St. I 31 Reg. 53.05 size $1 99 Prince of pizza 1616 n. Main St. Tel. 885-0922

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