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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 9, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Tuesday May 9, 1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page nine the Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family leading educator horizontal i 8 pictured new York educator a Murray a 13 vegetable. 14 infant. 16 underdone. 17 child. 18 masculine. Answer to previous Puzzle Llan it of 19 imitator. 20 Marsh. 21 time gone by 22 nothing More than. 23 either. 24 Girdle. 35 Pine fruit. 26 Street. 27 to correspond 28 he is president of University. 80 aesthetic. 32 Coin Slit. 33 English title. 34 Castle ditch. 35 saltation. 36 Domestic slaves. 20 he ranks among the of today a educators. 21 couple. 22 to shed feathers. 24 fat. 25 poultry pen. 26 male ancestor. 27 chaise. 28 reticent 37 containing Ore. 38 squad. 39 upon. 40 Spain abbr 41 dispatched. 42 to perform. 43 mortise Teeth. 45 Elf. 46 dreadful. 47 to assail. 48 he has been Active in National -. 49 affirmative vote. Vertical 1 nay. 2 to Bury. 3 a descendant. 4 opposite of cold. 5 upon. 6 to Embarrass 7 seasoning. 8 beside. 9 warships. 10 infirm. 11 silkworm. 12 narratives. 15 common verb 18 spar. 19 Bill of fare. Person. 29 curse. # serial Story Border adventure by Oren Arnold copyright Nea service in<1 cast of Chau afters Betty Mahy Jordan fret to Young Border patrol service Secretary. Sheridan Starr a handsome Border patrol officer. Hope Kildare Starr a fellow officer also a Bachelor. La is Harrow mexican smuggler. 31 military Shell. 32 chair. 35 optical Glass. 36 existence. 38 principle. 39 Plant Sheath. 41 spore clusters. 42 Bronze. 44 nothing. 45 foot of the Fine Law. 47 before Christ abbr. Harrison in Hollywood hoi from the cutting room How oomph Battle began Dietrich quits trouser style Hollywood woos daddy girl try pall Harrison Nea service staff correspondent Holl Wood May 9 <.4 a Bort takes it was one of Para ounts Bright Young publicists to thought up the stunt in huh Yvonne Duval was supped to be planning to sue Ann Herldan to gain the title of Lymph get. Min limit it lie idea girl a claiming prior Duval the after Kin w not Ling pro. Agent got moving motile of or photograph in the audio la. To local papers printed the try and pictures and miss do i Tot a lot of priceless puh Ity and the Happy press eat decided to Call her in a Intel views. They telephoned the casting Effiee and found that tile a re Hail Lieen off contract or three month in fact Aho a working at arc Anil a it a a her real name a a j oat a tie. And now a couple of Iller studios have offered her Tovie contracts. M path i i in \ Shover in Cecil a Demiller a regiment yes then la one who Sho con envious that he lies Down Letterer the Boss is tired. Ere a producer who also has a faithful Stooge. Whenever the dec Tulve has been out on a party the underling shows up at the studio with a hangover. Samuel Goldweit quarrelling bitterly wit ii the rest of the United artists is discussing an affiliation with metro Fth Edwyn a it or. Sinh a Deal he a Homecoming because Goldwyn never had any connection with the company that boars his name. Retie Davis will enact another lingering death in a a bolivars. This time of yellow fever a few months after her marriage to Errol Flynn. At the local Premier of a nazi spy the audience a spin Uklid with dozens of strange Stocky gent who bulged in their formal clothes ant fidgeted in their scat among the Star. They were City mid private detectives planted to quell disturbances. No More trousers for Dietrich 1>egh they have bleached Bob Taylor s dark Sun Tan so that hell contrast with the natives in a lady of the Hedy Lamarr As a half caste girl is wearing very dark makeup. Marlene Dietrich still jobless at this writing May return to Paramount for a spy picture yesterday the Hoilier patrol moves out to catch Barra and Betty Waits at the radio station for word. Then suddenly she leaves and hails a taxi. Chapter xxix Sheridan Starr was Young. But he and Hope Kildare had been assigned Many weeks earlier to a a get Luis Barra and so on this night the District chief ordered Sherry himself to take full command. Directing even the older officers. It was not an unusual situation. By o u gentlemen understand that this is not Likely to be Young Sheridan Starr of the United states Border patrol was saying. A it is practically certain that we shall have to a naturally a said a fellow officer. One of 35 men assembled. A we Are almost certain be at new Channel crossing within the next three or four hours. We have inside information about that. We were signalled that the cavalcade had already started. But on horseback Barros Force necessarily will move much More slowly than we have moved in cars. He does not even have a a have any idea about How Many of them to expect or. Starr a one Man a Veteran in the service asked. A yes sir a Hundred at least perhaps a few a whew a a that s what i m trying to make Clear it in t just a Case of our stepping out to say a hands up or a Case where two or three aliens decide to shoot a Little and we have to Bat Down their ears. Thl almost surely will amount to a Battle with the numerical Odds against us three to one. In guess a i guess maybe we ought to say that this should be a voluntary service tonight. Of any of you men feel that your Home or family obligations a feel like you ought not to uhf i Means a a emr. Starr a the Veteran officer spoke rather sharply. A i am afraid you Are about to insult us. Sir May i respectfully suggest that we discuss not personal matters but our plans to receive or Sheridan swallowed. There in the darkness he could feel a Boyish Tingle around his neck and knew it would have shown Pink in daytime. After All he was the youngest Border guard in this District. He and Hope Kildare. And grave responsibility was Riding his Fine Young shoulders tonight. By yes sir a he managed. A i did no to Means Well now Here s my idea of How to do it and in be been thinking about it hard. New Channel crossing is two Miles Down the River from this Point where we Are now. If we go any closer in cars or even on foot we stand a Good Chance of being seen by Burro s spies on this Side. If spies do see us darn sure signal across to Barra. Now Barra probably will be bold enough with too armed men to try to Force his Way Over anyhow and then again he might not be. He a Tricky. So we can t just go to our Side of new Channel crossing and wait for him you a then How will we manage it a asked another officer. A Well the River Isnit More than neck deep anywhere along Here. At this season. There Are tules and Willows growing and some rocks along the Shore. I think we can get right in the water about Here Wade silently downstream clinging near the american Shore and come out of the water there where the River dammed up its old Channel and made a new one. Understand a a a there a quite a bit of Brush larger rocks and such stuff on new Channel Island one Man rent asked then. A a Barros a men would be protected there in event of fighting. On our Side of the River the land has been cleared and left clean for quit a a exactly a Sheridan answered. A a that a Why i say we have to work a Little trickery of our own. Now Here s the Point a the night had been favourable for smugglers at 8 p. Rn., and Luis Barra had observed that with satisfaction. Most of the sky was clouded and when the Earth did catch a glimpse of it the Moon shone Only As a negligible curved line. But by to of clock nature had diabolically joined the american forces Barro noted cursing. Clouds had settled Down beyond the mountains As if to sleep the night through. Stars had become veritable lanterns. Murky Haze at the ground level had disappeared. A is no matter a he snapped at Gonzales his assistant and interpreter. A no matter if was full Moon even. We have strength tonight. We Send the estra Jeros Over As planned. I like the Chance to see Gringo officers shot Down before we leave anyway he Jose a a Psi Don Luis. But i am anxious to be a we shall hurry. We have a fast car All ready. We have steamship tickets even. We have plenty Money. Tonight we Start and in two Days we shall be on the Ocean for grand trip hah a a it is Good a agreed Jose Gonzales. A a now you and i we do not Cross the River tonight we stay always on the mexican Side. Los federals cannot Cross the International Boundary. It is strict Law. The Boundary line is Down the Center of the Stream As they Well know of something has slipped and they should he waiting for us they would have to be on the other Side and would he Only six or eight maybe to anyway. I have never known More than 12 Border patrol officers to be in one group. And we have big number a Psi. Senor. It will be Barro halted his cavalcade about a mile from the River. Several of the riders especially some women who had never Ridden a horse before and who had been in dire Straits at this night adventure had begun muttering in complaint. Barros interpreters and assistants were forced to give them a few final words of encouragement. A it is a few minutes now until you Are in the United states a Barro promised them. A then your troubles will be Over for there is the land where everybody get Rich and have no he had led them to believe Ever since his spotters first contacted the aliens that through his influence Entrance to America was Safe and easy and residence there was almost utopian once they were actually in he did not of course mention that any alien can be arrested in America and promptly deported no matter How he has slipped in. Deportation can follow Days months or even years after entry. A the River where we Cross is no deeper than a horse s Knees a Barro went on. A you could even Wade across on foot easy. Just be quiet and ride right on eastward. Nothing will bother you. And anyway you have a very definite but silent tension crept Over the entire personnel of the cavalcade As they approached the water Barro and Gonzales leading. Only the sound of the animals hoofs on stones reins rattling an occasional snort or a champing of bits marked the Progress of the column. A there is the old River Channel dry a Barro pointed out to Gonzales. Whispering As they Rode on across it. A the River now is eastward a Short Barro was keenly Alert. His eyes has scanned Points beyond the Rio Grande in America for any Light signal of warning that his spies might give hut he had seen none. He approached the water Edge with Field glasses trained. Anxious riders started into the water at once. Elation swelled in Barro. The american Shore was Clear for at least half a mile in each direction. His aliens could Cross unmolested. Barro smiled. In that moment a Rifle shot cracked the Clear night air along the Rio. Uncle rays Corner the Arm the Elbow and a funny Bone a Salto a a voice shouted. Then others a los federals Aqui Alto a the shot and the formal commands to halt came not from in front of the aliens hut from three positions behind them no Man would want to lose his Quot Strong right for that matter no one would care to lose his left Arm most of us Are right handed and the left Arm is not so Strong but it surely has its place after a boy glows to be several years old he is Likely to Start to a show his he doubles his fist and bends his arms and perhaps proudly proves to a Friend that his muscle is of Good size and at least fairly hard. I did that Many a time in my boyhood the muscle the boy shows is known As the a biceps a pronounced it is located on the a front a of the upper Arm. The biceps is important but it is by no Means the Only Arm muscle. There is a triceps try seps muscle along the Back of the upper Arm and it makes the Arm straight again after we Bend it. Other Muscles draw Tho aim across the Chest and a shoulder muscle gives us Power to raise the Arm above the head. Their Are Only three Bones in the Arm Between the shoulder and i 1st. One of these hones is in the upper Arm the other two ate in the forearm. It is interesting to test the Arm to see How much easier it is to twist the j firearm than the upper Arm. We have very Little twisting Power Over the upper Arm. We must thank Small Muscles in the forearm for the Power in several ways. Without Muscles the Bones could not be turned. The two hones in the forearm and the Quot a they Are jointed at the Elbow. Explain however much of our Power Over this part of the Arm. The Elbow is a joint which acts like a hinge. No hinge for a Dom is in cleverly made As the one we ave in the Elbow at one Tim or another you must have found out something diagram of Elbow showing some of hones. About your a funny Bones of a crazy if we have the to Fortune to be struck on a certain part of the Elbow it gives us a tingling and rather painful feeling. In real fact there is no special a funny what we do is to strike the Elbow in such a Way that the ulnar nerve is squeezed against the end of a Long hone. This nerve runs along the inner Side of the Arm and rests on a hone at the Elbow. The Arm contains a network of arteries and veins As Well is nerves. The arteries carry blood from the heart to the cell in the Arm and the blood gives the cells food and oxygen. The veins on the other hand run Hack Iowa re Tho heart and the blood in them carries waste products from the cells. For general interest Section of your scrapbook if you want a free copy of the illustrated leaflet. A your body at Send me a 3r stamped return envelope in care of this newspaper. Uncle Ray. Tomorrow the human hand Mckenney on Bridges o to in con Hided Don t let lure of extra trick cranium crackers the family doctor occupy yourself with occupations Here Are five occupations a Lue oncologist Joiner split ital undo Gist Cooper Voyageur. From the list of descriptive phrases below can you sect the proper one to fit each occupation treats diseases of the Eye. Travels about world to make surveys. Finishes House Woodwork. Studies Antiquity. Studies plants and herbs. Makes barrels and casks a policeman. A Boatman. Performs operations on the Abdomen. Use of Gold in treating tuberculosis encouraging first time in 300 years look a learn 111 a. C. Gordon Side glances 1. What scottish Engineer in vented a Type of Roadway or pavement in use today 2. Where in the Bible Are found the beatitudes 3. When was the first Kentucky Derby run 4. Who is president of the american red Cross society 5. Which is the highest navigable River in the world answers 1. John Louden Macadam 1756-1838 instituted the method of Road construction now known As Macadam 2. In the Sermon on the mount 3. May 1875, and won by Aristides before 10,000 spectators. 4. Franklin d. Roosevelt. 5. Lake Titicaca in the Andes mountains in South America 12,-644 feet. Fly or. Morris Fishbein i editor journal of the american medical association and of Hygeia la health Maxacine in 1924, a norwegian physician named Mollgaard experimented with a method of treating tuberculosis that involved the use of Gold injected into the body. For More than 1200 years Gold had bes a used for treating All sorts diseases probably because the magic associated with the very word a Gold had great influence on people who were sick. For at least 300 year it had been tried repeatedly in treating tuberculosis and always discarded. In 1920 some work was done which showed that sometimes the results following the use of Gold were More harmful than beneficial to the patients the Lithe subject was revived in 1924. A new preparation of Gold was tried extensively in several important sanatoriums. The evidence More recently developed seemed to indicate that in some cases of tuberculosis the use of this Gold preparation in addition to other drugs a helpful. Indeed in a few instances the results wer sufficiently Good to cause doctors to continue their Exier ments. However in no Ca did the Gold act so perfectly As to make the doctors believe it had specific effect on the germ that causes the disease. It must he remembered that nowadays a person seriously sick from tuberculosis is Likely to be Given care in a Sanatorium where he will get adequate rest the use of artificial pneumothorax or various operations on the diseased lung Good food including the essential proteins vitamins and Mineral salts necessary to help the body in repair and particularly Good nursing. At the same time drug Are administered which stimulate the activity of the tissues. It is exceedingly difficult for the doctor who has charge of the patient to he certain where to assign the responsibility for the Benefit that occurs. Tuberculosis is Seldom so severe that it destroys life suddenly. Usually it is a disease that comes on slowly even insidiously it progresses unless brought under control. Most patients begin to improve at once if they ire Given proper care particularly plenty of rest and Good food if drugs or medicines or other treatments Are Given at the same time people Are Likely to discount the value of the food and the rest and give All the credit to the other treatments. In the United states our death rate from tuberculosis has dropped from 97 per 100,000 population in 1920 to 54 per cent per 100,000 population in 1937. Here quite certainly we Are making steady Progress. A miss Penny i can to say that i like you As Lombard. I rather liked you As Norma Shearer incidentally a a legs never wears trousers anymore. She has gone very fent lne and in very Short skirt. Tilt second change of director on a gone with the wind Quot a a George Cukor to Lictor Fleming to Sam Wixx la Isnit Supi hired to be permanent. Tile overworked Fleming gets a rest. Meanwhile four companies will shoot on Hie picture gathered up kids and ends of backgrounds crowd and Battle scenes in an Effort to wind up tile production by july i. Sonja Henley smother is always on her skating sets and is the unofficial but final judge of All the routine. After a take is made the Mother nods or shakes her head from the sidelines if she disapproves miss Henle insists upon trying it again. Or. Paul Muni likewise a the filial w o r d Alani any scene in which her a husband plays. Incidentally Muni recently Hhd bitten by a stray dog and May have to take lie Pasteur treatment. Ile said a i thought i a finished wit ii that character years Modem etiquette lessons n English by Koretta Lek q. Is it impolite to interrupt a person w to is telling a Story when one has heard it before a. Yes it i much better to appear interested and aet As though you have not heard the Story. Q Isnit it All right for a mail to have his initials on his visiting card instead of his full name a. He May when the name is very Long such As or. Howard j. M. Littleford q. Should a guest Al a wedding reception insist upon kissing the Bride a. No. Some girls do not care for promiscuous kissing. By w. L. Gordon for Derry Day an appropriate gift for Tho Derby goer would be a compact suntan leather kit Only slightly larger than an Ordinary Wallet with space on the outside for Pencil and program and separate compartments inside for Cash and tickets. For women they come in Alligator with compact Mirror and purse. A slide Fastener keeps contents under control. England is to build a 3790,-q00 training school for army Cooks. Words often misused. Allusion is an indirect reference a hint. Illusion is a deceptive appearance. Often mispronounced Mari time. Pronounce Raar a Tim a As in at first i As in it unstressed second i a in time accent first syllable. Often misspelled acquit one t. Acquitted and acquitting two us. Synonyms native land fatherland country Home. Word study a use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today sword Pristine belonging to the earliest time primitive uncorrupted. Pronounce last syllable teen. A tile foliage had a Dustless Pristine this minuted by Howato Missi u i the word you Are about to look at. In the spilt seconds that they hit your a Yea form a new kind of reporting. This Wilt take sixty seconds to read while you Are Reading these facts the events they describe Are actually taking place. What happens in one minute on Earth. A world is in motion. Destiny unfolds itself Rob you of this Bridge quiz Victory by we. In Mckenney Secretary ame Irmi contract Bridge league Start re Ding in the sixty second now passing South America in producing eight thousand pounds of Coffee. Worlds largest such activity. The South americans drink a Yerba mate a a their equivalent of Tea three Hundred and fifty pounds of it every minute of every hour. Grimsby. England is one of the worlds largest Forhing renters. Each minutes fifteen Hundred pounds of fresh fish Are caught there five Hundred pounds of peril a seed Are grown in Manchukuo every minute. Its used to color vegetables for Oil. And for making a japanese on an average. Seventy be people a minute walk into the san Francisco world s fair. Americans use seventy doses of vaccine a minute for their cattle and other animals. Every minute the United states Bureau of engraving prints fourteen sheets of government Bonds Worth thirty six thousand dollars with the International situation As dangerous As it is and Belgium once again in the path of marching armies that nation is spending a Hundred and ten dollars every minute for its National defense. I Iii i the mull of a Erie of Bridge quizzes. Par i too. De i duet 20 Points of you answer is i correctly question no. I in for no. 2 to for no. 8, and i for no. 4. Kiep your daily score and be How High urn average you eau maintain. 1. What response should North make to South s opening bid of one heart 2. If North gives an immediate raise should South go to game at once 3. What card should West open and what card should East ploy on the opening Lead against four hearts 4 after losing Tho first three Spade tricks has the Declarer any Chance to Mawe his contract solution to Bridge quiz 1. The immediate heart raise is preferable to one no Trump i which might he construed As Dis j Cou raging. North is not Strong enough for two no Trump but j with four of partners suit and i two aces on the Side he wants to encourage Siuth to bid once More. 2. With South a Fine hand Bel should bid game at once. It is a 1 slight overbid but South has no other suit to show. 3 West must open the King of Spades. When holding the King j a 10 5 3 v 7 6 4 3 a a85 a j 2 a a kd4 v none �T�97432 a 10 7 4 a q62 a k to 5 2 a 10 6 a 865 3 a j 8 7 a a q j 9 8 a a a j Ako rubber both Vul. Stop Reading. Queen or the Ace King tile King is the Cor Root lard to Lead. East s play is the six spot encouraging his partner to continue the suit. When West leads the ave East must play the Deuce thereby completing the 4, yes. The Declarer has a Chance. He should win the Diamond return in Dummy with the Nee. And take the heart finesse. Now he must return the n be of clubs and finesse Dummy s Jack. It is True that he might lose an extra trick hut what is the risk of too Points against the possibility of making a vulnerable game flapper Fanny by Sylvi n com ism so a Savici inc t w arc u cat off a Irti copyright. 1939, Esquire feature. Inc two of Hie three eyelids of a Bird Are much like our own except that most Bird use he lower one to close the Eye. While we use the upper one. Tile third life the Nice stating membrane is inside the others and moves How can i ? Ryanne Ashley q. How can i Repi Tendy the perspiring of my hands when sewing delicate materials a. Bathe the hands in a solution of warm water and alcohol. The fabric can then be handled without fear of staining it. Q. How can i make a Good thickening for Cream sauce a. Use pastry flour for thickening when making a Cream sauce. It will mix easier and will he less Likely to form lumps As when using bread flour. Q How eau i clean brass a. Brass can be cleaned and will keep Bright for a Long time if a soft paste of Whiting and ammonia is applied followed by a rubbing with Olive Oil. Volcanic bombs vary in i a from that of a baseball to huge Masse. Six feet in diameter and they May he spherical or Pear shaped. The surface May he smooth or covered with fissures. W j Iii a could you make no look a Little older i expect to Send Ting to my aunt next Christmas

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