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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 26, 1972, High Point, North Carolina It High my Tutor Yelso fritter. May 26, 1972 a Harris Survey ittle is expected from Summit talks by Louis Harris although most americans Are Well aware of . Tensions Over Vietnam and the Middle East nonetheless by 52-to-38 per cent a majority believe a it is possible for the United states and Russia to come to Long term agreements which will however when asked just before the current Summit meetings in Moscow what s might come of them Only 6 per cent expected a major agreements a 51 per cent a minor agreements a and 31 per cent a none at president Nixon trip to Moscow receives a solid 4-to-l backing from the Public in this country. On May 9 and to. A Cross Section of 1,385 households was asked a fall in All. Do you favor or oppose president Nixon a Summit trip to Russia a n to in Harris Nixon Summit to Moscow May february re. Favor 72 74 oppose 18 13 not sure to 13 despite the heightened conflict Over american mining of Haiphong Harbor designed to Stop soviet shipments of supplies to North Vietnam better than 7 in to continue to favor the latest presidential journey to a communist capital. However recognition of the tensions Between the worlds superpowers was evident in this question Quot do you feel relations Between the United states and Russia Are improving getting worse or Are about the same As they have been a trend of relations improve getting about notes worse same sure it % % it May 72 28 to 57 5 feb., �?T72 39 7 48 6 june �?T71 38 4 52 6 sept. �?T70 28 7 57 8 oct. �?~68 18 14 63 5 it is evident that the conflict Over Vietnam dampened previously growing optimism Over relations Between the los and Russia with an 11-Point decline in the number who Felt relations were but the prevailing mood is still not As tense As it was during the Johnson administration Days in 1968 still the Public a expectation of major breakthroughs at the Summit talks has remained essentially cautious. People were asked a do Vou expect major agreements from president Nixon s Summit trip to Moscow minor agreements or no agreements at All a expectations major agreements minor agreements no agreements not sure from Summit May feb. It % 6 9 51 53 31 24 19 14 Center St Sou huh Hli i sat. F. Jo-11 30 my Guy a doll. Of our saturday morning Mcdonald movie party a free with a it tet from Mcdonald a or so. Prut a fun on our it Crown John Wayn a North to Alaska dial 88 5-2177 to place your and for delicious family sunday Brunch and Buffet from 11 30 to 2 30 Como to the Greensboro Ujj Albert motor inn lntorouito40 Airport Blit and o fro forking o Moil facilities for mias matting co frontal and other business gathering. For information Ano reservations Cau Tou of 454-1511 can not not do it possible sure it it it May �?T72 52 38 to feb. �?T72 55 34 la june �?T71 54 33 13 the persistent underpinning of the Public a Outlook is essentially optimistic for soviet american relations despite temporary set backs and tensions. There is Little doubt that president Nixon a policy of pursuing Summit meetings is widely supported. This was evident when people were asked to take a retrospective look at his earlier visit to China a in general do you approve or disapprove of president Nixon having gone to China to meet with the leaders of that country a total Public approve disapprove not sure 78 16 despite the difficulties strains and potential pit Falls it is obvious that the american people Lay real store by sum Mitry by their president. Implicit in these results is a sense that it is far better to seek out agreements no matter How limited Between the superpowers of East and West rather than to face confrontations in a nuclear Era. A cow Palace fish Camp located old Salisbury Hwy. 29-70 turn sight of bypass a Load Sanger truth Stop sign go appropriately 2 mile. Turn Light at sign and coma to end of the Rood. We offer steaks Gantry Nam i Chicken sunday lunch far 1.28. An kinds of seafood. Fish All Yau eau Tat 1 to. Cat Fisk 1.78. Open theirs., fri., sat. 4 001.1111 00 sunday 12 noon till 10 . A a place a want and today and charge it movie mums fir Meents ind Tohm Koele to. Bitt Ella. To ing a a r. In 1.1 in a a nit mkt Utah. To to a a a it. Tor viewing of tit f to Milf to a asks admitted a rentes cd a Ages admitted her denial guide let tuff.ti.4 some material Moy not be mutable for pre teenager "�7s7�?oio Quot a a Quot under 17 re Wetre. toe to Arquit Over. No oni Unm i i admitted x c a a. J in ii pm in Mer my Mirn Lewiw the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise la Mash jul s m a s h the cockeyed a _ Charles Bronson Jack a balance i a Mcbee War a film a a Chitons land cosi eng Richard Basehart James Whitmore Smon Tamand of Ronulfo and dirtied of m Nae Omner or Nen by a wow it mute Compo by Jerry i de a r to or a Artita Martin twin ii so a Quot May she is a fascinating of style emotion reason and intelligence that define the work of a living a Vii cot Herihy. Of a Tor met a Quot a a so is a cockeyed i masterpiece see it a Jetteh a a pm a s he is the Best american War comedy since sound came a at Hunt kit i new y Irett Mash Sally hot lips Kelter an Donald Sut Harlano Tui on Gouid fun begins today at i-3-5-7-9. Center masterpiece that was banned by the army. Praised by the critics to your Good health it is apparent that president Nixon entered the Summit negotiations in an optimum position As far As Public opinion was concerned. A big majority favored his making the trip but most did not have High expectations of a major breakthrough. Such a mood maximizes the effect of any Concrete results achieved and politically cushions diplomatic disappointments. Underlying american Public opinion is the sense that it is possible for the worlds two superpowers to work out a Lon term Way to live in peace no matter How limited the agreements which might be reached at this Summit conference. The Cross Section was asked a do you think it is possible for the . And Russia to come to a Long term agreement in the world which will work or do you feel it is not possible for that to happen a Long term agreement Cream substitutes in your Coffee by Yoorga c. Thosteson m. D. Dear or. Thosteson i enjoy using a Cream substitute in my Coffee about five cups a Day. After Reading the Long list of ingredients on the Carton i wonder How Safe this product is for daily use a mrs. D. M. Dear doctor along with others i am a victim of High cholesterol so have been using a Cream substitute but i have heard it is just As harmful As Cream. Would you Clear up this matter a Mars. A. M. The answers not the same for these two letters. Cream substitutes usually contain a vegetable Oil which in most instances is Coconut Oil. This unlike most vegetable oils is a saturated Type of fat. Thus for those with a cholesterol problem such a substitute would not be advisable any More than real Cream would be. That a the answer for mrs. A. M. Otherwise however Cream substitutes contain nothing harmful. They Are convenient tasty less expensive than Cream a but they contain about the same number of calories As Cream. Only reason for mrs. D. M. Or others without a cholesterol problem to avoid the substitutes would be on account of the calories if they have a weight problem. Such charts Are included in my Booklet a lost secrets of reducing a and i suspect that some of the other information apart from just the calorie charts will be of use to you. If you a like the Booklet Send 35 cents and a Long self addressed use zip code stamped envelope to me in care of the High Point Enterprise. The Post office people have asked me to remind readers to include their zip numbers in the self addressed envelopes. It helps them and speeds up delivery of the booklets. Dear or. Thosteson i have been bothered with a numbness in my right and hand. I awake sometimes several times at night and it is so numb it actually pains me. Also if i am writing driving the car or doing any activity that requires my hand to be in one position this occurs. It does not happen All the time but some Days it is almost constant. I am 50. What could cause this condition a. C. Saying what could cause your trouble and what is causing it Are not the same thing. But one possibility if the trouble is confined mostly to the hand is a condition called Corpal Tunnel syndrome resulting from pressure on nerves where they pass through the wrist. Another possibility is pressure on nerves much farther up a in the neck in fact where the nerves emanate from the spine. Arthritis of the spine injury or some defect in the spine Are possible causes of this. Better Check with your doctor to find out which is doing the mischief a or perhaps with an Ortho Peist. Knowing what a a could cause the pain is a far cry from finding out what actually is causing it and then getting it treated. Dear or. Thosteson would you comment on a Mother forcing her baby to be right handed when the baby is naturally left handed a my. B. It can cause clumsiness resentment and sometimes far too much nervous tension for a child. But people still do it. I wonder whey they never Stop to think How they a react if somebody made them use the a wrong hand for everything. To learn the major categories of prostate trouble a symptoms treatment How to Speed recovery a write to or. Thosteson in care of this newspaper for his Booklet a the Pesky prostate a enclosing 25 cents in Coin and a Long self addressed use zip code stamped envelope to cover Cost of printing and handling. Or. Thosteson welcomes All Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers questions Are incorporated in his column whenever possible. Dear or. Thosteson i want to take off to pounds and would like to know where i can get a calorie Chart. Do you have one a cd. be theatres a / win 171-11,. Liza Minelli in Mem cabaret ipg jaws i 7 is 9 20-11 25 pm ii he Koovit Chark Chahin i a City lights Al today 7.15 8 45-1015-11 45 jaws 2 a Oman him Quot Sun Stanley Kubrick so Quot i clockwork Orange Al Janus Iii 7 00-9 30-11 50 Janus in 1 00 a to 30 Pepsi kiddie show sat. 10 . Admission is and 3 Pepsi Caps or 25c without Pepsi copt Quot tin four clowns Quot g Pera Coia in Appl Proton s George Harrison and friends in the concert for Bangladesh now you can skill Ani he a it. As la you Wmk to Ikka i la Eik Upton Boi Oyun co if Harrison Huy Preston Ifon Russell a Ravi Shankar Ringo Starr Klaus Voorman Bash Nair of to Ham Tom Ivans Joly Moi Lano now showing cheeseburger double cheeseburger big Shef. Super Shef 1912 s. Man just off 1-85 cheese lovers relax. By popular demand Burger chef announces the cheese on any hamburger you order special. Want cheese on your Quarter Pound of lean beef super Shef you be got it. The same goes for our big Shef our double cheeseburger and our popular regular cheeseburger. About the Only food you can t get cheese on Ore Burger chef French Fries and thick shakes. But that s because they go so Well with our cheese specials. We always treat Burger Young c 883-6710 family restaurant s the it outdoor run in area do you dare to enter Barnabas Collins Vampire takes a Bride in a bizarre act of unnatural love. -3 horrific hits in color starts Tonitte at. A a a j drive in theatre a open at 8 pm cartoon at 8 50 a adults Only 4.25 a Iii under 12 admitted absolutely free a Al 3 rated a uht a Grade a a Quot Concession june 2nd.�?obilly Jack Quot is Bock come see How . Metro Goldwyn Mayer presents a Dan Curtis production starring Jonathan Frid also stirring Grayson Hall and Joan Bennett j 21 up Metr Ocolo a it plus at 12 20 see them All on one great show Tonitte this House of strange girls strange loves and even stranger / evils. No. 7 hit of 10 50 a up go Luli Palmer in color Holm a knit Jud another night of my its drive in movie time and the hits will be at the Midway next Wilt Disney s Quot the aristocrats Quot Tun Otho spend Ike night with Dyen Cannon in Quot Thi love machine Quot Quot doctor s wives Quot Quot to Caro. I ted Alice Quot Ond Quot the Andersch tapes soon Quot song of the South Quot Quot Utu big Man Quot / k

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