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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 25, 1972, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise thursday May 25, 1972 111 Taipei keeps up a Ith peking in stuffing its visitors by Cindy Adams women s news service Taipei Taiwan was i linked into Taiwan the Republic of China a Sylph like size six. Seven Days later i waddled out of Taiwan a puffy size eight. I have been told that from the rear certain of my movable parts now overhang into a size ten. The problem is that the chinese Center their social life around the dining table. And. Unfortunately China is not Large with cottage cheese Yogurt or dietetic cookies. Take for instance the other Day. I was invited for what my Host labelled a an informal modest Little Humble it just so happens that i do not eat breakfast so the first morsel to hit my twitching intestines was shark Fin soup. This was followed by a giant portion of steamed Duck. Now whether the average person opts for Farina in the morning or maybe French Toast or maybe even poached eggs i done to know. I do know that no matter what the average persons food tastes Are. Nobody is attuned to starting his Day on hunks of boiled shark liberally laced with wine. After that there was this garlic Laden Duck treading water in a Brown Oyster sauce and garnished with Fried onions. Mind you it was delicious. But at High noon followed by fifteen More courses followed by one steaming hot dessert one ice cold dessert cake and fruit a All of which you must eat or you re considered rude. At chinese banquets the Standard is the same whether its Taiwan Hong Kong or downtown peking. The Norm is to raise your Glass High every few minutes and a Ching Ching everybody. This Means it is your duty As a grate us guest to Toast the Host the other guests yourself the next course coming up the last course going Down the restaurant the waiters the chefs the other diners friends who make it the Mother in Law you left behind a anybody and anything. By longstanding tradition the last course before the procession of desserts is always some variety of fish. When you spy the fish Complete with head and staring eyes it automatically signifies the end of the meal. Protocol dictates that if you Are the honoured guest and if you have any class at All you will Toast the Host with both hands and make your farewells before the fish makes its Entrance. Not everybody leaves a Only the vips. Their exit before the final course is to signify that the amount of food was ample and the selections sufficiently pleasing to make them totally satisfied and in no need of eating further. Exactly Why their Good manners Means they must be denied dessert. I dont quite understand. But if they stay for the fish it Means at least a couple More courses for everyone. The method of service is chopsticks but not the narrow tapered Bamboo ones which Are used in Japan and easily manipulated. Chinese Sticks Are thick and made of Slippery Ivory or Silver. Silver is a throwback to the Manchu Days because the presence of Poison was easily detected on Silver chopsticks. The chemicals turned them eaters the average family of four eats 2 i tons of food a year. J of this nearly three fourths of j a ton Are Dairy products. About half a ton is meat j poultry and fish another half 1 ton fruits and vegetables. The rest is made up of miscellaneous food items. If you clean your plate because you re polite your Host refills it because he a polite. You say a Sheh Sheho a thank you and you finish it and he refills it. So if you arrive in China a stunning size six one week later you la Waddle out of there a heaving size ten. June Beauty Clame. Forming artistic Beauty College .127 n. 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Come save now Chilton 30-cup Coffee urn fully automatic detachable Cord. Signal Light How pedal pries come save 3.99 Proctor 4-slice family toaster select Ronio color control for perfect Toast i our rag. 14.99 a a it j y the discount department store High Point 2200 Westchester or. At w. Burton just off English Road 5 open monday thru saturday 10 am to 10 pm

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