High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 23 1940, Page 22

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 23, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Totte it a ,5 id que ,re.o/0. I ainu to head a Lizard crawl or a Coyote holler. I wish it Vaas Moraine fat a Cal two Are h\6�y \ t>0 get Vijh Eeza l rec to a Quot that s Luck of Ceina As vow e re that Aht 1vs0 Lett in j a a Tolm Tiht. Ltd i came out Mere to Welp you was the dishes my conscience j bothered me theres no Peason who i should sit it in there doing nothing while it / Vou re out Here u working see who thalls on the a phone of i Nao a or a it was Woodley he s wants me to come j jul 7 Over and see Ltd 0 s his Garden of Dogwood cd i Are a Ltd Darling j 4 Lily. World Light r a a Mfd a to Rel a Cut err it target owe. For. V ground wheezy a uot3emcf a Sharp Rifle crack Breaks a jul Hess As l slug Quot tsars Urc huh reds hat. Mandrake the magician by Lee Falk and Phil you be met these men informally. Now Quot r they want to meet r1 you again r officially re to it Don t know How you did it was that whole Mandrake i m the one or a robbery a r that was stuck to the i Frame up vault Knob quot1 or a it was All s yeah All except when play acting this big Bird socked Mandrake. S me somebody should a a have told him we. _ l. Were Only playing f one moment Mandrake or. Roark what Are you going Here i j the Bank a Quot robbers and the officer what is this r Tiik St Treme Effort by Merrill Blonski Oil boarding Hoise Mello lard. I guess you weren t fooling last night k about a getting b i thin / me wants to Combine reducing Ano sport coach and maybe win a letter Tou look like a s hotpot ter x me a a let is see what a Toj can do a. A and every time i toss that Iron Ball till. Be for you / j Well it you la Mav to learn to Uke her a whole lot better than that hello. Hilda / i Jolly Cav . Just dropped Vokas major just v 4 there a Kaim to Start am account. Hip Kaff a make out a Deposit Hoople i suppose i should Vish a moment with i sup a Hope it s Here s where the presided of your valuable it the real lettuce we get Bank but it is a Small matter a q Mot just stage k f buried in a j by the Way i Mav de9re atrium by copies a a Haj Buzzard it loan later to attend the cd a just my Little t of 75-Centj Republican Ano democratic joke a a a f f checks w conventions a a six s Holft Vav a har Kompel l i i Al k it 30-Vald Duck land. Amov by Walt disn11 i would t tie up there if i were you. Mate. I Wise Suyu three hours and its still tied up l Well not exactly. Pc sos i j m ass my d Sav i a to its j three hours that la show a act him it j by know my a rights j better hurry Sonvi Only got i an hour a a a tide. Down i of yeah this s a pubic Dock and i late up Here any time a eel Lse r of yeah tasting an account a with 25/ boots and ii Kab by did is by Edgar Martin we 9vcweo of that a Well keep in extra Beaman Voe. Quiet till. We need to Cap n a / weigh Anchor. But has actin i the a Ca Torta of hit a i Hovater is s. Hlad top to mfg Voo / Way. Oak Jeys r go r a ski a Hub Daz. To Conov Tom it Voute a Kloogh to novo that a no place of him v p memory Ltd no Good at All Bot there \<3n t a th\n6 voqon6 a nth Ems temper show me where i m Amy better. Opp Tham a Guy in the pen i put All Day in this Cement and steel Galley am i Dasom t go out at night or sundays per fear l la spend a Nickel an can t make my payments of my House car am radio All i get out o life is Wock sleep k an eat a Guy in the pen he / a. Hah More Quot More j i think i la v its hard to find move what s \ these Days that gang \ i think that s Over there i Why there s so Talkin Abolt ? / much indigestion no that wont let s go Over do they re \ to that Bunch Quot Talkin politics j i heard a Guy or is it war.? \ laugh. You should have a re Al pleasant con Quot j versa Lon with meals a a \ his Row f Dowe Uke a Champ by Twy womb 3 it i Vuu it j k amp a Csc win Talent even if Voo was dumb enough to to flow away your weapon. I Ain t one to Wold a 6bu06e wow d you like to Wock by for old Bull Pawson Vovou x you <j0tta do ver Ooin sgt new a Stockin up close face on pants i new Sou amt too of the Spe at enough to stand r0deri60? awl it v Hev r so code Rulo ent Ood hey watch that hat hey there of knife the sour. Hour the other t two got where 1 away Tom Willie j i m sure it i 50 am if and it was a shot. Must mean that sergeant mickeys in. A trouble step j Ihrk. On Iti. Wjk Well need More men to Pind the i know two that got where it away Smith it is theres a phone \. Box about three a Miles Down the Road but strangely enough. Investigation showed that the car was Mechan Keally undamaged of wow and i hah i thank n 7 Jwj i m still j my Lucio stars r it it or \ alive i was carrying n a spare tire / just when a jp&4 it looked ask in g. Oscar. Moc. Boom had it made Good i his escape from Amazonia \ with the magic \ Belt he blew a rear into space shot the Speedo station Wagon coming to rest at the Bottom of a Rocky draw by Ham Fishe you re a Good scout ,i Sott a i j 6/ttiw alon6. Camp s fifty Miles prom Here. He May be from one of v the gyms in / new York. A i la let him rest Here for a few Days and give him treatment. He May come around. Meantime i la Call some of those new York gymnasiums. So me be there s a Mother right outfit like theone Paloukas y Gonka fight. A Spose that s it. 1 they did t know him at Paloska s. Camp. Well. Well if it Ain t my of \ Light fingered fl05car/ j 7 and you thought Youxu a could a away Exvell it in from of general i la be. A bring Emback a it s that a a or else top / Pesky ape Man again Why that Low Down \ bum. Hey Don t try a that you can t v up get it Job away j Vanh x you dope that s i by Iva hat you. The ilk. / i a 6a to 8rrrb t i / t m or u it it hit a com i it vhf vol j Page. Of. U. O ked Kveder snipers by Fred Harman Blondin he throws in the Kkt Juuti Joy Vaj i a Wii w

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