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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Ask Andy High Point Enterprise saturday May 27, 1972 9a Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the Merit student encyclopedia to Doug Tripp ego to of Washington Illinois for his question is Are Deer useful or harmful to Man 7 people have different opinions on this matter. Some. Insist that the Deer Are a downright nuisance and even harmful a at least to the old pocket Book. Others see the Deer As Lovely wild creatures who have every right to share our world. In fact a few of these folks think that a world without Deer would hardly be Worth living in. In matters of opinion of this sort it is up to each person to make up his or her own mind. An outsider Only can Point out facts on both sides of the debate. Ranchers who keep huge herds of cattle or sheep need vast stretches of land where their animals can feed. Some of this territory is wild or partly wild already occupied by natures animals. Many of them depend on the greenery that the sheep and cattle Hope to find. When the Deer rabbits and other wild vegetarians eat up the greenery there. Is less for the Domestic herds. The rancher has less meat to sell and there is less meat for us to buy in the Market. Maybe the Price goes up. This is a serious problem of to ask a question of Andy address postal cards a not letters a to ask Andy Caro of the High Point Enterprise. Be sure to include your name age name of your parents and address. Valuable prizes Are Given to those whose questions Are selected for the column. Our times. It explains Why ranchers butchers and people who sell meat Tell the rest of us that Deer Are harmful to Mankind. If the wild Deer were removed from the scene there might be More greenery to fatten the sheep and cattle and More meat in the Market. People who have gardens in Deer country also can come to hate Deer when their roses and other Flowers and Young vegetables Are eaten by those Beautiful but hungry creatures. But a great Many people feel that we should find ways to let the Deer keep their rightful place in the world. This is the ecologist s Point of View a and nowadays most of us think a lot about ecology. We know that this wondrous planet is our Home a but we cannot live Here alone All by ourselves. We must share it with a multitude of plants and animals. They live in the wild under nature s care. Some Are those handsome salad eating Deer that some people say Are harmful to us. Nature also provides the air and water the food and everything else we need to stay alive. All we do is change these gifts to suit ourselves. But if we upset the wondrous ways of nature we shall lose these things. This is what the problem of pollution is All about. We have messed up natures plans to give us clean air and pure water. Strange to say these wondrous plans will not work unless we share the multitude of other wild plants and animals. If we look at just one Small nuisance we can say that Deer Are harmful. If we want to keep our planet in Good condition we must look at the whole realm of nature. There the Deer Are needed to prune our surplus greenery so that leaves can get the Light and air they need to provide our oxygen. They also add waste material that the Earth makes into new Plant food. Their usefulness goes on and on because in the world of nature everything needs everything else. And we need the whole system including the Deer to live in the sort of world we need and enjoy. Andy sends $10 to Wendy Smith age to of Schenectady new York for her question what makes a Rattlesnake s Tail rattle this is the beware of Rattlesnake season. They Are waking from their Winter hibernation and even the youngsters Are deadly dangerous. At least one species lives in every state. So lets first raid our libraries for books with Clear pictures of the monsters we Are Likely to meet in our own neighbourhoods. However very often we hear a Rattler before we see him. So we also need to know what he sounds like. Sometimes we get a Chance to hear his rattle on a to show. It is the sort of noise you could make by rattling together very stiff leaves with Small very dry Bones. Actually the rattlers rattle is a Row of Bony Little buttons at the end of his Tail. He shakes or vibrates them when he is nervous or ready to strike. This is the time to Stop asking questions and run done to walk in the opposite direction. If you move As fast As you should he can to possibly catch you. Also scoot away if you happen to see and recognize him even he does no to Buzz his rattles. Andy sends a world Book Globe to Stuart Speer age to of Houston Texas for his ques Ion How old Are Tbs rings of Saturn we know they were there in the Winter of 1609 and 1610. That is when the great astronomer Galileo turned his Small Telescope upon the planet Saturn and its dazzling rings were beheld for the first time by an earthling. Since then astronomers have charted the Golden circles As they tilt towards us and away from us. They also have measured them precisely and computed that they must be made from Small particles orbiting the planet somewhat like individual satellites. However nobody can say for certain How or when they were formed. Several theories have been suggested based mostly on the dynamics that hold orbiting bodies in motion. One theory suggests that they Are debris left Over when the big planet was formed. If this is so they could be More than four billion years old. A More popular theory suggests that the rings Are the shattered fragments of an asteroid or Small Moon that came within Range of Saturn a mighty Gravity. If this is so they could have been formed at any time prior to 1609. Jacksonville gets nuclear plants Yaxis xxx Jacoby on Bridge Jacksonville Fla. Apr saying they found in Jacksonville a the Best combination of physical factors of any deep water port on the East coast a top executives of Westinghouse and Tenn eco corporations officially designated this the place they will build unique floating nuclear Power plants. Chairmen n. W. Freeman of Tenn eco a nuclear ship builder and d. C. Burnham of Westinghouse the worlds leading nuclear Power Plant Industry said it will be a clean factory and will produce offshore electricity sources that will clean up coastal cities by replacing plants that Burn Fossil fuels. Gov. Reubin Askew made a special trip to join in welcoming one of the states biggest industries. He too stressed its potential for a cleaner atmosphere. Conservationists do not agree. Although overshadowed by the potential economic Impact they continue to fight the dredging and filling of 900 acres of Blount Island in the St. Johns River to prepare the factory site. City and state pollution boards have cleared permits. The Federal environmental report is yet to be made. A a we re going to hold fire and wait until they go through the corps of engineers and then see what our next Steps Are going to be a said Hal Scott exec 1 is or uni r parking utile director of the Florida Audubon society. He said conservationists abject to a trading off productive Marshland for a concept that has not been approved by the atomic Energy commission and has not been subject of any orders from Power companies. A concept Many engineers and scientists feel was not realistic. A a that a a Lousy Trade off a Scott added. North 27 873 �9864 �532 1086 West d East j io4 2 a k95 �j2 �10753 86 �97 a k q j 2 9752 South d ass a aka a a a a j to 4 4 both vulnerable West North East South i pass pass 2 Dhle puss pass 3 Dale 3 a pass 5� pass pass pass opening Lead k Back to Milton work by Oswald a Jamas Jacoby a in order to finish up our week of teachers hands we go Back to Milton work the greatest authority on auction Bridge. We have taken one of his auction hands and Given it contract bidding. In auction Bridge South would play at either two or three diamonds depending on How far East and West bid but the play Woald be the same. Clubs Are opened and continued and South ruffs the Sec Ond one with a High Trump. Work pointed out that this was completely Safe since neither opponent coaids hold More than four Trumps. Then Declarer cashes two High diamonds and is delighted when his opponents both follow. Now the five of diamonds is an entry to Dummy. The next step is to take the three High hearts of the suit Breaks Dummy a nine of hearts will have become a trick but it does t. Now that South enters Dummy with that Nice five of diamonds takes the Spade finesse and makes his contract. Auction Bridge was not As delicate As contract. A contract expert would Cash the Ace of Spades before going to Dummy just in Case West held the Singleton King. Then if East ducked the second Spade Lead our contract expert might actually Duck also o n the theory that West might have started with just King and one Spade. High Point s Only pud Sonica car Wash twin Oaks car Wash 2013 n. Main Street Al 13 a emf Mic ecu Quot show Newll also a coma an continuous showing enclosed space Patio is the Spanish name for an inner court or enclosed space open to the sky and is often incorrectly used to describe any Small Semi enclosed Terrace according to encyclopaedia Britannica. Sway Broich 11 00 am. To 2 00 Pajk. Tables of Buffet foods int lading a Silver Dollor hoi cake a Southern Fried Chicken the barn dinner theatre with new York cast on the magic stage now playing a the lion in Winter comedy extra every wed night dinner music to Vii ratings for parents and Torri pople the be Ahva Tith latin it to int aim Itmann naut Ofca to lability at a via Tania Tai via win by than Shilhan All Ages admitted of aural aa4<an<a% pcs All Ages admitted parental guidance Suffat fad _ 25 some Mote Riol May not be suitable Tor pre teenagers restricted us a a a 11 re a ire accompany Ifft Parent a adult guardian g pm r re o no oni undo i lab Mottio i aft limit May vary in retrain Arent a a d up a a a s a Wpm Tumino a Rte a a ten be 11 canc m Aru Moa Tram the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise quire in theatre i of gains Mono Poad i lid ouk1 work Marks Urich Geed heme cooked meal. Served cafeteria style Kooky no waiting cafeteria South �7 pow now i a it Sinf chair theatre i Center Chi How Quot Quot at 1-3-5-7-9 m Ivil Avyay 3 horror hits All in color All a go no i a 1st outdoor run in area a at i say Barnabas c Ollins Foft Pirp takes a Bride in a bizarre act of unnatural love. Quot Mas h is what the new Freedom of the screen is All a a s. Lei. A a nor delicious family sunday Brunch and Buffet from 11 30 to 2 30 come to Tho Greensboro motor inn into Slata 40 Airport exp and n. C. 68 e free parking e Ideal facilities for tales meetings conferences and other business gatherings. For information and reservations Cau Tou 454-1511 Ai t i a Mash Donald Sutherland for Jav. Elliott Gould buit Jack week run la no one under 17 i in Opp present George Harrison end friends in the concert for Bangladesh now you can ski it and hear it. As if you Werk there a Eik Clapton Boi Dylan go if Harrison buit it Aston Leon Russell bavi Shanna Bingo Stan Huus v0gimann bade Inger Pete Ham Tom Evans Joey Moi Uno How sh0wih6 shows . 7 00-9 00 sat Sun. I 3 5 7 9 Only if you like gripping suspense and Surprise endings. George Ftp re Michael Soma sin Christine Belford Quot the Crown Star conspiracy 1 what Chatom land does t kill Chato i a i will Charles Bronson color is Phi technicolor times 2 003 30 7 15 of 0< times 3 30 5 20 7 10 9 00 Martin twin 180 1 Westchester drivl/88> 009 1 Matte Gold Var a Tvr i a Dan Cumis production come see How the vampires do it. Jonathan Frio Grayson Hall Joan Bennett Academy award Winner Best picture and actor of the year. In the great tradition of american thrillers. Open 8 00 show at dusk Shaft s his name. Shaft his game. Winner Academy award for Quot Best song music by Isaac Hayes Shau Wak in we of Moses c Jun my by Isaac haves Ivr Ewh by a l Frieman me j re Cox or Mem in his violent underworld they judge a Man by the color of the Money he steals of Jim Brown Diahann Carroi l Gene Hackman Jack Klugman Warren Wes i Ijames Whitmore Ernest Borgnine so and Donald Sutherland the nifty est Chase sequence since silent films91 a Paul o Zimmat Man Clarita rot the Trench connection hip it Sinh in a a a to w to. To a Man Tina. A of a Ltd a a and Mau a a also 2nd thriller at 10 40 a in a color Box office opens at 1 00 i to show at a 45 coming next Quot Straw dogs with Dustin Hoffman of Century Popr plants Jarry Newman Titi cheeses. Cheeseburger double cheeseburger Angelique comes Bode to Collinwood he Luton Bee the a Shade been eng of their Tat Jud another night Al. My a open i pm cartoon or i. So o adult Only $1.25 a a kid Andor of 12 fro Nixt attractions Disney Quot Thi aristocrat so big Shef s a n super Shef 1912 s. Hain just off 1-85 cheese lovers relax. By popular demand Burger chef announces the cheese on any hamburger you order special. Want cheese on your Quarter Pound of lean beef super Shef you be got it. The same goes for our big Shef our double cheeseburger and our popular regular cheeseburger. About the Only food you can t get cheese on Are Burger chef French Fries and thick shakes. But that s because they go so Well with our cheese specials. We always treat Jbf Lief you right family restaurants 893-6710 i 4

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