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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Sahib Point Enterprise saturday Moy 27, 1972 Mission accomplished pacification school closing up shop weather Jordan insists health is Good Washington a economic pressures . Withdrawal and claims of Mission accomplished have joined to close Down the Agency that trained the americans who ran the pacification program in Vietnam. The Vietnam training centers last Day is May 31, ending five years of classes in language history politics and culture for the advisers sent to Vietnam to help organize a new governmental system in the Countryside. The official reason for shutting Down the training Center now is a recitation of statements that its Job is done that the vietnamese Are generally equipped to run the pacification program. Officials add however that the amount of Money for Vietnam is falling off As the . Involvement is phasing out and there Are no longer enough funds to run a teachers College for pacification. In its time the training Center turned out 1,845 graduates a third of them military men and the rest from several civilian government agencies. The at the outset was to eliminate duplication and confusion among key american members Wallace now Able to sit up of the civil operations and Rural development support organization cords for Short. Even though the administration maintains the centers Job is done a Mission accomplished a is the headline for an internal state department article on the subject there Are some dissenters. One former army officer who was attached to cords in the late 1960s said there were several instances in which training Center graduates lacked the language ability to effectively communicate with vietnamese counterparts. Another army officer re called a Center graduate who forecast Stow us i to1-, until Stony no la a by Ray Rollins for Tho associated press Durham a sen. B. Everett Jordan participates to i the occasion was the closing Day of a Spring ceremonial of the Sudan Temple. Jordan a Long time shrine member was Day in shrine activities for 5,- to Greet fellow shrines ride in too shrines from the Eastern a Parade and attend a shrine half of the state. I luncheon before heading for his Davidson county hosts Holshouser Campaign Headquarters and More handshaking in Raleigh. Jordan seeking the democratic senatorial nomination in a Runoff june 6 with rep. Nick Galifianakis has concentrated this week on the Piedmont where his vote was weakest in the May 6th first primary. Jordan campaigned Friday in Concord Kannapolis Landis and Rowan county where he displayed a variety of vote urging appeals. He Shook hands at Mill Gates. Sis tence that he is in excellent health that he has an admirable attendance record in the Senate that he has been the Good Friend of textiles tobacco water roads and harbours that he ought to be returned to the Senate and that he has made no deals with anybody to step aside before the end of the next six year term. Jordan spent Friday night at his Home in the tiny textile Village of Saxapahaw As he has tried to do most of the time during his campaigning his major Concession to health and Cool and steady he visited textile magnates. He go i have been involved in five campaigns prior to this one but on none of them have i partly Cloudy skies and Cool temperatures Are expected Over the Northern Piedmont area tonight and sunday. Today a High temperature was expected to be in the temperatures Clung to a harsh Western moral by the associated press concept of corruption in dealing with what were common practices by lower level local a Thorpes. One training Center official acknowledged closing the facility does not really mean pacification a is All that successful a although he said it has improved year by year. And As to whether the vietnamese Are equipped to operate the program alone one state department source pointed out that americans will continue to be involved in several areas. 24 hours ending at 7 . Est station Asheville cloy arms from Pace 1-a Silver Spring my. Apr doctors treating Alabama gov. George c. Wallace say he is gaining strength steadily but they say it will be some time before surgery is performed to determine the extent of his paralysis. Fridays medical bulletin reported another a a first a Wallace sat briefly in a straight Back chair. He had not been allowed to sit in a chair since he was felled by Bullet wounds May 15. The governor a candidate for the democratic presidential nomination was shot As he campaigned at a Laurel shopping Center. Bowles Cost sets record at $820,000 Raleigh a the Campaign spending of democratic candidate for governor skipper Bowles has climbed to a record total of $820,000. Bowles filed a third report Friday with Secretary of state Thad Eure showing he had spent this much and had received contributions totalling $775,000. The Law requires that candidates file expense reports to Days before a primary and 20 Days after. Bowles said in his first report that he had spent $573,000 up to april 26 and received contributions of $561,000. In a second report filed thursday he said his second primary expenditures totalled $110,000 while he had received contributions of $88,000 for the period. His third report covering the period from april 26 to May 7, showed he spent $137,000 and received $126,000 in contributions. Committee on arms control also said he welcomed the agreement. But he said it was too bad the administration s earlier argument for More funds for construction in the United states a has now resulted in the authorization of an additional soviet to match two Sites for ourselves. A total ban or at least a limit at existing Levels would have been far Muskie was referring to the pacts clause limiting each Side to one anti ballistic missile site for defense of its capital and one each for the defense of its chief intercontinental ballistic missile icbms site. The soviets have been building one around Moscow and now according to Muskie presumably because the United states has authorized an shield around offence. Launchers May construct one around one of its offensive systems. Sen. George Mcgovern a democratic presidential aspirant who has said he will drastically reduce defense department spending if elected said in Palo Alto calif., he is pleased with the Salt Accord. However he added a i have to admit a certain inner anxiety about the Way so called great Powers can preoccupy themselves with arms accords and joint space efforts As important As those things Are while at the same time pre tending that the killing now going on in Vietnam is happening on some other planet apart from anything that a being discussed in Moscow at this Secretary of defense Melvin r. Laird meanwhile said the agreement makes it a absolutely essential the United states forge ahead with a new Long Range submarine missile system. June Beauty i lib a a forming artistic Brauti College 327 4 v Wain St Tel. H82 mis a a Augusta Charleston Charlotte Columbia Greensboro Greenville,. Raleigh Savannah Wilmington h l or 74 69 78 56 .25 65 57 .02 upper 60s to Low 70s, and tonight slow is to Range in the upper 40s. Sundays High temperature is expected to be in the Tow 70s. The possibility of rain has been placed at to per cent through sunday. Weather officials said that winds from the Northeast will be Between to and 15 Miles an hear tonight. Five Day forecast North Carolina extend by Jay Hensley he worked from Early morn visited a Lone ailing precinct Fer the associated press ing until late into the night at worker a his modest Home. Lexington . A tempting to Weld scattered fac and Jordan attended a lunch Republican gubernatorial can tons into a unified Campaign Eon waded through news inter found it necessary to virtually dilate Jim Holshouser toured Force. Views reminisced at a recep abandon my duties in washing Davidson county today. The Boone lawyer wound up lion walked a few Miles and ton As he Galifianakis did be he was to appear in Wake a Long Day shaking hands at in pomp every hand in reach tween january and May 6 of and Sampson counties later intermission during the fourth an Jordan 75, repeated his in this year a Jordan said Friday the Day. Nual gospel sing at Avery county High $20,000 Holshouser and Jim Gardner who Are in a Runoff next Satur was sponsored Day for the nomination Are to Rescue squad appear on the same platforms it was his second extensive at dinners following the 4th handshaking interlude during congressional District con the Day. He stopped off earlier mention at Apex in Wake county and the 3rd District con at the tar Heel Mica co. At Plumtree in Avery county version at Clinton in Sampson sh0ok hands with the employees county. During the lunch hour and Holshouser Laid the ground asked for their votes. Taylor says he May boost income tax 71 50 74 57 .13 de Outlook monday through work Friday for what he Hopes the three Northwestern coun by Roger Mikeal question Taylor denied that he 68 46 73 53 67 52 78 59 60 56 wednesday a Chance of rain will result in organizational Boon the coast monday and tues Lanzas at the ballot Box in a Day and Over the mountains Tauga Avery and Mitchell wednesday. Little Day by Day counties change. Temperature change. Lows at night will average Low 50s in the mountains and mid to upper 50s elsewhere. Highs during 0i the afternoons will average upper 70s in the mountains and .19 Low 80s elsewhere. Weather damaging tobacco forecast sheriff Nixon does t like gun auction Memphis Tenn. A Shelby county sheriff Roy Nix North Carolina Gale on is preparing to hold his first warnings continued in effect mandatory auction of Low along the coast. Mostly Cloudy priced pistols he Calls a Tsatur Over the East with Chance of Day night specials. He says rain mainly along South Central he does no to like the idea one bit. Coastal area through sunday. A Law enacted by the state otherwise partly Cloudy with legislature in april orders Sher continued Cool temperatures hate Public auctions to East of mountains through Sun confiscated guns and Day. Rather Windy East portion specifies that the Money from especially today. Highs today and sunday in the 60s on the the Sale be added to the county a general funds. Previously coast to upper 60s and Low 70s confiscated pistols were thrown Raleigh a a specialist says an epidemic of Blue Mold spurred by the Cool Rainy weather has caused much damage to the tobacco crop in Eastern North Carolina. Jas of West except mid 70s ?i.�?Te.,?ver said tals near 80 mountains. Lows a a ill it Pat these guns Back a. F in tonight in the 40s mountains a Quot a Street he said. A and Northern Inland portion and faction will be held i could be extensive if the w o mid mid july. Tjon Nixon said the majority the guns seized in Shelby coun South Carolina variable to were pistols a Large number cloudiness and mild today of them a saturday night Spe through sunday Northwest por vials a so called because they. Al in ties Avery Mitchell and a for the associated press had proposed to Widen All of Tauga made up the House District from which Holshouser served in the 1969 and 1967 general assemblies. It is All familiar Campaign territory for him. A Secretary at the Mica company Judy Willis told Holshouser she had not met him be Greensboro apr it. J . Highway 17 on the coast gov. Pat Taylor declared Fri from two lanes to four lanes if Day that if his opponent for the he is elected. Democratic gubernatorial nomination Hargrove a a skipper Bowles is elected he May a have to close his eyes to the needs of this state because of for but that she considers his a Promise of no new taxes father state District court Taylor who win a face Bowles judge James e. Holshouser a in a Runoff next saturday said Fine example for him to follow. Eye have some needs in this a if you do As Good a Job As state that need to met your daddy you be got it he said he had proposed a to Start a program looking toward the four Laning of it. I certainly would not anticipate four Laning . 17 from South Carolina to Virginia in four made a she said. Years a he said he recommend an increase in the state speaking at a news Confer Gas tax to finance such a pro Vietnam Ace dissent s of ence in Greensboro Taylor said he would not want to go into act. Taylor planned to return to ii Cloudy Rainy weather persists. A Sunshine and hot weather will Check the spread but much damage to the Leaf in some areas has already occurred a Todd said. Tion. Elsewhere mostly Cloudy can be purchased Over the Craven Greene and Jones counties this week Blue Mold also was reported in several he added he found Blue Mold Windy and mild with Chance of counter cheaply. In every Field he visited in Pitt showers and thundershowers to police officers said they Day and tonight becoming could not estimate the number partly Cloudy Central and of firearms confiscated yearly Cloudy coastal with Chance of but the sheriffs department other counties by agricultural showers coastal sunday. High alone reported More than 200 in agents. Est today upper 60s to mid 70s. Its vault. Criminal court offi Blue Mold caused by a fun lowest tonight lower 50s to Low dais said the court has about Gus normally is considered a or 60s. Highest sunday upper 1,000 guns being held As Evi Plant bed disease. 60s to upper 70s. Dence. Would not come from persons who make less than $20,000 a Framingham. Mass. A year. It. . William Driscoll he has also promised to sex one of the Navy a first two air empt from the state income tax aces of the Vietnam War says persons who make less than he supports president Nixon a $100 a week blockade of Haiphong Harbor in in answering a newsman a North Vietnam but if others dissent that a their right. A one of the Basic precepts of of this country is the right to dissent a the 25-year-old radar intercept officer said in an interview. A it does no to make me angry and if that a the Way people feel they be got a right to express Back Home in Framingham after eight months in Vietnam. Driscoll said he Hopes he will have an Opportunity to do something about the prisoners of War in North Vietnam. The governors office committed his Home in Wadesboro for the to a Promise of no new taxes weekend. He did no to have any he said that if he is elected and specific Campaign plans for this i any new taxes Are needed they final weekend before the Runoff. Hazel Williams of 6m6t9r Mimm Ami rican Hoai St re this Fri shirt Flowers in town Quot scent Quot with love for a occasions �0t� i main it Tell Thoni 411-1101 Crimi cards Honorio ,4 the official class ring do signed ton or twelve Yoars ago Doos not fit today s student Proforo co. Buy your class ring in Tho modern manner. At. Lester s jewellers 131 South main Street delivery 4 weeks class of 74 alien Jay television log a 2 a my Greensboro go a Btu Charlotte a we no University station of a Gap High Point a Charlotte a Wols Roanoke cd Wujs Winston Salem we a a to on Fob j 8 30 Abc sports exclusive Indianapolis �?o500&Quot Auto race a Gap to t today 2517 s. Main using night watchman clock Ano door seals Usu i do tort tout cosiness Ako Home Vav ill r Nuj i cd i noun t 24 mouse pm oat Davis patrol amp watchman service equipped with 2-Way radio for setter service Security guards phone 886-4025 senator b. Everett Jordan has been involved in to or legislation affecting the textile Industry and tobacco agriculture posted by Congress. Congressman Galifianakis has not participated in the passage of any major legislation involving textiles or tobacco. Now you know. Vote j 0 it d a n serving Archdale Trinity Alen Jay these boys Are giving away Eisenhower dollars to anyone bringing in 3.00 Worth of dry cleaning or More tuesday wednesday or thursday of each week. That s 1/3 of their sales going Back into the local Economy. They Are also doing 5 shirts for 1.25 which is to cheaper than they were doing them in 1964. Quot How about that Quot and that Ain t All they will store your Winter clothes for the regular everyday Price of dry cleaning and this includes Moth proofing storage bags insurance dry cleaning and pressing and get this. You receive a Dollar Back for 3.00 Worth when Yoi pay next fall. 6 00 . Odd news a news a Porter Wagoner s conversation 6 30 . A news a gun smoke a wrestling a a a Abc news 7 06 . A Hee Haw j Lawrence Welk so Klub Kwitz a news 7 30 . A Tommy Faile Lawrence Welk so to Tell the truth 33 Arthur Smith i . A a All in the family Sam emergency 1 36 . A a Mary Tyler Moore a Indianapolis 500 race 9 00 . A a Dick Van Dyke a huh movie 9 30 . A news maker a lets make a Deal 10 00 . A a Mission impossible 10 30 . A news special 11 00 . A a news a news 11 30 pub. A a movie a Shock theater 3xj3xh news a Nixon in Moscow Wujs <31 sat. Night at the movies 9kio pm Quot return of the seven slurring us Brynner 12 00 pm a fair wind to Java Quot starring f re d Mcmurray capsule views of today s evening programs gleaner a world m i Fok sen ate closed monday open . 6 30 .-6 30 top Quality service a and fully guaranteed sin 7 30 p. M. T Lawrence Welk a Wun Kerful Wunn Erful a Lawrence Welkus musical autobiography. I p. M. 2 All in the family Edith a honesty infuriates Archie when he learns she left a note for the owner of the unoccupied car she dented. J in a emergency Para medics Gage and Desota talk a plane Down after the Pilot suffers a heart attack and or. Brackett becomes emotionally involved in the Case. 1 30 p. M. I Indianapolis Soo a two hour same Day coverage of the worlds richest and most prestigious Auto race from Indianapolis motor Speedway. Commentary by Chris Schenkel Jim Mckay Chris Economaki and Jackie Stewart. 9 p. M. 12 saturday movies a return to the 10 p. A 2 Mission impossible a returning to his Home town on personal business Phelps finds the citizens in a state of panic Over a mysterious series of deaths of Young town women

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