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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 17, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Governor disappointed by primary turnouts off worries about democratic fragmentation by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer Raleigh a Riding in the car gov. Bob Scott discussed with his Legal aide a disagreement that had Arisen Over an appointment in a state Agency. A i told the chairman i did t like some things that had happened a Scott said. A i said that if he did no to like the Way i wanted things done he could a i think you will be All right a Fred Morrison responded. A a you Are recommending t h e appointment. There is some leeway a fall right a Scott said. A there Are a lot of Mossback around Here. They done to want to change. They done to want to do anything Back at the administration building Scott pointed out where a lower level parking area and space for elevators had been foregone because of budget restrictions. Since remodelling of the Capitol building has begun the governor s office has been located in the this is one of two stories resulting from an interview with gov. Bob Scott in his Raleigh office this week. Tomorrow the governor talks about his recent trip to Japan and the japanese Market for furniture. Administration building on Jones Street. A the work on the Capitol building will not be completed before the new governor is inaugurated next year a the governor said. A the bids were higher than the amount of Money the general Assembly appropriated for the work. It is just not going to be ready in in his office again on this Rainy monday morning Scott relaxed. He removed his coat ordered a cup of Coffee from his Secretary and lighted a Cigar. Already during the morning he had participated in the presentation of the Small businessman of the year award in North Carolina and attended a meeting of the governors advisory committee on youth development. His next appointment was at 11 30 with atty. Gen. Robert Morgan. In response to questions the governor began to talk about politics the primary races this Spring and what May lie ahead for the democratic party in North Carolina. His comments came just before it. Gov. Pat Taylor and sen. B. Everett Jordan called for run off primaries in their respective races and before the shooting in Maryland monday afternoon of gov. George c. Wallace of Alabama. Scott indicated some disappointment in the turnout of voters in the democratic primary on May 6. A How Many voted then about 800,000? what about All of the others How do they feel a although at the time of the interview Taylor had not formally called for a run off against Hargrove skipper Bowles for the democratic nomination for governor Scott assumed that such a run off would take place. After the May 6 primary Scott had talked to both Bowles and Taylor on the Telephone and suggested t o Taylor that he not ask for a run off election for the Sake of party Unity. A i will take no sides in the run off a he said. A i did not get involved in the first primary. Neither will i get involved in the run off. A none of my staff was involved in the primary a Scott said. A not As representatives of me or the governors office. I done to know what they did after work. I know some of my staff people were for Taylor and some were for Bowles. But i told them to keep it out of the Scott said he would help in the general election Campaign a if i am asked. I done to know exactly in what Way. Perhaps i could help with fund raising. A i expect the Campaign will be a hard and challenging one a the governor said. A we have a two party system in North Carolina now particularly in the presidential gubernatorial and senatorial races. I had a Strong fight with Gardner in 1968. I done to know that Jim will be the Republican nominee for governor this time but it is going to be another hard Jim Gardner and Jim Holshouser Are seeking the Republican nomination for governor. Gardner led Holshouser by a narrow margin in the primary on May 6. Holshouser has said he will Call for a Runoff Scott said the democratic party in North Carolina will be handicapped by the fragmentation that exists in the National party. A i done to know any one of the Democrat candidates for president who generate much enthusiasm among the voters in North Carolina. A not Mcgovern. Not Humphrey. Maybe Humphrey. But we Veall been enthused for Humphrey so Many times already it is hard to get excited about him sen. Edmund Muskie of Maine remains his personal Choice for the democratic candidate for president Scott said. He declared for Muskie More than a year ago and campaigned briefly for the senator in the Florida primary. Subsequent poor showings by Muskie in the primaries caused him to withdraw from Active campaigning for delegates to the democratic National convention. A i am for Muskie because i think he is the Best qualified and can beat president Nixon a Scott said. A i think what has happened to the Muskie candidacy is unfortunate. He made several mistakes in his primary campaigns. When that happened there was nothing to do but to support Terry Sanford in the North Carolina presidential the fragmentation evident in the National party is also beginning to show in the party in North Carolina Scott said. A divisions emerged in some of the precinct meetings last week. The new rules for selecting convention delegates is encouraging some of the fragmentation. A under the new rules the delegates Are being chosen through the precincts and at the District conventions. Only 25 per cent of the delegates will be nominated by committee at the District the governors role in selection of convention delegates has been greatly reduced Scott indicated. A i done to know whether i will go to the National convention or not a he laughed. Scott expressed the Hope that the democratic party would not become too fragmented particularly along ideological lines. A the democratic party has always been a Little chaotic a he said a but i Hope the party does not break up into Many Small groups which will Lead to coalition Type arrangements in the party a leadership. A the party has worked through coalitions in the past but differences have been submerged for the Good of the party. A i done to know How to prevent this fragmentation a Scott concluded. A there Are no easy answers to the present situation. The democratic party just does not have a National unifying Leader at the the High Point Enterprise wednesday afternoon May 17, 1972. Section c Washington a a i can to believe i heard the whole thing a a you heard it a i can to believe i heard the whole thing a a Ralph take an Alka Seltzer and go to a did he really say he was going to mine the Haiphong Harbor and bomb All the railroads around Hanoi a a the said it Ralph. Now go to a did he really say its up to the soviet Union to get us out of the War a a i heard him Ralph. That a what he said. He said we were More than generous with our peace offer and All the other Side did was commit naked a naked aggression of my stomach is killing a i told you to take an Alka Seltzer and go to a a in be taken four Alka Seltzer it does no to help. I can to believe i heard the whole a Ralph maybe it s not that bad. Maybe the mines that were dropped around Haiphong were made by the same people who put out the pm and Ford cars that had to be recalled. Maybe the mines will have to be recalled a a you re just trying to cheer my up. I knew head do something stupid if he saw a Patton More than four a Ralph that a no Way to talk about the president of the United states he has asked for our support in this great hour of a a in be been supporting him. Done to you remember that i Hung out the american Flag during his invasion of Cambodia that did no to do a Damn bit of a but Ralph he had to do it or no president of the United states would be Able to travel around the Globe with respect any a suppose there is no Globe to travel around a a Ralph the president knows what he a doing. He a being advised by the Pentagon and they Haven to been wrong on the War so far. Turn out the a maybe we should order blackout curtains a a Ralph you re overreacting. The president has the situation under control. Henry Kissinger let him do it if it weren t a i think ill write a letter to my a it does no to do any Good. Ralph. Nixon does no task the Senate what he should do when the Honor of the United states is at a who does he ask a a Billy Graham and Bob a i can to believe i heard the whole a Ralph you heard it. I saw you hearing it. Take another Alka Seltzer and try to dream that Johnson is still a suppose it does no to work suppose the North vietnamese succeed in their offensive what will he do then a a a he a got a secret plan Ralph. That a Why he a president. If this does no to work the joint chiefs of staff will present him with a whole new set of options and you know what say to the president a a what a a a they la say. A try it. You la like a copyright 1972, los Angeles times construction bid ads to be readied soon Thomasville advertising for construction bids on a new Headquarters for the county ambulance service Here is expected to be ready in about three weeks. County manager Jim Varner said that the new one Story building probably will be constructed at the present location at the Comer of w. Main and Loftin streets. Preliminary plans for the Structure were presented Mon Day to county commissioners by the High Point architectural firm of Allred and Mercer. The planned Structure will have a three vehicle garage four sleeping rooms and office and lounge space. Estimated costs run Between 50.000 and $60,000. The present two Story Headquarters probably will be demolished after the new one is placed in service officials indicated. Frank Shields holds plaque he was presented Charles Stephenson John Herndon r look on staff photo by Sonny hedge com instructor honoured on retirement at a special meeting tuesday night the High Point insurance Exchange paid tribute to j. Frank Shields who is retiring from the High Point City school system at the close of the school year. Shields a member of the police department for 30 years began teaching Driver training in november 1945 he was the first Driver training instructor in North Carolina. His first Endeavor was sponsored by the City school system the rotary club the police department and the Ford motor co. Shields is a native of Moore county. The High Point insurance Exchange has supported and sponsored Driver education in the school system through an organized program since its beginning. Furniture shipments orders payrolls up shipments new orders and payrolls All increased at furniture plants across the nation during the first Quarter of 1972, according to a report prepared jointly by the Southern furniture manufacturers Assn. And by the National association of furniture manufacturers. The report showed that shipments from furniture plants increased by 18 per cent in the first Quarter of this year Over the corresponding three month period in 1971. It indicated that sales increased by 24 per cent in the period above the level for the same period in 1971 and that payrolls in the production plants increased by 16 per cent. The report prepared by the Soma and by the Nam also showed that March 1972, shipments were eight per cent above the level for february and 19 per cent above the level for March of 1971. Sales for March of this year were 7 per cent below the level for february but 21 per cent above the level for March of 1971 and payrolls increased eight per cent in March above february and 22 per cent above the level for March of last year. The two agencies noted that housing starts in March were 22 per cent above the level for that month in 1971 and that the nation experienced 2.5 million housing starts in the first three months of 1972 compared to 2.2 million in the same period in 1971. The report also showed that the backlog at furniture plants increased by 75 per cent above the same month last year but that the backlog for March was about six per cent less than it was for february. Continued use of Post office is suggested by Jim Hawkins Enterprise staff writer the possibility of continuing to use the present High Point Post office was suggested tuesday to members of the local chamber of Commerce Board of directors. Frank h. Wood jr., chairman of the postal committee suggested that additional land could be purchased South of the Structure on main Street to add to extremely limited parking facilities. Wood said the additional land plus improvements to the building could add about 15 years to the life of the present building at a Cost below the $2 million estimated for a new building. He noted that much of the work at the Post office now centers in bagging and sacking mail which is sent to the regional office at Greensboro to be processed. Wood said his committee mailed letters tuesday to about 65 businesses in the southwestern area of High Point seeking suggestions on the Best Way to provide mail service to that area of the City. In his report to members attending the chamber of Commerce May Board of directors meeting Wood emphasized the need for additional postal facilities to serve the southwestern area of the City where Many of the Community a Industrial plants Are located. About 30 per cent of the mail coming from High Point originates in this area of the City Wood told chamber of Commerce directors in underlining the need for a a full service Branch in the 1-85 and w. Green drive area. Wood said recent information has indicated that if Federal funds Are released for Post office construction a High Point is near the top for this the Post office already owns land at the intersection of e. Green drive and s. Centennial Avenue As a site for a proposed building which officials have indicated could be a scaled Down version of the program originally suggested. In other activities. City manager Harold Cheek told Board members the City has received approval to proceed with preliminary engineering on a project calling for improvement of Albertson Road from Van Buren Street Westward toward the City limits. Cheek said a letter from the state Highway commission has indicated the corridor hearing on this project held at the same time As the corridor hearing on the Westchester Road widening project has been approved. He said the City As yet has no information on the corridor hearing held in March on the Westchester project. Cheek indicated the project will begin where the Linden Street a Sherman Road a Albertson Road program for an inner Loop ends at Van Buren Street. He said it will proceed Westward to the City limits on English Road. The project involves an interchange at English Road Iii the area where it joins Westchester drive and an overpass Over the Southern Railroad tracks nearby Cheek said. In related business tile Highway committee headed by Donald Gilstrap indicated it is organizing support among businessmen for the widening of Westchester drive a project which Calls for a five Lane Highway where there Are now three lanes. The committee also said it plans to visit Raleigh on a a a periodic basis to become better acquainted with state officials there. The purpose of the Effort is to a get More of our priority projects on the books and underway a according to the report. New president Frank b. Wyatt was elected president of the High Point bar Assn. At a bar meeting tuesday. Other officers named to serve for the coming year were Harold i. Spainhour vice president and James Gill Secretary treasurer. Shooting at Auto charged a Brentwood Street resident remained in custody today in lieu of $1,000 Bond on a charge of attempting to discharge a firearm into an occupied vehicle. The charge was entered against Beatrice Harriston 23. Police said that thaddus Little of Cliffside Avenue was the occupant of the vehicle allegedly fired upon. Little according to the warrant was pulling away from the curb on Brooks Street when two shots were fired at the car. Neither of the slugs struck the car or its occupant officers said. Trial for Beatrice Harriston was set for May 22. Other tuesday arrests included David Keith Boggs 21, of Whiteoak Street on a charge of Auto larceny. He is accused of taking a car belonging to Jack Cordle. Boggs remained in custody today in lieu of $1,000 Bond. Trial was set for May 31. No major changes anticipated school attendance lines to be drawn by Board by Ray Hubbard Enterprise staff writer mapping of new attendance districts for All of High Points Public schools is one of the major items on a Short but loaded Agenda for the Board of education meeting scheduled for 2 . Thursday at the administration building on English Road. Also on the Agenda is the 1972-73 budget and consideration of bus transportation to Day care centers for students who want to go there rather than Home at the end of the school Day. Although no details have been made available it has been determined that changes in attendance districts for the two High schools three Junior highs and la elementary schools Are proposed for next year. Nearly every District line has shifted some but for the most part the changes Are relatively Small. The major causes for the changes Are the reversion to grades one through six in All of the City a elementary school and the closing of Leonard Street elementary school. This year Only Shady Rook North Wood Oakview and Johnson Street elementary schools have grades one through six. In the other arrangements Parkview Village has grades five and six Only and serves the same geographical area As Kirkman Park and Mon lieu which have grades 1-4 Only. Leonard Street has grades five and six and Brentwood is paired in the same District with grades 1-4. Fairview Street has five and six and draws from the same areas As Oak Hill and Tomlinson which have grades 1-4. There Are a number of satellite districts in the current attendance arrangements in order to achieve a Black White student body mix approximately equivalent to the student body of the City As a whole. This arrangement will be continued next year. The administration is recommending changes in the attendance districts of the High schools this year for the first time since Andrews was opened four years ago. The proposed changes Are aimed at relieving crowding at Andrews where enrolment has climbed steadily while Central enrolment declined. This trend is expected to continue. Reversion to grades one through six in All of the elementary schools in effect Means creation of two new attendance lines for Parkview Village and Fairview Street schools. The same could hold True for Leonard Street if pending court action reverses the decision to close that school at the end of this school year. In fact outcome of the pending court action could negate whatever action the Board takes thursday. Opponents to the closing of Leonard Street filed a motion in Middle District court in March seeking a further Relief and asking that the decision to close Leonard Street and to build a new Junior High in the Northwest Section of the City be reversed. There has been no indication As to when the Case might be heard in addition to the reversion to grades one through six in All of the City a schools maintenance of racial balance in accordance with a previous court order is reflected in the new District lines. Few surprises Are Likely in the new budget but indications Are that a n increase in the supplementary pay for teachers will be included. The amount of so school on so Ralph does t get whole thing

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