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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - May 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise wednesday May m1974 us shipment of wheat tainted chinese strict on imported Grain rules by Don Kendall a farm writer Washington a american wheat tainted by microscopic Plant disease spores was shipped to the Peoples Republic of China last year because no one in the agriculture department knew How strict that country sanitary require ments were for imported Grain Richard e Bell Deputy assistant Secretary of agriculture said a us delegation in peking is expected to return next weekend with a report on How such shipments can be avoided in the future although the disease a wheat smut is not considered by us a experts As harmful to humans peking officials Are alarmed that introduction of the spores would be a threat to chivas wheat crop government officials say they do not know How much wheat tainted by smut spores was involved but Trade reports have indicated several shipments were turned Back Bell said the departments animal and Plant health inspection service had approved sanitary certificates for wheat going to China that showed the Grain had been free of the disease but the Agency inspection procedure had been based on requirements listed by the food and agriculture organization of the United nations and not on specifications from China Bell said it seems to have turned out the chinese requirements went beyond those we used Bell said monday night the chinese system of sampling and surveillance for the disease was More intensive than we knew at the time Bell said the slip up was not a goof in the sense us a erred Only that Federal inspectors did not know fully what the chinese expected regardless the tainted wheat has resulted in additional expense for american taxpayers the us a sent five experts to peking who arrived there May 10 at least two private Grain Trade representatives also went Bell said he had better not identify the Grain companies involved but 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