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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 11, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 2d High feint thursday May la 1972 human sperm Banks keep future generations on ice by Tom Tiede new York Nea a the time is the future. Hie world is recovering from a terrible nuclear War. And amidst the rubble and ruin the survivors discover one More ultimate horror a significant portion of the male population has suffered radiation damage. Many Are sterile. Most others altered enough to preclude procreation for fear of genetic mutations. So. Doomsday. The scenario admittedly is farfetched. But it is one of the motivating factors behind a somewhat strange new business developing in the nation the freezing and storage of human sperm for use months years even decades from now. Call it generations on ice. There Are at present five commercial depositories in the nation where men can actually Purchase a kind of Fertility insurance for themselves and the world. The depositories Are known As sperm Banks. Their function is to collect specimens of human sperm freeze them and lock them in storage containers against the Day the depositors May want to withdraw the savings and put them to work. What work the work of making babies by the process of artificial insemination. The largest of America s sperm Banks is i d a n t corporation. The name is greek for a unit of heredity. The Bank is five months old. It has 200 depositors. Id ant is located in a building fronting Manhattan a 5th Avenue. The elevator operator there eyes customers a Little warily but Points the Way to the basement. The basement of Man. Yet there is nothing shabby about the corporation. Quite the contrary. It is Large and posh and hints of the future. The Only thing old hat is a sign notifying the acceptance of master charge accounts. Or. Jerome Silbert is in command. He is 29. There Are two medical diplomas hanging in his office. One regular and one for the science o f cryobiology freezing of living matter. He does not jest about his business. He gives no response to gags about freeze drying tomorrow. He says solemnly that sperm Banks Are just one More Way in which a Man can keep his options the options Are necessary Silbert says because of the changing world. Sterility these Days has become both a fad and a threat. Population worriers Are getting 750,00 vasectomies a year. Chemical ingestion is a still unknown Gamble. Radiation has been known to escape from color television sets. And then there is nuclear War itself. A generally a says Silbert a the Type of customer we get Here is a Man who thinks ahead. He May not worry about sterility today but what about tomorrow nobody knows what a going to happen tomorrow. Suppose the Man has two children and he gets a Vasectomy then his children Are killed in a car Accident sometimes vasectomies can be reversed sometimes not. So if he has a sperm specimen deposited with us his chances of fathering another family Are that much note Here. Silbert does not say that specimen deposits Are a a a guarantee of fathering future families. There is no such Assurance. Sperm freezing is a developing science. So too in fact is artificial insemination. A we know that artificial insemination works. Read the want Andersons locally owned amp operated drug a 2401 English Road Tishk discount on All photo processing Coto 10umay71 . 70 lady sunburn electric Razon to Lac comp to of la of skill Bim or Mennen skin bracer compar at it o v v i v j j 6 of. Size maalox #2 tablets Reg. $4 99 �?~2.95 now i 7 of. Size Lysol Spray compare 7 cd at $1.19 Decouto mint door a icon ii to to a pc. La Milt pm time 11 tall la my to Mac a scoot a to my. Jimmu Mallul a Ioma pm a iwo Mai to effect tee Imp tar Anima a Meta rate i my Lam $1 39 Sunbeam it to Tim Quot luf coif e Mimi after mixer to. Mil Cash t a 24-99 for your mom intensive care lotion com. Sit compar a 1.19 73 rpt package of 21 tablets super plenums w 49 Good on your not Purchase of any St so super Plon amins except trial silo i offer expires september 30,1972 pkg. 48 s prep h suppositories �?~5.39 value 3.79 desert Flower hand amp body lotion �?~2.00 value Patio boat stadium seat Cushion 100% urethane foam moisture m and mildew is 29 proof Parke Davis Dura sorb und fir pads 23 in. X 36 in. 20 a everyday Price phone 882-9828 for free pick up and delivery of your prescriptions Man 28, arrested on charges of armed robbery and escape there Are five million calves born each year by the process. There have been 300 to 500 human beings born the same Way. We also know that some Frozen sperm has been successfully used in artificial other than that scientists Are still learning. And the truth is that anybody who deposits sperm for freezing is doing so largely on Plain Hope. Still increasing numbers of people Are so hoping and so depositing. The fee is Small $80 for the service plus $18 a year storage. And the idea of having ones pro genies in deep freeze is a kind of comforting Security for some. For who athletes worried about Contact sports. Blu Woods worried about genetic integrity. Ill people about to undergo radiation treatment. All kinds. So they come in. Mostly younger people. They Are allowed the option of giving the sperm specimen a t id ant in a private room erotic literature is provide Dor collecting the Vej Aculano at their Leisure at Home. Most choose the latter. Either Way they must produce enough semen usually two or More efforts to fill a few dozen ampules tube containers for testing and storage. The ejaculate is Analysed for Potency sperm count and volume. If it is acceptable some semen is not it is slowly Frozen to to degrees below Zero tested once again then dropped to minus 321f. There it is labelled recorded and stored in stainless steel vaults containing smoking liquid nitrogen. And that a it. Quick. Simple. Painless. A yes let the Damn bombs fall. Curtis Lee Allen 28, formerly of Daniel Brooks apartments and Randolph wide Man 22, of Fem Street were arrested by police wednesday night on charges of armed robbery. Local police said Allen also was wanted on a charge he escaped from a prison unit in person county while serving a sentence for forgery. The men Are accused of robbing Bill Bryan owner of the Small service station at Commerce and Jacobs streets april 24 of $36 in Cash. Bryan said two men entered the station and wanted some gasoline. He said that when he turned his Back the men grabbed him and put a .22 pistol to his head. Bryan said they then took the Money and pushed him into a rest room. Also arrested wednesday was Larry Donnell Martin 18, of w. Green drive. He is accused of breaking into discount Salvage outlet on e. Kearns Street tuesday night and with taking $247.76 Worth of merchandise including a radio some jewelry and clothing. The building was entered by breaking the Glass from a window police said. George Allen Dobbins of Clara Cox apartments said wednesday that a 1963 Model car was stolen from Grimes Street at the apartment Complex. He said the car which was in his keeping belonged to Malpass Auto sales. Mrs. Charles a. Whitaker of Arlington Street told police wednesday that her husband returned Home about noon to find that the House had been entered through a rear door. The Only thing known to be missing was a tape player record player combination valued at $215. Jessie Grant of Weavil Street also reported his Home entered. He said drawers in the House had been left open and things were Dis arranged. The Only thing reported missing was $4 in change and Bills. Dianne Mashburn of Englewood drive said a tape player valued at $31 was stolen from her car parked on Potts Avenue and Delenah Lynn Stampes of High Point College said a Battery was stolen from her car parked on the Campus. Other arrests included Char lie Wayne Cardwell 20, of route 5, Public drunkenness and resisting arrest and Keith Morgan 18, and Danny Roger Talley 17, both of Habersham Road charged with assault and Battery on a minor. The orchestra band and chorus will perform at the tuesday night Pat at Shady Rook school. The meeting will begin at 7 30 . And the rooms will be open for visitation. Officers for the coming year will be elected. Sunday May 14 these Sale prices effective Friday amp saturday at roses. Shop tonight til 9 Friday til 10 Isa in jewelry Fly it % r. $1 we i $l0� to fee fresh a in 6" pots a mums Iso Only to sell a geraniums 15 Only to sell 97 your Choice at roses 400 to sell 4�?� potted of geraniums each special buy As seen on television �?ocr0ck-p0t�?� All purpose slow electric stoneware cookers Cooks All Day while the Cooks away. 5-111 3 1/2 it. Capacity Glass cover Lew temp. 70 to 140 Watts us approved is c88 Reg. 17.94 12 Only to sell

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