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High Point Enterprise, The (Newspaper) - May 9, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Bus mess Mirror owner say in company is limited by John Cunniff a Brimm analyst new York a in ibis Era of change for american business there is a group that stands out in its absence by its inability to contribute or at least because of its failure to do so the thesis of corporate democracy is that the company is owned by us shareholders and this remains True but those owners appear to have very Little say in molding their company and sometimes Little interest As Well Doest democracy infer participation for the Public Good changing society in the Best interests of All if so can it be called corporate democracy if the owners dont participate in change to illustrate consider the annual meeting which is now at its seasonal High hardly one exists in which most of the real business Hast already been concluded before the event Seldom if Ever is anything changed in a talk prepared for a meeting of the conference Board in Tsan Francisco today Edmund Littlefield chairman of Utah inter National inc discussed in passing the subject who Are the advocates of change he named them 1 there Are the injured those who have been harmed financially when a corporation failed or suffered great reverses of for tune the injured can include creditors employees shareholders and in some cases even communities or government bodies theirs is a legitimate complaint 2 then there Are the academicians secure in the Armor of academic tenure who Are Quick to criticize shortcomings in the Corpora Tion and its management and who espouse cures for the corporation that they would in no Way tolerate or advocate for the College Cam pus or the governance of the University nevertheless he concluded academic observations and suggestions will and must be taken seriously 3 next he said is the professional corporate gadfly some of whom have had a positive Impact but most of whom would lose their livelihood and their measure of enjoyed notoriety if corporations did in fact adopt All of what these peo ple advocate 4 then said a Lillefield there Are those activists who see the corporation As a vehicle and an instrument to cause social changes which these activists deem desirable from this source he noted stems much of the agitation for changes in the makeup of boards of directors and forthe change in Board functions to recognize special interest groups like Consumers minorities females employees and others 5 always present continued Are those in government who advocate change or cause change in the corporate Board room under existing legislation new interpretations of old Law and proposals of new Legisla Tion but particularly absent from the list Littlefield observed Are the genuine shareholders those who have a continuing and to them meaningful financial stake in the corporation these shareholders said Littlefield have no easy and effective Way to join in making their views known to management and to the Board of directors except for one activity their buy ing and Selling of the Stock but Littlefield further observes this is a very expensive and Remote Way of correcting something that is not to the shareholders liking the fact appears to be that the shareholder or owner is among the least articulate and influential of All the advocates of corporate change Nashville sound each sunspots enormously powerful magnetic Field pours out streams of of electrified particles that can cause radio signals to Bounce crazily about the Globe during one Peak London television viewers were startled to hear a new York taxicab dispatcher ordering a Driver named Mac to proceed posthaste to Flatbush Avenue creators of reasonable drug prick of eckers fills More prescriptions then any drug store in North Caro Lina and Here Are the reasons Why Quality Price service Quantity buying bord Erless silk color prints larger picture area than standardize better More professional looking results ones free color enlarge sent 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Leal Bladel 3545 min Ute cutting time Lon life batteries us and Cha approved Battery Charger Model egs6 upright grass Shear 43 Inetti tall Tor Wol along trim Mingl plus All other features in the above Model modelxjr38 v King James version Kotkes background is varied by Sylvia Rector associated writer Nashville Tenn a i like big desolate spaces that inept thing is exhilarating its perfect people Tell me they feel Prairies when me or they feel running water that Good too Leo Kotkes audience is Rock oriented his Only for Mal musical training is classical Many of his roots Are sunk deep into country and Western picking its an Odd combination but this unusual poker wears it Well Kotkes Mastery of the 12string enables him to blend those three schools of sound into a haunting vibrating Stream of consciousness rhythm which defies any Label he began recording seven years ago but Only lately has the Kottke name leaked out into the mainstream it seems to be a password among a scattered sect of those who thrive on the non commercialized sound a lot of people have tried to convince me to become More commercial but id like to keep it about the Way it is i try to balance my career with family and con science and Constitution Tell him he Doest sound like anyone else and he smiles i used to be a very Gabby entertainer but my stage presence has changed completely i found out somewhere along the line i had cluttered my performance too much too Many words Iguess i Felt like i had to be else on stage but the Only real thing is the music and the music is what i do now musically and personally Leo Kottke is a Man of few words on stage in an hour concert he says almost nothing he simply fills a concert Hall with a cac Ophy of sound from his2string at times it sounds simultaneously like a Banjo a guitar and some ethereal instrument not yet named he performs and records and composes sometimes alone sometimes with a Side instrument or two its hard because i cant literally write my music and most of the time i use a 24 or 46 beat which really puts a limit on what a drummer can do he explained while his music is marketed to a Rock audience the country essence has begun to creep More and More into his music it began to show up in his album but in his latest album ice water its pronounced i guess you could say the country in my music is where country came from rather than where it is now i was basically listening to the Banjo when i lived in the West but i get enough sound out of it so i gave that up for the 12string theres some country music i cant stand to hear but i get tired of the information that comes out of top 40 music youve got to go to the country Singer to get the real emotions i remember t was in Detroit and i was very very Blue but Mickey Clark came in and we stayed up All night picking one of the first songs he played was Louise and it said some thing after we finished i want n a happier mood but somehow i Felt better country music gives you an attitude of resignation but not defeat its a to Keitasia comes idea a Lotof those lyrics help you accept things the Way they Are Kottke has begun to turn to More lyrics searching for a Way to make his music thicker his variations in Tempo rhythm patterns and mood Are kaleidoscopic but the vocal adds another dimension Pamela Brown one of the cuts on ice water exemplifies the philosophy Kottke explained its the by Tom t a Youngman who would have settled Down but lost his Lover and simply wanders lonely the bittersweet line i guess i owe it All to Pamela Brown sums up that feeling although the country in fluence May in Kotkes music gaming More listeners that More a fringe Benefit than a goal the trend int really by design its just what happens when i work with other play ers its inevitable he said

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