High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives May 13 1940, Page 10

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 13, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page tei tue High Point in 1ekph1se�? Piedmont Center of High Point. Nowith Carolina monday May 13, 19 to exd Ryder red Means what he says by of Tolan a hunched Xii Lavo posing As a fears Hal finds his Dep typed Ryder a paso ing whiskers of the face of a Reward notice. A a t Yuh swore. Got Talent Sot its a Good twing i got ase Osc of our boarding House ega0, in Only i of not Vith major Hoople encounter Martha returning from the store a Hak Katf it a these last few Oats she Mas been eyeing me like a sentry on devils Island it whop m6tah major done put a false face on and he pussyfoot in away on do lam/�?tha9s my Chance to embrace "tm1 two doll has mis Hoople Promise me Efah tails him a i Don relish swooping Lak ol1 curly lock Holmes but twin a raw skins look Biggar to me now i than the grand i can non x / he s off again Ift to it ii to my ii a i it i my t m we m i ref i out Ouk Way by j. K Williams a a s wms Why to we have to woul am sigh while Birds go Flat ten thru to sky Why Are we doomed to weave am pm it while Birds do naught but flit flit flit / i y v but sir if you were doomed to flit you d wish that you could weave an knit for when a Bird finds Hes unable he Don t find grub piled on a table that Almo enough be goop Quot gtd j Spring poets a Oom Ima a Ltd act my r in Ace u a or Rel Alley top what it s All Abdi x by Hamlin anew top. Haro0oatd Caveman and his girl Friend Ooola. Caught in the Force Field of a time machine a a Pii a of to hts machines inventor won Mug. 5fv. Rip thru sons of time. Accompanied by , a Kin ply archaeologist our prehistoric friends have re lived the last fat a Days of ancient Troy and the wan Peri nos of Ulysses. Rescue f Nally appears in the person of Boom. Is to has fallen in with tue Hercules for Boom has absconded with the prize leaving Hercules in titanic Battle with Alley top of greek legend f so off they go to the t Vav to i re a i land of the Ammons in amp quest of the magic Belt better had they wandered unassisted a than to / have met a tsp in Snith this v unscrupulous pair. Is i War car r u most. U Pat ref Blondie and take the marbles out of your Mouth by Chic Young my Metis amp Liq Mandrake the magician stands on his head to please by Lee Falk and Phil Davis freckles and his friends some left Over by Merrill Blosser Goshi in 3 Well just Guad that i have time Over i to get Home before it wont Start Blit f you give us a push we can coast it Down the Hill. A until the n. Turns <7 a1 a a a thanks mister / v she s started a j and running j or swell or a Don t ask me nub heard the danged thing running. Did t you 7 l sofa Imo to Nea singlet we. »f0 o i Pat Donald Duck a Aren t f is it vex j \ of mad v a a a mock Turtle by Walt Disney tie mama you for a _ phooey 1 she s too awkward to a jew end her v Coo Dan be too is Al \ catch you la \ i off she j j Hert Cvach a Skylor i eggs to a a j i the so Andl a a a Thoom Las Al i to Gogh. Nit Law a new Only Onk i Lavo. Twas to. Yovo Gisl. I the. Us in a. Of Twy. V set test Quot i a a Wash Tubbs Stranders not w anted it was Back in the pays o rum runners Cwg aug whew Kash Ano i were Here Sull Pawlow killed a 6uv�?� became the Al us Bee. There were some awful fights too Aho a girl Hamed Jean was by Roy Crane theres the Cabin where i f i cant even remember the who i Pat \ be i of a Cis w Ano i lived. Do is it j names o the people it n at ? Falla \ nest. I inny How a Fella forgets Cert Ove a Fella or v w Suos j in cd _ a a i i. Lilt cd c b Long i his face he a j no t Row he fam Een be Baycu Mickey finn r How was he get Willie Muff \ any number Tom today Mickey and its 0eginnin a any Dum Bermo get on my than usual nerve5�?i�?Tm sex pectin him to of something a a to wrong All the time Well. Strose you forget him Fop awhile that to m Bingin Flossie j Ano the baby Home from the Hospital Toowey Why not come Over with me Siml Surprise but Tom the truce but i be Hospital is got \ Little so the other f Surprise por n Way j Flossie and i m going Over to i get it now n so or Aion by la he i / fim Joe Paloska Iii ii Hil ii my win a i win Iii it a a Kwiw Iii it took All Pappy outa these gloves you la be hot ten my wit Sollo Alin Dpi he ii of at Hev Patee be git in 0oxin clothes you re 0oxin Lufcy. Pillows on one oho voila 4 by Ham Fishel i be Repov % Een re i meenutes/1 eth. What pm m at t air e i Why we no Box Een a a yeah outside ree no. J but you Lees hot menside a Seo today. 0ahr x h reason ate Dees or in Fellows. Get yes Lak Usei credit poofs to Heet wee the when Bateese Heet a a Elan to feel some teen drop n est a i Koff a j c

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