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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 126 of feint fitter rite sunday Mey 21, 1972 new about is by Ito Frt Marks the first poem in the 1972 edition of apogee the literary Magazine at High Point College is titled a looking written by Wiley Garrett the Long poem begins Forward into Many dark nights of loneliness into infinite moments empty trying to remember Back to a better time. Concluding his poem. Garrett writes looking backward to a past once at peace before birth and toil of living. Remembering deeply into shadows Long past before the torture. Of the womb and woman a labor. The placing of this particular poem first in this offering of prose and poetry by students and faculty members at High Point College is deliberate. It is intended to express the theme for the collection. The theme is one of searching for the meaning of the past to understand the present. In her own note to apogee Lucy e. Hill editor writes a searching perhaps this world strikes a common chord inside. In this Issue the High Point College apogee staff offers you a look at Man. Let us View Man in the world a his failures his Hopes his questions his answers a Man s life As it is or As it can the accomplishment is neither so deep nor so rewarding As the Promise however. In a wind one of several prose selections in this Issue Cynthia Stanley writes about disaster in a West Virginia Coal Alining Valley. Her approach is through the viewpoint of the wife of a Miner. The Story has the Impact of immediacy in it but Only suggests the wrench of a mining disaster on the families of the miners. James Coble writes about a Stark future in his Story. A someone named a Man and a woman appear to be the last survivors in a decimated world of rotting corpses and empty buildings. The enormity of their loneliness is More than either can face. Coble ends his Brief Story suddenly but effectively. A Short poem by Emily b. Sullivan acting head of the English department at the College is titled a Idle can dust and ashes mix to be gathered into one Beautiful Gold flecked solid whole. Piecing together from some unknown Quantity of eternity life a tiny fragments welding together forever the hidden voiceless Bond for the last two years apogee has received a Grant of $250 annually from the North Carolina arts Council. The Money has been used to pay contributors to apogee. For next year the Grant from the North Carolina arts Council is $300. The Money should entice More students to contribute to apogee. The College yearbook is no longer the popular publication it once was. Students now get their degree and run at the end of the College year. Not even the underclassmen Are greatly excited by the publication. At least they do not grab a copy and seek the autographs of their fellow students. The role of the yearbook in College life is recalled. However by two old editions of the jacket a Yack the yearbook of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Now in the Possession of Jake Harris of High Point one edition is that of the 1911 jacket a Yack and the other is for the Vear 1927. A it has been our am to bring out a Book characteristic of All that is Best and of most enduring value to our life intones the greeting in the 1911 edition. A the atmosphere of the Campus the strife of intercollegiate contests the lighter Side of our College Davs a these Are the things we like to remember. And have stored away for future then follow the pictures of the faculty the seniors the underclassmen and the student act Vize. Some High pointers and other students from Guilford county Are pictured in both of these yearbooks. Both publications Are glimpses into a past which no matter How ancient it May appear is really not so far a was at All. Book review sunday crossword answer on Page 3-d edited by Margaret Farrar copy. �?T72 Gen Quot i Fearn in corp. By h. I. Keti a upping. 94 sum mat Ive 13 Benda and across 52 starchy Plant. Verb. Bobs. I wind dire 53 raise. 95 swelling. 14 curved Struc Don Flag. 6 one of Ghent is prosaic. 96 Type of Tural Mem 57 Kobe Coin. Dropper. Bers. Firer. 58 Kipling a 97 Feudal bigwig. 15 show his 9 not intr Danny. 99 Ruth Mother name. Quanti 7. 59 land Between in Law. 16 painting. 12 bewildered. Two River. 101 olympian. 17 the Pike is thin a 60 Hardwood. 102 poem part. Scot. 19 cold. 61 feminist 104 act recklessly. 20 a a to get 22 term of suffix. 109 City in n off a affection. 62 make free. Dakota. 21 and others 23 like some 63 place for a ill aficionado. Let Days. Dreamer 112 inflamed. 25 to 24 vacillate. Head. Ill close by. It everyone. 26 rough Patch 66 Farrow. 114 Sand 27 civil War for stockings. 67 Fly Girla. Partridge. Johnny. 28 girls named 69 . 115 literary 31 avuncular after Rachel. 70 word of Monogram. Spouse. 29 mennonite regret. 116 legume. 32 innocents. Troll p. 71 plastic 117 peevish. 34 certain foot 30 Wolf Type. Material. Down callers. 31 negative 74 phone work i w hat nobody 35 stand. Contraction. Or abbr. Wants. 36 moistened. 32 san Flori 75 overwhelm. 2 Lawrence 37 Midnight a rape. 78 Tahiti town. Follower. Waltz girl. 33 Small part. 79 destructive. 3 unreliable 39 after delay. 36 extrusion is opposition one. 40 beverage Typo. Blocks. Votes. 4 Tim super la 41 Derrick part. 38 Cornflower. 82 Irish King. Timely. 42 empty. 40 Seth a brother. 83 frighten. 5 less Forth 44 a knowl 41 new Zea 81 showers icy right. Edged. Lander. Particles. 6 Laver s Forte. 46 Frisky fellow. 43 Muse. 85 sails. 7 first name in 47 track meet u i or 86 Roll around. Movies. Event. Warmer. 87 american 8 a inclement 50 Peak prefix. 46 huge de Ert. Composer. Weather Wise. 51 brie s mate. 47 evolutionary 8� prongs. 9 beginning. 52 ornery Type. Champion. 90 strike to depth Meas 54 girl s name. 48 tee 23 across. Sharply. Ures abbr. Is Hutch Dweller. 49 Utility com 91 literary la even if. 56 pops. Pany s Stork Radene. 12 _ fatuous 59 sailing vessel. In Trade. 93 wintry Road will 0�?T the 61 Eamon t 51 compress for a Tatu. Wisp. Domain. 3 min name abbr. 64 Cadis cheer. 65 Mideast merger. 66 finish the Job. 67 overcome. 68 italian Region. 69 Burden. 71 Calendar abbr. 72 in Harmony. 73 marry again. 73 w Ine Ribbera. 76 couple. 77 swell. 78 Fleshy fruit. 80 superfluity is 82 Angler Reward. 85 one of the Anderson. 86 Send bark. 88 a the Crow Aiea. 90 italian Lake. 91 Berlin Tong. 92 fabric. 95 Dame. 96 salamanders 98 Hare a an objective. 100 bide _. 101 repair. 102 see. 103 object of derision. 104 reverie position abbr. 105 cultivate. 106 Bucko partner. 10 7_ majesty. 108 Tom and Jerry. 110 College adventure violence in a novel Squaw Point. By r. H. Shortier. Harper. $5.95. There is an offbeat scene in this novel a the Western reaches of Alaska. It is an adventure Story full of violence. And it has some strange characters. There is Miro 3 russian aleut who supposedly is a Fisherman but actually is a smuggler. There is a wandering Volcan Logist and lecturer who visits the area to get material for his lectures. There also a psychotic evangelist and his death by murder is one of the plot twists. The main characters besides Miro Are neb a coast guard officer and gust a Young schoolteacher. Their Romance is complicated by Nell a attempts to run Down Miro who has engineered a coup in contraband Sealskin. As part of the atmosphere there is a tremendous storm that sweeps the Peninsula creating a crisis for everyone in the cast. This is a first novel and the author has used some alaskan experiences to enliven the narrative. It is a better first novel than the average. Latest doll game for grownups the word. By Irving Wall act. Simon a scholar. $7.95. Irving Wallace s latest paper doll game for grownups is a kind of Bible study course new testament played out against realistic coloured cutouts of Rome. Amsterdam mount Athos and Oak City wis. The gimmick is a new gospel discovered on crumbling papyrus in a roman Tomb. New things about Jesus life and teachings which went on longer than most suppose it Are revealed by his brother James writing just 15 years after his second crucifixion. Of course this discovery Calls for a new Bible. The big paper doll is Steven Randall a Public relations Man with problems. Problem one Randall a wife wants a divorce so she can marry their daughters shrink. Problem two Randall a father is dying. Problem three the tycoon who wants to add Randall apr firm to his conglomerate also wants to Tell Randall what accounts the firm will handle. Problem four some nut keeps phoning about a new Bible. And so the Good Book gets mixed up in one that a not so Good. When Randall takes on the Job of publicizing the new Bible he finds out what problems really Are. New problem one a Radical religious Leader Maertin de Vroome is Beck Bent on sabotaging the International top secret Bible publishing project. New problem two George l. Wheler Mastermind of the project a which All Call a resurrection two acts oddly obtuse when faced with certain crucial questions about the papyri. New problem three anger Monti daughter of the elusive archaeologist who unearthed the lost gospel new addition to Randall a bed and Bath is a liar and a traitor. Or is she new problem four. But a reviewer give away the plot. Irving Wallace is surely the Jekyll Hyde of the contemporary quasi literary scene. This Book s Back jacket parades the titles of Wallace s eight novels and his seven non fiction books. When he writes nonfiction Wallace a sentences purr like cunning constructed Well oiled Little aphorisms. But when he turns to fiction people plonk plots creak and words Clink on the inner ear like counterfeit coms. Read a the word of you want a Quick rundown on biblical archaeology modern protestant Hierarchy or the history of devils Island but not if you re bothered by the sight of a grown Man playing paper dolls. Rent a t. V. S3 50 Par wats ii ranted for 4 Waaks. Block amp Whit phone 888-7902 to deliver Tbs barn Pinne theatre it new Tork Cash n the Kacic Stace now playing a the lion in Winter comedy extra every wed night a a dinner music Wong s a Muse restaurant 2872 n. Main Tai. 885-8862 open 7 Days week swing the finest in chinese and american food orders to go Call 885-8862 outlier Fly exposure monday s guests mrs. 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A a Edge of night a one life to live a a a return to Peyton place 4 00 . A guide to love a Hazel a movie d Flintstones a Merv Griffin a love american style 4 30 . A Flintstones a Daniel Boone a Mist Erogers a Gilligan a Island a the munsters 5 00 . A big Valley 4j sesame Street j Petticoat Junction a Gilligan a Island 5 30 . A truth or cons. A 5 30 news cd Dick Van Dyke a what a my line a wild wild West Sis it i it 30 pm Bob Gordon theatre 00 pm circus capsule views of today s evening programs 3 00 . 2 aau International the fourth annual or. Martin Luther King Freedom games from Philadelphia and the International trampoline championships from Lafayette la. 4 00 . 12 the itinerary a special about the 20 years it took author Elie Wiesel to return to his Home after being released from a concentration Camp. Filmed in sight Romania and Jerusalem. 4 30 . 2 Danny Thomas Golf a Lee Trevino defends his title at the colonial country club in Memphis for the $175,000 purse event. 7 00 . 8 a Lassie a Lassie makes friends with a family of flying squirrels and rescues one from certain death. 7 30 . 2 sunday movies a the gentle giant a with Dennis Weaver Vera Miles Ralph Meeker and Clint Howard. The Story of a boy who befriends a Bear cub and rescues him from being slaughtered. 8 wild kingdom a summer of the 12 Disney part 2 of a Latta girl Kelly a a three part drama about the development and training of a seeing Eye dog. 8 00 . I the Fri Vinnie Paquette sex War hero hires out to Pilot a getaway helicopter for a robbery gang. 8 30 pm. 12 Jimmy Stewart will Geer guest stars As Uncle Everett a cheerful wanderer who takes Over the Howard household. 9 00 . I sunday movie Marlon Brando stars in this tense world War ii Story of intrigue aboard a German blockade runner bound from Japan to Germany with a precious Load of rubber. 12 a Bonanza a an assignment nearly costs Little Joe his life when an injured Lawman deputies him and makes him responsible for transporting an alleged killer to trial. 9 30 . 2 Cade s county Cade searches for the killer of a local Beauty Queen with an unsavoury past. 10 00 pm 12 the bold ones Carlos Estrada refuses a District attorneys Deal and insists his Only Way to Freedom is through the truth. 10 30 . 2 Channel 2 reports a the triad in 2000.�?� a look is taken at the local area at the end of the Century and what is Likely to happen with Anc without adequate planning. F

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