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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 20a High Point Enterprise sunday May 26, 1974nation in need of policy on food production by Bill Humphries n. C. State University Raleigh blight hit the 1970 u. S. Com crop slashing the expected Harvest by about 600 million bushels. And in 1972, the russians came with dollars and after a Short time went Home with contracts to buy Over 400 million bushels of u. S. Wheat. Massive Grain sales to Russia and later to several other countries including China set off a Chain of events that wiped out America s Long standing Grain surpluses brought on fears of food and feed Grain shortages and resulted in higher consumer prices for meat milk eggs and Many other food products. U. S. Farmers produced Large crops of Corn wheat and soybeans in 1973. But worldwide demand for these commodities was Strong because Many foreign countries had experienced unfavourable growing seasons in 1972 and their Basic Grain stocks were Low. America s carryover supplies of grains now reach a dangerously Low level before each new Harvest. U. S. And world agricultural leaders Are concerned about the situation. Many have proposed that some Type of Grain Reserve program be established so that countries experiencing crop failures will have an available source of Supply to which they can turn to meet their needs. Several proposals Are before Congress to establish National food reserves especially of wheat and other grains because they Are Basic commodities that can be stored for years with Little Quality loss. In november at a world food conference in Rome a detailed plan for a minimum world food Security policy will be considered by the food and agriculture organization of the United nations. On the surface the idea of a food Reserve program sounds simple and sensible. After All. Did no Tyoung Joseph of biblical times save ancient Egypt from famine by correctly interpreting Pharoah s dreams and persuading the King to set up a program to store the surplus Harvest from seven fruitful years for the seven lean years that followed As Long ago As the mid -1950s. The late u. S. Sen. Vav. Kerr Scott of North Carolina urged the u. S. Congress to take the Lead in establishing a world food Bank to guard against widespread starvation in any country. No action was taken but the proposal is now being discussed with renewed interest. Extension economists at North Carolina state University say the idea of a food Reserve program brings up a number of policy issues that must be settled before meaningful action can be taken. Should Reserve stocks be held by the government or by private Industry would taxpayers be willing to foot the Bill if the government attempts such a program should the United states attempt a program of its own or should it be International in scope How can the interests of both Farmers and Consumers be protected Many Farmers fear that a food Reserve buildup would Lead right Back to the situation of the late 1950s and the 1960s, when Large government held Grain surpluses had a depressing effect on Market prices. Some farm spokesmen say there would be a constant temptation for Public of Anchovy Industry Back in business in Peru by Nea London economist news service Lima Ilens the world s largest fishing Industry is getting Back to business after being Laid up for two years. The return of the anchovies off the peruvian coast has been As sudden As their disappearance in 1972, where the cold Waters of the Humboldt current mysteriously shifted out into the Pacific. An experimental catch in March landed 500.000 tons of Anchovy and the governments new quota of 2 million tons for 1974 has already been nearly reached. There is every sign that the fish Are Back in their old abundance thus confounding the environmentalists who had cried that the collapse of the peruvian fishing Industry was a warning for the rest of the world the world s fish catch has dwindled by 9 per cent in the last two years despite greatly increased investment in the International Fleet but almost All of the fall was due to the disappearance of the peruvian Anchovy. Peru landed about to million tons in 1970, when the Price of fish meal which is used mostly in animal feed was Only $150 a ton the Price is nearer $600 a ton now. So Peru which May now again sell 40 per cent of the world s fishmeal could get nearly As much for the 2 million tons of fish already landed As it did for its entire catch of four years ago. It now seems unlikely that the government will allow this year s catch to be expanded any further. The Anchovy Stock needs building up. Since the average Anchovy is born Breeds and Dies within less than a year this build up will be rapid. If Peru does hold Back its catch to keep prices High the soybean Farmers of americans Midwest will breathe a sigh of Relief. Soybean prices Are already Only just Over half their High Point of $10 a Bushel a year ago and America s soybean crop this year will therefore be a bit lower than last years. But today s $5.30 a Bushel for soybeans would be slashed again if a Large peruvian fish catch pushed the world s protein Supply into surplus the return of the Anchovy will provide work again for 50,000 peruvian fishermen but the local Economy is already so Strong that the extra Export earnings will be thank a a a a a Ash to thank a of the aeons a such a for such an outstanding Jamestown drug store Forestdale Plaza Jamestown n. Re our customers and physicians a lease note in Lluch p01nt-454-31h Greensboro-2 2" facials to release Reserve Grain stocks even when no emergency existed to drive Down Market prices lower food costs to Consumers and thereby win political favor. As a result they say Farmers would be discouraged from producing food supplies needed for an expanding population. On the other hand one farm organization National Farmers Union favors a food Reserve program under which Farmers could obtain extended Price support Loans and the Secretary of agriculture when a shortage threatened could buy the commodity from Farmers at a minimum 115 per cent of fair Price parity and release supplies for commercial use to meet any a urgent a spoils Man for the organization said most Farmers understand it is Good business to be reliable suppliers to their customers whether Domestic or foreign. But he added that Farmers in turn a Are entitled to Public policy measures that will protect them from the misuse of reserves As Price depressing when american agricultural scientist or. Norman Borlaug was awarded the 1970 Nobel peace prize for developing new High yielding food crop varieties he said a there can be no peace on Earth until every Man has a full the former director of the u. S. Food for peace program sen. George Mcgovern of South Dakota said in 1965 that a the most challenging crisis for the rest of this Century will be the accelerating race Between food and agriculture Secretary Earl l. Butz said u. S. Representatives will participate in the conference in Rome and will emphasize that food Aid should be an International responsibility. Butz said that while he does not believe in inter nationally owned or managed food reserves he sees a need for More adequate machinery for reporting world food supplies and mapping world food needs by areas. As for the United states the Secretary said it is time for the private Grain Trade rather than the government to handle its own inventory and maintain needed reserves. Storage capacity is available to do the Job he said and most of it has passed from Public to private ownership and much has moved onto farms. On the foreign front food Short countries were discouraged from developing their own food Security programs As Long As they could turn to the United states for their needs he said. Butz said it will be necessary for purchasing nations to buy ahead rather than live on a hand to Mouth basis. Consumers looking Back wistfully to the Low food prices of the 1960s May have forgotten they were paying billions of dollars in taxes annually to maintain huge u. S. Grain surpluses under Price support. In Butzu opinion it hardly seems Likely that Consumers would want to return to such a situation. Almost an embarrassment of riches. Few countries Are benefiting More from the International commodity j Boom than Peru. It is a a i Jor and profitable Copper producer is rapidly increase my its Oil production and is getting exceptionally High j prices for its Coffee sugar and phosphates. The government of general Juan Velasco has used its inflow of Cash to nationalize the american mining companies in Peru while paying sufficient compensation to remain on Good terms with american businessmen. The Cerro Copper company has recently been awarded $40 million in compensation for its nationalized assets a barely a fortnight s fishing. Arrest piano player Radford cum Chack More England apr police rushed to Stephen Nevill As he disturbed residents of this Buckinghamshire Village by playing his piano in the Middle of the Street. Now however residents Are up in arms at the arresting officer. They say he forced Nevill to Stop playing in the Middle of a god save the 6666 Lemon tree inns 607 South Ocean blvd. Myrtle Beach. 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