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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 19, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Realty transfers High Point Enterprise sunday May 19, 1974 9d april 24, 1974 a Voin High Point vows ship Hozell Dukes it Al to housing and Urban development lot j. C. Elliott subdivision. Arvil j. Kirk it Al to housing and Urban development lots b. M. Armfield property. Thompson enterprises inc. To Ralph w. Frick and wife lot fielder est. William m. Hunsucker and wife to Bessie a Hunsucker property Osborne Street Robert j. Brown it Al to associates inc., 7 04 acres Greensboro Road and additional tracts. John Haworth and wife to Denland development corp lot Denland development corp property. E. B Beck to Grover l. Coe and wife property 300 Highland ave. Michael b. Votsch to Albert p. Gray and wife lot Beau rest court. Victor r Votsch to Albert p. Gray and wife lot Beau rest court Teresa Votsch to Albert p. Gray and wife lot Beau rest court. Rudolph l. Votsch to Albert p. Gray and wife lot Beau rest court. Ervin co to Charles l. Sumner and wife lot fielder est. David a Butler and wife to Daisy f. Weaver lot e d. Turner plat Charles s. Weaver and wife to Carolyn w. Hughes lot e. D. Turner plat. Jamestown township Thurmond a Richardson and wife to Lewis g Thompson and wife lot random Woods William m Blakejr and wife to Damon i. Wright and wife lot Garfield subdivision Jacob Harris and wife to Timothy e. Moss and wife lots Jallen Austin property. Marvin w Williams and wife to Kenneth e Irvin and wife lot Oakdale subdivision j. R. Lewallen and wife to a r. Green and wife lot Canterbury Forest. And Newton plat Robert w. Conner and wife to Sara p. Corpening lot Hayworth property. Robert w. Conner and wife to James r Stanton jr., lot Hayworth property. Robert w. Conner and wife to Elizabeth h. Conner lot Hayworth property. James c. Montgomery it Al to Jeter w. Montgomery lot Clark Lambeth lands. Velma r. Smith to Roy w. Smith and wife lot Jacob White subdivision and additional tract. Garland r. Welborn and wife to Bobby g. West and wife lot peace property. Sanford l. Mauldin and wife to m amp m builders inc., lots Brentwood school Park. Jamestown township Clay i. Call and wife to Roy w. Leach and wife lot Sycamore Hills. Wachovia Bank and Trust co. It Al to Tyre g. Madison jr., lots Brookwood subdivision. Jeffrey a. Masline and wife to James e. Harris and wife lots Forestdale subdivision. Deep River township r n. Linville it Al to William a Malone and wife lot Millstone estates. Building materials Are scarce by Vivian Brown a new features writer the saturday morning Wake up and build something set May be disappointed come Good weather. be motivated to brandish their saws. They May have the time and inclination for a do it yourself Job but the local lumber Yard May be unable to accommodate their needs for materials. They May be in the same bind As local builders and april 25, High pc 1974 Point township Francis e Kellam to Harold w. Cole and wife lot Francis e. Kellam property. High Point housing development corp to Sammie g Steele or. And wife lot. Ernest l. Bennett property. City properties to Richard v. Thompson and wife lot Farmington Forest City properties to George w. Caldwell and wife lot Farmington Forest. April 30,1974 highpoint township Claude e Smith or. And wife to William c Satterfield and wife lot w. C. Jones estate Herbert l. Clodfelter to Herbert l. Clodfelter and wife lot Spring Valley. Wilborn r Malpass and wife to Gerald b Johnson and wife lot Pinewood development. Homer t. Hudson it Al to Donald a. Horne and wife lot j. N Campbell plat Ralph e. Osborne and wife to Grady Horne and wife lot or. A j. Hamlin s development Archie l Brown and wife to Jerry w. Camp and wife lot. Fieldstone. Dennis l. Honeycutt and wife to David m Shank and wife lot Wiltshire subdivision Jerry b Boyd and wife to Gerald f. Aldridge and wife lot Wiltshire subdivision. Deep River township Donald Bowden and wife to r. W. Adams and wife i 02 acres. Mav 1,1974 High porn township Horhing authority of the City of High Point to Security housing inc., property s Centennial Street Dolphus e Kennedy and wife to Lithe t Queen property 1503 e Green or. Stroud Mincey inc to John t games and wife property 1503 e. Green or. Wilson e. Hudspeth or and wife to Claude r Carrier and wife lot Reeveland subdivision. Westminster co. To Nido Qubein condominium unit Eastchester Village. May 2,1974 High Point township Blanche r Hill Osworth to Katie z. Dockery lot five Points. High Point insurance and real estate co. Property. Mayest co to Alice j Brown lot Bascom h Osborne re subdivision Ervin co. To Marvin l Arnold and wife lot fielder est subdivision. Spence and Lester inc to George m. Ellis and wife lot Cambridge subdivision. Arthur n royals and wife to r a Phipps and son inc., property High Point. John d Honeycutt and wife to Frank a. Roberts and wife lot fielder est. W. R. Morrow or. It Ai to Donn r. Vaughan and wife lot Roland Park. Jamestown township Belk and Albertson land developers inc. To waiter o Meredith and wife to 17 acres Millis farm. Belk and Albertson land developers inc to Orville e Frazier and wife to 34 acres Millis farm. Deep River township Arthur s Bryant and wife to Mary j. Atkins one acre state Road h4i Suzanne s. Hill to Donald w Hill lot Quail Meadows May 6,1974 High Point township l a Skeen and wife to Edward l. Williard and wife. 411 acres skeet club Road w. Paul Weaver and wife to High Point College inc lots Willo bar Terrace Bobbie s. Richardson to r. H. Richardson lot High Point Industrial Park William w Alston and sons inc to Bernard t. Alston and wife lot Wade q. A one of your readers recently recommended cleaning the Grout Between a bathroom floor tiles with a mixture of ammonia water bleach and Lemon juice. The bottle of bleach i have in my Homes says it should not be mixed with Amonia. What goes a. A a checkup shows that most types of bleach should not be mixed with ammonia. Even though the Reader said he had used the solution for years with Good results disregard his recommendation. The mixture can cause toxic fumes. Q. A the attic in our House has never been finished. Now we want to make it into two rooms and possibly a bathroom. Can you Tell me How to bring the heat up to the attic a. A even if you had Given All the details necessary to advise you properly it would take a Book to discuss How this should be handled you will need professional help. It will be minor Job if the builder brought heating lines up to the attic As Many do a major Job if he did not. Q. A i have to use some Wood glue in an area where there is quite a bit of moisture. My son has some vegetable glue on hand that he used for Model work. Can this be used a. Vegetable glue has Little moisture resistance. You will need a glue that is Waterproof. Be sure it uses the word Waterproof on the Container. Q. A what a the Best Way to take up an old wooden threshold it s the kind that seems to run under the doorframe. A. A take off the door Stop a the vertical moulding along the door Jamb. With most types of thresholds this will enable you to pry them up. If this does t work with your threshold you will have to split it with a chisel and then remove it in pieces. Q. A we moved into a new House six months ago. Quite a few cracks have developed in the plaster Wall Over two doors. I know How to Patch plaster but i think the builder is responsible and that he should do it. Am i right a. A cracks of this nearly always Are due to settlement of the House framework and Are not the fault of the builder. However whether it is his responsibility to fix it depends on the kind of agreement you have with him and the local Laws. Regardless of the agreement and the Laws some builders will undertake to fix the cracks if you have lived in the House less than a year. Have you checked with him carpenters who Are finding lumber Yard cupboards Are often Bare any Day of the week. In fact materials Are Iso scarce and prices fluctuating so rapidly that Connecticut workmen can give estimates that Are Good for Only two Days. A an example of Price change is a Job i planned to do in my own House a said builder Bob ailing of Bethal. A i wanted some panelling and it went up from $9.75 a Sheet to $14.75 while i was thinking about it Over a weekend. A on order it May take a month or six weeks to get some materials carpenters insist. But another time they can pick it up right away. A a part of the trouble is that Yards done to want to keep too much expensive Stock on hand. They must keep it moving so you get what they Are making available a said Bob Bass of Georgetown. Sometimes a supplier will Tell builders something is ordered but the Price he has quoted will hold for Only two weeks. It holds up making estimates and even completing jobs. If Asphalt shingles Are ordered it might take six weeks one builder insists. Right now there is a Scarcity of a joint Clear Pine that is Devoe ii paint Quot the colors of Tho 70 a Quot All colors All paints All accessories Oken i s 30 he i on sat Larkins 2821 Westchester or. At Fork of English Road Wall covering Complete lines of thousands of Wall covering patterns and Matching fabrics from leading manufacturers. Paint and Wall covering Call 882-2721 morgans expert Fence co. Gerald Morgan # installed fencing 7 year experience a is Hoyle Morgan or. Quot Fence 11 years experience e Bank financing e locally owned amp operated a Quot Zzz r. A Tiff Call 882-0797 for free estimate on y0ur l0ti sorry we can t estimate installed work in phone. We most see the ground on which Pence is to be built la i4 v used in wainscoting and the like. Substituting two builders a managed to get a few pieces of no. 2 Pine for one Little Job. Select Wood is just about out of the question right now in their area they say although cheaper Woods a hem fir and the like a Are available. In commenting on the shortage of materials one Large lumber Yard spokesman explained a it is no longer a buyers Market. Recently we get Sheet Rock or insulation of any kind. And during the Winter months we get anything related to fireplaces a grates andirons free standing fireplaces. A select Stock Clear Pines and Clear redwoods Are hard to get. The uncertainty of the Market is keeping us from stocking Large quantities of materials. Wed rather let wholesalers Stock it at their warehouses even though we must wait two or More weeks to get orders another Yard predicts that roofing materials will be in Short Supply because roofing is made from crude Oil a and a lot of pitch is spokesman pointed out adding a i just got in a lot of Asphalt shingles. I waited two Days to place an order and meanwhile the Price went up to and one half per the supplier told them a the increase in goods is not a Labot Factor that Rise will come As a Long time source for do it yours Elfers the Yard spokesman predicts a there wont be much do it yourself Inge this season. Things can Only get worse he insists. Another lumber Yard has been having a serious troubles for More than a a a in be had lots of problems trying to get insulation and i can to get polyethylene which Are used with Concrete for moisture barriers. A i can t pinpoint the reasons Why i am not getting certain things. There seems to be a different excuse for the shortage of each thing a he explained. Fortunately people seem it o understand the predicament the builders Point out. In addition to Price increases in materials and the delays however a lot of a Gas is used making estimates on jobs picking up lumber in different towns and so on. Such Cost factors Are reflected in Job estimates and Many men in the building trades Are at Leisure. As for a do it yours Elfer a this Best bet is to anticipate what he might want to do and order the materials now. He might even be Lucky enough to find the thing he needs on hand we can to predict the Market from Day to Day a said a lumber Yard Man. Prices have for some been t i or. E clip Nti ing that i Al n Al in ii in we have Complete Home furnishings in lighting fixtures decorative mirrors Medicine cabinets. Stop by our showroom and choose from our Large selection on display. Timmy sales inc. Jamestown . Located behind Duke Power amp melt open Mon. Fri. 8-5 a sat. 8 30 phone 454-3442 or 454-3712 in $150,000 says he a a dead Duck. When Termini guarantees to rid your Home of termites we Back up our claim with cold Cash. We can in most cases offer you a termite Protection plan. As Long As you maintain it Termini guarantees to repair any new subterranean termite damage to the premises covered up to $150,000. Termites Are Tricky. You May never see them until their damage is done. It will pay you to get a professional termite inspection now. Phone today. 882-3522. 2401 n. Main St. Termini nth Natl of a the nationwide pest control experts. Snow lumber company 200 builder marts where service and Quality Are guaranteed Quot get More for your Money unconditionally guarantied builder Mart paints professional Latex Wall paint this paint is a High hiding Latex that will completely cover any similar color with one coat when it is applied at the rate of 400 Square feet per gallon. Ones lost and will clean up easily with Soop and water. Remodel now and. Honit guarantee is 4 Etc a in # be. Or a in earn ski be a a a Eye or a a a. 3 t i % free estimates Complete Home building service plan material contractor and financing assistance it All Here in one place. The easy Quick and economical Way to build a Home. Investigate our facilities before you make arrangements for building. We can save you Money and give you greater satisfaction. Finish an attic a do a bedroom everything to build anything Quot Quality Mill work Quot refinished panelling Lauan finish it will really Surprise you to know How Little it costs to panel your Den or living room. We carry a wide assortment of Beautiful finishes that will Giva your Home added Charm. Quot see our Large display of panelling Quot a let us help you a flooring i wooo siding Concrete Hocks i mortar Mil Interior a exterior doors roofing 4 supplies Interior 4 exterior door units pressure treated lumber nails special mouldings Sheet Rock ceiling tile screen product it window units serving builders Home owners contractors Quot Lef us help you19 forming lumber storm doors mouldings plywood finished lumber Oak flooring hardboard specially items insulation mouldings flue lining a Brick you can do a professional looking Job on outdoor projects. No mess no guess. Just add water Sak Rete 2io ready to use products Sand $ mix Concrete $1 95 mix i Al where service and Quality Are guaranteed to Snow lumber company 882-3396 200 e. Springdale is Imi

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