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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 24, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Wednesday May 21, 1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family aquatic reptile horizontal i pictured reptile or Alligator. 9 it is found chiefly in fresh -. 13 Fertile desert spot. 34 school of a University. 15 to scratch. 16 to straighten up. I Quot to rub out. Ii9 South America. To nude. By strip of steel in tube making. 82 Compass Point. 83 covered trucks. 24 bundle. Is electric unit. 87 Hodgepodge. 88 sundry. 89 loggers Boot. 30 disturbances. A of peace. Answer to previous Puzzle 32 to manufacture. 33 Star. 34 spectators. 35 amusement. 36 born. 37 owls cry. 39 myself. 40 Grain. 42 female sheep. 43 thing. 44 definite article. 46 half of pm. 47 Plant. 48 pilaster. 49 potato Masher. 51 its eggs Are Laid in 52 its eggs arc by the Sun. Vertical 1 heart. 2 to elevate. 3 Bones. 4 citizen. 5 Ridge. 6 cake decorators. 7 learning. 8 Deer. 9 done once a week. 10 to concede. 11 wild Duck. 12 to repent. 16 skillets. 18 Blade of grass. 20 double Bass. 21 mentally sound. 22 it has Teeth. 23 interdiction. 24 a gratuity. 26 it has Horny 27 pigmented spot on skin. 28 blemish. 29 brooch. 31 sluggishness. 32 myself. 33 Mongrel. 35 enemy. 38 to have. 39 affray. 41 flock. 43 wealthy. 45 female fowl. 47 twitching. 48 postscript. 49 right. 50 Road. A a a. a a a a Rosss serial Story Date with danger by Helen Worden copyright. I 9s, Nea service. Inc. A Rrt or. A a a Uncle rays Corner a flying machines in War to ii a i i7 in 14 Harrison i hoi Lywood ast of characters Mary Khan Kline society he Hor. Dish >1.autin a suave night Janick Freni he society Deb. Him so lit la a a Playboy. Yesterday a loin Shirley fall for Duke Marlin. Cleverly he invites Clem and Lack to see the town with him. Chapter Xiii for the third time site he had begun to dress Jack Burton lost his Collar Button. This was typical of his Day. Go lug to bed at four and getting up at nine did no to make sense especially if you a played Camel the night before and thought scotch was water. Figuratively speaking Collar buttons had been rolling away from him Ever since head struggled off to Church that morning with his father and Mother. The Henry burdens belonged to a conservative old new a Ork crowd which achieved simple lives in spite of great wealth. They still lived on Murray Hill and still attended the neighbourhood episcopal Church where Jack was an usher. Mrs. Burden insisted that he go with her each sunday. It was the one thing she asked of him. This morning she had knocked at his door at nine. A bes ready at half past ten. Sonny. Your father is coming with us he dodged the scrutiny of her Cool Grey eyes by ducking into his bathroom. A glad to have come along boy a his father had said As they climbed into the car. A what time did you get Home last night a Jack grinned. A morning you mean. Four mrs. Burden said nothing. A have you Ever been to the Dove Mother or. Burden caught his son s glance and laughed. A your Mother does no to even know what a night club is Jack. She probably thinks the Dove is a place where Bird fanciers the boys handsome sensitive face darkened. A not a had definition. That Guy Martin is a Bird connoisseur. He likes them Young. He picks on the Janice a it was very sad about that poor child Quot mrs. Burden spoke in uneasy tones. A i can to understand Why she should want to kill herself. Her Mother has served on a great Many committees with me. Or. French has real executive a nerve id Call it a or. Burden put in. A a let stalk about something More pleasant. What pretty girl did you Squire last night Jack a Quot Clem a things Are rather serious Between you two Arentt they a a yes dad. Of Clem will have me Iti marry his Mother rested her hand in his. A a she a a charming girl dear i thoroughly approve. But Why do you two have to go to those terrible clubs for amusement a a Jack wondered How head got through the Day. He d skipped two aisles when he passed the plate and head been out of step with the other Ushers when he marched up to the altar. At luncheon he d fallen asleep while a client of his father was discussing the Legal Point of a Case and now he was reduced to chasing Collar buttons. He wondered if Clem Felt woozy. Lie d Call and find out. Maybe she did t want to go to the concert this evening after All. But just As he reached for the receiver the phone rang. Quot hello yes. This is Jack he said As a husky voice inquired for him. A who a Duke Martin a his tone cooled slightly then became a Little incredulous. A miss Shirley is at the Dove and wants me to join her there i done to understand of. You re going to show us the town tonight a he paused. Quot of course ill go any place miss Shirley wants to but Why does no to she ask me herself a there was Frank suspicion in his voice now. A fall right Iti hold the Long silence then. A a is this you Clem Darling what Stile big idea certainly Iti come if you want my it a. Already dark when Jack Burden sauntered into the Dove. Quot what about a scotch and soda a he asked As he joined Clem and the Duke in the tap room. A i want to Start this evening Clem gave him a Gay smile. A Titi have one with you. In be just been sipping a a make it three a the Duke called to the bartender. He pulled out a chair for Jack. A glad you could Rome then turning to the bartender again a Send Pasquale Down. Well order dinner Here and have it served in my a your apartment a questioned Clem. A a is i keep one in this joint for the nights i done to feel like going Back to the a Janice French kept a separate apartment did no to she a Clemys tones were casual. She was plainly making conversation. A i have one too but its in my own Tourte. Daddy gave it to me. Judging from Mary Franklin a Story Janice a father and Mother did no to know about she smiled brightly at Martin. A but you re really not concealing anything. Are you a a How would i be concealing anything if i invited my friends to see it a a a half an hour later Clem and Jack were enjoying a special dinner in the quiet of Martins quarters on the top floor of the t Ove. Jack was surprised to see How Martin lived. When Bill Condon. I the Valet had ushered them into the room he stared with Frank amazement at its splendor. Martin. As much As he mistrusted him appealed to his Senee of adventure. The mysterious owner of the Dove represented something new. It flattered him to be introduced to a Retreat of a Man with a dark rust who might be one of the old buccaneers reincarnated. A is there any More to this Sybaris in luxury a he inquired later a they All sipped their after dinner cordials in front of an open fire. Quot you mean have i any More rooms up Here a Martin reached for a �1gar. A yes. There is the game room where i sometimes invite the boys in for poker. My private gym where i come for a work out after a hangover and the glassed in sleeping porch on the Hack. Rut ill show you All that another he a. Looking however. Not at Jack but at Clem. As he talked. A new. I guess ifs about time to get he glanced at his watch. Quot half past ten. Where would you like to go first. Chin i eels hop joint or May Days new apartment a he smiled. A a that in the neighbourhood. She a just moved up to Park Clem stared at Jack. Quot id rather go to Chin Leeds. Somehow it does no to sound quite so Jack grinned. The drinks and dinner had revived him. A you will go slumming will you better be prepare for anything even at a Leeds. Come on in a it a. After eleven when Martin s Black car rolled up to the curb at the bowery and hovers Street. Quot we a a walk the rest of the he said As he and Jack helped Clem out then. Turning to Condon who was acting As chauffeur. A you wait Here. If we re not bark by twelve Start Hunting for to of Contini cd lessons n English the family doctor Mary Healy forgotten for year jut now gets break in Henie film minus Southern accent new Orleans Belle sings two Berlin numbers by Tah. Harrison Nea service staff correspondent Hollywood. May 2 4 a Irving Berlin thinks her voice is the est he a heard in a Long Long Ime and Darryl Zanuck thinks he a pretty and talented enough o carry the singing second Lead o Sonja Henien a Quot second the girl is Mary Healy and she list seems to have dawned on the oth Fox people after being under lock contract for a year. It was a discouraging year and award the end of it she wanted a go Hack to new Orleans. Miss Lealy had a walk on bit in a a Suez s a lady in waiting one Day s Rork in a Tail spin Quot and one be to speak in Quot up the she raid Quot thank you very much Warden ifs been a and for that a theatre Down Home billed it on the marquee no Quot new Orleans own Mary she had a Tong in Quot Rose of Washington Square Quot but the umber ran too Long and has Een Cut out. Then she got a sat for Quot second technic ians and Hardre Avera b the Doz is rallied around to make it a Access. Sound men coached her about Laking the most of her voice and Lect Ulciana did everything they new to Light her to Best Adan age. And the whole studio cheered when she got the part. I form Fly a fatty Mary Healy is about 20, with Brown Eyer Tawny hair and a dash of freckles. Still plumper than the average Slat figured actress. She says she used to be a Little fatty when she was warbling with dance orchestras in Texas and Louisiana. Mary went to parochial schools in new Orleans and in 1935 won the title of a miss new Orleans Quot in a Beauty contest. After that came some Little theater work and an engagement As vocalist with a band Quot but i did no to go for that sort of life a she told me a so i thought id try being a business Gal. I got a Job As Secretary in the 2<>th-Fox film Exchange in new to hear the studio Tell it miss Healy never gave a thought to an acting Job. Fact is though that she was As movie struck As anyone and she saw her first Opportunity one morning when she opened a letter saying that a Talent scout was Cornin to town Aud that he should he entertained by e. V. Land abbe the Branch manager and miss Healy Boss. It Allm St Ilal lined Landaiche told his Secretary not to bother the Talent scout and she did no to. But she knew he d be in the Blue room of the hotel by a. Is. Gordon words often misused do not say a i never saw him say. A i did not see him often mispronounced horrid. Pronounce the o As in of not As in or often misspelled opulence one p. Opponent two p e. Synonyms Warden watchman guardian gatekeeper custodian. Word study a use a word three times and it is let us in tease our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today sword remoteness distance seclusion. A the remoteness of this lonely country was cranium crackers facts about eyes How to train and care for them Side glances a Why ifs aunt Emma and she complained that my dress showed too much Back Aud shoulders a careful on this How much Concrete will there be in a Square shaped Hole drilled in a foundation to a depth of seven inches each Side of the Hole measures three inches. Roosevelt that night Aud she a just happened to have a Date to go dancing there. Also she a just happened to have a table right near the one reserved for the Hollywood Man and Landaiche. She went very Southern Belles White net dress and a Magnolia in her hair. It worked out Fine. She met the scout and he was surprised and interested to learn that they were working for the same company. He stopped looking at other girls in the room and asked her to have supper. Over it her last Good meal a they arranged for a screen test. It won her an Ordinary Stock contract at $50 a week and with six month options. Lost one Soi i la Fri accent scarcely anybody believes miss Healy is from new Orleans because she has Little Trace of accent except for saying a the aha and but not having it was a Lucky thing for All the studios still avoid Southern accents and carefully suppress them with training. Miss Healy also knows she a fortunate in getting a Chance to sing because Hollywood Seldom allows a newcomer to do Eliut he can do Best. Best Luck of All of course is that Shell introduce two Brand new Irving Berlin numbers. The assignment to Quot second fiddle Quot Wasny to merely a mutter of Luck either. When miss Healy heard that a Singer was going to be chosen for the Sonja Menie picture she began taking skating lessons. She was pretty Good at it by the time the role was to be cast. Good enough anyway to replace Shirley Ross who had been mentioned for the part but who can to skate very Well. When she became Queen Marie Antoinette incurred the Wrath of the French people because she refused to let them Wath her eat. Frenchmen believed this pleasure was their inalienable right As they Long had enjoyed the custom of watching the King and Royal fun Milf Ami to Kitt of meals. By or. Morris Fishbein Fri in journal of the american Milit Al association and of my Gaia the health Magazine we depend so much on our a eyes that we ought to give ourselves every Benefit that we can in relation to their education. Their Hygiene and their control Here Are some interesting facts i a bout development of the Eye from birth. The Eye of the Newborn child is about 70 per cent of the size of the Eye of the person fully grown it is a Shorter Eye than the Eye of an adult and the Lenc of the Eye of the Newborn child is a sphere or circular Globe. During the first few years of life the Eye grows rapidly Aud Roaches adult size at about the age of 8 or 9 yeas s. The Lens of the Eye continues to grow throughout life. The Pupil of the Eye is Small at birth and remains Small until about the end of the first year. During childhood and up to Tho age of youth the Pupil of the Eye develops its maximum size. Then it gradually becomes smaller so that in older people the Pupil is often quite Small. The size of the Pupil depends to a Large extent on the adaptation of the Retina of the Eye to Light. The Retina is the nerve tissue at the Back of the Eye by which we Are Able to see. Of a great Deal of Light suddenly pours into the Eye the Pupil will become Slimmer by contracting. Gradually the Retina will adapt itself to the increased illumination. Then the Pupil will again enlarge to approximately its Normal size. There Are however Many different factors which May modify the size of the Pupil from time to time. The Iris of the Eye is the coloured portion. People of dark races have a Darker color in the Iris than those of the Blond races. Most children Are born with a Blue Iris the color being due to the appearance of the color layer at the Back of the Iris the color changes during the first years of j life As the material becomes thicker. Then the Eye May gradually i become Brown or even Darker of j there is a Lack of pigment in the Eye it has a strange pinkish color sue has is seen in albinos. As the child grows the Eye be-1 comes longer. The Retina is j farther Back and the Lens of come flatted this occur mostly Between the Ages of b Aud 16. Of the rays of Light which enter the Eye focus Short of the Retina the child is near sighted of. For example the Eye of the child focuses normally at the time of birth it is sure to become nearsighted As the Eye becomes longer. The Lens in children is quite flexible but As people grow older this flexibility tends to decrease. It is apparent therefore that parents should have the eyes of children tested regularly to make certain that they Are getting the Best vision possible with the Type of eyes that they have a the time they ure Boin. A children must also be taught to use their eyes correctly. This involves co ordination of nerves and Muscles and of the bran which can be improved with proper training. As the child grown older it develops what the specialists Call a binocular vision a that is to say it uses both eyes in seeing. Sooner or later one Eye becomes More important than the other and we tend to rely More on one Eye than on the other. As or. Aat. 8, Knighton has said. A one of the two assumes the role of the master this minute his air planes air planes were far More important than zeppelins in the world War. They could travel faster and were not such Large targets. Hundreds of planes were used by both sides for bombing and for fighting Battles in the air. The first two years of the War were famed for a knights of the aviators took part in single combats with the enemy. Of a Pilot shot Down five or More enemy planes he was classed As an some aviators destroyed dozens of planes. A German named Richthofen had the highest record. He was Given credit for 80 victories. Close behind him was Fonck a Frenchman with 75 victories also Bishop a British flyer with 72 victories. Another Frenchman Guy Meyer won in 53 air duels hut was himself brought to the ground eight times since he escaped with his life the first seven times he was Given the name of a miraculous the eighth time he was brought Down he met his end. Some single combats took place in later years of the War. But by that time it was Clear that the safest Way to Larry on air Battles was in company. One plane against three or four was nearly sure to lose. In 1916 there were fewer pilots who would make a Long trip with out at least one or two air planes alongside. Later the planes went out in groups of at least five Olio. Near the end of the War there were air plane fleets of 50 or 60 members. In the first year of the world War aviators carried riffles revolvers and hand grenades even shotguns. They did not however have machine guns in their planes. In the Sumer of 1915, both sides began to mount machine guns in air planes. At first these were fired toward the rear Ana a plane had to go ahead of the enemy to be Able to strike. At right Guy Meyer French aviator who brought Down a3 enemy air planes Iii world War. A Freer i general is shaking hands with him. Soon the British made War air planes with the propeller behind the a a Pusher Type of plane and in these the machine guns could he fired in a Forward direction. At about the same time the germans brought out their Fokker monoplane in these the propellers w Ere in front but the machine guns w worked so the bullets went past the propeller without att King the Blade. First one Side then the other won greater Power in the air during the world War. In the last year the Sopworth Camel the Bristol fighter and the Spud types of planes gave the British and the French the upper hand in this Field for general interest Section of your scrapbook of you we ant a free copy of the illustrated leaflet a True adverts stories a Send me a 3c stamped. Return envelope in care of this newspaper. Uncle Ray. Tomorrow air planes in recent wars. By Howard Mirrle the words you Are about of look at in the spilt seconds that they hit your eyes form s new kind of reporting this will take sixty seconds to read Utilie my Are Reading these fact the event they describe Are actually taking place. What happens in one minute on Earth. A world is in mailed. Destiny unfolds itself Modem etiquette look and learn by Roberta Lek q. When you have a Friend who has faults you would like to Correct what would be the Best thing to do a. Overlook these faults and concentrate on the qualities lie possesses that has made him your Friend. Perhaps you have a fault that this Friend is generous enough to ignore. Q. Is it Good taste for a girl to Wear Many conspicuous jewels to a dance a. It is poor taste unless the dance ii an elaborate affair and even then it is conspicuous. Q. Who should pay for the bouquet of the maid of Honor at a wedding a. The brides family should pay for this. The United states consumes 20 Lier cent of the manganese 4 5 per cent of the tin and 50 per cent of the Nickel produced in the world annually in a steel Mill a pulpit is the platform from which the roller in charge of a rolling Mill controls i ii ill a i inn by a. C. Gordon 1. What Metal is the Best conductor of electricity 2. In what foreign capital did Benjamin Franklin achieve an amazing personal popularity 3. How Many printers cum Are there in one Inch 4. What is a Pagoda 5. Where Are the thousand islands located answers 1. Pure Silver. 2. Paris. 3. Six. 4. A Tow Urlike storied Struc Ture usually a Temple or a me mortal of the kind frequent in India China and Japan. 5. In the j3t. Lawrence River. One Type of British Gas meter contains a pair of leather Bellows. Only the hide of the East Indian sheep is used for these Bellows and Only ooh in every s,uu0 of these is sufficiently perfect. Start Reading in the sixty second now passing erosion on american farms is removing six Hundred and fifty tons of Plant food material americans have trouble be ing straight. So much of it in fact that they spend ninety five dollars each minute of Day and night on optical goods. Keeping american lovelies Beautiful is very expensive. Twelve dollars Worth of lipstick is manufactured in the United state every minute of the every hour. Preim redness note thirteen dollars a minute is being spent by the la. S. For citizens military training two Hundred and fifty pounds of Pear Are grown in the Argentine every minute. Iii one minute. Canada produces 7500 pounds of turnips in a minute the world produces 7500 dollars Worth of metals. The railroads Are Iii trouble a even in Belgium where the deficit is mounting at a Speed of fifteen dollars a minute. While you were Reading this Collun. Fiance did Over 1500 francs Worth of business in precious stones. Sto i heading. Distributed by esquires features inc., reproduction strictly prohibited. A Mckenney on Bridge expert defensive play required to set this Bridge olympic contract by we. E. Mckenney Secretary american contract Bridge league englishmen spend about Sloup too too a year Oil pleasure. Copyright. 1839. Esquir features. Inc How can i ? my Anne Ashley q. How can i launder a washable silk Waist a. Use soap and lukewarm water and rinse As usual. Wring As dry As possible and put it into a pint of lukewarm water in which has been dissolved a tablespoonful of gum arabic. Wring again and fold in a dry cloth for an hour before ironing. Q. How can i make a shoe cleaner for Muddy shoes a. Nall a Large scrubbing Brush upside Down to the Hack porch step and it will prove to lie a great convenience for cleaning Muddy shoes q. How can i prevent the in de crust of a pie from becoming soft and oggy when baking a. If the pan is warmed before the under crust is put into it. The crust will not be this i hand no. 3 of this years world Bridge olympic contest conducted annually by the american contract Bridge league thousands of players play the olympic hands selected by the master players. Each hand involves a definite principle in bidding or play. 1. How should the bidding proceed 2. If the contract is three no Trump by North what opening Lead should East make 3. What defensive play on trick one must be made by West to defeat the contract 4. If South plays the contract at three no Trump and West opens diamonds should the hand be de treated solution to a la lir 1. North should open the bidding with one club and South should respond with one heart at this Point the bidding May vary. Some player with North s holding will respond with two clubs while others will old two no Trump. If North bids two clubs. South will bid two no Trump and North three no Trump of North bids two no Trump South will old two no Trump. 2. With either the North or a k 4 v k6 faqs a k 10 7 6 5 2 a q 6 5 3 a a 8 7 2 n v q87 v 9 4 3 2 a 10 53 2 v i a k 9 Aas s a j 8 4 a j 10 9 v a j 10 5 a j 874 a q 3 South dealer a and w. Vul 24 South hand playing the contract at three no Trump a Spade should be opened. East should Lead the Decue of Spades 3. West must refuse to play the Queen of Spades on the first trick but must play the six spot instead. Now the defenders Are sure of three Spade tricks and two club tricks which will defeat the contract. 4. Yes. As soon As East gains the Lead with the King of diamonds he should shift to a Spade Aud the same defense outlined above will defeat the contract. Flapper Fanny by Sylvia Coes. 11 sync a evict. Mic t m Rte. U. J Pat. Opp a a no thanks a a la just take a Candy har. To on the Wagon

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