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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Center theatre sunday thursday a Patton a with George c. Scott and Kart Malden in color. Starts Friday a pm a s Donald Sutherland and Elliott Gould in color. Saturday morning show for children from 9 30 . Until 11 30 Arn. A North to Alaska a with John Wayne in color. Martin twin theatres now playing a doctor Zhivago a with Omar Sharif and Julie Christie in color at twin i. A one is a lonely number a with Janet Leigh in color at twin 2. Towne theatre now playing a the Culpepper cattle co.,�?� with Gary Grimes in color. Wednesday morning ladies shoppers show from to . Until 12 30 . A the heart is a lonely Hunter a with Alan Arkin and Sandra Locke in color. Saturday morning children a show from to . Until 12 noon a the four trans Lux theatre now playing a Ngigi goes to also a forbidden Midway drive in sunday thursday a Joe a with Peter Boyle in color. Also a guess what we Learned in school today a with Richard Carballo in color. Friday saturday a dark shadows a with Jonathan Frid in color. A the House that screamed a with Lili Palmer. Also a night of dark shadows a with David Selby in color. Pointer drive in sunday thursday a summer of �?T42,�?� with Jennifer of Neill in color. Also starts Friday a Shaft a with Richard Roundtree in color. Also High Point Enterprise sunday May 21, 1972 13c your Horoscope amp Gaa Amibal by Jeane Dixon monday May 22 your birthday monday begins the year of poignant experience. You learn to rely on your own resources. Personal relationships develop. Today a natives tend to be a bit More aggressive than is convenient often taking on More than they can properly handle. Talent with speaking writing comes naturally. Aries March 21april it since nobody seems ready to Compromise see what you can do alone. Let promotions pleas for help pass for the moment. Taurus april 20-May 20 your friends Are All impatient today. Financial improvement is feasible on confidential dealings. Courtesy in any travel is essential. Gemini May 21-Juna 20 difference of opinion Over Money particularly shared funds or family resources Are sidestepped Only by great care and Candor on your part. Cancer june 21-july 22 it May seem that opposition to your plans is More important than the activity being planned. Divert Energy to constructive results. Leo july 23-aug. 22 resistance comes from unexpected direction. There a no advantage in confronting those who disagree. Re examine your program. Virgo aug. 23s#pt. 22 cooperation now is priceless May be among those who normally Are beyond reach. Make the most of it while it lasts. Libra sop. 23-oct. 22 those emotionally linked with you May see your activities As competitive May hinder career Progress a Little. Try to get an even balance. Scorpio oct. 23-nov. 21 any unusual action will cause i comment even doing some Ordinary thing ahead of time. It the it of i ight f in the a la i it hrs or r re r a it a he pc Quot Gigi e a also a Quot forbidden flesh Quot your Money is restless to get Loose. Sagittarius nov. 22-dec. 21 try to discipline your tendency to speak bluntly. You have Access to important people if you will make the Effort. Capricorn dec. 22-Jan. It expect a slow starting monday. Do the most important work first be noticed while you Are at it. Save details for tomorrow. Aquarius Jan. 20-feb. La put yourself into whatever you do fully make a game of even routine actions. Family social contacts require extra care perhaps some expense. Pisces feb. If March 20 arrange your schedule carefully plan your expenses As there is a Drift toward extremes. You May have last minute help in resolving tension. Continuous showing 2 movie amins for Noons i Toom people the Kytt thy ruin it it f of Portali a tut fac tit ullity a main tin it it View my Fey Thor Thill to a ask admitted 0r�l audience Reb ail aces admitted Pere Tel oui Dence suffered is some material May not be suitable for pre teenagers restricted under 17 require percent or adult pm r a. No one Unm 11 am into i Aye Smit Rwy a Ety in cerium Eide i David Cassidy Mion a from Page ii rate. And they dress up As maids and bartenders and try to get to me in hotels. A they done to know what to do when they do get to the door. They just get flustered when they get up to me. They Haven to thought past the Conquest. They done to know what to do a unless they re in a group. Then they How does Cassidy Deal with Fame a Man has Learned to Deal with much heavier things than that. There have been obstacles and inconveniences but the majority of it is just really Nice Quot like what a it might be easier to say what i done to enjoy from Success. I done to enjoy the toss of privacy. I done to particularly enjoy seeing stars in Peoples eyes. I done to enjoy not being Able to go out and hang Loose and not be a the Partridge family is in its second season. This season Cassidy in the series is 17. Actually he is 22. Next season for which shooting starts in May hell be 18. A it certainly does get tiresome doing a series. The same people the same situations the same House the same friends same is he tired enough of it to quit a eventually but not now. But i can to see myself being 25 on a the Partridge family and still singing and playing guitar in a does Cassidy expect to be in a wheelchair at 25? a no but id feel like from the interview the group in the room go by limousine to John Jay College of criminal Justice for a press conference of writers from new York High school and College newspapers. The girl introducing him says usually they have political figures but at present they re All campaigning for the presidency so Here is David Gas i Sidy. Cassidy says a a in a sorry i Lucie from Page ii Lucie pull out. She realized at the last minute that she really had no basis of comparison. She Hadnot dated Many other boys. A i wondered a she says a whether i really be sure. But of i wanted to make sure that meant that id have to Stop dating Phil and play the Field. And i did no to want to do that. So i decided to go through with she a had the usual period of adjustment trying to be come a Good housewife. Actually there was a pre marriage period when she was on her own so she had a Little experience with cooking and All that. But still it was t easy. There were cooking disasters. Like the time she set fire to the oven while trying to make bread. And the time she reached in to get something else and came out with the potholders on fire. But she loves it. And she loves Thier House. For the first time in her life she a getting interested in the Garden. She says ifs such fun to watch things grow and see How they Flower. And its fun to watch Lucie Amaz grow and Flower too. Its Good to see a mrs. Who is under 30 again. Should up instead of Richard Cassidy answers into a microphone but since nobody repeats the questions most of the time nobody knows what is being answered. A How does it feel being Back in new York has i t changed a a Well. I was Here about a month ago so i done to think the change is since then. I lived Here three years ago. Its As dirty As it Ever was. This time i Haven to been out on the a How do you go about appealing to College kids a a i done to care ii i do or done to Appeal to College kids or adults. I no longer go through the insecurity of feeling that in a Only followed by a certain age group. If someone in College can free themselves of the idea that it is not hip or sophisticated to like me a teen magazines write you up As being almost perfect. Are you a a absolutely not. That has been one of my main concerns because obviously in a now showing the boy from a a summer of �?~42�?� becomes a Man on the cattle drive of 1866. A Tri sir Irti Irrer Tohm met a a rip Shorter. A Triumph a Judith Crist new York Magazine Quot Joe a a is a a a rim Noh ohm How we Nin Rush in a Mimi the move is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise in person sat., May 27 oho show 8 of Greensboro coliseum Greensboro country shindig Lynn Anderson a Cannon of i f ase a funny and terrifying motion picture if Over Thoro was one. Pius hit no. 2 starting at 10 50 a a Ouw what a Loor nod in school today la tops la Ila do of meant coma Pat drawn from the hot Bada of to idol revolution Playboy Magazine Sara a min ital a guess what we Learned v by school today a Midway adults 5 1.25 i theatre Sears famous nationwide guaranteed watch reconditioning save 2.07 Reg. 9.95 it a a Milt sat. While you re about it let our watch repair department give your watch a Complete reconditioning. Our guaranteed service includes a Complete disassembling and cleaning of watch movement a cleaning and polishing the watch Case and hand a electronic time testing and adjusting for maximum accuracy a i year guarantee. We will at no coat to you replace or repair any defective part or workmanship furnished by us for one full year from Date of repair. If Fri parts or run a Sal or. -light11 higher Charo. It on Sears evolving charge sat of at Hon Guarani red or your Money Back Culpepper cattle co. Mth Cinti a it i Ltd or a Roto by of re show i u too i sat Sun i j2 j a a a i j of coming soon 3 Days Only june 6-7-8 of Calcutta Quot a Mats reserved a sat Mhz of it a Mai s of i Sot is she Aton Shon i Dsa Spaghetti $ with garlic bread and your Choice of meatballs meat sauce or mushrooms Prince of pizza 1616 n. Main Tai. 885-0922 Sears he 5. U Reno St High Point . Scars i ooh cd and co. _ is i athe Broadway show that is still shocking new York. Is now a movie three Days Only june 6-7-8 Reserve tickets now Teter motions is Towne theatre Hind k m a h 2 Scho mail orders to the Lawrence Welk show. In Cam of Greensboro coliseum i w. Lee St. Greensboro n. C. 27403. Ino Uoc Stamm a Seif addressed envelope Mil

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