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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 19, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Ford interviewed High Point Enterprise sunday May 19, 1974 7a from Page i a get an evaluation from them certain excerpts you can each May have a different reason for asking for resignation. I think that congressman Charles Mosher a Ohio had one of the Best statements on that. He opposes the use of the 25th amendment which i strongly oppose. He opposes the president voluntarily resigning which i do. He says he opposes the presidents resignation to make things easier for Republican candidates. I Don t know what Impact his resignation would have on the party so i would t pass judgment on that. He agrees As i do that there ought to be the judicial process carried through to the conclusion. The Point i m trying to make is everybody has their own reason for suggesting resignation so i done to think you can generalize. Q. What role Are you playing now your background is in the House you know the House members Are you playing a mediators role a. My role is to speak my piece at numerous press conferences which i do. And if the Opportunity presents itself. To Point out Why i think resignation is the wrong approach Why i think the constitutional process ought to continue and i strongly urge that members at this stage not say whether they re for or against. After All they re in effect jurors and until they be had All the evidence its premature now for members either to suggest resignation or indicate How they re going to vote. Q. Are you trying to influence votes in direct Contact with members of Congress a. Well i done to hesitate to express my own View. Whether that has an Impact or not you a have to ask them. They know my views and if they ask me i speak out very strongly which is simply that. The evidence in be seen and i done to think there la be much More the weight of the evidence overwhelmingly indicates to me the president neither knew of the watergate break in i done to think anyone alleges he knew that and. He had no knowledge of the cover up until then White House counsel John Dean told him March 21. Now you can take take certain sentences and i guess a skillful lawyer could build a Case. But if you take All of the evidence in my judgment the overwhelming weight of the evidence is in favor of the president. Q. Have you also done any lobbying with the president and within the White House for release of additional information a. I have persistently urged release of the tapes earlier and As completely As possible. And i strongly believed in operation Candor. There a a disagreement on whether that helped or not. I think the broader the cooperation the better it is for the president. Q. Sen. Barry Coldwater a Ariz said recently that he believed if the president were impeached he would resign rather than undergo a Senate impeachment trial. A. I know of no evidence. That the president would resign under any circumstances. Q. If the president survives the impeachment crisis do you think he can recover Public support and govern effectively a. I think it depends upon a number of Domestic and foreign policy issues. I think if the president and Henry Kissinger Are successful in the Middle East which i certainly Hope and i think the prospects Are family encouraging i think that would be most helpful. The Public. Their views move Back and Forth very quickly and there still is no better Issue for any president than peace particularly if they have the impression that he is the principal architect of it. So if any major development in this area takes place i think that would substantially help the president vis a vis Public opinion. In anything involving Domestic problems i concede those Are going to be less dramatic because you done to turn a spigot and end inflation. That a probably a difficulty we re going to have with us for some time of the Economy stays Strong if unemployment does t go up. If people Are feeling happier about their economic prospects i think that would help but not As dramatically As something involving peace. Judiciary panel ponders culpability Washington apr the evidence presented to the House judiciary committee in its impeachment proceedings so far raises the question a is a president responsible for the conduct of his subordinates a the answer at least in the minds of the 38 members of the committee could be an important Factor in deciding whether they recommend the impeachment of president Nixon for four Days now they have been Given a detailed presentation of evidence entering More on former White House aides than on Nixon. The activities of More than a score of the people around Nixon have been traced through the watergate break in the cover up the collecting of Money and its payment to watergate defendants the Senate watergate committee and grand jury investigations and the trials resulting from it All. The failure of the evidence to involve Nixon directly has heartened his supporters and led to comments that the will Nixon Hurt gop Washington a George Bush chairman of the Republican National committee says he is doubtful that the gop would be better off if president Nixon were not in the White House next november. He acknowledged that watergate is causing him More concern than Ever before and that in the five special House elections this year in which democrats took four seats that had been held by republicans watergate a measured out to be More of an issues than anticipated. Asked if the republicans would be better off if Nixon were not in office next november when elections Are held he said a i have my doubts. The easy Quick answer would be that obviously the party is better the party could a indeed be better off in the fall As Long As the constitutional procedures surrounding impeachment continue to work regardless of result he said in an interview this week. However stating that speculation Over impeachment and the future of the party a seems to Divide rather than unite a a Bush said he was confident Nixon would finish his full term in office. A i have not had the feeling disturbing As the tone of the tapes has been that it has brought him any closer to impeachment a said Bush. Bush said a it will not be a plus to have to Campaign while the watergate coverup trials Are taking place in Washington next autumn. He said the republicans would also be hampered in the autumn elections because a the things that clearly we can take credit for Are less penetrating than watergate. Recalling that the draft had been terminated during president Nixon a tenure and that direct United states involvement in Vietnam was ended he said that peace was Only an Issue during a period of War and that a the draft is an Issue when you have it not when you done to have he indicated a massive Campaign on a line similar to the democrats National fundraising telethon was being considered to boost gop chances. The National party organization Bush said is a exploring ways of going Public to get the Republican Story into As Many households As possible through Bush sees himself in a difficult position because of watergate. He must stress that a the party in separate the party deplores it the party was not involved in but he can to let watergate a obscure my judgment of the party or the administration a he said. Committee is finding nothing that could Lead to his impeachment. The committee resumes its inquiry tuesday still behind closed doors. Vice president Gerald r. Ford said in an interview this past week that he thinks there is an even Chance the. Committee will vote to impeach Nixon. But As for the impeachment Resolution passing the full House Ford said a i think at the moment the president could probably win in the House a 4 to 3 ratio something like in another interview Republican party chairman George Bush said he is confident Nixon will finish his full term in office. When asked if the republicans would be better off if Nixon were not in office next november when elections will be held. Bush said a i have my if the House votes for impeachment then the president would stand trial in the Senate. The idea that a president can be impeached for acts of his subordinates is by no Means universally accepted on the House committee. The basis for such an article of impeachment was spelled out by James Madison who had As much to do As anyone with drafting the impeachment provision in the Constitution. In the first Congress arguing for the right of a president to fire members of the executive Branch As Well As hire them he said a i think it absolutely necessary that the president should have the Power of removing from office it will make him in a Peculiar manner responsible for their conduct and subject him to impeachment himself if he suffers them to perpetrate with impunity High crimes or misdemeanours against the United states or neglects to superintend their conduct so As to Check their excesses. On the constitutionality of the declaration i have no manner of ten former Nixon administration or re election Campaign committee officials have pleaded guilty to or been convicted of crimes. Seven others have been indicted by the watergate grand jury and Are awaiting trial. 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