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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 10, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Venture begins in april 7973high Point Enterprise wedge they Mey to 1972 23aproject skylab will put . Workshop in space by Karl Abraham North american newspaper Alliance new York a the United states is building a Spac Laboratory that is As Roomy As a Philadelphia Row House. This research Complex is to be launched in about a year april 30, 1973 a into an orbit 270 Miles above the Earth. The first of three Crews named to Man the station will be commanded by Navy capt. Charles a a Peter Conrad. With him will be cmdr. Joseph p. Kerwin a Navy doctor and cmdr. Paul j. Weitz a Navy Pilot. Conrad was the third american to land on the Moon. The first Crew is scheduled to spend four weeks in the orbiting outpost called skylab. The other two Crews Are to inhabit it for eight weeks at a time. Skylab is the american space programs next step Forward. The Apollo program is winding Lown. Apollo 17 flies near years end to conclude the first manned explorations of the lunar surface. Astronauts then will turn their backs on deep space for a decade or More. The National aeronautics and space administration Nasa has combined some Apollo machinery with some new pieces to assemble skylab. It is More than a people taxi but something less than a space station. A space station by prevailing definition is one that can be revisited and reused in definitely that can be refuelled. Restocked and repaired As needed. Skylab cannot be refuelled nor its pantries restocked. It is launched with supplies for 1 140 Days and Only the most vital spares Are carried for the Sake of Crew safety. Only three occupations of skylab Are planned. The first for 28 Days will try to double the american spat endurance record set in 1965 by astronauts prank Borman and Jim Jiovell when they remained aloft for 14 Days in gemini7. The second and third skylab Crews will each stay up 5ft Days to find out How Safe from a health standpoint it is for Man to be away that Long from the gravitational and atmospheric shelter of Earth after the last Apollo flight to the Moon the twin Saturn v launch pads on Complex 39 at Cape Kennedy fla., will he cleared for the skylab missions. One will be raised by a Saturn 5 Booster and second stage. Where the third stage would normally be the four Section skylab Complex will Nestle tucked in and tied Lown for the Rigours of the ascent to space. Its launch is planned for april 30. 1973. On the adjacent pad. Raised on a special platform because it is Shorter is a Saturn in two stage rocket. It carries i an Apollo command and service module. If the skylab launch is successful the Crew will ride the smaller rocket for a rendezvous the following Day. The Apollo will remain docked at skylab while the Crew works in and around skylab a orbiting Laboratory. Then they will use the Apollo to cast off and return to Earth with a splashdown Landing of the Type familiar from the Moon shots. Skylab will be abandoned. When the first skylab Crew rises up to the silently orbiting skylab it will see a rather Odd irregularly shaped contraption. At one end of skylab is a Large can the Orbital workshop. It was built by placing living quarters and scientific equipment into what once was the Hydrogen fuel tank of the Saturn 5�?Ts Sib stage a the one that pushed All Apollo flights out of Earth orbit toward the Moon. Sticking out of the tank on each Side like Flat angular wings Are two panels covered with solar cells to convert sunlight into electricity. They have a Wingspread of 90 feet. At the other end of the 118-foot Long Cluster is a Brace of eight telescopes designed to study the Sun. The Cylinder holding these instruments is Bent Over like an Elbow on radio command from Earth. And from the base Are unfurled four Large leaves that look like the vanes of a wind Rhey stretch 98 feet from tip tip and also Are covered with solar cells. Skylab runs on Sun Power Only having neither batteries nor fuel cells. The space Laboratory has been christened with such names As Only an Engineer can love. From the Bottom and upward these Are its major parts a the Saturn Orbital workshop. It is 20 feet in diameter 58 feet High on the outside and is the former rockets Hydro Gen fuel tank. A huge oxygen fuel tank set in the Bottom has been left there. Outfitted with a double Airlock trap door it serves As a vast garbage and trash can to keep skylab from polluting space. Tile upper main tank is divided into two stories with an open triangular Grill work floor Between. A the Airlock module. This is set into the top of the workshop and is a Tunnel about ten feet wide and 17 feet Long. It serves As a double safety chamber for the times when astronauts in pressure suits venture out into space to tend scientific experiments. It also is the corridor to the next working compartment. A the multiple Docking adapter. This is the skylab a space port where the command and service module remains tied up until the Crew is ready to ride it Back to Earth. The Dock is also some ten feet in diameter and 17 feet Long. It contains two Docking port holes vaults to protect the Telescope camera film from fogging controls for Many of the experiments observation windows and a to screen for observation of the Sun. A the Apollo Telescope mount. This is a protective Cylinder la by 14 feet packed with eight telescopes that can detect visible ultraviolet and a Ray emissions of the Sun. They record solar d i s tur Bances for later study by scientists on Earth. Skylab has three major objectives. Failure of any one of them to any Large extent would cast the entire future of space stations into doubt. First the astronauts must prove that men can remain in Good health while being weightless for 28 or 56 Days and readjust to Earth after Landing. The ultimate business of space stations is Long term studies of the Earth studies of space itself and service As departure terminals for longer manned voyages to the planets. Men must do More than just survive away from Earth for Long periods they must remain fit and Alert. In the skylab astronauts will exercise on a wheelless bicycle breathing through a machine that analyses their metabolism. Every third Day each astronaut will lower himself into a machine that looks like an Iron lung. It works like an Iron lung not on the upper trunk but the lower body. The machine encases the astronaut from the Waist Down. 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