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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 5, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Soa High Point Enterprise sunday May a 1974south s churches segregated but have no bars by Marian Fox associated press writer on sunday mornings in Memphis a 66-year-old White realtor drives his Mother in Law to her Church. Then he picks up a White haired Black grandmother and they drive to their Church. He is the Only White member. A neither woman knows about the other a he said asking not to be identified a my Mother in Law does t know my Church is Black. My cousins done to know it either and none of my friends do. My wife knows. She does t understand but she loves me and tries to accept four years ago the methodist Church he attends had More than 700 members All White. The pews were Fulfur and the collection plates were heavy. But the racial complexion of the North Memphis neighbourhood was changing and the congregation voted 700-14 to move to the White suburbs leaving the old Church to Blacks. A the last sunday there was a big crowd like easter a the realtor said. Quot even a pipe Organ. One woman was crying. I told her she did t have to leave. The new Black pastor and 14 Black members came in and it was quiet As death. Then the new pastor spent 15 minutes making a Beautiful talk asking the Whites to some Whites did stay for awhile but eventually All but the realtor were gone Quot not because there weren to people to serve but because there weren to White people there a he said. White churches throughout the South have faced similar decisions in most instances when a neighbourhood has gone from White to Black the Church has undergone the same color change. But while White Southern churches Are fleeing changing neighbourhoods and Quot skirting the Issue of racial integration there is also a kind of new openness toward Blacks said the Rev. John Trantham a White Baptist minister in Memphis. Many Southern churches profess a open visitation a for Blacks. Blacks who visit Mclaurin Heights methodist Church in Pearl miss., Are met with a Quot warm and receptive Welcome said the Rev. Clifton Whitlock pastor. The Church has no Black members. In Mobile ala., members of Bay View Heights Baptist Church have Quot never made an Issue of integration Quot said the Rev. Samuel Phillips. A we done to go out and put on a Campaign of Welcome but they Are to Knoxville. Tenn., the Rev. George w. Armbrister of Magnolia Avenue methodist Church says Blacks visit his Church often but none has applied for membership. A we would Welcome them a he said. At Wesley memorial United methodist Church in Columbia s c., the Rev. D. E. Canady said increasing numbers of his White congregation say Quot they done to particularly like it but they would t turn them in Livingston ala., mayor Drayton Pruitt or. Said Black football players from the town s College have visited the local Baptist Church. A some of the older White members bristled and clamped their lips tight but they did t get up and walk out like they would have to years or even five years ago Quot he said. Quot the Blacks . Church growth Static new York a american Church growth has sagged to a virtual standstill hitting its lowest level in More than a Quarter Century and narrowly trailing the Pace of population increase new statistics showed saturday. Church membership in the country stands at 131.424.564, up Only 35.000 from the previous year and the smallest Overall gain since 1945 when world War ii ended and . Church membership suffered a Brief downturn. The current scanty increase fractionally slipped behind the approximate i per cent population Rise but due to the masses involved the percentage of americans belonging to churches remained unchanged in rounded numbers a 62 4 per cent the same As the year before. The figures were compiled for the 1974 yearbook of american and Canadian churches published by the National Council of churches. Yearbook editor constant Jacquet said the slow Down in Church growth has gone on since a 1965 Peak when Church membership was 64.3 per cent of the population. He said the current figures show the least growth of that entire depressed period and also the lowest for Many years before then. Most of the major mainline protestant denominations registered actual losses instead of growth with the exception of the Southern baptists. Roman Catholic growth was minimal. Substantial gains were largely among conservative missionary minded denominations. A breakdown of totals showed there Are 71,648,000 protestants 48,460.000 roman catholics 6.115.000 jews and 3.739.000 Eastern orthodox affiliated with . Religious bodies. The figures mostly As of the end of 1972. Also reflect these trends a a continued a downward Drift Quot in sunday school enrolments which fell from 38.487.453 to 36,397,785, Down 4 3 per cent. Weekly Church attendance remained stable at 40 per cent of the population the same As the previous year. A despite the growth slowdown contributions to churches increased As gauged by protestant figures Only. These show a $299 million increase in giving to $4 6 billion up 5.2 per cent. A per capita giving Rose from $93.35 to $99.16 per person. A the number of clergy Rose from 295,154 to 363.987. A Seminary school enrolments remained at an All time High of 31,698, reflecting an upward trend since 1966 when there were 23,196 seminarians. A women seminarians numbered 3.358, or 10.2 per cent of the total. It was the first time they be been counted separately. A construction of religious buildings totalled $844 million up from $813 million but inflationary costs virtually wiped out any gain the report said. The religious building Peak in 1965 totalled $1,207 billion. A the implications May be that the churches have All the physical Plant they need Quot Jacquet said. Quot the Effort now is on making More effective use of what they membership in 53 Canadian denominations Rose from 12,770.268 to 13,811,179, a 7.5 per cent gain caused largely by a government count of catholics showing a Sharp increase Over previous estimates. Did no to come in Masse with a Trail of reporters behind them. They came quietly to worship and after a fashion they were in Charlotte n.c., Church integration is not widespread but a i done to know of any cases of standing in the door to shoo them away like to years ago a said the Rev. Huntington Williams jr., an Episcopalian. Although a number of Southern ministers agree that racial segregation is not compatible with the teachings of Christ most also agree that the major Quot progressive moves in the South have been through Federal court decisions not in the churches. There is Little if any concerted Church Effort to bring together Southern Blacks and Whites pastors say. Ministers groups Are working individually to promote racial Harmony by getting to know each other and by providing forums for an Exchange of ideas. But the general feeling among pastors is that they Are members of ministerial associations As individuals Quot and not As representatives of their congregations a said John Aldridge a professor at Memphis theological Seminary. A the majority of pastors Are leaving the racial Issue alone because of its explosive nature a said the Rev. Or. Trantham. Pastor of a White Church which has lost half its membership since the congregation voted to integrate five years ago. His Church still has Only one Black member. Quot if a pastor gets up in the pulpit and advocates Harmony and understanding Between Blacks and Whites he immediately faces Hunting another Job a he said. A the churches have to survive a Aldridge said. Quot there is a new Type of retrenchment going on to keep people Happy in order that the funds will come the Rev. Or. Trantham said his Church was a within about four bad sundays of folding of not being Able to pay our mortgage Quot but was determined to be a an open the Rev. Or. Canady said churches would have to make adjustments. A a in a a product of the South but Christian Faith applies to All a he said. Blacks apparently Ere not pushing for integration in Church pews. The Rev. Or. Dudley Wilson of North Minster Baptist Church in Jackson miss., said Blacks were not attending White churches because of a the realization that Black is done to need to validate their religion by going to a White the Rev. Harold g. Mcclain executive minister of the South Carolina Christian action Council said one obstacle to integration in the Church was the attitude of Blacks that their churches Are the last institutions they Rev. Or. Hickman Johnson of Farish Street Baptist Church a Black Church in Jackson miss., said integration had been a a one Way Street Quot inmost cases and that Black institutions have closed in favor of White institutions. Security guards quipped with to won Rodi a tor twit. And night watch Mol Riadi Mil i of oath t you Butin Horn and pro Parl of ill Roku i to i 74 hour or Day Davis patrol i watchman service 126 n. Main High Point n Coll 886-4025 a resident of Guilford county 53 years a member of first Christian Church a married to former Bee Dempsey 6 children �?�3. Years of military service world War la re elect Paul h. Gibson Democrat for sheriff on May 7 the democrats of Guilford county will vote in a primary to select a candidate for sheriff. 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