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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 11, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Santee fishing picks up Santee s. A fishing on the Santee Cooper lakes has been excellent during the past week with Large Mouth Bass and striped Bass providing most of the action. Large Mouth Bass fishing has been very Good in both lakes and a number of Lunker size Bass including a 12 Pound 4 Otmer caught by Henry Willard of Durham n. C., were caught during the past week. Most of the Bass Are being caught in shallow water 3-6 feet using spinner baits spoons and plastic Worms fished around grass Beds submerged Brush and Cypress Trees. The Russelville West Dike and hatchery areas of Lake Moultrie and the Jack s Creek Taw Caw Creek Wybro Creek and rocks Pond sections of Lake Marion Are All producing excellent fishing. Striper fishing using live herring has been Good in Lake Moultrie near the monks Corner powerhouse and along the old River run in lower Lake Marion. Striper fishing has also been Good in the jacks Creek and Low fall areas of upper Lake Marion and in the Santee Wateree and Congaree Rivers using both Cut and live bait. Crappie fishing has fallen off considerably in both lakes with a few Good catches being made Drift fishing in 8-12 feet of water. The Crappie Are concluding their spawn and fishing should improve As they move Back into deeper water. Bream fishing has been fair to Good in both lakes using crickets and Worms fished in 2-4 feet of water. The Bream Are now moving on to Beds and fishing should be red hot within the next few weeks. High Point Enterprise thursday Moy la 1972 3c All outdoors weeks second Turkey had stubborn Streak Arthur Seawell with first of two gobblers he bagged season limit in two Days last week Stett photo by so any he it Gec cd by Benny Phillips associate sports editor Arthur Seawell of High Point does no to get to Turkey Hunt As often As he would like. It is just As Well. For example last week Seawell hunted two Days. The results two gobblers. But it should be pointed out rather quickly that Seawell does no to rate As a Novice in the sport of Turkey Hunting. He a to the Turkey Hunter what Hank Aaron is to baseball. Seawell is 48 years old and has bagged More turkeys than most Hunters will Ever see. A native of Moore county he can remember shooting turkeys in pea Fields on the farm which he was raised. He can also remember Many tricks of the Trade his father taught him. Foremost is probably the Fine Art of using a Wing one from a Turkey As a caller. A i done to care for any of these callers on the Market. In be never used a Cedar Box or any other Type Call. Just the Wing one a he says. Seawell had never hunted in person county until last Friday morning when he killed a Gobbler with a 10-Inch Beard. Saturday morning he returned to a different area of the county and bagged a Gobbler with a 12-Inch Beard. A i have a Friend in Roxboro named Ernie Mead who told me several Good places to Hunt a related Seawell. A Well Friday morning i was still in the truck but stopped when i heard this Turkey gobble. It was probably As late As 6 a. In. A a i guess i walked nearly a mile in the direction of Phillips Roanoke stripers draw Emback by Jim Dean just outside the town of Weldon in Eastern North Carolina the Muddy Waters of the Roanoke River flow Between High Banks and a Green corridor of stately Trees. It is not a pretty River but it has certain raw Appeal a unpredictable dangerous a like a woman whose eyes reveal More history than her lips. Three dams and a heavy Load new Striper stocking program is planned Raleigh River fishermen in Eastern and Central North Carolina should have better fishing for striped Bass with a new stocking program planned by the n. Wildlife resources commission. A actually its More than just a change in our policy for stocking said Don Baker chief of the division of Inland fisheries. A we Are looking for a Way to significantly improve Striper fishing in some Rivers and tributaries where fishing has declined in recent basically the program will involve the stocking of fingerling striped Bass a locally called Rockfish a in Eastern Rivers. Fingerlings Are Young fish about two months old which have reached a length of about two and a half inches. To kick the project off this years stocking of fingerling stripers will be confined to the tar River where Striper fishing has dwindled in recent years of it pays offs it will be expanded to other Rivers and watersheds particularly the Neuse and Cape fear Rivers. A for years we be been stocking major streams and tributaries at 19 places in the Eastern part of the state with Fry a explained Baker. A Fry Are fish Only five Days old and less than half an Inch Long. A lot of these Fry just done to make it and after a l�n8 study we have been unable to prove that the stocking of five Day old fish has resulted in improving any populations of fish in these Rivers and tributaries. A your Success a continued Baker a has come from stockings of the More Hardy fingerlings in reservoirs but until now we be been unable to Stock fingerlings on a Large scale because of limited Pond space and the fact that we have Only recently Learned How to successfully raise fingerling stripers on a Large a because we be had Success stocking fingerlings in reservoirs in North Carolina we Are now going to try to prove that the stocking of fingerlings can help our Rivers a added Baker. A in the meantime we plan to continue to Stock Fry in the main stems of Eastern Rivers. The reason is to run some further tests on the possible value of Fry in stockings and also because we done to want to waste those Fry which we can to raise to fingerling at present the Striper population in the Roanoke River each Spring seems to be Good a neither building nor declining. In the Cape fear River the Striper population is on the increase but in the tar and Neuse Rivers the Striper populations have decreased in the past five or six years. The tar River will get a massive stocking of fingerling stripers this year and the stocking of these fingerlings will be expanded As soon As possible to include other Eastern Rivers. Baker indicated that it would take a minimum of three years to see what if any effect the new program will have because it takes that Long for stripers to reach maturity. He also pointed out that although the wildlife commission will no longer Stock Fry in All the Small streams and tributaries As in the past if the stocking of fingerlings proves successful there will be no need for stocking these tributaries. A stripers Arentt like Salmon a explained Baker. A they usually return to the same River or watershed to spawn each Spring but they done to go to the same spot they were born. Instead they usually go throughout the watershed to places where the water level and Stream flow is favourable and this varies from year to year. A for that reason if we get a Good population established in the main Stem of a watershed a like the tar or Neuse Rivers for instance a the fish will naturally spread out into those tributaries which they find suitable a explained Baker. A if they done to go into a particular tributary no amount of stocking could make it More if the new program works a and Baker is confident that it has far More Merit than the previous program of stocking Only Fry in a lot of different Small tributaries a then anglers can look Forward to better fishing throughout the whole Chain of Rivers and creeks in Eastern North Carolina in future years. Of pollution have failed to curb the River a ominous appearance. Despite the River Slack of gentle Charm it still manages numbers of people about this time every year. That a because striped Bass a we always called them Rockfish a use the to Moke every Spring in april and May. The Rockfish run up out of the Ocean and Albemarle sound to spawn in murky currents. They come in vast numbers and never in my lifetime has there been a year when the fishermen weren to on hand to Greet them. As a boy i remember going to the River to fish. We would bail out a massive homemade wooden boat that probably weighed not an ounce More than a ton and Load it with gear. The boats were always painted battleship Gray when they were new but after a few weeks in the River they were covered with dried mud. Grandpa would Crank up his old Clunker and wed head downstream to a place he called a the i always sat smack in the Middle of the Center seat convinced beyond All persuasion that if we went downstream id never see Halifax county again. We always did. We usually fished with Cut bait though sometimes we trolled with big spoons. We caught a lot of Rockfish up to maybe four or five pounds. Anglers still catch a lot of fish but the technique has changed a Little. More and More fishermen Are using plugs and jigs and casting instead of trolling but bait fishing is still most popular although blood Worms have largely replaced Cut bait As the preferred enticement. Law Keg Back Over the past 25 years not much has changed. When the fish Are in the River stores in Halifax county Are Likely to be closed at a moment s notice without explanation. Netting has declined but the fish Are still there enjoying the rites of Spring. The River still smells bad from the pollution but it does no to seem to affect the stripers at least and i also understand the pollution May be curbed in a few years. One thing has changed. It used to be that the Success of the run depended a As far As fishermen were concerned a upon the water level in the River. If the water did no to reach a certain depth and volume the fishing was poor. This was up to the whims of nature and some years offered very Little fishing because of a Lack of rain. The upstream dams a Roanoke rapids Gaston and Kerr made it possible to control the flow and water level in the River and each year the n. Mission worked out a temporary agreement with other agencies to keep the water level in the River High enough during the Spring to permit the fish to spawn and create Good fishing. It Wasny to always successful. But last september 1971after years of negotiating the wildlife commission was finally Able to work out a cooperative agreement with the Federal Power commission the u. S. Corps of engineers and the Virginia electric Power company to establish a permanent arrangement for regulating the Stream flow during the spawn run. What does it mean if it works a and it should a it Means that for this and All future years the water in the Roanoke River will be High enough and fast enough to maintain Ideal conditions for spawning Rockfish. And that also Means that the Spring fishing in the Roanoke should be better and More predictable from now on grandpa would have liked that. If you re a Roc Fisher Man so will you Melton mows pm Down in backyard fishing Higgins by Tom Higgins when most fishermen show off an Eye popping Lunker the inevitable question is a what Cha catch him on a Craig Melton is an exception. He has paraded so Many prize fish before his acquaintances peepers that they care less what the fish struck for Craig can obviously make pm hit anything. What they want to know is 1 a a where Day get him a 2 a when a going agin a cause i want to go Melton is normally noncommittal and understandably so. With practically the entire populace casting lines upon the Waters a Good fishing Hole nowadays is hard to find. And Melton undoubtedly has one of the Best. Consider thursdays catch Craig came Home to his Paw Creek residence outside Charlotte with a striped Bass weighing 93/� pounds a mounting sized for Many carolinians. Beside this fish he a Laid out a 17vi Pounder a Striper that would a make a lifetime for Many an Angler. He Wasny to through. To the display he added a monster 29 Pound specimen a sight astounding enough to give most Freshwater Striper fishermen an acute attack of apoplexy. As a a icing he added three More stripers and a Large Mouth Bass All weighing about five pounds each. A i done to usually count them a he explained a cause i catch pm that size Down there All the a Down there a Melton concedes is the tailrace territory immediately below Mountain Island dam on the Catawba River North of mount Holly. The stretch though frequently freely flowing is actually the Headwater of Lake Wylie. This Spring alone it has yielded a half dozen or so striped Bass weighing Over 20 pounds to individual fishermen. However no one has made a one Day haul to rival that of Melton. A a in a not giving away any secret by telling the general area where the fish came from a he said with a chuckle. A a lot of people know there Are big stripers and Large Mouth just below that dam. A but i lucked into a special Hole where they frequently lie when i caught a 24-Pounder a couple of years Hack. Seldom has it failed to produce a Good catch for me since then. A i done to think it would be fair to the fish or the fishermen to pinpoint the place exactly. I think half or ii for the satisfaction of fishing is in finding where they Are ironically Melton had tried to do just that a find Mem for himself a on four successive weekends just prior to his unforgettable catch. A a he a gone to Santee Cooper Reservoir in South Carolina to try for some big ones a said his attractive wife. A a he a caught them there before but this time nothing. A i think going so Long without catching a big fish worried him so he decided to go All out at his a old faithful fishing a month without catching a big one is a Long time using live Shad for bait. Melton quickly scored hauling in the 9% Pound fish. Then All hell broke Loose. The 17v and 29 Pounders struck simultaneously. A i handle Mem both so i got a fellow standing nearby to hold one Rod while i landed the other fish a said Craig a 28-year-old employee of the a g. Boone co. A the was too excited to reel it in so i took the Rod from him and landed the second one. the unforgettable thursday catch has renewed for Melton an Angler since Early boyhood an old thought a Santee Cooper is great no doubt about it a he said a but then the grass is always Greener. I know now that when i want to catch a big Sun ill go fishing right in my own Back which reminds me Craig a when a going again a the gobbling. He was gobbling All the time i was slipping to him and when i got within about 250 to 300 Yards i yelped on the Wing one two or three times and the old Bird came straight to me a said Seawell. Saturday morning however was a different Story. Seawell and Doug Robertson of High Point left the pickup truck around 3 30 a. In. And walked nearly four Miles Back into some big Timber. A we figured there were turkeys in this area from the Way it looked. I looked the area Over some Friday a pointed out Seawell. A we were Way Back in the Woods before first Light. Just As it was getting Gray in the East we heard this Turkey gobble. We had walked right by him coming in that morning. Now he was Between us and the direction from which we came. When he gobbled a second time we began slipping Back toward him on saw Mill roads. A the was still on the Roost and then another Turkey started gobbling. It sounded As though they were about 50 Yards apart. Between the two of them they must have gobbled 200 times during the morning. A i used my caller before either Turkey came off the Roost. Both would answer. We heard one of the Birds come off the Roost and i tried the caller again. They answered but neither came. A i found myself wanting to Call often but i remembered what my father had told me. He always said no matter How Long it took let the Turkey be the one to become overeager. So. I would use the caller about every half hour and after coming off the Roost it was an hour and a half later that i finally got the big boy. A it had a 12-Inch Beard and during this hour and a half wait we could hear the Gobbler drumming several times. When i called the last time he did no to answer and i knew he was on his Way a said Seawell. And if anyone doubts Seawells ability to use his a a intone caller just As a matter of interest it probably should be pointed out that two other Hunters were calling the Gobbler he bagged Friday morning. By Stan Davies Here s a modern la Strake Peskin in fibreglass. Note How planks have a reverb. Lap. A Reader writes a i have a la Streak boat but one of my friends Calls it clinker built. What a the difference a this excerpt from a letter is indicative of the confusion concerning some of the words used in boating. The proper word is la Strake and is applied to wooden boats in which the Quot strakes or planks of the Hull Are lapped like the siding on a House. A clinker built Means the same thing. Actually the boat referred to in the letter was not really a la Strake boat at All but an imitation folded in fiber Glass. The origin of the la Strake design is clouded in Antiquity. The Vikings used it so did the boat builders of Rhodes when that Small Island dominated the Mediterranean and the world. The word clinker built comes from teutonic word Clinch and refers to the clinched Nail fastenings along the Edge of each lapped Plank the word was first used in England to differentiate a ship with lapped planks from one with butted planks which was called Carvel built. Carvel is the English corruption of the Spanish and portuguese word caravel which was the name for the Type of ship Columbus sailed to find this continent and which used that Type of planking. But that a enough history a the modern la Strake or Slinke built boat is almost always a Tough seaworthy Craft and it gets to be this Way because the lapped planks in the Hull have so much area in Contact with each other. They Are a a clinched along the edges of every Plank and this makes for a very Strong construction unit. Bronze rivets Are the most common fastening. One shortcoming is that a la Strake Hull is usually heavier than one of similar size made of Carvel style planks or strips or Sheet plywood another slight disadvantage is that a la Strake Hull May not plane As Well and May not be As fast As one with a smooth Bottom because of the extra friction with the water set up by Little turbulence along the edges of the planks. But because the la Strake design is very Strong its form has been copied in reinforced plastic and aluminium by Many boat builders and the qualities of ruggedness carry through into the fiber Glass and Metal models. And in these new construction Media the builders have a Chance to eliminate some of the disadvantages of friction and drag inherent in the original la Strake principle. The area along the Bottom May be folded with no laps very smooth laps or even reverse laps so that the water flows More smoothly Over the Bottom. The sides of aluminium runabouts that appear to be la Strake have had the design merely stamped in by a Hydraulic press. But this gives the boat a strength and rigidity it would not otherwise have so the old la Strake principle is still there. Boat design is a fascinating topic and Here Are some questions we be been asked q what is the advantage of Plank on Edge Cravel hulls Why Are they most popular a. Ifs probably because repairs Are easiest in this construction a a a q my la Strake boat is made of strips of plywood lapped on each other. Many of my a a friends sneer at this cheap construction. Is it As bad As they say a the Only thing to watch is that the edges of the plywood Are kept thoroughly sealed. Water must not penetrate the plies or the Wood fiber swells up and tends to tear the Structure of the plywood apart. Keep the boat Well sealed and painted and you la have the last laugh. A a a q i have a la Strake boat my neighbor has a smooth skin boat both by the same manufacturer same size and design. Mine rides softer in Choppy water. Why a the edges of the lapped planks tends to break up the Flat planing surface and the a a slap of a wave against the Bottom is somewhat dissipated. This is one reason Why la Strake design has been so popular with offshore fishing Craft that live in Choppy Waters. Wow q my aluminium a Lap Strake runabout has been dented. In a afraid to try to bang out the dents. Any suggestions a. This is one of the disadvantages of the Lap design in aluminium. Flat sheets Are easier to repair if dented. Talk to an Auto body shop Man. He can straighten it and he has the know How to shrink Metal with heat if it has to be done. I i

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