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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 23, 1974, High Point, North Carolina 4c High Point Enterprise thursday May 23, 1974fishing is the game at Thomasville Back at the boat Dock after a Day afloat Long pier provides action and some try their Luck fishing from the Bank so prof of by so Quot by a of cd Elk it All outdoors old tires ode to the air mattress High Rock Bass Are just warming for summer by Benny Phillips associate sports editor the Sun was considering an escape through broken Clouds As we drove Down Highway 109 towing a boat in the direction of High Rock Lake tuesday. Off the new Highway and onto old 109 Burton Gantt wheeled the pickup into downtown Denton. The Shell station on the Corner once operated by Hub Skeen has opened since the fuel crisis under new management. Hugh Smith is the new management the sign says. We stopped gassed up and headed out Flat swamp Road. At the Landing at Healing Spring Bridge we found a spot Between boat traitors and prepared to launch. There is a ritual one always goes through at a boat ramp. A a How a fishing a one asks whoever might be in sight. If there la i happens to be any fish in sight one duly admires them. Then one looks Over any other boats and rigs that happen to be around mentally comparing ones own gear with the rest. It is Halfway proper to always find something you done to like about the other Guys Rig but you never Tell him out loud that you like your Rig better. Then its the socially accepted thing to do to wish the Guy you never saw before a lot of Luck and Tell him a lie about where you caught your last Bass what you caught them on and How Large they were. You May As Well because chances Are Good he a going to feed you the same line. The Lake was peaceful. Occasional gulls swooped and screamed their challenges at the world. We motored Down to the steel Railroad Bridge and headed up Bucko a Branch where Burton Cut the big motor and fired the Little three horsepower for plugging the Banks. Forty feet or so from the Shoreline he guided the boat along with his left foot while using the larger motor for a seat. Our plugging the Bank would make a mortar barrage look like a paper wad shooting contest by comparison. Right off we picked up two Small Bass and then came a few hours of fruitless fishing when we would have been just As Well off counting crows. We tried plastic Worms. No Luck. We tried every plug in two oversize tackle boxes. Still no Luck. At 7 . We quit worming and went Back to rebel plugs working the Banks As the Little motor putt putt along. In the next Twenty minutes we put four Large Mouth Bass in the boat Burton Landing the largest which would have tipped the Scales around four and a half pounds. Between 7 30 and 8 30 we caught and released la More Bass almost All of which were less than Legal size. How fish this Small hit and managed to hang onto lures As Large As those we were using was amazing. A a it a been this Way for the past couple of weeks a said Gantt. �?�1 think the big ones Are spawning and will not be coming off the Beds for a couple More right at dark some Small schools of Threadfin Shad worked the surface of the water but i Wasny to apparent that any schools of White Bass were giving Chase. During the afternoon however several boats were trolling the open water on the big part of the Lake up from the dam some of the anglers apparently having Luck with White Bass Over the underwater islands. Back Home we cleaned the six Bass we kept. You know the sign Over the counter in most tackle shops May be True when it says a the gods do not subtract from the allotted Span of men s lives the hours spent in in be yet to meet anyone who has found it possible to worry while tending the end of a fishing Rod. Bringing fish in figure eight islands. During the last week of april More than 9,000 scrap automobiles tires were sunk two Miles offshore Here. It was the first Large scale Effort of the state s new artificial reef program. A dive on the site May 17 revealed several fish near the tires. It did not take fish that Long to find the tires however two Days after the tires were overboard divers went Down the 43 feet and were met by a welcoming committee of to or so Black and White striped 35 Pound fish called Sheepshead. Sea Bass already seemed at Home by the tires and Small groups of six Inch orgies seemed oriented to the new fixtures on the Ocean Bottom. Interestingly after Only two Days divers would see flutters of Silver close and Low to a bundle of tires. Closer examination revealed 100-200 Small fish 1-2 inches in length schooling and taking it easy beside the new shelter from current and surge. A half dozen such schools were seen during a Quick dive. Visibility on the May 17 dive was poor but a variety of species and sizes were observed. Tires were crunched into bundles for easier handling on the Shore. The bundles were Strung on a Cable a the result was necklaces 400 1.000 feet in length. The reef off figure eight now has one 1.000 foot necklace and three 400 footers. This was just a Start. Ideally the reef will someday Pongee olo on 9c by Jim Dean some years Back when the first air mattresses hit the Market i knew i had to have one. Never again i thought would i have to sleep with nothing Between me and the ground but a Blanket and an Oilskin Tablecloth. I tried very hard to like air mattresses. Over the next half dozen years i owned three of the beasts. They varied in color and design but they had one thing in common. They All leaked. It never failed. I would blow up my air mattress and fall asleep like an Angel on a Cloud. Sometime during the Middle of the night i would Wake up feeling As though i had been speared on the tip of Pike s Peak. Once four of us camped on a Beach in Delaware. Periodically our restless slumber was punctuated by muffled obscenities and desperate puffing As we tried to re inflate our bunks for another 30 minutes of decreasing Comfort. By morning we were All quite literally exhausted. It was about this time that a Friend told me a particularly gruesome horror Story involving air mattresses. It seems that he and another fellow had taken their families camping in a Large tent. All had air mattresses. During the night my Friend decided that his mattress was a trifle hard because he had pumped it too full of air. He reached Down and loosened the Cap to let out a Little. The escaping air made a slight Hiss followed by a terrified shriek. A there s a Snake in the tent a screamed somebody whereupon there was an immediate and violent exodus accompanied by the sound of spawning area endangered project threatens Santee Cooper fish by Tom Higgins As the old saying goes a a done to look now but it appears that the . Corps of army engineers who la construct a dam or a Dike or ditch at the drop of the Dew is once again in the process of descending upon Santee Cooper Reservoir. The proposed project this time is a a or diversion canal for the Cooper River. Ten years ago these a a creators in Khaki a who in most endeavours stir up about As much dust and achieve about As much Success As the a Keystone kops a wanted to build a Barge canal a Complete with locks a from Charleston smack through the Middle of Santee Cooper to and conservationists concerned about what ill effects such construction would have on the spawning habits of the fabulous Low country . Lakes striped Bass and the Jungle like wilderness of Santee swamp resisted with righteous indignation. The canal idea subsequently caved in and the army a engineering troops retreated daunted but not Defeated. Now apparently having borrowed Gen. Macarthur line about returning they re Back again undoubtedly drooling All Over their dredges and a dozers. The proposal this time would be no less devastating to the lakes fishing a rated by Many As the Best Freshwater Angling in the country a and their ecology in general As the project of a decade Back. Here a what the corps wants to do because of siltation problems downstream in Charleston Harbor the engineers have conceived a plan to re divert part of the flow of Cooper River Down the old Santee River bed to achieve this a Long wide canal would be Cut across the northeastern quadrant of Lake Moultrie an area famed among fishermen As a the Russellville corps spokesmen have said they a a think such re diversion would Correct Charleston a problems but they Arentt certain. Seemingly the latter is a minor Point with the engineers. To find out they re willing to destroy one of the nations finest Large Mouth Bass fishing and spawning areas and Gamble millions of dollars in the process. The sum the engineers Are talking about in fact is staggering. Estimated Cost of the project when it was approved but not funded in 1968 was $74 million a round figures or course. Considering inflation the taxpayers ought to get off with a Price tag about double that now. A we feel that destruction of the Moultrie fishery and other ecological values plus the fantastic amounts of Money the corps is talking about is simply too much to pay for a program no one is even sure will work a says ted Walters a South Carolina sportsman who is organizing opposition to the engineers. A we sympathize with the problem in Charleston Harbor but not at this expense. It is not my desire to take a stand opposing this project at Charleston a loss of a solution to its woes. But there Are certainly More feasible a and Likely less costly a solution whereby the silting Down there can be such As Well just suppose the corps of engineers decided that a Day in Day out dredging operation was the Best Way to keep Charleston Harbor Clear. Put a Cost of say $2,000 per Day on the Deal. At this rate the engineers could run their pumps and move Sand every Day of the year a including Christmas and the corps High holy Holiday of april 15 when its funded by taxes remember a for approximately too years before expending $74 million. And Santee Cooper reservoirs most awesomely Beautiful portion would be defiled or a a decimated As Walters puts it. A there s no doubt in my mind a explained Walters president of the Bass Angler sportsman society a . Ripping Canvas. Most everybody went out under the sides of the tent but my friends wife ran through the zippered screen door which slowed her up until she accidentally trod on the still hot coals of the fire. After hearing this tale i stabbed All my air mattresses to death and swore never to own another. Instead i began using foam rubber pads about four inches thick. They re comfortable and trustworthy though rather Bulky. For nearly to years i avoided air mattresses like the plague but last week i was planning a family camping trip when it suddenly occurred to me that there was no Way to get everything we needed into the car since i no longer had Access to a trailer. The foam pads were the problem. Four of them would practically fill the Back of my station Wagon. On the other hand i thought four air mattresses would fit nicely and surely science had improved these things since my youth. Anything would be better than carrying a Carload of foam rubber. Alas i had temporarily forgotten my oath. Also i had forgotten the Sage advice that a men who do not learn from history Are doomed to repeat i bought four air mattresses and a bicycle pump to help blow them up. We left for the mountains and four hours later we were on the Banks of a Fine Trout Stream. Everything went nicely until it was time to blow up the mattresses suddenly the air pump broke. That left us no Choice. We would have to blow up the mattresses with our breath a like balloons. I finally got mine inflated after 45 minutes of wheezing and went to sleep hopeful that the worst was Over. In the Middle of the night i a ode on Page 9c federation a that digging of this a ditch would decimate the Russellville grass Flats spawning area which provides Large Mouth populations that eventually scatter to All Points of Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion As further creation of the canal would probably also mean that the wilderness like area could never be a a waded again by anglers one of the most sporting and fulfilling types of fishing known to batsmen. A on top of All this a continued Walters a no one is certain what effects re diversion would have on the spawning runs of herring which Are perhaps the most important forage species in the Santee Cooper lakes for not Only Large Mouth but the striped Bass As outdoor writer Larry Mayer of Columbia elaborates a by nature the Blueback herring is a fish which has to fight his Way up a Swift running Stream from the sea to spawn. If the Force of water is not there these bait fish simply will not come up the Stream. A fish lift has reportedly been proposed for inclusion in the project but there is no proof that this will work because it has never been tried with additionally there is no guarantee that the herring would come up the Santee River rather than the Cooper River. And when forage fish disappear game species invariably Arentt far behind. A How the corps of engineers can go ahead when there Are so Many uncertainties is beyond comprehension but they re apparently planning to do it a said Walters. A i can Promise them that we will fight this project As it is proposed for As Long and As hard As it takes to change it or Stop it. A if we Are going to win though Well need support from those who Are interested in nature and conservation. More than Bass fishermen and Striper fishermen will have to get seems to me they should and readily. The whole proposed project reeks of being a Rotten idea. Rotten to the Core corps. Boating by Stan Davies a yacht broker i know has advice for the Amateur when buying a used boat a buy it on a Day when its out of the water. Its an extreme and somewhat cynical View but it is none the less Ture that after a boat has been out of the water for even a Short time not much can be hidden. The advice is particularly applicable up North where boats May have been out of the water All Winter. It follows that Spring is the Best time to buy a used boat. Whether you Are thinking of a 12-foot fishing Skiff or a 65-foot luxury motor yacht there s no sense in paying for More than you Are getting or buying somebody else s headache. Done to let a few defects Stop you from buying a boat that you really like. Almost anything can be repaired. Just make sure that the Price and condition Are properly related. These questions demonstrates some of the problems that can arise when buying a used boat. Buying a used boat look for weakness at the sides join the transom q. The Stern on a boat i can buy cheaply appears to be shaky. Is this bad a. This is common on outboard boats that have been overpowered with too big an engine. This problem could also be the result of the motor s lower unit hitting an underwater obstruction. Either of these circumstances can result in a springy transom and a shaky Stern that frequently leaks where the sides meet the transom. Extensive reinforcing will probably be necessary so make sure the Price is right. A a a q. The planking on my wooden Cruiser is Rotten and leaks persistently near the keel. Should i get rid of the boat a. The planks right next to the keel Are called Larboard strakes and these Are usually the first to go on any wooden boat. Boat Yards and marinas Are used to replacing Larboard planking so the Job May not be As expensive As you think. Check the Cost before you sell too cheaply. A a q. I am thinking of buying a boat that has been out of water for four years. That Bottom planks have Shrun causing wide open seams will a fibreglass covering make this boat watertight a. Covering a boat such Ai this with fibreglass is tin Only answer. One thing to watch. If the boat is Shak and Likely to a a work while ii motion it May be necessary to re fasten All the planks to the frames with new screw or ringed nails. If the Plank Are firmly fastened and that boat is rigid it can by covered. A a a q. My inboard cruise does no to leak a drop while it i sitting at the Dock. But i leaks badly under Way. I scares off buyers. Wha gives a. With inboard Power boats this is not unusual. I is usually a Leaky a a stuffing Box a. That packing arum the propeller Shaft designed to make it watertight when ii motion. Get an expert t Check the prop and Shaft. Lexington Reservoir

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