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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Myrick is to attend Institute Sale of real estate for unpaid 1971 taxes in Randolph North Carolina or. Alvin g. Myrick head of the department mathematics at High Point College has been accepted to the engineering concepts amp curriculum project for College personnel with responsibilities in mathematics and science education at n. C. State University. Tile Institute will be held from june 26 to july 21. The purpose of the Institute is to acquaint College personnel who have responsibilities in mathematics and science education with the Eccl course in a Way which will stimulate them to move in a number of directions. Personnel Are urged to use the experience at the Institute to provide a basis for a College level course which would prepare mathematics and science education majors to teach an Eccl Type course and provide them with a Good background of general knowledge about modern technology and its interface with society. The Institute is also established to prompt continuing education courses that will train teacher to teach Eccl and act As a Center of encouragement to school units within the University or College sphere of influence and to implement Eccl Type courses. Myrick has been on the faculty at High Point College since 1965. He is a graduate of North Carolina state University and the University of North Carolina and received his doctorate from Duke University. J. E. A Geneva l. Boggs 6 or. A. Amp Lucille Boles or. 2l&b54.231 Ramon a Ettie b. Boles i l a a. Ernest c. Flyd heirs i James Hutchins 17.42 24 Aab. 68.75 2 a. Jerry Floyd Howard Jackson 4 Robert a t. P. Floyd 55.96 1.25 a9.14 of William Robert a Nancy Boles Arnold f. A Kathleen Foley or 3.9 a. 10.14 1lab a. 15.68 Thomas c. Folson heirs Conrad d. A Marie Brinkley l a b29.35 19.57 a a a 2 l 255.24 Homer a Dorothy Foster Paul g. Bouldin or. Lab. 70.55 Withrow Johnson heirs 2 a8.72 Iii item Cne Tiki l George William Bowman 2 l12.71 Hoo lab. 50.39 Claude 0. A Frances Johnson l7.71 Earl e. A Connie Johnson 2 a70.60 Floyd g. Johnson 1.62 a4.86 Jame o. A Darlene Johnson 4 a. 9.14 of Johnson heirs 9.83 8,72 Melvin Foster a a f d 4 k 4, i q Earl e. A Barbara Jones _. 16,28 Melvin a Raymond Foster a Mateie Jones John l. A Mary Jane Boyles j us. N 20 James l amp Magge Jones 1 la 33 89 Raymond a Margie Foster Erly Thomas a Ruby p. Brady lab. 55.41 4 l a 176 70 Raymond Foster a Martha Gray Samuel h. A Julia b. Brookbank a b40 03 lab. 140.09 Lindsay a Nancy e. Peele lab. 54.19 James f. A Clarice a. Perry lab. A a 102.29 Jimmie e. A Catherine Phillips 6 l16.56 William a. A Martaret Ann Phillips 3 l a a. 175.59 Edward n. Post 7 l a a. 53.61 mrs. J. G. Prevette 2 la 11.28 r. A. A Ruth Prevost lab. 115.21 mrs. R. F. Proctor Jerry s. A Janet t. Terry l57.67 Paul a Dorothy Thomas lab. 95.29 Andy a Barbara Thompson l Christopher or. A bes Thompson l60.09 Raymond a Sarah Thompson lab. 55.11 William w. Thompson l32.33 e. L. A Hope Tillotson 66 a. 83.45 Elmer j. A Madie Torrence 4 a a. 24.84 r. E. Belcher Lloyd Bennett lab. Golden Brown 2 l a b.48.70 Julian w. A Jeanette n. Brown i a7.71 l. J. A Josephine Brown 8 l119.12 William Timothy Brown William e. A Irene Fowler Cletus c. Frank its. Mary Freedle 18h Aab.125.44 Bobby Freeman 39.94a25.62 e amp b66.72 Clyde Rabon. A a A Margaret Jones 10.57 c. A Mary Trimnal lamp by a w 72,67 Willis a Ethel Rachels lamp a. 2010 j. Frank a Vicky Joyce lab 12.43 Elwood l. A Mary Trogdon k 8,68 Donald l. A Barbara g. Ray la a a. 302.44 its Emory Kearns 9.14 lab. 19.64 Theodore a Ruth Kearns to 57 lab79.06 Billy Joe Kennedy a. 40.45 Charles h. A Kate Kennedy i a b.36.70 2 l9.14 j. A. A Clara v. Tucker Donald Lee a Barbara g. Ray i 8.5 a a 13 l 187.53 3l&b. 149 44 Charles f. A Sharon Turner 110 57 Waite r. A Jurusha Frye j. T. A Margaret Bruton us. 2 l27.41 Robert p. A Sony Fulp Alex h. Or. A Doris Bulla i i 27 a35.89 Malcolm a Vallie George 13.421 Clifford a Christine Kennedy j i a10,67 John c. Kennedy l6.29 Delma a irese s. Reddick 55.80 a206.07 William l. A Annie l. Revels l18.06 Billy c. A Betty v. Rhew lab. A. 104.31 6lwalter l. A Willie Tysinger k. M. A Norma Vestal or. 9.14. 7.81 54.85 9.14 by George w. A Marian f. Bundy r e105.79 a Vocab. 159.80 162.75 Herman w. A Doris Gibbs or. Trenton l. A Elizabeth Kennedy lab Harold a. A Edith g. Bunn 2 l i a. 8.79 Arthur Gibson Johnnie l. Burrow l15 80 d. Webster a Vermie Gibson 29.75 lab. Woodrow a Lois Kennedy 2 a. 35.84 a. Kenneth a Linda Kimes l50.25 12.43 8 Lcharles h. Burton lab. 3.58 a a amp a. 169 39 Prim i Beatrice Gibson Charles w. A Jackie b. Burton l11.14. To 22 66 Abb a a. 235.05 James Goble l a a. W i. Maxine Cagle 4 l12.28 to a my f. H. A Ruby Goins 8 l11.71 John s. Carterjr. L 9 35 g r 69.93 10.57 re. 19 99 Harvey Joe a Dorothy Grainer Ollie r. Carter a. Lab. 130.50 Verlin a Rosa Grant a Helen Lassiter lab 10 50 Horace a Dorothy Leach 24 a. 84.84 Rufus Odell Caudle l9 14 Janies a Lee Annis Ledbetter lab 8.57 named for Queen its. 9.14 Beria Gray heirs lab. 44.79 George William Lee Beulah Gray 8 a. L g 3q 3q Calvin a Betty Leonard Jerry a Huldie Gray. 5 l86.97 11.20 80.10 53.26 David a Hattie Cavan Ash 1 Larry r. A Hilda Cecil lab. 146.72 James e. A Barbara Chapman l. 2.49 John a amp Mary Gray Harry c. A Ava Chappell 14 a a Willards amp Doris Charles"3 Job nth try Gray Russell 4 jams Childress Quot 5 let Nara Margaret Gray Richard a. Amp Shirley Clark 3 a Hei Quot bks a Shirley Enetter a a a Quot Quot it a love a Gray r 114572 Toyd Green 1271 lab. I l d Riidu Donald g. A Betty Gregory or. Joseph b. Cofield 4 l j la 14 �a4?. C. 1 113 82 William e 4 Kathryn Griffin Robert t. 4 browse Cole lib. 124.61 134,48 Sharon Lee Grogan 27,80 John w. A Virginia Grubb 64.32 80.51 Grover l Coe us. 70 07 23 09 9.14. A a lab. 42 .12 8 52 Phillip a Madie Gunter re 6712 _ 73 86 Eugene a Franklin p. Hardin. Or. I l a b 81.64 a 132 4 Ralph s. A Ella Mae Hardin i lab. 38 65 Hie Royal water Lily. Victoria Regia found in the Amazon Basin was named for Queen Victoria. Its floating leaves will support a child Ani it is the largest aquatic Plant on Earth. Notice of Sale of tax liens on real property North Carolina machinery act of 1971 under and by virtue of the a lab. Hority vested in me by Section Rocha p Coleman 105-369 of the general statutes r e a. Of North Carolina and pursuant Charles f. A Patricia Collier to an order of the tax commis 4 lion of Randolph county dated c. A Irma Collins May i i will offer for Sale and 4 l a will sell at Public auction Tor Paul h. A Ramona Cash to the highest bidder Ai slab. The courthouse door in Asheboro Paul h. A Ramona Collins North Carolina at 12 o clock 4 l 13 04 met a in Quot i a lne l Harmon noon on june 6, 1972, liens upon Harvey Coletrane 2 l a b 55 45 the real estate described below l 4 b. 112 20 l s amp my dred a a a Harper for the non payment of taxes Robert b. Coletrane 6l a 15127 owing for the year 1971. The 5 l14.27 do of. Harris amount advertised includes in David t. A Betty Combs Terest and costs and the miss on lab. Of interest and costs from the Robert a Evelyn Council units claim for these items. No lab. Bid will be received unless it is William Council at least equal to the principal 2.2 a amount advertised will not Cor. Glenda Lou Cox at the Date of Sale. The real its. Estate that is subject to the Lien Lyman g. A Maude Cox tie name of the person to whom l50 06 car Hazlik the property is listed for taxes Ray f. A Jacksie Cranford its. 4.31 and the principal amount of the l a b a a a. 107.24 Annie f. A Dorothy Henderson taxes Are set out below. Refer Claude a Margie Craven to l a b ence is made to the records in a a b a a a a a a 156.99 Frank a Odessa Henderson the office of the Register of Jackson d. A Mary Criscoe 4 4 a a b .67.09 deeds of this county and in the 4 l a b28 42 a p Henderson Donald Criscoe a Raymond Hackler lab. 75.69 Charles d. A Betty Croker lab Clarence j. A Ada Rhew heirs in. 4.13 j. V. Rhew heirs l5 57 Cleveland Richardson 12 l a b34.20 Ernest p. A Kathleen b red Dick 65 a 178.19 E. Riley 2 l9 67 David a Kathryn Robbins 2 a 78 34 Feama g. Robertson in. Thomas Robertson lab 9 89 Roy Dee Robinson 6 lab 1.04 a. 152.02 Ardell rorie 2 l a b 31 13 Jeanette rorie lab 30.83 Brady a Ruth Ann Ross 6 l a b 51.89 Frank l. Rothrock lab 66.79 re. 23.42 Lonnie Allen a Betty Royal in. 8 57 Lacy a Cassie Rush lab 125.01 w. G. A Maggie b. Rush lab 69 55 Aaron Lynn Waddell 8.83 a118.98 4.13 Virginia c. Wagoner 3 l8.13 r. Wade Walker i l8.60 Roland George a Mary l. Russell 126.54 4.15 2 l9 83 112.79 Mayfield Harris 16 a a b37.34 57.51 lab. I Robert A Bessie Leonard re. 58.18 James e. A Carrie Lewallen lab. 3.59 Larry d. A Ronda Lewis lab. 113.04 Jerry a Amanda Little or. R e14.66 a. E. Lehr lab 2,76 a. 47,84 Minnie Scales Jerry w. Lomax i l a a a. 20.56 r0y Scarboro Marion Lomax r a _ e a Quot 6�?T�� Harry f. A Lyna Scotton John w. A Charlotte Long or. 4 l a b la b223.94 James o. A Shirley Sellers e. G. Luther heirs l 3 l a b63.82 Gill g. A Susan Setzer Paul Maness re re. 103.51 de shoe heirs Una Mae Mangrum lab l a a a. 8 57 p. T. Barbara shoe t. Y. Marshall l a b a a. L7.37 j. C. A Josephine Sibert Rex w. A Gladys Mashburn lab. 1 a13.42 Joseph w. Siler Elvin a Connie Matthews r lab. 40.33 Carrie c. Simmons John e. Matthews 3 a. L7.21 Charles d. Simmons Velma memory l3 l a a. 24.70 Frank Simmons Johnnie c. A Zadine Middleton lab. Richard d. A Jewell s. Wall re. 61.82 James Walters i l a a. 125.95 Carl a Mary l. Ward i l a. 7.37 Charlie Emmett a Roberta Ward i l a b123.27 Dazzie Vance a Elsie Ward 2.09 a13.57 Harrel c. A Katherine Ward i a. 42 33 Alexander a Louella Warren i l a b53.45 Sabra j. Warren 5 l a b106.97 Mark d. Westmoreland in. 10.93 Darrell g. A Doris a. Whitaker i l a b116.66 Charlie White heirs 4 l a b3.51 Robert Lewis and Bonnie d. Berry l 28.04 l. G. Bowmanjr. A. 89.72 Kenneth Edward Boyles 8 l a a. 13.63 Floyd Howard Brady 2.68 a. 35.50 Johnnie Mitchell Branch 14 l 18.28 Bill Wayne and Barbara Brewer r Etc a. 144.91 Coy l. Brewer 2 a6.65 James e. A Louise Brown 2.02 a56.87 Phillip a. A Frances f. Brown 4 l11.30 Raymond j. A Elverta Carteret 8 l8.98 James a. A Myrtle Chance 6 l 7.81 Robert Clodfelter l7.81 b. R. A Shirley s. Clodfelter to a22.961 Darrell Coble lot. 11.491 Kate Coltrane m a 17.12 Robert v. Coltrane to a 118.43 Stephen Worth Coltrane. 52.24 Jerome b. Cox re 48.53 Robert h. Crews re. 72.33 Jerry r. Daniels re 43 29 c. Davis 2 l a b 134.57 coma Davis re 292 81 h. W. Davis a 5394 Leo Davis lab 74 841 Madison a Iris Marie Davis r e137.39 n. F. Davis re 302 33 Wilford a David Davis Paul Eugene Lassiter 8 lb25.26 Charles a Brenda Lavendar lots. 12.47 w. C. Linthicum 4 l a b63.59 Betty Hall Lloyd l4.32 Lee Loflin 6 l10.72 Paul Lohr 2 l9.86 Bobby f. Loyd 58 a. 75.95 Ralph g. A Betty Luther lab. 43.41 Emma Maddin 25 a47.23 Howard l. Marshall lab. 38.73 h. R. Modlin 12 l115.96 Bobby l. A Peggy Mcdaniel 8 l 8.98 Andrew j. A Jennie b. Nance lots. 13.63 g. W. Nance 18.05 a. 31.66 j. M. Osborne 51 a80.52 Sadie b. Osborne 54 a. 103.08 w. E. Patterson to ab.42.36 Wade Pebles 4 l7.8i Otis e. Peeble 8 l13.63 William a Stella Phillips 4 l a. Lab. Mrs. John Prevette Arobert j. Rhew r e a. 5 a 8.98 65 23 6.65 49.86 1949 3 86 a. -. 69.00 i a 43.60 7.81 e894.16 h. J. Rogers 4 l 12.04 r h. T. Dowdy 12 l15.96 Danny s. A Wanda Duncan 4 l a b88 of Roy Dunning a Grace c. Dun 4 l 458.34 lot. Peggy j. Edwards 2 a 17981. 7 821 144.67 Gay l. A Elizabeth Whitt no g 17a7i& b132 99 Clarence l. Edwards f. C. A Evelyn Whitt 2 l a b.93.51 Samuel d. Or. A Mary Widener 3.o9 a21.85 j0jjn Edward Elmore Earl Wilkerson r r 3j a a 4 l i n 914 Roy e. Amp Kula s. Farlow Jet or a a a we slams a a r e302.61 93 82 w Scharles r. A Thelma Frazier Mary Ruth w. Williams i 4 l to 72 iu3 5 33 a 13 ,3 Shelton c. Carrell 4 Janice Joseph b. Williamson Garrel r d 4 Peggy c. Wilson a Gate a 5 and. 192.9b i i it r Troy Coe a Mary l. Winslow c q go Breth 57.51 a a a a Al a a 10.72 13.63 25.98 15.36 i l a b122.64 44v4 a. 107.50 la l Frank Rush 2 a. 14.04 Morris r. A Lois Saunders 9.24 a. 12 36 Willie Clayton Sessoms slab. 50 27 Thomas s. Shear 4 l 6.65 mrs. J. A. Short 50 a. 192.54 Donald b. Slack l9.14 Charles Hugh Smith lots. 7.42 William Joe Smith 4 l a b �?�.35.59 James a Irene Spangler _ i ab.42.78 58,w Jim Spencer a Frances Spencer ,32 ab107.82 73 81 Charles a. Spillmanjr. 1.1 a. 154.19 Lee Stackhouse a James l. Smith 18,87 John Hayes 2 a. 14 71 Odessa o. Hayes i lab 7.71 Joe of. Or. 4 Dorothy l. Harvey Jee Middleton a a a Wayne Simmons. Lab 44 63 Mary Simon Norman e. Miller la b2 l15.80 Ralph Skeen Thomas r. Miller 2 a. Wesley e. A Mamie Mills l"�?oy5 92 Joe amp Brenlla Mincey 4 Fred s. A Nancy Mincey 45 96 4 Peggy m Wilh Robert Gilmer. Or too 44 i l4 r m.74 a pc Rohy m Worre Quot Kyj a. E. S. Gray. Heirs 73 76 l amp b64.88 ii. A Wade d. Worthy Vij Ruji a Gray m 100.94 i a .77.a1 j0 40 45 36.83 uht. 1.59 we a a Emma Quot hew 6ry 51.92 1 l. Yulk111. 1171 a to no in 3. Floyd Steed ii af4fbame c0mpany. ,25.03 i r a. Associate discount corp. Thomae Warren Hall 35.06 2 l a b 43.12 Warren Hau 82 6llcarron e Stephenson Ray Dell a Becky Hawkins. 1386 25 84 to 14 1486 lots. Alvin Staley 4 Fred Staley bldg. Charles Steed lab 36.56 665 11.36998.46 mrs. J. A. Steed \22vi a. 220.64 121.98 Brookwood development co. L 1619 7.81 lab office of the tax supervisor of this county for a More particular description of the real estate. 4 l John c Hicks .,8 Edna o. Mitchell lab. 29.071 12.36 7.21 42.62 44 56 this 12th Day of May 1972. J. E. Rains. L b .,_l�?~.�? a 10403 tax col Lee or a b amp Florence Dale 3.6 a a b25.56 water j Mitchell Trinity township Howard e a Jeannette o. Albertson lab William h a Ruth l. Albertson i a a b Charlesw Alford 4 a a a. Herbert Alford 1 l Oscar Walford 2 l a Donald a Evelyn b Allred Robert East i a a b200 00 2 l Thomas j. A Elizabeth s. And Molly Bell Edge l64.65 Donald r. A Ellise Davis lab. 37 45 Earl e. A Margaret Davis lab. Is 90 i9i 7i Richard t. A Virginia Davis 124/4 lab. 112.76 in 90 Edna Dewberry 133 39 lab. 31.27 Johnny r. A Pansy Dildine i Larry g. A to c. Dobbins 1312 lab. 10.57 88 23 a i7 a it a mond h amp Frances Duggins Mable Hines of its. 37.31 a. Lab 6 60 Billy w. A Rebecca slate Brookwood development a h. S. Hobert a Hatfield lab. 139 91 Ragan 9.67 Gene a. A Louise Smith lab. 64.05 creative Homes 9.71 Jack Freddie Smith l. 2 l a a. 20.25 j. W. Hillard a. 17.70 Julian a Eva Smith l a bi4 a. 150.39 Gold Leaf Motel corp. L. C. Southern heirs la b14 a a a. 157.48 j a it a a it and St Mary Mitchell 2 l a a. 29.15 High Point builders inc. Isaac l. Or. A Donna k. Hicks i.18 a. ,m.,7v139 71 Nellie Spear 12.2 a. I 4 a a. 12.92 High Point broadcasting co. 15.04 Anthony Spencer heirs 9 a a. William Alec mock j 2mi a22 71 Home Security corp. Inc l27 70 Gyrene Spencer lab f b. Montgomery lab. 52.84 interstate credit corp. 22 a 66 95 Edward e. A Ann Spivey lab 32.46 Franklin b. Montgomery l17.70 Savannah Smith a co. 15.11 a. 31.91 Edward e. A Ann Spivey lab 127.45 Arnold c. A Flora Moore lab. 99.74 Margie a Beauty shop lab. 59.48 Edward e. Spivey a George 33 59 Sherrill a Peggy t. Morris Lamb 9 l22.85 l6 60 Clarence o. Moser or. Stackhouse a Clodfelter Southern seating co. L8.57 l17.33 g j95319.17 46 16 William or. A Martha Mccoy Charles a Mary r. Stanley 25 61 70.64 Edith b. Hill Harrison a Margaret Hill lab Richard a. A Lillian Hill 1 a a b Samuel w a Sandra Hill 2 la b Snowton s. A Helen t. Hill its. William r. A Golda j. Hill a. Mary l. Hilliard heirs lab 7.71 65.33 lots. Roy Helmstetler r Elee Franklin Henderson Roger d. A Vickie Hepler Law. A. Hester 886,81 Edward Hethcox lot. 82 to 172.96 th0mas Norman a Billie Hicks 4 l a b.24.70 37 82 Warren Hicks 63 32 94.69 38.84 13.63 7.81 37 20 William e. Hicks. Or. 2 l11,13 Jerry Hill a 12 la a b a a a a 25 24 Kenneth r. Hill _ Samuels a Moore realty inc. 17 3 a. 64.50 53.75 22.35 7.81 16 28 news 1l&b 47 40 e. E a Effie Edwards Johnny a Evon Apple its. 21a8t� 185.66 Charles f. A Frances Elkins Darrell l. A Jeri Arney lab 123 57 i e 4 86 Everette English Walter l Ashe i 4 l a a. 113.57 ii a. 135.79 Everette English a Florence John w. A Opal h. Hubbard or. Simpson a Mary Baker Orr i a 12.71 2e6 b.64 91 594 a74.24 Jame h. A Joanna f. Hudson Johnny l. Hinson 7.71 7.7 a e. G. Holmes 8 57 l Zack Holmes its Mary Holt heirs i Grayson g. Hubbard lab 9 83 Effie Mcdonald l48 69 j t. Mcdowell 5 l i b48 61 l Della Toby Steele heirs 7.21 Leula Steele 18.87 l11.57 6.84 new Market township 4 l Gary Hinshaw 59.08 a. 218 36 Floyd Hollifield r. A. 32.10 Leon Horne Bennie a. A Doris Strahan a. 23 86 Chester a Lillian Street 5 l7 81 Lawrence d. Or. A Bonnie Suttas l13.63 Frank Taylor a10.37 w d. Taylor or. R e238.63 Raleigh Thigpen 2 a 38.70 e. P. Tillotson 24 a. 81.63 w. P. Tomlinson l43.12 Dwight l. A Phyllis Tucker 4 la 781 Fannie Tucker a 7.81 Sidney Franklin Turner lab. 35.96 rog6r Dale Tuttle lab. 79.86 Soloman William a Janet Warren la 7.81 696 Alton a Peggy Lou Adams 6 l41 a Solomon w. A Janet Warren Quot. Us l til j. W. Ballinger 2 l a b .40 11 Kenneth a Josephine Barnes 4.17 Aab. 71.25 Donald l. A Nancy c. Beas eve i l a a. 1.21 Jimmy d. Beck John or. A Carol Essick lab. W Ewing 2 a15 49 e. Ray Farlow l4 86 Annie s. Fields r e 43.97 4.67 a Al 20 78 de Beio dozen e a Cornelia Fields Shaab 81 58 lab 176 74 Mary Belton Ima Finch 4 lab Clark Benfield Nancy l. Finch us 77 -80 57.47 4 a a b. 53.64 Gary Glenn Bivins Nancy l. Finch its 26-30 r e 21486 8 13 John Robert a Carolyn Mcgee Albert Lloyd Stone lab. 149.53 4 Lla 20 Samuel Mcintyre Clarence a. A Ruby Stone 5 l a b79 38 l14 27 Pearline Mckenzie Jeffrey h. A Sandra Sullivan 2 ab47.19 l a by lab. 33.41 Everette a Mary Mcmahon Nelia Summey 4 is of Frankie Mcmahon Jack f. A Mary Summit l9.67 lab. Richard e. A Shelia Mcnabb d. R. Shirley c. Sumner re. 138.55 lab. William a Drucilla nor rivet or. Bertha Louise Sykes lab. 232.54 lab. William a Mary Oakley or Berta Louise Sykes lab. 78.14 lab. Calvin Orrell Peggy l. Talbert Bill Aldridge r e843.37 5.09 i lab. 152.28 50.76 Vade v. Hughes a Fred c. Mur Phy 34.1 a35.69 Olin b. A Mary j. Hunsucker i l a b 45 49 Clarence r. A Judy l. Hunt its. 2.27 Donald a Carolyn w. Hunt i lab. 117.98 Jerry l. A Lorene Hunt lots. 9 14 Leo Hunt its. 5.84 Billy rav Hutchins i a a b4.31 16.56 209.72 38 05 c. R. Williard 2.96 a .70.56 Wischum .6.65 12.47 r e167 74 lab Calvin Orel Henry r. A Nellie l. Taylor 1 00 and Carolyn Ball l13.04 2 l50.54 Hubert c. A Ramona Overcash Henry Taylor a Winfred Elliott William and Mattie Barnette r e93 96 1.70 a. 9.14 220 a a a a a a. 11,30 Donald d. A Pearlie Owen c. R. Teer davi<1 la on and Virginia Beeson l36.26 l14.28 r e94.00 e. A. A Annis b. Parks Donald r. A Madeline Teer Gloria Dean Beeson 20 a. 161 30 lab. 125.84 l17 82 7 23 �0ski"s 40 m Mary Alice White Phillip a. 4 Mary Hubbard of e n a. I l5j35 William m i Ina Lee White 9 Shirley a. 4 Mildred Alexander Clifford Hughes Limul c x. Ii. N in i us. 7.81 7 a. <2.41 it s amp �?oo"5 h what la a i ii George a. Hussey ,79 3, a a 4417 lm61 Rev. J. G. Allred Clarence Johnson. 1.1 a. 64.93 r a. 53.48 l James h. Allred Enos Johnson 4 a a. A 14 a. 75.13 4 l34.26 Ronald a. Workman William w. Allred Edwin Jones 4 \ i v u 5.17 a. 64.20 4 l25.37 Sinton a. Yarborough a. L. Kearns 277.64 lots. 35.66 William Lee Keene 49.59 slab. 3.97 Dolphes a Kathleen Kennedy 119.411 lots. 7.81 Ernest Ray a Ruth Kennedy lots. 13 63 George Penn Lamb 2.5 a 7691 w. H. Lamb 4 l7.81 William w. Or. A Hazel p. Land 7 l a 7.81 h. D., or. And Lilly c. Baker r Hubbard Bakerjr. A. J. A. Bakerjr. 53 76 34 a. A 6.65 38.64 32.91 43.05 corporations action construction co re. 33 35 Brooks Dev. Co. A w. A. Aldridge 13 l34.13 Brookwood development co. R e120.07 Diamond bedding co. Inc. Lab. 283 61 Oxford finance co. Lab. 29.52

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