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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 19, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise sunday morning May 19, 1974. Section c inflation no Factor this corporation s for pupils l r Cathy therrell Alice Prevette Debbie Woodward and Jane Harllee in Lester Hill sales and warehouse departments at Andrews High school supposedly the company manufactures institutional supplies for hotels a soap linens and other accessories. At Lester Hill there is a warehouse department but no warehouse or inventory. There is a traffic department to handle shipping but no shipping there is an accounting department but no Money and there is a sales department but nothing to sell. A i feel that the main Benefit of the exercise says mrs. Tobin a is that the students will get the experience of working in an office. True this is not a real office. But it is As much like an office As we can make mrs. Tobin Calls the fictitious firm a a simulated office environment. Working time is Only one Quarter As Long As an Ordinary business Day taking up the entire two hour instructional Block allowed mrs. Tobin s class each morning. In the afternoons the students get further practical experience. Each is required to have a Job in a Community business or do part time work at school to fulfil the course requirements. The mock corporation exercises lasts Only nine weeks. During the rest of firm students Are familiarized with the business world through lectures textbook assignments and instruction in the operation of office equipment. An order placed to Lester Hill from a a a customer originates from mrs. Tobinus order Book which is part of the Mcgraw Hill package. She refers each order to Tal Idata that s the arbitrary designation Given the outside world. For mrs. Tobin s students Tal Idata photos by Mark Austin represents the customers who place orders at Lester Hill. It also serves As the suppliers who provide raw materials and the Bank that receives deposits from the company. Three people handle All of the functions of Tal Idata. In future mock corporations mrs. Tobin plans to put More of her students in the Tal Idata Section a we have three Billing clerks in the accounting department Quot she explains. A one of these people will probably be in Tal Idata next when an order reaches Lester Hill from the a a customer it is first sent to the sales department Cathy therrell manager and Jane Harllee and Tammy Hampton order clerks. It goes from there to the warehouse depart ment Karen Metters warehouse manager Alice Prevett. Purchasing clerk and Debbie Woodward Stock control clerk. From the warehouse department the order goes to the traffic department Judy Horner manager Jan Bizzell clerk. Before returning to Tal Idata the order is dispatched to the accounting department accounting has the largest number of employees a Cindy Drezner. Manager Joyce Wiley accounts payable. Carolyn Flowers accounts receivable Adrienne Biggs payroll clerk Ellen Yahya cashier and Sharon Atkins Cindy Seagraves and Jennell Page Billing clerks. The Tal Idata employees who operate out of a room separate from the others Are Susan Moore manager and Ray Smith and Elaine Hassapelis representatives. As an order moves through the organization. It undergoes modifications at each step. At the beginning of the corporation exercise says mrs. Tobin the changes Are relatively simple becoming More complicated As the students proficiency improves. Most who handle orders Are also required to make records As they Are processed through the department. Before the semester is Over mrs. Tobin expects to have completed 240 orders. As teacher of the class she bears the title of president of Lester Hill corporation the textbook recommends that there be no president instead the authors suggest that the instructor serve As executive vice president since there is a student teacher. Mrs. Linda Beeson acting As executive vice president however there is room for an audit onal top administrative officer. One of the students. Craig Owens is the general manager of the firm. There is also a receptionist Meloney stack who operates an authentic switchboard provided by North state Telephone co. What about grading a in most classes Good grades Are considered rewards for achievement. For students who participate in the mythical corporation exercise the rewards tor work Well done Are almost tangible. On the last Day of each week. Every employee receives a payroll Check the amount of which depends on How promptly neatly and accurately he has performed his assigned duties. Unfortunately the Check is negotiable Only at the end of the semester when mrs Tobin dispenses grades. Kay Smith operates calculator profits by Ven Carver Enterprise staff writer within the Lester Hill corporation there Are four departments that employ a total of 18 people. And in the world outside of Lester Hill there Are a total of three people. Absurd if the corporation existed the foregoing would indeed be nonsense. But Lester Hill is Only a myth created by the textbook publishing firm Mcgraw Hill and enacted locally by the cooperative office education students of mrs. Betsy Tobin. Mrs. Tobin teaches at t. Wingate Andrews High school. Through the efforts of her 21 students the Lester Hill corporation came to life six weeks ago. It will die at the end of the semester a that is until next year. Susan Moore checks books Lack mayor shakes up Rowan county town by Ven Carver Enterprise staff writer East Spencer Reginald Massey had his Day at the ballot Box last november and he had his Day in court last thursday. Both times he came out the Winner. In his fifth month As mayor of East Spencer Massey is the first Black chief executive in the town s history. He is 27 years old a family Man. And a recent graduate of Livingston College in nearby Salisbury. Appearing in Rowan county District court last week Massey culminated Only the most recent of several Stormy episodes that have occurred since he took office. Charged with carrying a concealed weapon the mayor had his Case dismissed for Lack of evidence. The incident for which he was cited happened last month at a Bowling Alley just outside of East Spencer. While there a gun Massey was allegedly carrying in his pocket discharged. After the incident he contended that he was serving As a member of the towns auxiliary police Force and that he was therefore entitled to carry a gun. A ruling from the state attorney general s office however dismissed his claim and the Rowan county sheriff s dept then lodged the concealed weapons charge. The mayors troubles began last fall just after his candidacy became known. Employed at the time by a local automobile Dealership Massey was promptly relieved of his Job. His explanation for the mysterious turn of events he does t have one really at least not one that will relate publicly. A they said they were laying me off a a he recalls. A business was bad. They had a gasoline shortage. Small cars were in demand that they Couldst get. So they had to Cut Back on the staff. They also stated that As soon As business picked up they would hire me subsequently reports Massey several other salesmen were taken on by the same dealer but he has heard no overtures concerning re employment. A sociology graduate from Livingstone Massey was fairly Distant from his major Field at the Auto Agency. He worked there As one might expect strictly out of economic necessity. Since his Layoff moreover he has had no other Job outside of holding the office of mayor. The salary comes to 1500 per year. Obviously More than a Mere in convenience to him. The mayor s financial situation is still a relatively minor problem compared to some of the other challenges he has faced while in office. Massey has had one political Sizzler after another thrown at him during his Brief administration. For instance immediately after he and the Black majority on the town Board of aldermen were elected one of the White members of the Board resigned though protesting that his resignation was for a personal reasons and was not racially inspired the departing member nevertheless left deep suspicions about the True circumstances behind his sudden decision to leave. Massey managed to resolve the Issue with relatively Little disquiet. He simply appointed another White Man to take the departing Alderman a place. But other events during Massey s term have stirred up a bit More passion. For example immediately after taking office he instructed the auxiliary police Force which was integrated at the time to turn in their equipment. Most of the citizens interpreted this move As an arbitrary dismissal and they were mad. Their conclusion was erroneous the mayor says. Then Why were the nine members of the auxiliary Force Given such an unexpected command one of the chief objectives of his and mayor Massey ministration mayor Massey asserts is to have a a very Fine and intelligent police to that end he thought it prudent to have All members examined by the Board of Alderman s police committee. Massey does not serve on the committee and he says he did not attend the meetings when the committee s interrogations of the auxiliary officers took place. The questions asked he says included such fundamental inquiries As a How do you enjoy working for the town a and a How do you feel about the administration you Are working for a in other words the mayor wanted to know whether the members of the Force could work in Harmony with a Black Boss. Following the hearings before the police committee All nine of the auxiliary officers who serve the town without pay were invited to return to their posts. The really big controversy to confront Massey however was yet to come. About two months after assuming office he got into a Wrangle with the town s Young police chief 26-year-old Paul Wilson. Wilson was responsible for directing the town s three Man including himself regular Force As Well As the auxiliary patrol. Because of the differences that arose Between the mayor and the chief Massey wished to have the chief ousted. As mayor he had no authority to effect the dismissal on his own. In order to get rid of Wilson he needed a favourable vote of the town Board. The dispute Over the chief generated More activity on the part of the aldermen than any other incident in the recent history of the town according to local sources. Three meetings were held the first week of March the final one at the towns school auditorium to accommodate the throngs of spectators. Massey won the decision like Many of the others during his administration the vote was three to three by the aldermen who divided along strict racial lines. The mayor voted to break the tie and Wilson a Fate was sealed. What were the issues Massey insists that there were legitimate reasons for dismissing Wilson As the chief of police. The suspicion locally however is that the mayor wanted to replace Wilson with a Black Man. Indeed the new chief is Black a 22-year Veteran of the towns police department John Rustin. The list of grievances against Wilson included an alleged discrepancy in the town s gasoline accounts a matter later traced to incomplete accounting procedures lax enforcement of the dog ordinance inconsistent patrolling of the streets of East Spencer and a dispute Over ranks for auxiliary patrolmen there were also suggestions that Wilson showed disrespect to a member of the Board of aldermen and that he assumed some City responsibilities that do not normally fall to the police chief. Additionally a clash occurred Over the certification of one of the members of the town s permanent constabulary. Other controversies have also Arisen including in attempt by a citizens group to have one member of the Board of aldermen removed from office. They claimed that the Rev. James w. A nuwame a Seminary student at Livingstone College was not a resident of East Spencer. The authenticity of their claim has not yet been determined. Despite the tempestuous inaugural months of his administration Massey does not seem a Radical judging from both his manner and his rhetoric. He does t appear to think much of revolution As a Means of effecting change. A i can remain a social worker and remain in politics a he says a being that one can be More effective inside the institution instead of working on the outside of without reservation he adds that the Best place tor him to operate is within the generally reviled a Power East Spencer is a town of just Over 2.-000 situated on the City limits of Salisbury. Most of the people about 1.300 Are Black. Why have the Blacks not taken control before now a i think maybe Blacks have been oppressed in past assesses Massey. A and it s not something that happened 50 years ago it just happened yesterday. Especially in the South Black people still have a tendency to hold Back. They say a they White officials Are Down there. They re going to do w hat they want to do anyway. By should i go to the polls and despite the fact All of the Board members and the mayor himself were unopposed an unusually Large number 500 of voters turned out in november the reason Massey explains is the local system to determine tenure on the Board of aldermen the top three vote getters Are elected to four year terms and the last three sit on the Board for Only two years. All of the Blacks Are serving four year terms except Massey who As mayor must stand for re election every two years regardless of the number of votes he receives besides his changes at the police department what else has the mayor accomplished he and the Board of aldermen have shored up the water Billing system so that the town is no longer losing Money on water collections. On a related matter the town is also spending a half minion dollars in Federal Revenue sharing Money to upgrade the water system other projects include improved Street lighting and greater attention to streets in previously neglected areas of town. Massey plans to add recreation facilities As Well including a possible $100,000 municipal Park. In the meantime he has received both encouragement and some financial support it from two other Black elected officials in North Carolina a Chapel Hill mayor Howard Lee and Henry Frye representing Guilford county in the general Assembly. Both Are democrats like him. Does Massey have future political plans pausing a moment to reflect he replies a i do i think that this is just a starting Point for me being that if i am Able to do my work do my Job and really get the support of the people i will be Able to do the things that will help the Community As such or the state or whatever it May be i think that i will remain in a rated movies Are hit in nation s Small towns by Terry Ryan associated press writer Harlan Iowa apr a a in a setting my standards at the Box office a a says Al Woodraska owner of the Harlan theater the Only movie House in town. A that s what pays the to help pay the Bills Woodraska is showing a rated movies once a month. A Midnight a Lowboy did Good business in april. A teen age Bride is the next a rated attraction Harlan is a farm town and county seat a Community of White houses and front porches pocketed in the gentle Hills of Western Iowa the Telephone Book lists 20 taverns 28 churches and 43 farm equipment and feed dealers. Last year a rated movies Drew pickets from the local Baptist Church and City Council condemnation in this town of 5.049.this year there Hasni to been a Ripple. Quot last tango in Paris a critically acclaimed and a rated set a Box office record a $379.90 in four Days a at the Harlan theater in March Harlan and its theater Are far from unique. With increasing frequency a rated films Are flashing flesh across the screens of drive ins and movie houses in Small town America hot month in Augusta hit the Carthage. Miss., drive in in april. A the cheerleaders ran for two Days in Baker Ore. And the citizens of Hooksett n.h., had a Chance to see a a Chesty Morgan a burlesque Queen of substantial portion in a deadly a people say they Don t want a rated movies but they sure support them a said Woodraska a it s the Only thing come and pay for. Its just that it is not lust that simple to sex rated on 2c

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