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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 26, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 14a High Point enter Presa Friday May 26, lf72 forgotten minority the gifted i schools often act too slowly in helping these children fallowing it the fourth of ii it Art Dot on neglected minority our gift of children. By or. Willard Abraham won tons nows Sonvico a it is immoral to squander a child s time on what he already so concluded Elizabeth Drews one of the major researchers in the Field of gifted children. And these children frequently already do know what the other kids Are strolling to learn. A How about a Ting me do binary arithmetic instead of the times tables. Miss Jones a the plea too often is ignored another expert in the Field wrote a a there is nothing so unequal As the equal treatment of a a equal mean a the same a and yet that s exactly How it works out in Many classrooms. We sometimes defend giving All children in the class the same thing to do at the same time. Maybe its easier to teach that Way but How about learning and the need for not Boring the daylights out of our brighter youngsters who Are ready eager indeed clamouring to move ahead Cleveland Early in the 1920�?Ts the major work classes started in Cleveland Ohio putting the fast ones in separate classes so they could Progress closer to their own rate. In the intervening years there have been objections to practices of that Type based on a creating an elite a being a undemocratic a or promoting Henry Goddard one of the first writers in this Field once asked a which makes a child More snobbish being the Only Bright one in a group of slower children or being with a whole class of gifted ones a he strongly supported the latter Point of View. He could have raised another question Why do some people oppose intellectual separation but raise n o protest against special tutoring for the football team or special teaching in the areas of Art music and other skill Fields it seems to be Only in the Case of academic High achievers that we resent recognition particular e n mrs. Barkley is elected by Junior league group Boca Raton. Fla. Mrs. Rufus c. Barkley or. Of Charleston South Carolina was elected to a two year term As president of the association of Junior leagues inc., during the closing session of the association s 5 01 h annual conference. She is the former Nella Elizabeth Gray of Charlottesville. A. She succeeds mrs. William h. Osier of Harrisburg a. Immediate past first Vic president mrs. Barkley now becomes president of the 19-member Board of directors of the association the advisory and consulting organization for 222 Junior leagues throughout the United states Canada and Mexico with More than 106.000 members. The purpose of the Junior leagues is to train Young women for Volunteer service and to provide the Community with experienced educated citizens capable of leadership and committed to a tradition of helping others. Mrs. Barkley is a past director of Region Xiii and a past president and corresponding Secretary of the Junior league of Charleston . She has also been chairman of the regional meeting information services remedial Reading and recreation horizon House education and placement committees. Her other committee memberships have included Thrift shop admissions arts nominating and Public relations. During the past year mrs. Barkley was chairman of the Public relations committee of the association. Mrs. Barkley serves on the Board of directors of United Community services of Charleston and on the Board of advisers for the crusade for a cleaner environment. She was previously president and a member of the Board of St. Philips episcopal Church women a member of the . Advisory committee and Section chairman of the United fund drive. Mrs. Barkley graduated from Sweet Briar College which she now serves in the capacity of key Alumna. Previous schools included the Warrenton country school Warrenton va., and of. Cour gement or an individualized approach. Sputnik after the russians sent up their first sputnik in the late 1950s we temporarily lost our squeamishness about challenging the gifted. A surge of interest in the area erupted but it was rather selective. The emphasis was on science and math because after All we let a those people pull ahead of us. Such efforts have levelled off and its a rare school District that now has a Well planned program for scientifically oriented children. Now its time to get Back on the right track but not just for budding astrophysicists and biochemists. All special talents need recognition and support. Numerous approaches Are available and the Beauty of them is that i they work and 2 they Are not expensive. Lets look briefly at some of them in addition to the separate classes already cited. Each obviously could be discussed in far greater detail. The non graded school. Here Grade Levels As Well As restrictive courses of study and textbooks Are removed. It can take us a Little closer to the flexibility of the one room school where children could Fly ahead or plod along depending on their capabilities and personalities. Special groupings. Do the youngsters have special interests a in producing plays proving science experiments studying the Community researching past presidential elections creating replicas of victorian furniture the list of children a interests and skills is endless a except in the classroom of the teacher who decided before the school year even began exactly what they would study team teaching. This arrangement too often feared by the less secure teachers can provide teacher strengths to match those of the youngsters. It permits specialization on the part of both teacher and student. P r Ogra med instruction. Well validated published programs encourage children to skip along at their own Speed and let them know How Well they Are doing every step of the Way. Newer developments in the whole fascinating Field of instructional technology computer assisted instruction videotapes 8 my single concept Cartridge films and Many others have provided learning excitement on a limited scale so far but it s Only the beginning. Acceleration. This word is often misunderstood. It can refer to moving along at a fast clip in the regular classroom but it also can mean a a skipping grades a school device used when Many of us were kids. In his research l. M. Terman recommended a year or two of a a skipping for selected children but Only if psychological and physical factors were considered in addition to the academic ones. Enrichment. The term really relates to each of the Good care is first step against disease and damage of lawns mrs. Barkley Vernon Seminary Washington do. The Barkley have three children Rufus 15 Miles 13 and Nella 9. Mrs. Jacob h. Froelich or. Of High Point is area director for area 3 which is composed of leagues in North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida and Tennessee. Nowhere to put the trash efforts to clean up North Carolina Are being hampered by a Lack of places to put trash junk and garbage reports Dan holler coordinator of the governors committee on beautification. Holler said the need for More waste disposal facilities is clearly indicated by a clean the month Long drive now underway to tidy up the environment. A the problem May Range from a school without enough trash receptacles to a county without a place for citizens to dispose of old refrigerators a holler continued. A a group of citizens in one county wanted the sheriff to arrest More people for littering. But when t h e problem was fully aired it was discovered that Rural residents in the county had no place to put their trash. Holler urged people with an interest in beautification to help publicize the need for better waste disposal facilities. A county commissioners will usually support expenditures for sanitary landfills and other Means of handling wastes if they know that the Public will support them. So one key to a cleaner environment is informed Public holler who maintains an office at n. C. State University called a clean sweep one of the biggest statewide efforts of the governors b e a unification committee. Chairman of the clean sweep drive is Neil Bolton of win Stor Salem. Lawn grasses like most other plants Are often severely damaged by diseases. Now is the season of the year when these problems will begin to be most noticeable. A Beautiful Green Lawn can become blighted and unsightly almost overnight when hit by some of the common diseases. In some cases it May be ruined. North Carolina state University horticultural specialists identify some of the most common problems As seedling blights and damping off diseases. Late Spring and Early summer seedlings Are most susceptible. Seedlings Are stunted turn yellow and often die leaving irregularly shaped dead patches in the Lawn. Surviving plants Are weakened and stands Are depleted. Control suggestions include the use of High Quality seed treated with an approved fungicide. Done to Over water especially on heavy soils. Seed at the proper time fall seeding for fescue Bluegrass and Rye grass Spring seeding for Ber mud grass Centipede and carpet grass. Another common Lawn grass problem is Brown Patch. This probably is the most dominant and most destructive disease of established lawns in the state. Fescue and Bluegrass Are most susceptible. Another of the fungus diseases Brown Patch is favored by hot wet weather. It appears As irregular Brown patches. At first the grass appears water soaked. Soon it turns dark and leaves Wilt then turn Brown. The Best control is Good management of the Lawn. This includes avoiding applying too much nitrogen fertilizer and Over stimulating growth. Mow frequently when there is at least one Inch above the Normal cutting height. This prevents matting of foliage and permits better Light penetration and aeration. Rake and remove clippings if there Are heavy accumulations. Attention brides for sunday publication pictures of brides and brides elect must be in the office of the woman a department of the Enterprise by noon on monday. A Black and White Glossy print at least 5 by 7 inches is preferred. Blanks for wedding and engagement information Are available in the woman a department of the Enterprise. Blanks will be sent Only if a stamped self addressed return envelope is included. A full Calendar month is required Between the Date of the engagement announcement and the Date of the wedding if both pictures Are to be used. No picture can be used with a wedding Story after two weeks. The Enterprise no longer publishes pictures of bridal showers. Party stories Are used if they Are in the office before the three Day deadline. Under no circumstances will a party Story be used after four do _ Williams Flowers a Quality Flowers a professional service 7017 English re. ? in ii 4iti the official class ring designed ten or twelve years ago does net fit today s student preference. Buy your class ring in the modern manner. At. 221 s. Eim in Greensboro a High Points House of fashion the Bare minimums. With plenty of suntanning ability that s what we Call these swim things. These from a great collection styled by in Beach party and High tide in sizes 5 to 15. Priced from 14. To 20. 13 2 recommendations already cited. But its singled out for special mention mainly because it is too often misused. A youngster does five problems fast so we give him five More to kill time. Hardly an enrichment procedure it is the Quality of education a not Mere Quantity a that must expand to meet the child a potential. The list of additional practices used in isolated school settings is much longer. It includes flexible school entry Why use Only the child Sage and forget More important factors like achievement. Potential physical and emotional maturity advanced placement and Early College entry must All children have 12 years of formal schooling before they Start College work individual projects the excitement of discovery in a unique situation is probably still the greatest motivated of learning human resources a great place to utilize capable retired people who often have the Talent time and enthusiasm for working with individual and Small groups of youngsters if they Are Only invited to do so special schools among the most controversial ideas but Worth consideration in our larger cities and subject matter developments capitalizing on what a new in All major parts of the curriculum in both Content and methods. Any teacher or Parent who is still satisfied to have Bright kids shuffle along without enthusiasm or Challenge May not be aware that there Are alternatives. They require flexibility and creativity two commodities not always abundantly available in every classroom and Home. Thousands of teachers and parents do have them of course and their fortunate children demonstrate a brightened eagerness to learn. But what about the rest next other action areas june Beauty cia.? forming artistic Beauty College 327 s. Main St Tri. 882-mis Sandds and ends outlet store Kennedy Hill Between High Point and Thomasville hours to to 5 30 closed tuesday special Friday May 26 amp saturday May 27 everything in our store to off Reg. Price Point Supply inc. 1232 n. Main St. Tel. 883-2222 drive in window e easy free parking a Avalanche it a valve Bell amp Howell 965q sube cobe projector a electronic focusing a Romonto control slide changing a preview station with Slid ejector a f/3.5 Lens with Elevation dial a uses compact 40-slide Cartridge e Forward recall i my anniversary Especial a a a a a a i by j999�sale hallmark cards and party goods / 2 Price to a i

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