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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Ioc High feint Enterprise sunday May 21, 1972accuracy sometime seems to be sacrificed is Ralph Nader spreading himself too thin by g. David Wallace associated pros writer Washington a Ralph Nader sat in the office of one of his 13 study and action groups the bulletin Board behind him cluttered with covers from some of the 17 critical reports he has produced in the last three years. The scene suggested the question is Ralph Nader spreading himself too thin Quot you can spread yourself too Nader replied. A a we the president of first National City Bank target of one completed Nader report Ond another in Progress disagreed. A Ralph Nader is franchising himself like a Chain of Fried Chicken restaurants a said Walter Wriston. A i am struck by the Lack of balance and the existence of so Many said Dupont president Charles b. Mccoy after Nader teed off on Mccoy a company and its relations with the state of Delaware. Nader makes no claim that his reports Are balanced they Are. In fact intentionally one sided. A you done to give a burglar credit for not he says. Claims accuracy accuracy is something else. Nader prides himself on being fastidious with facts. His reputation for accuracy and the a Nader raiders technique gained Luster when his first report on the Federal Trade commission was followed by a american bar association report which echoed Nader robbers take in a year. Nader can go astray however. In a University of Utah speech for example he said Orange juice makers Rake in $150 million by watering their product and compared the sum to the $8 million Bank robbers Toke in a Vear. The sensational $150 million figure is suspect. Nader says now he was talking about a 10-year period. But he did t say so in his speech. Nader and his study groups do make errors. In some cases he admits it. What he does not concede is that the inaccuracies undermine the Validity of his criticism. In one Case for example the researchers on his Dupont report misinterpreted the $300 exemption for Federal taxes permitted Delaware residents in computing state taxes. The reports conclusion was a the super Rich pay almost no income tax to the Federal explained interpreting errors a your error in the Chart will be rectified in the published version a was Nader a response. A the study that a going to be cited by scholars in the Library is in the Nader a targets can take Little Consolation from that distinction however since its always a a preliminary draft that is released to newsmen and triggers a blast of nationwide publicity that can paint the subjects a s incompetent at Best and dishonest at worst. In surveying Nader s reports for a measure of his accuracy. The associated press chose his studies on the food and drug administration t h e a g r i c u lure department Dupont and Delaware. California and first National City Bank. The reports on the government agencies were chosen As recent examples of the Nader raiders approach first used against the Etc. The other three prompted the strongest complaints of inaccuracy. The Fra cited no specific errors. A your differences with or. Nader Are on matters of judgment rather than fact a said information officer Donald a. Berreth. Nader gets enthused when he talks about his raiders a wire Hoto the agriculture department said a no real formal a assessment had been attempted of the 450-Page Nader critique. It provided a list of 13 criticisms but there were no specific facts or figures to rebut Nader a conclusions. The response of first National City Bank was a we done to want to get involved in a shouting match with or. Dupont compiled a list of 43 alleged errors but was careful to stipulate that the list was based on a cursory review and was not All inclusive. Clear Cut mistakes of the errors listed 16 constituted Clear Cut mistakes the other cases were open to debate. Five of the mistakes resulted from Dupont a refusal to provide Nader researchers with figures on pollution from the firms 30-Yea a old reverses role to drop Back in school by Gale Tollin associated press writer Brooklyn Center Minn. Apr Carl Aldridge does no to really know Why he dropped out of High school in his Sophomore year but he figures it was a sense of responsibility which caused him to a a drop Back in at the age of 30. Aldridge married and the father of two sons was running a printing press in a Box factory when he decided last fall to go Back to school. A the Job was All right. I guess but i got to thinking one Day that it Wasny to where i wanted to work the rest of my life a he says. A i decided if i was going to do better maybe 1 should go Back to he had a family now. Aldridge said to himself and he had a a lot More responsibility. It takes responsibility to go to he still works in the Box Plant from 3 30 pm. Until Midnight five nights a week. He a up at 7 a in. Daily does his Homework while drinking a couple of cups of Coffee and is in school from 8 a m. Until 2 30 . Born and reared i n Carthage to. Carl went to school there until he dropped out near the end of his Sophomore year. He says its pretty hard now 13 years later to think of Why he quit school a i just did no to like it a he says. A i think you really have to want to go to school and i did no to. There were a lot of other things i wanted to Carl moved around. He lived in Missouri Arkansas. Kansas and Colorado. He worked in a Candy factory in a Gas station As a Cabinet maker As a Hospital janitor. He was in the army for two years and he did t utilize an Opportunity there to work toward a High school diploma. Eventually Aldridge wound up in Minnesota where he met and married Cheryl syke. Carl had worked at the Box factory for two years before he decided to try school again. The idea was his own. A i probably have done it if someone tried to push me into he says. Carl gets along with the other pupils and says a i guess they accepted me his wife says one thing in Carlos favor is that he does no to really look much older than the others. He says his teachers Many of them about his own age have treated him a just like the other Aldridge has had thoughts from time to time about quitting school. Its been quite a grind he admits and now and then he feels a Kinda dragged a a sometimes i ask is it really Worth it but in be stuck with it a he says. A this year actually has gone pretty fast. In be gone this far and there a no sense to quitting his wife says she s Quot really proud of Carl for going Back to school. A a in a be real disappointed if he quit a she adds. A i figure now while i have the time and am Able to is the time to go to school a says Carl Quot even if it crimps family maybe a High school diploma wont Lead him to a better Job Carl says a but ill still have the self satisfaction in knowing that i completed something i wanted to Bruning Riffitt seater a �?�1 ii m Ash pts exterior big Stew up time with Bruning Oil or acrylic House paint in j both paints Ideal for the do it yourself Painter looking for years and years of protective service. Both paints come in an array of colors suggested retail 9.9 5gal. Uffman now Gil painting Wall coverings of 762 n. Main St. Tel. 882-8147 Edgemoor Plant near Wilmington. The researchers then turned to newspaper clippings. The published figures had never been questioned by Dupont but after the Nader report appeared the firm released figures that showed Nader was wrong. Another Clear Cut error involved Nader a charge that Dupont supported an exclusive coastal land use Bill in the Delaware legislature in an Effort to keep out industries which would compete with Dupont in the labor Market. Dupont in fact had opposed the Bill and lobbied against it. Nader also charged that Dupont selected Wilmington a development plan to Circum be it a a Federal interference through a government sponsored plan. The minority Enterprise program was selected by the Independent Black Alliance. Another Section charged a the More expert an employee becomes in an area the More he May be limiting his employment options because he cannot use elsewhere information or techniques used at to buttress the charge the report cited one Case a researcher who helped develop a unique process took a Job with a competitor. Dupont obtained an injunction barring the researcher from using expertise gained at Dupont. Left out left unmentioned in the report however was Frank Martinez a former Dupont Glassblower who devised the glassware for a cheaper More efficient system of chemical analysis called Gas Chromo Topography. Martinez became a wealthy Man after setting up his own firm. Dupont a could have made it unpleasant if they wanted to a Martinez said but the company made no attempt to interfere. Nader a associates who interviewed him a did no to want to hear anything Good a a Martinez said. How significant Are the errors in the Dupont report a is that All they could find a asked Nader who ranks the study with a water wasteland a a report on water pollution As the two Best his task forces have done. A we could have found too errors a said k e n n e t y Jacobson of Dupont Public relations. A we Don t want to play a numbers game. The Point is the report is a Sloppy criticism of the California report has been As widespread As the reports charges were wide ranging. Since no one has acted As a Clearing House for errors As in the Dupont report a mathematical rating of Nader a accuracy was impossible to come by. The complaints however followed a pattern similar to the Dupont experience. Clearly wrong Nader was clearly wrong for example in reporting that rep. John e. Moss d-calif., hosted a meeting of lobbyists trying to Block a state land use Bill and that Moss telephoned California legislators to urge defeat of the Bill. Nader admitted the error in a letter to Moss. State controller Houston Flournoy accused Nader of mistakenly charging that it. Gov. De Reinecke a member of the state lands commission took part in a decision favourable to one of Reinecker a Campaign contributors. But the report did no to say that it merely questioned the propriety of a government Board composed of members a who require massive contributions to win assemblyman William Bagley denied he roomed As asserted by Nader with a utilities lobbyist while Bagley was chairman of a powerful committee. Bagley confirmed however that he had roomed with the Man while the be ready for every summer for years to come add air conditioning to your forced air heating system Matching Cooling Coil Carrier new better lower priced equipment from Carrier air conditioning company plus our sales momentum Combine to give you the lowest costs Ever on air conditioning. Call us for a no obligation quote on years of Comfort. We do our own installation service and can handle financing. Authorized Carrier dealer Purcell Supply co. 725 w. Green or. Phone 882-1411 sch lobbyist was doing contract work for other special interests. Nader appears to be at the mercy of his researchers even though he claims responsibility for everything which goes out under his name. A you could have Einstein writing the report and id read it if my name was on it a he said. Loose control but the California reports chapter on water which is flawed in several important respects is an example of How widely Nader sometimes is separated from the original research. Robert Fellmeth who worked on the Etc report supervised the c a i i f o r n i a study. The chapter on water was written by Keith Roberts who was Active in the Sierra club and its fight against the state water project that the report criticized. Roberts in turn had students doing some research for him. The report claimed that the project which would eventually carry water from san Francisco Bay and Northern coastal Rivers to Southern California was a Bonanza for big landowners at the expense of Small water users. This was supported by a Chart taken from a 1959 Survey by project opponents representing ownership of land in the area to be served. William Gianelli. Director of i the state department of water resources saw the figures before the report was released and warned author Roberts that the Chart inflated land holdings five times Over figures Gianelli had available. Nader a task Force rejected Gianellis figures and said their own Survey backed the 1959 table. But Standard Oil a major landholder in the area had provided its acreage to the task Force and the figures contradicted the Chart. In two other instances the water report was Loose with figures. Both involved the Colorado Aqueduct which has carried water from t h e Colorado River to Southern California since 1942. Report inflated the report inflated by to times the amount of Money customers save on Low Cost water which is pumped into underground basins when Low demand gives the Aqueduct unused capacity. The report called the savings a subsidy a description that water officials dispute. The Nader report s estimate on the Cost of Denali sized water As an alternative to the Colorado water was Only a third of what available technical studies indicate the Cost would be. The Nader report cited no source for its estimates. The report also accused the metropolitan water District of overestimating the need for water in Southern California in planning for the Colorado Aqueduct. But it omitted mention of the fact that the Aqueduct is running at capacity nine years before it was expected to do so Nader a report went on to accuse the state department of water resources o f deceiving the Public citing i news reports at the time of a vote on a project Bond Issue that referred to it As a $2.8 billion venture. The report complained that the figure did not include the Cost of inflation and interest which raised the Price tag to $10 billion. Figures disputed the department did not withhold the figures. The Bond Issue was first cleared by the state Assembly and two of that body a documents one the product of 27 Public hearings in 14 cities noted that the interest and inflation charges were not included in the $2.8 billion estimate. Nader dismissed the committee report As a obscure legislative documents a and complained that the controversy generated by the California report has obscured Points that have gone a refuted. It has been suggested that the California report encountered so much criticism because it sniped at so Many targets. If so the same Fate looms for another report underway. Fellmeth is following his work on California with a report on the . Congress and its 535 potential counter attackers. Choice is it hair styles by qualified personnel by appointment 1109 Jan no in to �?��?�1-014 �?��?�1-4 i e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e e suicide drug information Cau i Contact n882-8121 we re Here to help you 24 hrs. 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