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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 11, 1974, High Point, North Carolina By High Point Enterprise saturday May la 1974 disaster flicks dominate screens by Harvard Lampoon Jacoby on Bridge great gatsby honoured apr potion trapped and South was Sureya Wal Vul Muf of Wood East deception brings Reward la by Bob Thomas associated press writer los Angeles a the movie world is becoming a disaster area a literally a since producers have realized that millions can be mined from sagas of Man is. Atoms insects earthquake fire and other disasters. A we be got to give the Public something they can t get on argues Jennings Lang executive of Mca a Versal and a Leader in the disaster Industry. He is the one who induced Mario Puzo to write an original Story for Quot earthquake a in which a Large part of los Angeles is destroyed. The movie is now being filmed another Universal project is in which Robert Wise will reproduce the destruction of the German dirigible. Because it is impractical to build a new one Wise plans to photograph a 60-foot Model of the ill fated dirigible. George c. Scott will Star in the film. Charlton Heston is starring Only in Quot earthquake a but also in Universal s a Airport 1975.�?� it has a Boeing 747 which is disabled in a collision with another plane. Pilot Heston comes to the Rescue by being lowered from a helicopter. The same studio is offering which has started shooting on Martha s Vineyard mass. It is based on the Peter Benchley Best seller about a White shark that devours swimmers. The King of the disaster epics is Irwin Allen the Man who gave you Quot the Poseidon adventure a which started the whole trend. He is now burning the world s tallest building in Quot the towering one Wall of alien s office at 20th Century Fox is devoted to artists depictions chilean Junta deciding Fate of activists by Robert d. Ohman associated press writer Santiago. Chile apr after eight months in Power Chile s military Junta is speeding the final judgment of activists in the government of marxist president Salvador Allende. More than too persons Are now on trial or awaiting sentencing by military tribunals throughout the country. At least 6.000 persons arrested after the sept. La coup still Are imprisoned. The air Force member of the Junta Gen. Gustavo Leigh said two weeks ago that proceedings for All those held would be started quickly to determine who should stand trial and who should be released. He said orders had been issued to accelerate trial of those accused. Charges Range from Possession of marxist literature to treason and espionage. Dozens face death sentences although no one has been executed in four months. Gen. Oscar Bonilla the Interior minister said this week the four Man Junta would review All death sentences. Authority to confirm or commute such sentences had been Quot temporarily delegated Quot to local Garrison commanders earlier because of emergency conditions Bonilla said. Summary military courts sent at least 96 men to the firing squads shortly after the coup. But the Junta ended these drumhead executions in mid january of his future projects. They include a beyond the Poseidon adventure a Quot the Day the world ended a Quot the Golden Gate and a the swarm a the latter based on a new Book about an insect invasion. Insects Are big in film planning this year. Paramount will release Quot phase in Quot a science fiction movie about ants that threaten to take Over the Earth. It was made in Arizona by Saul Bass longtime designer of opening titles for movies. Veteran thrill maker William Castle is preparing Quot the hephaestus plague a which will depict an invasion of giant cockroaches. Castle plans to guarantee an audience reaction. He is developing a device which will Brush the legs of theater patrons and make them think the cockroaches Are coming. Universal Lang is also developing a new system to Supply added dimension to the system will use sound speakers and smoke machines to simulate the effects of a temblor. Columbia s thing is bats millions of them. The company will soon release a film made by metro Media producers a chosen survivors a a starring Jackie Cooper and Alex Cord. They Are among the survivors of an atomic holocaust who try to live in underground caves but Are attacked by Vampire bats. There will be More. As Long As the disaster films last they will prove a Bonanza for stunt people makeup artists and special effects men. Less so perhaps for audiences. East a 97632 v a j to 6 a k j 4 a 3 North it a a a a q94 a 10 9 7 a k 10986 West a 854 �853 a 6532 a 742 South d a a j to a k 7 2 a aq8 a a q j 5 neither vulnerable West North East South 2 . Pass 4 . Pass 6 . Pass pass pass opening Lead a 4 2 by Oswald amp James Jacoby a rather conceited expert once said Quot of course i overbid. Any time i play a no Trump game or slam i figure on stealing a trick if i need South a six no Trump Call could Only be excused for that same reason. He had just 21 Points and the unsatisfactory 4-3-3-3 distribution. The hand was also a la Down since East a King Jack of diamonds were trapped and South was sure of three Spades one heart three diamonds and five clubs. Nevertheless he managed to get himself set with the Aid of some super defense by East. East played his Jack of diamonds at trick one. He did t go through any ceremony with this play. He knew his partner would Lead from an Ace against a slam. He also could count Points and it was apparent that West did t hold even a Jack. South won the trick and studied a Long time. Then he led a heart to Dummy a Queen and East came up with one of the classic plays of All time. He let the Queen hold. Note that if he had taken his Ace South would have been forced to take the Diamond finesse and make his slam. As it was South cashed three Spades and five clubs to wind up with the Singleton King of hearts and two diamonds. East discarded Down to the Singleton King of diamonds and Ace and one heart. South decided West was holding the Singleton Ace of hearts and King Small of diamonds. He led a heart to end play West and East cashed two tricks. As year s worst film Cambridge mass. Apr the Harvard Lampoon has cited Quot the great gatsby As the year s worst film in the magazines 34th annual movie worst awards. Editors said the film was honoured for a making the jazz age look like the Muzak Era cynically strip mining another vein in the nostalgia Market and having the acquisitive Gall to Market lines of gatsby products of which a gatsby Power tools and a gatsby burgers can to be far other movies selected by the Lampoon in its worst awards were Quot Day of the Dolphin a a Jonathan Livingston Seagull a a a a touch of class a Quot Blume in love a Quot the Way we were a Quot save the Tiger a Quot the exorcist a Quot american graft tip and Quot the Penelope Gillian of a the new yorker was presented Quot the Bosley a awarded annually to the movie critic Quot whose writing consistently explores the farthest limits of bad other awards and their recipients announced thursday a a the Kirk Douglas award for the worst actor of the year Quot to Jack Lemmon for Quot save the a a the Natalie Wood award for the worst actress of the year to barbra Streisand for a the Way we a worst supporting actor to Dustin Hoffman for a worst supporting actress to Dyan Cannon for Quot Shamus Quot and a the last of a Quot the Wilde Oscar a conferred upon the performer a who has been willing to flout convention and risk worldly damnation in the Pursuit of artistic fulfilment a to John Wayne for Hydrogen is the lightest of All gases. Art adventure in chm cooking or. Chinese j eat it a. Of Jingle 704-246-2304 my sat. I i m to i Ctol cd Sun. Inflight Cine theatre Ayr shopping Cehter-2200 Westchester drive phone 885-4427 i it 51 re 11 a Arar runt flu i. Prawns a Sagittarius xxx Mon Elizabeth Taylor Ash wednesday a it j sat. Sun. 1 45, 3 30, 5 15, 7 05,9 00 no adult entertainment saturday night Only 11 45 . A i feel it coming Quot admission 2.00 i 1 45 . Saturday late show Towne theatre f Parris no one under 18 admitted . Robbing 36 Banks was easy. Watch what happens when they hit the 37th. $ Security guards i quipped with two Way radial door tool and Mem to Littmon to Oulu will protect on pm pm Davis patrol a watchman service 176 n main a High Point. N c a Coll 886-4075 the barn dinner theatre with n w York cast on the magic stage Stagecoach Trail near Airport Reserva Hans dial m3 7914 open 7 nights each week sunday night special per person 8�� dinner 7 00 . Show 8 30 . Now playing a George Washington slept Here a comedy they were looking for trouble they found Challenge like Billy Jack Frank Challenge fought evil with violence like Buford Posser Frank Challenge had a right to his vengeance Martin twin 1801 Westchester dr./885-0097 son of i on s no 7 00. 9 ook jump into the fir Fly Down without you Moonbeam. At my front door in up Dracula hear the hit song a there s got to be a morning after adults 2.00 children 1.00 it mom a _ Jharry Nilsso Kingo Stan cond to stares of amp Aca Darty Awin w non Zoota i Arr setts the pos Don Adyln Tif a sum Gene Hackman Ernest Bong done red buttons Ca Rouffy Stella Stevans of Cury Winters allow my au4rtoi Wpm Wpm Arthur Oconnoll Mcshea i la us Nielsen e to get j Rouw Nome Hun Pate Iron muh hone Liams si.erpui3�m a Itsu Phah i li�9ks shows at 3 00, 5 00 7 00, 9 00 is a us a Ort Nan mum a Hoph now playing a u the son of Dracula 1 40-3 30-5 20 7 10-9 00 next Jon Voight As Quot con rack Quot Toda 817 Greensboro Hoad Box office opens 8 00 movie ratings Foh parents and Young peo fue All aces admitted 0n,Al audion 4d� All aces admitted pm restricted Lind. Iut of x a Loftt Chad att by Ardai Ala to oni under 17 admitted i agr n a ,0,y q by is rms saw tips a pm of Iii Moum Pic to com of Sui Murium the above is published As a Public service by the High Point Enterprise Thiim the weekend the r. A a. A a re deliverance and Quot the wild Bunche jul Merlin the magician. Now 2 of the Best on one show in color / Phil 8�7 i pm Sejm theatre b0th Raud pm Bukh amp the kid Are Back just for the fun of it Russ Meyers big big gals. Get it together a probably the Mort entertaining we Rte in aver made i Paul Newman Robert Redford Katharine Ross. Quot Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kids at142 Jacquiline Bisset hit no 2 at 10 32 a a the Sweet ride Al wats a color cartoon at dusk at the Midway family drive in adults Only is 50 and All Kios under Ace 12 always admitted absolutely few

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