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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 28, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Sunday May 23. 1939the High Point Enterprise Piermont Center of a High Point North Carolina Page five Sec. B Road of tomorrow is called dream Road of Highway e experts prophetic of the world of tomorrow a the Road of tomorrow at the Ford exposition building is the dream Road of Highway experts who vision elevated roads As the solution of automobile traffic congestion. An integral part of the building this Road is More than half a mile Long rises by a spiral ramp from the ground level to a maximum height of thirty three feet. Over it visitors Are driven in Ford v-8, Mercury 8 Aud Lincoln Zephyr care around and through the building at an Elevation indicating How vehicular traffic will be separated from Pedestal Al traffic in the near future. A the Road of tomorrow is feat bed from the Patio of the building by Short stairs to s second floor loading platform re Judeth with tables it hairs and umbrellas. The ride itself afford the passengers an unexcelled View of the entire fair grounds and the rolling Long Island it country Rifle. Ars leave the loading gone and proceed North to spiral ramps at the Corner of the Patio where they climb to the upper level Romp Back above the loading platform go last along the North Wall of the building and then through a Tunnel lined with photo murals after circling the top of the Industrial Hall the Roadway goes through a Glass Tunnel Bish in the a a Navel of the Entrance Hall and then desponds a ramp to the second Levet for the circuit of the Patio before returning to the loading tone. The dramatic effect is heightened at night when floodlighting Falls upon the cars As they Circle the Highway High on the Wall of the Industrial Hail playing moving shadows on the building in full sight of most of the fair grounds. On such Road them will be no intersecting streets no traffic Light delays and hence no congestion or delay in travel. Attar a comprehensive Survey of the Chicago traffic problems the Harvard Bureau of Street traffic research recommended the immediate erection of Over a Hundred Miles of elevated High ways in and around the Metropolis. A study of Chicago traffic showed that Over a seven year period traffic on City streets has increased ninety per cent by actual count made at fifty stations. Chicago has developed traffic control methods that Are unexcelled in any City in the world hut the congestion continues to grow and experts believe it will continue until elevated highways employing the principles used in a the Road of tomorrow have been adopted. Clite Are losing business annually because of the movement of industries to less congested areas and through traffic confusion which prevents car owners from driving into metropolitan areas for Bitt iness or pleasure. Elevated highways were once considered too costly but. Experience has proved this untrue. The Pulaski Parkway was built in new Jersey at a Cost of More than $20,000,000. A traffic count and time study made by the coined state Bureau of Public roads proved that savings to automobile its using the Skyway the greater than it Cost. Of interest to every Motorist As Well a Ford dealers is the Model Ford Dealership service station and garage in one Corner of the Ford building beside a the Road of tomorrow Quot there All of the thirty Ford-v-8, Mercury 8 and Lincoln Zephyr cats carrying visitors Over the spectacular elevated highways Are serviced by me. Hanic trained in the same Branch service training school attended by Ford Dealership employ is. Like the earlier roads of the world part of the Ford exhibit at Chicago a roads of the Pacific Quot at san Diego and the Quot roads of the Southwest St Dallas a the Road of tomorrow at new York is expected to be one of the High Points of the exhibit. The local Ford dealer i English motor company. In the. Rop of one Cormorant were found the remains of 76 anchovies. Ach of which was four or live inches in b nth. Champion rides on Firestone Champion tires champions for the Chimp Ion when Floyd Roberts flashed to Victory in last year g Indianapolis so mile race in the record time of 117.1 in lice per Hoar. He gave a Waler portion of the credit to the Firestone tire that carried him through the grind without any semblance of trouble. It n will again ride on the tires that have carried the last 19 Drivers to Victory at Indianapolis every Day of Tho year he and his family ride on fir be tone Champion tire a ase his experience on tha Speedway a taught him the importance of Safe equipment on the Highway Firestone Auto Supply and service store i tora dealer. Solves problems local Man working hard for fair trip of ventilation i equip with new Firestone champions Spring and summer ventilation problems in automobiles a particularly in he Rainy weather season Are solved very neatly in the 1929 motor cars with the introduction of a new Type cowl vent that can be kept open to provide adequate ventilation for car passenger even in the heaviest rainstorm. Stated a a. A Smith general manager of furniture try motors inc., local de Soto dealer. The new cowl vent which employs a special built in trap to catch and Drain off the rain. Permits passengers in the 1939 de Soto to keep the window closed and still get a constant Supply of fresh sir. When open the cowl vent takes in sir through a filtering element which removes moisture and passes it off through a rubber Hose Drain thus fresh sir can be continually brought into the car explained or. Smith. In addition to removing moisture. The filtering element in the de Soto cowl vent also take dirt dust and abrasive material out of the incoming air. A screen Over tin filtering element prevents the Entrance of Flynn insects and hugs. This year the cowl vent make Large numbers of people in this District a a already making plans to a tend the world s fair in new York City sometime during the summer hut there is one e m Quot Dud Quot Dudley president of the Economy Auto store inc., who not Only is counting on go Tig. Bus figuring that the b. F. Goodrich company. Whom he represents will pay All expenses of the trip i. Dudley i now one of the Auto Row gossip possible the installation of a new de Soto Hosier with fresh air attachments. This new Type Heater constantly brings fresh air into the car for heating instead of heating and re heating the stale air already in the car in addition to the new cowl vent. De Soto s 1939 ventilation system includes front door Quot Butterfly windows and rear Quarter panels that allow a controlled circulation of fresh air for every occupant of the car they swing out in a w Ide arc permitting passengers to catch the currents of air and direct them duo the car to suit their Comfort. Besides the ventilating Wing the rear half of the front door window lower providing full ventilation when desired and Clear unobstructed vision. The new Firestone Champion tire is revolutionary in design and performance. Let us equip your car with a set for a 2-Day free demonstration on your own car. Experience this added safety under your own driving conditions. You la agree it s the safest tire Ever built. R lit 5.50-16 s14.1s 5.25/s so 7 14.65 5.25/5.50-11 13.35 6 00-16 15.95 6 oo-17_____ 16.50 6.00-18___ 17.15 6.25-16 17.f 5 Othiff Sinai proportionately Tow Prien Lub Jeet to thong without no Tiro i our of Wasyl budget a plan l o <1 is i Horace amp Ilderton inc., offers a budget payment Pian for those who need automotive repair work for a car or truck Tor Many people a oar or a truck is not a luxury but an every Day business necessity. Perhaps you Are one of these. Maybe your car or truck needs a motor overhaul Job or an extensive repair Job with new parts to put it in first class condition. If you have hesitated to give your machine the care it needs because of the expense being Short of funds Ilderton g new automotive service budget plan May be just what you have been looking for. Fender and body work painting wheel aligning Frame and Axle straightening Brake work motor overhauling we specialise in repairs of All kinds on All makes of cars see us for full details about our easy budget payment plan. Horace g. Ilderton i s c Ohio la a t i i com insult and Willowbrook idiom 4273 i he Mihu Hale services Fly Moi the most Active competitors in the nation wide organisation of the company for the prise trips being offered for unusual sales accomplishment lie has been notified from the company a principal headquarter in Akron. Ohio Quot i certainly am bending every Effort and so to every Mie on my staff in an attempt to capture one of the All expense p ire trip to the new York world s fair a say or. Dudley. Quot of Louise we Are up against some stiff rivalry in it e every i dealer of the Goodrich company throughout the country la eligible and from what i have Learned hundreds Are just As Aux Toua a we Are Here to win on of the prise trip. Quot this Means that we re redoubling our Effort and calling on every one of our Friend who Deal with us. And new ones As Well to swell our ale total during the month of the contest so then Wili he no atone unturned in our quest of Victory. Quot it will be qute a Feather in the Cap of in Community not to mention our own. If we can win in a National contest like television experimentation in i the United state is in the hand i of private Enterprise Hac ked by i thousands of stockholders while i in Europe it ii in the hands of state official. M. A i when attaching bumper cleats on an automobile be sure they do not obscure any part of the License plate by George Edwards last monday night marked the opening of the newest addition to Auto Row. Shell tire amp Battery station. New Studebaker located at Kin North main Street. Harry piercing and Jere Sloan Are the chief dignitaries in charge. With f. C. Burney putting his feet atop the desk As service manager. Burney is As you know a much experienced Auto Mechanic and at one time an aviation enthusiast with Uncle he says that the reason he is with Studebaker is because the new Champion is the nearest tiling to an air plane on the ground he ran find. Well the party was what might he termed a huge Success we hat with some two Hundred in attendance after viewing an interesting moving picture of the history of Studebaker we were All regaled with delicious ice Cream had the pleasure of meeting w. E. Pharr of Atlanta who is one of the big Guys with Hugh a. Undy of the sales promotion department from South Bend. Indiana. Over to furniture City we found a ordinarily speaking confound it that site j. E. Suggs once again on the has been off meandering some where. Be Ert. Had the pleasure of meeting miss Nancy Greene. Youngest daughter of or. And mrs. Paul Greene. Also of furniture City. Paul will certainly have to Hunt prospects now with that Young heartbreaker coming along. Charlie Hendrix is sojourning Down St Miami we All cot a card from it erected in seeing it Stop by and ask a Captain John Smith to show it to you. John Andrews at English motors has organized a school for whistlers. To be known As the Andrews school of advanced Date he has enrolled As students Stanley Davis and j. C. Bristow. All that is required is a Sharp knife and a steady Pine is furnished by the school to All students. The line forms on the used car lot. A a colonel Horace g. Ilderton. Dodge High lord in this City is going to make our City a first rate councilman. Horace really has the welfare of the City and citizens at heart and is determined to do a Good Job of foundling.,. Horace has also started something for the Man who needs a repair Job hut feels he can t afford it because he Hasni to the Cash see his and on financing repair work., be cd. Thinks its a swell thing. A a dude Dudley Over at Economy Auto is trying to win a free trip to the worlds fair. Need knows that All his friends Are with him and ready to help him win. Fisher is still dishing oui free chewing gum. Swink. Crowson and Jennings tried to crash be column this week but they get nothing hut mention of their names. Whew hut they la holler when they read this. Did no to see a a Steve Stevens. Firestone a disciple of Isaac Walton. This week. A sped he a gone fishing again. The Cimon House spider had spi Neret each of when is covered with tiny spinning spools and out of these Cut me jets of liquid silk hardening instantaneously on exposure to air. The Mercury is e Mhz starting i o climb now a the time to fill your crankcase with fresh new Wolf head motor Oil �?h>0% Pennsylvania for More Pep More Power and lower Upkeep i drive in soon an i Lei us gel your tar ready for warm weather driving our Spring special Wash and clean inside lubricate Chassis change transmission and differential to sum 10 Mer weight including All materials Only furniture City motors 792 North main Street phone 4376 de Soto a Plymouth great cars a Fine service a a Square Deal roamed portable radio $2495 a includes Battery self powered with built in Antenna. Hinged cover protects Knob and dial. Air plane Type Case. J new air chief Auto radio push Button tuning mount under dash yet close at hand for easy tuning. 5 push buttons. 6 tubes $24?s a a a a gems Mth mar tart Stait and Alfred a ism monday to Tomti is tumult a . Red network Preston North m Ain at Ghi Ruh Street Phon e Ian no a. A. I a Jim a a a Studebaker owners you now can get Complete authorized Studebaker service in High Point. Only genuine Studebaker parts used give us a trial Shell tire amp Battery station incorporated sales a Studebaker a service 819 North main Street phone 4349 Safe meeting the emergency needs of police chiefs from coast to coast America s Foremost safety tire endorsed by emergency Drivers everywhere safety officials in 714 cutes stake their lives on smart Matching the Beauty of the new cars in America s finest salons u. S. Rom masters they Stop t0 223 feet quicker than conventional new tires enjoy a new peace of mind. Avoid skid hazards. Give yourself the extra Security of u. S. Royal masters the tires that Stop your car in a measurably Shorter distance pm every kind of Road wet or dry. You Are invited to convince yourself in a free demonstration English motor company East Washington and Wrenn its distributor phone 2685 safety Light is unique feature one of the interesting detail of the new Dodge luxury liner models is a revolutionary a safety Light speedometer incorporated in the instrument panel layout and functioning in a manner similar to the lights which Consol traffic intersections by flashing Green Amber and red signals. This new safety device As Horace g. Ilderton local Dodge dealer explains it. Takes the form of a Speed indicator Ami mileage recorder from which it differs by being without the customary Speed hand. As the car gets underway its Speed is shown by the movement of a translucent a beads which is illuminated by instrument panel lights Aud automatically changer Colet As the car enters different ranges of Speed. For speeds ranging from Zero to 30 Miles per hour the color of lie Tell tale a beads is Green for speeds from 30 to ,50 mites it is Amber for speeds above fifty Miles the a head is red. Thus by giving it Speed indications through the medium of hanging colors which Are noted at a glance and with the meaning All motorists Are fast Star Drivers of the new Dodge luxury liner Are kept informed of the speeds at which they proceed without being obliged to peer at figure or locate a Pointer. In of Wmk Omi take chances get the quickest nonskid stops on the Road today in j motorists All overt safety so a Crown i be quickest non ski they be Ever had. Yet a a a used too when 3 with your own eyes h life Saver tread auf Cady weep wet Road. You can Hight a met a if come a his sensational town Iii on your cum no _ extra i Cost 7� a Goodrich safety Silverton mums my. Coitus pit wow oat my term Economy Auto store in Orlob vied k. M. Dibley manager 204 North main Street High Point n. C. 42 East main Street Thomasville no c

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