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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 9, 1974, High Point, North Carolina We Tust came out warm them. And Cut us a better believe Keywork. We re tilt Ethyl corporation. We Vel in milking additives tor More than 50 years. Making them. Researching them. Developing them. Testing them. Spending years of time and millions it dollars. So we re not Coiny to play any games with Youav tregoing to Tell you exactly w hat these three new additives Are. And Why they do what we say. Hirst lets consider the Wattle Over there on the right. Eti in to performance Sayger. A concentrated additive you put in your Gas tank. So highly concentrated that one ounce will treat ten Gallons of gasoline. We wanted to Call it Quot Gas because its detergent ingredients help restore dim carburettors to Good efficiency. W hich in turn. Should help Gas mileage. But we Nave no control Over your foot. Or what it docs to the accelerator and the Brake pedal. So we had to satisfy ourselves with Quot performance because the Pax id Ain help control what a screwdriver used to it aul help restore an optimum fuel air mixture in a dim Carburettor. It in to Iii Tim now. Then. Why should t you just grab a screwdriver mid adjust the Carburettor until the engine sounds right Well. Have of seen the carburettors they re making now i Low complicated they Are i Low Touchy they Are i Low even the experts heed special equipment to adjust those things actually a screwdriver does t solve the problem. It merely compensates tor it our 5-year investment in these additives May seem like a lot just a a pm reduce a Quot to a it it you Ca to clean a Carburettor. But cleaning than that. Its an advanced Oil a Carburettor is Only one Funsion additive with a viscosity Index of eth it. Performance Saver. Improver and Zinc i theophos 1 he same additive does sonic Pilate As its Active ingredients thing else. The viscosity Index improver Hor your valves. Helps keep Oil at the right thick a single treatment of Eti it Ness at High temperatures. So it perform dance Saver can help prevent deposits from building up on your intake valves. And this is important. Because valve burning can mean a valve Job. And that exx naive Little item is one of the most common major Auto repairs in the . One More thing. We said this product is concentrated. So that a Given amount will treat up to four times As much gasoline As competitive products costing about the same. This Means that Eti iyt1 performance Saver is More economical to use on a regular i Isis. And now. Wed like to introduce the product in the Middle. In iyt.1 Oil Saver. An additive you pour in the crankcase of an older car. This product s Job is to help reduce smoking and Oil burning in cars with worn engines. 1 s so Oln Wun. It dont la i to Tell no Whit h Carburettor i or oat id ii la i it. baser. Fiaui in a readings in lore Uidl after a treatment of l l i it Oil Saver. Knowing that you May think what we have Here is nothing More than a heavy Sticky Oil. Of its heavy All right. And a Little Sticky. But its a whole lot More a f helps reduce Oil burning and smoking in worn engines mid provides Good High temperature lubrication. It does All that vet it does t make your Oil turn into cold goo on Winter mornings. So it does t aggravate cold starting. Of course. N of understand we can to undo damage that s already done to i engine. But you might take Comfort in the fact that tile Zinc can help reduce fun Lier Wear to the engine. And thus help postpone the possibility of i expensive overhaul. That s our Oil additive that helps reduce Oil burning and smoking in worn engines. There s another one. On the left. For engines that Aren t worn help keep them from w earing and to help you baby them for a longer life. Eti iye11 motor Sayer. Its a concentrated formula of the most Modem Oil additives very much like the ones you d find in a fresh can of Premium motor Oil. Because its meant to help restore the Protection of those additives when h it idling you everything they i Gin to lose their Potency. And what happens when they begin to do that engine Wear begins to accelerate. Sludge varnish and acid begin to build up. And your dipstick won t give you a hint of whats happening in there. To help restore additive Protection. Ethyl motor Saver is a Multi purpose formula that contains five Active ingredients. Detergent Sulfonate a cleaning antitrust and anti corrosion agent. Zinc Ditl Iio phosphate a Multi purpose corrosion sludge and Wear inhibitor which forms a protective film on engine parts. Poly Iso Butylene a viscosity control agent. Plus an cashless sludge mid varnish dispersant. And an cashless antioxidant for further Protection against excessive Oil thickening.1 now. Ingredients like that Aren t just meant for beloved old clunkers. They re just As important for new cars. Maybe even More important considering what new cars Cost nowadays. Sci there. The three additives you be just read about Are the result of five years and s2,000,000 Worth of careful research. And it s hard to sum All that up in one and and say that s that. So we d rather not end this Story. Wed rather see it continue i your car. Where youll probably find the most convincing proof of All. T hat s Why we re asking you to try them. Not because they re miracles. Which they Aren t. But simply because they work. Which they do. You or anybody else can inspect the documentation of every claim made in this advertisement. For test results i we invite you to write or. Joseph Faggan. Project research director Ethyl corporation 1600w eight mile Road Detroit Michigan 48220. T>v4 a registered trademark of of Ethyl corporation

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