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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 10, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Ioc High Point Enterprise Wadi May May to 1972 he Good and the dead it was never easy to Tell the Good Guys from the bad Guys. Dopey John was known As a timid Dollar Crook. He robbed apartments up and Down Riverside drive sniffing carefully Over junk jewelry like a mouse Over baited cheese. When Dopey John saw a real Diamond or Ruby he fled the premises because he knew he was Over his head. If apartment dwellers returned while the robbery was in Progress Dopey John did one of two things ran Pell Mell for the fire escape or surrendered. He never put up a fight. He was much too gentle for thievery but that a the Way the Crook crumbles. Opposed to Dopey John who in his Best Days looked like a Man in the last stage of tuberculosis was a police commissioner Lewis j. Valentine. This was a righteous Man. A Good Man. He had a police department in new York which numbered about 20,000 men. A Loo Eye had the backing of the mayor a violent Butterball named Fiorello h. La Guardia. They used to phone each other awake at 3 a. In. And sipping goblets o f whiskey from the night tables Tell each other ideas for making new York a sinless City. Valentine seemed to think that the Way to Start eradicating sin was to Hammer his own police department into the ground. You know what a shoo Fly squad is its a group of cops paid to spy on other policemen. Inspector Murphy and his shoo flies went after ail policemen. Meanwhile Dopey John had been introduced to an intellectual named Eli Shonbrun. When Dopey found that Eli treated him with contempt he was impressed. So they teamed up to pry a Diamond ring from a refugee named Susan Reich. It was a Job beyond Dopey a Dollar ninety eight career but Eli told him their Only problem was that mrs. Reich was fat and they might need soap to get the ring off. When they gained admission to mrs. Reich a apartment in Midtown new York John carried a bar of soap. It was his contribution to the intellectual nuances of Fine thievery. Eli sent Dopey to a five and ten cent store for piano wire. A what for a said John. Eli Shonbrun smiled the forgiving smile. A to tie her up stupid. We Dopey d i a appeared while Eli played the eligible Bachelor who was enamoured of the widow. He had her cooing like a Dove by the time John returned. Eli double crossed gentle John. He wound the wire around the fat widows neck and turned it tight with Pencil. In a few minutes she looked like Popeye in a wig. Dopey was horrified. Murder. Or any crime of violence to watch made his stomach queasy much participant. Shonbrun snapped his fingers. A soap a he snapped. The ring Slid off. John was scared. He Shook. And fled. Eli did the intelligent thing he hockey the ring with his Uncle who was a pawnbroker who made a Little dough on the Side As a police Canary. The Uncle switched. In court Eli called his Uncle a Snitch. But he was a live Snitch. Dopey John sat fascinated observing his own trial. He had made the big time at last. Eli and John were sentenced to die in sing sing. The . Ran his Pencil through their less to be a names. They were dead. I was in the fourth Pew listening to the Tom Tom of my heart in my ears. Eli stood in front of the chair and shouted a dump my body at the .�?Ts Dopey John entered behind a priest with a tall Crucifix blinking Back the Bright lights. He never understood what it was that projected him into the big time. Big enough to get electrocuted. That a big indeed. He sat in the chair like the guest of Honor at a Surprise party. Com missioner Valentine goaded inspector Murphy to get his men out in the Street. Find those crooked policemen. The Young zealots hunted hounded and drove an entire police department close to the Brink of insanity. The crusade reached a stage when innocent policemen began to feel guilty because they knew they were being shadowed. It is difficult to Tell the Good Guys from the bad Guys without a scorecard. Dopey John Cullen was a bad Guy because he was present at a murder he did not anticipate. In Lewis Valentines administration 225 policemen committed suicide. Put him Down As a Good Guy. R i i f i i i i i i i i i a i i i i i i monday Friday at 11 30 pm tonight David Niven Deborah Kerr in Quot Eye of the Devil Quot is Quot notice we Are now open on sunday s i till $ Trinity self service food store across from Trinity s Scotchman s Paradise p we Reserve the rights to limit phone 431-2889 is % to sags Chicken legs with thighs.2�?� a breast3�?� half gallon Ghabel Sweet milk each 10 la. Bag All beef hamburger $49 a a notice we now have milk fed veal priced to please oven fresh big 11 t la. Size a Wuy 256xch steaks in 99. Big 8 pack 16-oz. . Gola in do of cd each lean tender beef roast extra special with your 20�� or More food order half gallon United dairies ice milk Sib sugar j t ugh one please 8-lb. Bucket pure lard television log the pageant season is Here by Cynthia Lowry a television radio or tits new York apr the great american Spectator sport of picking a pretty pageant Winner had its seasonal debut tuesday night. It was no cd a live broadcast of the finals in a a american a Junior miss pageant from Mobile Ala. As pageants go this one is a neat package. It is contained within a brisk hour of broadcast time including the commercials and this seems plenty of minutes to coverage the events. Some of the More leisurely paced show might Benefit from watching it. The High school seniors representing 50 states were As usual pretty healthy and engaging. Hosted Mcmahon a kindly Grandfather figure whipped the show along like a Veteran Wagon master. The contestants had their moments in a longish musical introduction. A handful was involved in a dance number which demonstrated More than anything else that the rockette have no close competitors in precision kicking. Those traditional rites out of the Way the elimination moved the contest quickly Down to to girls. Mcmahon questioned each on some weighty subject the responsibility of the news Media the meaning of obscenity War peace and the influence of religion on contemporary life. Each candidate answered with vast sincerity if not always with absolute clarity. The exciting finale came when the list was Cut to five for the Talent Competition. It was something of a Surprise. There were two very competent pianists and three interesting vocalists. Lydia Hodson of Kentucky one of the singers emerged As the Winner. It Spears that the cavalry is on the Way to attempt a Rescue of Dick Cavett and his late night Abc series. Jack Paar an old Friend and former employer will be Cavett a sole guest next tuesday night. Alfred Hitchcock who is As rare a sight to the Midnight viewer these Days As Paar will drop around on june 8. The network has Given Cavett until the end of july to boost his shows flagging Nielsen ratings those new lbs movies seem to be pulling a lot of his audience away. If Cavett fails the show will close at the end of september. If recent announcements of coming attractions Are an indication it appears the Cavett guests will be mainly show business personalities John Lennon and Yoko Ono Shirley Maclaine Bill Cosby Charlton Heston and others in the Star bracket. What is Bill Boggs doing Here a a my Greensboro m a Btu Charlotte go Wunch University station cd a Gap High Point of soc Charlotte h Wols Roanoke a Wujs Winston Salem 4 00 . J news weather sports 3d scene tonight a electric company 8 Abc news of news he 6 of clock news 4 30 . 2 lbs news a political science a to Tell the truth a a a Abc news 7 00 . J a Andy Griffith show a news by evening edition a a truth or consequences a news 7 30 . 2 stand do 3d� Mayberry red 4 now a Primus a to Tell the truth a Green acres 1 00 . 2xd Carol Burnett a election 72 a eddies father a a a Adam-12 8 30 . A this week a Smith family �10 a mystery movie 9 00 . 2x3 medical Center a Carolina symposium a Marty Feldman f 30 . A the persuaders 10 00 . 2x30 Mannix a soul a a a night gallery 10 30 . A this is your life 11 00 . 2 night beat news a scene tonight a news a news final a news a news weather sports 11 30 . A a movie a Dick Cavett show a a a Johnny Carson Wujs cd 4 30 i. Tin Man stench so pal Gilli bands Island Sjo . Wik wik West thursday 4 00 . A Sunrise semester 4 30 am 2 Good morning a on the i 7 00 . A lbs morning news a u. Of Michigan a a a today 7 30 . A lbs news a morning scene 8 triad in perspective a 00 . A Good morning a capt. Kangaroo 8 30 . A old rebel a communication skills of romper room 9 00 am. 2 capt. Kangaroo a Green acres a . History a dealing for dollars a Mike Douglas a Virginia Graham a today at Home 9 30 . A guide to love a film a Virginia Graham 10 00 . A what every woman. A Lucy show a sesame Street a a Dinah a place 10 30 . A a my three sons a to a concentration 11 00 . Job family affair a cultures a password a a a Sale of Century 11 30 . A a love of life a film 81 bewitched �i10 a Hollywood squares 12 Nom a w Here the heart is a the scene at noon a Folk guitar b a news a a jeopardy 12 30 . 2 a search for tomorrow a electric company Chi split second �il2 who what where to news 1 00 . 1 today a woman a Betty Feezor a . History 8 All my children a jeopardy Roll Somerset 1 30 . A a As the w orld turns a images amp things a lets make a Deal a 1d a three on a match 2 00 . 2 a Many Splendore thing a newlywed game a a a Days of our lives 2 30 . A a guiding Light a cultures a dating game a a a the doctors 3 00 . A a secret storm a film a general Hospital a a a another world 3 30 . A a Edge of night a management objectives a one life to live a a Khz return to Peyton pm. 4 00 . A guide to love a Hazel c4i zoom a movie a Flintstones to Merv Griffin a love american style 4 30 . 2 Flintstones a Daniel Boone a Mist Erogers a Gilligan a Island a the munsters 5 00 . A big Valley a sesame Street a Petticoat Junction a Gilligan a Island 5 30 . A truth or consequences a eyewitness news a Dick Van Dyke m what a my line a wild wild West capsule views of today s evening programs 2 _ stand up and cheer a guest Star Trini Lopez in a Medley of songs and the Johnny Mann singers in a College tribute. 1 Mayberry red a writer and his wife seek literary inspiration by moving to Mayberry. 12 a Green acres a Oliver buys be a radio for his birthday. Misfortune occurs when Eleanor the cow swallows the radio. T 00 . 2 Carol Burnett Mel Torme and Nanette fab Ray Are guests. I Eddie s father Eddie accepts the role of the Prince in the school play but rebels when he learns he has to kiss the Princess. 12 a Adam-12 a Mallcy and Reed get Aid from Dot. Paul Ryan Robert Conrad Iii making in arrest Complete with seizure of munitions from a Man suspected of being a militant bomb thrower. 3 30 . 8 the Smith family Talent chairman Betty Smiths it a mothers drop out of the show leaving Cindy and Bod to perform with her. 12 _ mystery movie a top of the world May with Dennis Weaver As Mccloud. Joan Blondell to Svenson and Stefanie Powers guest Star. Mccloud pursues a Petty thief into the Middle of new Yorkus big crime Syndicate. 9 00 pm. 2 medical Center Barry Sullivan and Jessica Walter play a. Ailing surgeon and a woman resident he has trainee As his a a hands a to perform operations he can no longer do himself. I _ Marty Feldman the comedy machine. Guest stars Art Carney and Joann Pflug plus Spike Milligan and Singer Usibisa. 930 pm tie persuaders haunting and Black magic prevail when Danny Wikle buys a tumbledown derelict country cottage. To . 2 Mannix suffering from amnesia Mannix cannot remember Why an attempt was made on his life. 12 night gallery Rod Serling is Host narrator for two episodes a the dark boy a with Elizabeth Hartman Michael Laird and Gale Sondergaard and a keep in touch Well think of something a with Alex Cord and Joanna Pitet. 2 a Mannix a suffering from we ii think h touch Well think of something a with Alex Cord and Joanna Pettet. 10 30 . I this is your life actress Ruth Gordon is the guest. \

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