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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 22, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Monday May 22, iwo the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page seventh Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family Canadian official horizontal i Leader in the Dominion of Canada. 12 sacred interdiction. 13 rowing tools. 14 midday meal. 16 consumed. 17 monastery inhabitant. 18 shoulder movement. 19 to put Refy. 20 snug. 21 begone 22 half Aiem. 23 to Pierce with horns. 24 drop of Eye fluid. 25 musical note 26 arabian. 27 mischievous. 28 Membranous bag. 29 one who negotiates. 32 Balsam. 33 Brawl. 34 pertaining to diet. Answer to previous Puzzle 36 wickedness. 38 Cistern. 39 upon. 40 behold. 41 work of skill. 42 chaos. 43 slight taste. 44 right. 45 contraction Ever. 46 he is minister of Canada. 48 inhabitant of u. S. A. 50 Maple Shrub. 51 pastoral pipe. Vertical 1 Stone Cutter. 2 to foment. 3 fish. 4 measure. 5 Hangman a Halter knot. 6 silly fellow. 7 to bore. 8 electric term. 9 ethereal fluid. 10 roman emperor. 11 Antelope. 12 soup dish. 15 important Industry in his land. 17 sickly. 18 persian ruler. 20 outer garment. 21 he is also of state. 23 to thrive. 24 to jog. 25 evils. 26 contest for a prize. 27 dined. 28 Many a stocking. 30 Ireland. 31 three toed sloth. 2 tinge. 35 encrustation on Teeth. 36 Broth. 37 Packer. 40 citric fruit. 42 want. 43 thus. 45 to piece out. 47 Sun god. A 49 northeastern. Serial Story Date with danger by Helen Worden Uncle rays Corner Harrison in Hollywood cast of characters Mary Franklin society editor. Dike Martin a suave night club gangster. Janice French society Deb. Jim Shirley pin j boy. Saturday Mary interviews the French family and police Promise startling disclosures the next Day about Janice French and her secret apartment. Vii Apter i Tucky Thompson had come Home late. A cocktail Patty at mrs. Van Zante a detained her. But this was not unusual. She always ran hours behind schedule. To nigh 1 she was Only 30 minutes off. A Corinne a her High pitched voice echoed through the apartment. A Corinne a a oui Madame oui. I he there in a moment a Tuckley a maid answered sulkily from the Kitchen. �?�1 pressing zat dress again for you to Wear Sis but even Corinne in temper disturb Tuckier a Good humor. The afternoon had gone Well. Humming a Little tune shoe rustled into her bedroom. Her present Home was a remodeler walk up in the East fifties. She had decorated it herself. The Walls of the tiny drawing room were sea Shell Pink and the furniture Chalk White. There were White Bear rugs on the Black painted Wood floor and White venetian blinds at the windows. Her bedroom was done in the same manner. In its tenement Days the series of cubicles had been called a Railroad apartment but since the architectural face lifting had taken place they were dignified by the title of the English Chambers. There was a Dif Ference of $50 a month in the rent. Tuckie was proud of telling acquaintances however that her last apartment the one where shed lived with her fourth husband had Cost $12,000 a year. She also explained that shed taken this present modest Home because she did no to think it was right to live in such luxury when so Many people were suffering but to closer friends she confessed that shed moved into this a a dump a until she got More Alimony out of Pete Thompson. The Jon As hostess at the Dove she told them was also helping her Bridge the Gap. St Csc she must dress with extra care tonight. So Many people she wanted to impress would be at the Dove. The Van Zants cocktail party had been a great Success. The head of a new cosmetics company had been there and she had nearly agreed to promote his business As nearly As she could until she was sure what to ask him for her efforts. Meanwhile head promised to come to the Dove that night. A a big spender a shed Tell Duke Martin. A a big but he he grateful. He never was. Maybe shed give up being a hostess in his night club and throw her lot in with Beauty after All. With a skin like hers Why i she the time was Ripe. Of she was Ever to endorse a cosmetics company she must come to a decision. Shed soon he too j old. Anxiously she glanced in her Mirror. No not a line yet. From Beauty her mind jumped to the italian count. Though she was wholly unacquainted with italian it gratified her to have him murmur compliments in that language. At least she hoped i they were compliments. Heavens suppose he had proposed and shed accepted those italians never had any Money. Little Shivers ran up and Down her Hack. But they could make love the Van Zants were so democratic. They always invited everybody. The new head of the slum rehabilitation work in Washington had been there and a Young swedish Prince who was painting those marvelous night pictures. Then there had been quite a Circle of dramatic stars Tilly Porter who was playing in the be Jones review sir Ronald Summerfield who a been brought Over from London by the very erudite Winthrop and Mary Field who was such a hit in a Bright and of course there was Clem Shirley Duke had reminded Tucky again and again that he wanted her to bring More girls to his club. Quot i like them Young. I like them Beautiful a he had said. A but Best of All i like them with Money. The a re a talking Point. They re the right sort of an advertisement for the Dove a tin it was at the Van Zants that Tuckie had run into Clem the Glamor girl of the Deb season. A so much fresher than Janice Rench a she mused. When she saw her she cleverly Hutton holed Jack Burden. Quot i want you to bring miss Shirley to the in be with you tonight and sit at my Clem had been eager. A live heard so much about that Duke Martin. In be always wanted to meet a real a a in la introduce a fall the More reason for my Jack Burden had said that boy was so Good looking Tuckley a brain rattled on As she slipped into her evening gown if she were younger shed make a play for him herself. He had such prospects the Dove was going full blast As Tuckie tripped past the door. She was feeling High More like the Days of �?T29. A you re said the Duke. A a in be been to a cocktail party looking up a where Are they a a shh Here come two w the eyes Martin watched the couple. The girl was fresh vivacious and Well dressed. The Grace of her prettily curve i body showed thro High the sheer fold of a clinging Scarlet Tiffon her Huffy by own hair was piled in soft curls on top of her Small head and there was Frank curiosity in her Blue eyes As she looked straight at the Duke. A there s the Man i want to meet a he heard her Tell Tuckie. Sic the boy. More reserved was tall and muscular and looked As of lie stroked the Harvard Crew. Blond hair was slicked Back from a bronzed forehead. A rebellious expression about his determined Mouth showed he did no to like night clubs. There was contempt in his Gray eyes. Tuckie chattering constantly led the pair Over to the Duke. A miss Shirley i want you to meet or. Martin. Be careful. He a dangerous. The Duke held out a hand a thanks for the and. Tuckie. Young and Beautiful girls Are always Welcome at the Dove and they never need be afraid of Tuckie frowned and stepped on his toe. As she waved a hand toward the boy. A a done to lie so raw a then in her usual fluttery tone. Mack. This is or. Martin owner of the Dove. You la find him a a in a sure of dial Quot said Lek easily. A glad to meet. It of. Martin. Your place has become quite a town institution. See if was mentioned in the Gazette a thai so a drawled Martin. A i Haven t read any late Quot of. The Dove is famous a babbled Tuckie. A and so i the just How was the Dove mentioned a inquired Martin. A Mary Franklin said that Janice French was last seen Here thursday. I believe. She committed suicide did no to she a a what Quot tuck few a face whitened. A nudge from Martin discouraged questions. A a in a so Busy i never have a Chance to read the papers. Poor Janice whereas the funeral i must go. Everybody will be there. She had so Many the door to the bar opened. A ooh. Ere is that fascinating italian count i met at the Van Zants. Or. Martin. In a going to leave these Nice children in your to in Ltd out tilted flying machines in War in balloons two frenchmen made the first t successful balloon and less than a Century later it helped France in War. The help came during the Franco prussian War 69 years ago. The prussians had invaded Fiance and were laying siege to Paris. People were not Able to leave the City in any common Way because the enemy had soldiers All around it. With bal loons however they were Able to Rise in the air and go Over the Heads of the prussians. A few of them did so. And of there had been More balloons the number of persons who left Paris would have been larger. A More important use of the balloon in that War was to carry messages out of Paris to other puns of franc. Homing pigeons balloon leaving Paris Iii Franco a a of a f Pip 1 j a Tiv 2 prussian War. The French Premier was aboard and so in caped file prussians. Were Aken on such trips. Later the pigeons were set free and would Fly Hack toward Paris each with messages tied to its legs. Genera name of a captive Ai tie balloon did not save Par ofter they were shot is. Hut military experts saw ways Down in the world War bul he in which flying machines of fair kind might help armies and navies in later War. In the world War Hundred of balloons were sent into the air by both aides the purpose was to learn the place of enemy batteries warships Aud troops the a sausage ballot no was brought into the world War by the germans and was copied by the allies. Later a Frenchman invented a better kind the a Caquet Kite the Paquot Kite balloon was Able to stay in the air during fore a happened they Weie Likely to give facts of value about the other aide men in baskets of Captiva bal loons have parachutes it to Well for them if they leap to Good time when under attack by Ai planet. If they jump too Tate they May he tangled in falling balloon part. The captive balloon Alto played a part in guarding against submarines with its help a sub Marine May be located when it cannot be been from the deck of a Teamer or destroyer. When mlle a minute winds. The stand news of a nearby submarine is Ard length came to be about 90 telephoned Down. Depth bombs feet. Can he dropped in the water to it takes an artful dodger to get on Sonja Henien a new set the agile or. Harrison achieves it anyway mourning better a eyebrows by Paul Harbison service staff cd Orreen Kment Hollywood. May 22. A All Iver the lot Sonja Henien a sets Eldom Are closed to visitors hut to a hard to get on this one. The now bordered Frozen swimming a ool which is one of the skating inks in a second fiddle a has a background of White Canvas Walls lighted from behind by big arcs and there must t he any shadows. To reach the set you have to a ass behind this curtain and of re Likely to be caught in out by a whistle blast and music hat Tell of action on the ice. At hat you fall Flat on the floor and Tay there until the music stops. A Ben you run for it again. I finally made it Iii three rus Ian Hock Steps two flops and a print. A you should have seen a trying to get Over i Aid to miss Henie. She giggled rid said a i did. I saw your Hadow. That Why i Tor them of to Stop the music a she lost la pounds during her rating tour and looks just about ight for a pint sized Blond. Stew it Leburn partner for some of he tour numbers will be her first Artner in pictures. They have Cen rehearsing the tango lately a Ante of breathtaking leaps and looping circles. There will be so other skating sequences with has Henie As a school teacher Ith her pupils and a Rumba with the troupe of 52. Just rehearsing the routines for three weeks has Cost $100,000. A Bette Umeh eyebrows there a some hair and whisker trouble in a the Knight and the lady Quot company. Bette Davis is minus Lier eyebrows and an alarming amount of her front hair and All of it Over her temples plucked to make Way for Queen Elizabeth a red wig. A you should see me in the morning before i get my new eyebrows said miss Davis. A a in a a sight to frighten Little children. I wish they d just have shaved my head because its marvelous for the Donald crap As sir Francis Bacon has red hair too and he began with whiskers to match. Dire a Tor Mike Curtiz walked in on a technicolor makeup test yanked angrily at the Chin shrubbery and said a i done to like the whee skers a unfortunately the whee skers were stuck on pretty tight and crisps face was sore anyway. The actor furious was about to take a poke at Curtiz when the latter added with Hasty diplomacy a the has such a Fine Strong face. I cannot hide it wit hues a a grandma likes to ride Madame Maria has 20th-Fox in a dither. She insists on Riding horseback and that words often misused to not say a her last letter said that she was unless it really was the last you will receive j say a her latest letter. Often mispronounced Edel Weis. Pronounce a Del vis a As in ate. E As in Dell unstressed i As in vice accent first syllable. Often misspelled Peak Topmost Point. Peek to look slyly. Pique resentment. Synonyms guide verb conduct. Direct escort Lead Pilot. Word Sti by a use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today sword ineffable incapable of being expressed in words. A the Drifting Clouds gave it an ineffable the family doctor a governor for trucks recently marketed gives the Assurance of positive Speed control on level roads but gives full Power on Hills. On an Uphill pull the governor is taken out of operation but upon reaching level ground it becomes Active in preventing High speeds does t seem a Safe sport for one who plays frail old ladies such As the 75-year-old character in a the Rains although she plays grand doctors report f1c1ency affects this is lie second of three articles Iii which or. Fish Bein discusses Advance reported at tile american medical association co mention. A by ii. Morris Fishbein editor journal of the american medical Anocia Tion and of Hygeia the health Magazine vitamins held the stage at the recent meeting of the american medical association. Some doctor describe All sorts of vague digestive disorders due to Vitamin deficiencies some of which May actually produce changes in the Walls of the intestines. Prolonged Lack of certain vitamins alcoholic excess and reducing diets without the necessary vitamins Are leaders among the causes of digestive disturbance. The nervous system May also be subjected to changes because of the Lack of Vitamin. In this Case Vitamin by is the important element. In foreign countries where people eat polished Rice and lose this Vitamin a serious condition ailed beriberi develops. In this country people Seldom go on to that Tage but do have minor symptoms affecting the iter rising from a half a mile to j wreck the submarine a mile or More a balloon of this for general interest Section kind is held in place by a Strong i of your scrapbook Cable which is fastened to the j if you want a free copy of ground or to a War vessel. Under i the illustrated leaflet a cities of it is a Basket and the Man or j Europe a Send me a 3c stamped men in the Basket can Telephone return envelope in care of this to those below. The Telephone newspaper wire passes Down inside the Caole a Uncle Ray balloons of this Type have the tomorrow zeppelins. This minute Mother roles without makeup. Mine. Of Uspensakaya is Only 53 andirons system which Are definitely really quite Strong and Active. She related to a deficiency of Vitamin blames her premature aging on a i by. In fact there Are certain Side glances a next time you borrow a Curling Iron from my dressing room Don t forget to return it in couple of revolutions and a famine in Russia before she came to this country in 1924. Blond crashes Romero that Busy dizzy Blond who sat on Cesar Romero s Lap in san Francisco has thumbed to Hollywood and is crashing the previews and the studios. She called up Romero the other Day announcing gaily. A a in a Here you remember a Cinderella a a i Don t know How she Ever got my number a the actor complained. A lots of times some Good Friend of mine will come to town and try for a week to get in touch with me without j my Ever knowing about where crashing paid oui at that Romero admitted a j lingering sympathy for Gate crashers because the Best dancing Job he Ever had and at a time when his fortunes were very lows was the result of sneaking into an uppity society party from a fire a a Friend and i lived Iii an awful dump on West 4 4th Street in new York but our Tail Oats were still out of Hock. So when we decided to crash this party we went into the hotel looking As swell As anybody. We checked our hats on the main floor and then went up one of the inside fire escapes to the ballroom level. A we came out through a door directly behind the bar and i Felt guilty As the Devil and looked it. And we walked right into the Guy who was running the party. He said a Well Well my boy so glad you came. In be been trying to reach you for a Job. Have you got a partner a i said no. But that i could get one mighty Quick i did. And we rehearsed a few Days and landed an engagement dancing at the new St. Regis inflammatory conditions in the brain which have now been to some extent related to such deficiency. Vitamin k which has now been shown to be associated especially with Haemorrhage when there is jaundice was considered by in How Vitamin de digestion nerves Vest gators from the University of Iowa and from the University of Minnesota. A new test a described for determining whether the person j who was jaundiced needs Vitamin i k. If it is found that he does need this substance it can be provided in a concentrated form As it is derived from Alfalfa kale spinach Carrot tops tomatoes j and oat sprouts. It has been found that Jaun j diced patients who have bleeding after operations on the Gall bladder invariably have an in suffit \ client amount of substances in their blood necessary to bring i about coagulation. The giving of Vitamin k will j prevent Thi condition. Most of the patients in a Large surgical i clinic Are now Given Vitamin in j i in bile salts before operations on j i the Gall bladder and a Good Many secondary reactions Are prevented. Detroit doctors reported that color Blind motorists can drive j safely timing such clues As the i position of the lights and the i movement of other cars. They said that red Green blindness j should not prevent a person from i driving a motor car. I arge adenoids in children were again incriminated As one of the chief causes of infections of the ear. Vitamins were urged for children who have chronic infections of the sinuses. Most important on such children is a vacation in some climate where the weather is warm and dry and w Here there Are moderate changes in weather and plenty of sunlight. By Howard Merrill the word you Are about to took at in the split second that they hit your eyes form a new kind of reporting this will Uke sixty seconds to read Mille Tou Are Reading these facts the events they describe Are actually us ing place mat happen in one minute on Earth. A world is la motion. Destiny unfolds itself a Mckenney on Bridges Blackwood convention bidding offers and of reporting i f mjiesefact., defensive Chance to defeat contract cranium Quot Rackers fan you make the news Complete hero your weekly news quiz. This time All the questions Are of tilt multiple Choice variety. If you re keeping up with this newspaper. You should be Able to choose correctly in each Case. I. Arrested Iii Tennessee Robert m. Ber Guider. Jr., was charged with killing two automobile salesmen in Hamilton Bermuda Reno Nev. Phoenix Ariz. Seattle. Wash. 2 deliverer of a radio peace talk which Drew criticism abroad was Alfred e. Smith the Duke of Windsor Winston Churchill Anas Tasio Somoza. 3. Latest major chinese City to become target for japanese air raids is chunking. Banking. Hon Kong Pekin. 4. Mediator who worked desperately to effect agreement Between both parties in u. S. Coal troubles was i Francis Haas Harry Hopkins William Green. John Stedman 5. Johnstown Kentucky Derby Winner is owned by William Woodward. Mrs. Payne Whitney col. Bradley Alfred Vanderbilt. Answers on clarified Page look and learn by a. C. Gordon 1. What is the literal meaning of the word a senator Quot 2. What Bird uses its Wing for swimming 3. Who was the first president of the forty eight United states 4. What Are the four items on which families spend the meet Money 3. Which state of the Union is bordered by Only one other state ans Erh 1. A old 2. The Penguin. 3. William Howard Taft. 4. Food shelter clothing and transportation. 5. Maine. Start Reading w orld s fair City in the sixty seconds now passing six thousand Nickels Are being used to pay fares in All forms of transportation in new York. Street beggars in new York collect thirty dollars every minute of every hour. ,. T he Telephone company now furnishes information about the weather for new yorkers gets thirty Calls each minute from Goth mites who want to know the forecast. A Canadas total Trade with the British Empire and colonies averages 1,400 dollars every sixty seconds. Farm prices Are collapsing in America at a staggering rate two thousand dollars on an average every minute. Visitors in Mexico spend a Hundred and forty dollars a minute there. In a minute the world produces Over four thousand dollars Worth of Oil and Oil products russians spend forty dollars a minute on athletics every minutes we get five pounds of roquefort cheese from France. Stop Reading. By we. E. Mckenney Secretary America contract Bridge league this is the last of r series of six quiz articles based on j the Blackwood four five no i Trump convention. 1. What Are the Pitfalls you i must avoid in using the Blaek a Wood four five no Trust it con a vent Ion 2. What defensive tactics May a he used in connection with the Blackwood convention 3. As duplicate players frequently ask. How can you Stop at five no Trump when using the Blackwood convention 4. Is it necessary to announce to your opponents that you Are playing the Blackwood convention i solution to Bridge quiz i first remember that when you bid four no Trump your i partner is going to make an Art tidal response. Therefore you must anticipate the various responses and be prepared to play the hand at five or six depending upon the response. You must not bid five no Trump asking for Kings without anticipating the response As you May he forced to play a seven contract. Most important of All you must take into consideration that on eel Tain hands the response May prepare the Way for the opponents defense 2. Let us suppose that South makes the four no Trump conventional bid. Aud North responds with five hearts showing two aces. East holds either the Ace of hearts or the King and Queen of hearts. He ran double at this Point asking i partner to Lead that suit. Tbs suit directing bid might he the Only Chance to defeat the contract. 3. This can he accomplished in the following manner. A let i say that Spades is the suit agreed upon by both partners. The four no Trump hid has been made by South and North responds with five clubs showing no aces. South would like to play the hand at five no Trump but if he bids five no Trump he will be asking his partner for the number of Kings in his hand. At this Point he simply bids a suit not previously bid by the partnership or one not agreed upon As Trump. This bid asks partner to bid five no Trump. 4. It is necessary to announce to your opponents that you Are using the Blackwood convention. All artificial conventions must be announced to the opponent before you Start to play. Flapper Fanny by Sylvia a Coe in sane Scricc. Inc. T m my e est or Modem etiquette by Roberta Lee q. Is it necessary that a Tele Gram of congratulation received at a wedding be acknowledged j a. This does not necessitate the note of thank. Required by j a gift but the first time one meets the sender of Hie Tele j Gram a few words of a Precia j Tion should be expressed. Q. Should a person insist upon giving a tip in a restaurant that i observes a a no tipping Rule a. No. In this instance it is copyright. 1939. Esquire features. Inc How can i ? a Anne Ashley q. How can i remove weather stains from Stone Steps and window Sills a. These strains can usually lie removed by scouring wit i coarse steel Wool dipped in warm suds with a spoonful of kerosene added. Q. How can i whip Cream when it is too thick for whipping a. Place the dish of Cream into another dish containing cold we Ater. After it is chilled place in a dish of hot Dater it will then whip very readily. Q. How can i prevent Worms from crawling to the blanche.-, of Trees a. Tack Sticky Fly paper a few inches wide around the trunk of the tree. Not Only unnecessary to give a tip. But it is inconsiderate to the j management for one to insist upon breaking their Rule. Q. How should a wife introduce her husband to another a no its even worse than pirates or cannibals Chuck Ltd a Man 1 your father in a. A emr. Martin this is my Isva i

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