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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 6, 1972, High Point, North Carolina A High Point Enterprise saturday May 6, 1972 Hunt for 47 men pressed Forward my the weather. Kellogg Idaho a mine officials prepared to lower a Long delayed exploratory device deep into the Shaft at the Sunshine mine today in search of 47 men missing since a Flash fire broke out tuesday. The known death toll reached smoke billowed out of the elevator Shaft. Elburt Osborn director of the Federal Bureau of mines said Friday his Agency will use its own men to try and Contact the missing men through a 4-foot-wide ventilation Shaft. 14. Federal officials said they 35 Friday night with thedis Wou a use an experimental Tele covery of three a Ore division camera and a device found about 2.000 feet from he Nown As a a a torpedo in Hopes no. To Shaft said Marvin Chase. 0f reaching the miners mine manager. The camera just developed but Chase said Rescue workers had the Westinghouse corp., and reached the 3,700 foot level of never used before will be Low the mine and were working ered first to scout the Way. Then toward the elevator Shaft which the torpedo a a conical two italian campaigns Roar toward vote tar from Pace 1-a l,.i�i.d Pretoria Timal Lodis Tod a a a a a weal urn in to Rome apr Italy votes j this weekend after a noisy and sometimes violent Campaign for elections that May nudge this country s politically splintered parliament to the right. Official electioneering ended at Midnight Friday with final blares from loud speakers showers of leaflets and hoarse speeches from one end of the country to the other. Electors visit the polls sunday and Mon win handily. The cop race for . Senate was an energetic confrontation among three Candi whether any decisive trend will Dafes state Are a emerge from the ballots. Johnson of Concord Raleigh most politicians and poll watchers see two Likely possibilities. The new parliament could be divided As badly As the last one continuing the political and economic instability of the past two years. Or voters angered by the recent action could shift to the right which would make Way for a centrist coalition government such As Johnson of to editorialist Jesse Helms and William h. Booe Charlotte attorney and school Board member. Political observers said that Jim Hunt Wilson attorney Roy Sowers former Secretary of the state department of natural and economic resources and Margaret Harper Southport insurance woman and former state democratic vice Raleigh attorney and former congressional Aid. The nominee will take on Republican Jack Hawke of Raleigh in the november election. In the 9th District Graem Yates of Charlotte and James g. Martin of Davidson Are seeking the Republican nomination while state rep. Jim Beatty and Jack h. Firpo both of Charlotte Are the democrats. In Council of state races Veteran state treasurer Edwin Gill is matched with a political unknown Jack Jorney of it. 4, of state challenged by is the Only Access to the 4.600-foot level where the missing men Are believed to be. The main Rescue Effort halted Man tube a will follow. It will carry two men to the Depths where they Hope to walk the intervening distance from the Friday morning when dangerous Shaft to the missing miners. Domestic fight sheriff is killed answering Call Concord no. Apr a head was rushed to a Concord Cabarrus county Deputy sheriff Hospital and later was trans was shot to death Friday night feared to a Charlotte Hospital after answering a Call reporting where he died shortly after a a Domestic argument. A Young rival. Painter was charged with first Compton said when hear degree murder in the slaying. I Rived at the scene Talbert was sheriff j. B. Roberts said it. Sitting in Eurys patrol car with Robert Eury. A 17-year Veteran two 38-caliber pistols one be of the department answered a longing to the fatally wounded Call about 8 . At a residence officer. In the Midland Community Compton said he Drew his about 15 Miles South of con own pistol and ordered Talbert Cord. To come out. He said Talbert Deputy h. D. Compton who got out of the car and walked arrived on the scene minutes toward him with his hands up. After the shooting arrested a when Talbert was near the offi Man identified As Vernon cer he dropped his hands As Charles Talbert 22, of Concord though to lunge Compton said. Talbert was taken to Concord the officer said he struck Tal for questioning and later was Bert twice Over the head with charged with murder. His pistol and then handcuffed Eury who was shot in the him Michael Jackson is Black hero Hollywood apr Quot dear a no a he grins a too Michael How you Are you a the Jackson five include asked the letter on school note Jackie 20 Tito 17 Jermaine Book paper from Baton Rouge 16 Marlon 14 and Michael. A Fine. I Hope i love you for Back Home in Gary ind., their seasons a father. Joe Jackson was a another letter at random Seel Mill Crane operator and from a bulging mail sack was off hours guitarist and song from Philadel phia a to the one i writer. Their Mother Kath Erine Sang country Western. The object of this schoolgirl Diana Ross saw the Brothers adoration is 13-Yearold Michael perform at a Talent show in Joe Jackson described by his Gary told them their act was recording company As the first great and took them to motown singing idol for Black teeny records toppers. Most other Rock stars the. Include inc three from the beatles to David Cas a and a Anor brother Side spokesmen Point out. Have for is an j a"011"lra f.11 been Whit lives now in 3 magnificent an been wine. Sprawling Home on 14 land Day after an interlude today. Those which de ital7 during the Chaj Mana wer in a tight race do a Rhanel scr tary \ a / a j police were out in Force be-1 one 1fate postwar yews. For democratic nomination Eure is Cha 3 pm a la u d re cause u was the last Egal night left coalition of Christian for lieutenant governor followed Louls a wad a a Durham Busty i Iii # Mil i 11 j of campaigning and they wan coalition of Christian r Allen Barbee accompany president and or. De to guard against further out democrats and socialists has it. R businessman and Craig Phillips state superintend will become southerly bring Breaks of violence by leftist governed. But their Accord Peg Snajd Lee Prajer a Black Dent Puc instruction is of in. I crumbled Over a Bill to allow act India 5/�ier, 8 Dack posed by John of Connell of Balmy weather will prevail through today for late voting citizens and warm weather will continue the rest of the weekend. The predicted High this afternoon is in the 80s, the Low tonight will be in the 50s. Sunday s High temperature will be in the -80s. A Zero per cent Chance of rain is predicted through sunday. A High pressure area Over the Carolinas weather scene is maintaining the current pleasant conditions. As the Center of the High pressure area moves eastward winds forecast North Carolina fair and warmer through sunday. Highs today 70s in the mountains to the Low 80s in the Southeast. Lows tonight 40s in the mountains and 50s elsewhere. High sunday mostly 80s. South Carolina my in even higher temperatures. Accompanying the warmer weather Early next week will Likely be increased moisture with scattered showers moving into the Western Section of the state. Temperatures and rightist extremists. But in Rome Brief clashes erupted following a rally by the Neo fascist italian social movement. Witnesses said leftists with chains attacked a car driven by fascist supporters. Minutes later extremists broke windows in the Piazza Jamesene a the scene of the fascist rally. Crumbled Over a Bill to allow n b divorce and measures to revive Adorney rom new Bern Phillips department. Six candidates sought the democratic nomination for commissioner of labor. They Italy a once booming now-Stag-1 the race for the Republican Raleigh former Emp Laye of non inn nov nomination for lieutenant gov some observers predict thee nor was tween state sen. A fascia St a party which tags Quot h. Joyner of re i we Mav double Quot its Strenth Walker Wilkesboro Bush were w. C. Creel of Cary for. The a the Messman. Mer state labor department a a t j a fascists important primary contests safety coordinator John c. ?.ll in ii lotions i Var were wages in three Cong res Brooks Raleigh attorney and Folb onh i Flauia that districts in which in former legislative services i by the associated press n Milam win. Wielding fed up with political Bicker a a a a 124 hours ending at 7 . Est Iron bars attacked a car Dis my and disorder. Christian democrats the Backbone of italian govern station h l Asheville Clear 72 58 Augusta Clear 80 49 Charleston Clear 80 50 Charlotte Clear 73 46 Columbia Clear 79 47 Greensboro Clear 73 43 Greenville s c. Clear 76 47 Raleigh Clear 73 43 Savannah Clear 79 45 Wilmington Clear la 52 where the Black mayor of ment of Public instruction Chapel Hill Howard Lee gave Phillip Ellen. Southern Pines _ 4. A a rep. L. H. Fountain a Strong contractor Bob Folger Dobson after today s pause Italy s 37irnents for 27 years were tear Cha Menge Extrie worker and John War a 46 and senators who will plot the fascists and the it rvs a course for the next party the latter communist the second hit by scandals five Day forecast North Carolina extended Outlook monday through wednesday a Chance of showers in Western sections tuesday otherwise partly Cloudy. Warm Days and mild nights. Daytime highs will average in primary slated today in Texas mostly sunny and warm today the Middle 70s in the mountains and sunday. Mostly Clear and and the upper 70s to Low 80s Cool tonight. Highs today elsewhere. The overnight lows 70s to lower 80s. Lows tonight will average in the Low 50s in democrats today select their upper 40s to 50s. High the mountains and the Middle nominee for governor after a sunday 70s to 80s. To upper 50s elsewhere. Campaign tinged by Bank Loans seek re election were galician operator and unsuccessful 1968 Akis in the 4th, Alton a. Lennon candidate. In the 7th and Charles r. Jonas six More candidates were of in the 9th. Posed for the democratic Nomi the race for the democratic nation for insurance commis nomination in the 4th was sooner. They were George Belk among three Fayetteville actor of Greensboro insurance and Neys Charles g. Rose Iii who Juster and unsuccessful 1968 ran unsuccessfully in 1970, do candidate George Cherry jr., ran Berry and state sen. Hee of Raleigh real estate broker Tor Mcgeachy. And former insurance agent six candidates sought the Johnny Clark Morganton insure democratic nomination in the Ance agent c. Cecil Duncan 4th where Galifianakis stepped Charlotte insurance company Down to run against Jordan. Vice president and former in Thev Are state rep. Ike an Durance department Deputy Stock scandals which have kept of a of. 9ft-. Curler commissioner state rep John associated pres. Writer Texas politics in a turmoil for a a a lock of risk dal is a p Ain a a my a Tarney Hai i a map Texas Vear and a half in Jyles Cogg is Raleigh. Russell Secrest former Deputy Dallas a Texas year Ana a Nan. Former state rep it Archie commissioner in the insurance by Robert e. Ford to your Good health How make does such. Prominence acres in san per Michael feel a Goj. Y suburb f �ndn0 he describes his singing voice a a ,. As a Imda pawing fans quot0, Brothers do chores a i like it a Leaf raking dish washing and Michael baby faced 4 feet la robing their own Beds. I and 80 pounds is Lead Singer of 5a eng re in the jacks i five Brothers allowance of it a whose 17 million singles in two wee. Oes be said for Art years have made them motown and sometimes Bubble records hottest Selling group. Gum it they be had three two million Jackson who manages his Selling albums. Sons group said their earnings Michael s recently released Are going into Trust funds. I album of his own. Got to be Chael plans to study Art and had Advance orders for business administration in co -350.000 copies. Two singles Leke from it. The title song and he shares a two bed room a Rockin have sold with his brother. Marlon. A nearly four million copies. Sign placed by their Mother does Michael have a girl reads a keep America Beau Friend Tufui clean up your never had a period can she marry by g�or9� c. Taos Teton . Dear doctor i have a daughter who is 28 and who has never had a period. She has been examined by a doctor who says she can live a married life. Can she get pregnant a mrs. . Whether or not she can As you say Lead a married life is a question that a subject to Many factors that i can to predict but i would say that if her doctor has told her this he has Good reason. As to a possible pregnancy this is very unlikely in amenorrhoea the medical term for absence of menstruation. Since she has never had a period the amenorrhoea in your daughters Case is undoubtedly what is called a a primary As opposed to in secondary types menstruation stops after it has begun it is rather uncommon but there Are other women who have never experienced menstruation. The cause is usually under functioning of the glandular system a the pituitary thyroid ovaries or of them. At her age i d say the chances of this condition reversing itself Are very minimal. Dear or. Thosteson what Good Are flu shots Quot my husband and i Are 70 and 62, had flu shots but still got the flu so they la do it every time bad. So Why spend the Money if we get the flu were we Given too weak a shot or what a mrs. L a. Nobody has Ever claimed that flu vaccine was too per cent effective but if it prevents or moderates three cases out of four it is still doing a lot of Good. The vaccine can make the difference in the attack causing it to be Milder. It is recommended primarily for a High risk people a which includes some especially the elderly who have chronic ailments lungs heart Etc and need what Protection is possible against a Case of flu which to them would be particularly hazardous. One problem is that flu exists in various strains so the flu vaccine is produced with several strains represented in it. If a new Strain appears then the vaccine has to be modified a As has happened. Finally the intensity of exposure to the germs has a bearing the vaccine May protect fully against Light exposure but not against intense exposure. At your age this Protection should be taken annually. Dear or Thosteson i am 13 and my face looks like a disaster because my eyebrows Are terribly Bushy and grow across the Bridge of my nose it s beginning to look like one Long Eyebrow. In be thought of plucking them but have heard that plucking Only stimulates More growth. My mom wont let me go to a doctor and get the hairs permanently removed. I s there any solution that i could use at Home which would be fairly permanent a . Plucking does t stimulate growth. True the hairs will grow in again in time but can be plucked again. I Don t know of any permanent method of removal except electrologist. If mom relents and permits that be sure to go to a registered electrologist. Your doctor probably can refer you to a reliable one. Note to . Best guide to finding a plastic surgeon is to consult your regular physician and ask him to refer you to one with whose work he is familiar. What Are ulcers How should they be treated what can you do to help rid yourself of ulcers and stay rid of them for answers read or. Thosteson a helpful Booklet a How to heal peptic ulcers and keep them for your copy write to him in care of this newspaper enclosing a Long self addressed use zip code stamped envelope and 25 cents in Coin to cover Cost of printing and handling. Or. Thosteson welcomes Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers questions Are incorporated in his column whenever possible. Experience is the Only surefire cure for inexperience. Many times a Man creates his own Lack of opportunities. In the race for the Senate nomination former sen. Ralph Yarborough is seeking to stage a political comeback following his loss of the nomination in 1970 to Lloyd Bentsen. Yarborough is heavily favored. His closest challenger appears to be Barefoot Sanders former legislative counsel for president Lynden b. Johnson. Democrats also begin the process of choosing delegates to the National convention by holding precinct conventions most of them tonight. J republicans Are taking opinion polls in their primary on school busing and consolidation of school districts to achieve i racial integration w Hile democrats ballot on the busing Issue. The Straw votes Are Only to Sample opinion and have no effect on current Laws or court rulings. Polls open at 7 . And most close at 7 . The ballot was Long meaning a probable slew county with 47 candidates for statewide offices 78 for the . House 670 for the legislature and Many More for local offices. The chief antagonists in the governors race Are gov. Preston Smith seeking his third term it. Gov. Ben Barnes former state rep. Dolph Briscoe and state rep. Frances Farenthold. Smith and Barnes were forced to deny that they knowingly were touched by the scandals which prosecutors have called sophisticated modern Day bribery. Certain politicians were granted poorly secured Loans and allowed to buy National Bankers life insurance co. Stock on which the Federal government says they made Large profits. Rep. Mcmillan of Raleigh former d department and Dewey Durham mayor Wense Graba Sheffield Wilson insurance Rek. And William Creech Atman. Mater Brand of Calor Rosales amp service a color to a Block 4 White to a stereo a radio Hill electronics mov by Rast of a Echo Alloi ibis Juji basketball from a wheelchair. See one of the most exciting basketball games using night watchman clock Ano door seals la i Dat cart Toub business Ano Hom by Roku i cd i Davis patrol amp watchman service equipped with 2-Way radio por better service Security guards phone 886-4025 elect Homer l Mason com Coati school Board 9 mss he 11 win Hoh my gifts a Quality Flowers a professional service Quot Luzil Tlell of. Phone 882-4161 tour to Horn i 2 sunday Buffet adults $2.95, children $1.75 11 30 . To 2 30 . At. I Quot jilt �3rai& restaurant featuring whole round of 8��f carved by our chef Kong fresh Broil Rock fish barbecued baby spare ribs salted Chicken and White wine sauce hot vegetables salads and desserts come meet our or. Kong internationally renowned chef a daily luncheon Buffet 11 30 . To 2 00 . 0 monday thru Friday Tamb Pammie _ a Dpi vol a Forse acobs to at High Milt re. Cra.ntbw., n. C. I. 292-9161 played in this area 7 30 pm tonight May 6 High Point Myca Richmond charioteer is Queen City Hawks git is High Point College stars world famous Oasis Temple Oriental band 70 perform at half time a sound Ano sight to behold sponsored by High Point shrine club admissions by donations Only profits go to crippled childrens Hospital

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