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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 5, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 2b High Point Enterprise Friday May 5, 1972. R i t try artichokes in different ways glamorous meal artichokes Are an easy Way to add Glamour to meals. Cornish hens with Savory stuffed artichokes will fit easily into any one s list of favorite recipes. It is perfect for the family or for those special dinner guests. Palace hotel still has the old world Grill by Marian Burros St Moritz. Switzerland a the service for which St. Moritz. The watering Hole of Kings and princes became famous can still be found a at a Price. A Price that even the visiting Kings and princes might wince at paying. One Small Oasis of old world hospitality is the Grill of the elegant but swinging Palace hotel a hotel which has one foot in the 19th Century. The other in 1972 the Public rooms a with their elaborately carved Woodwork and two Story ceilings floors of intricate parquetry and Marble bathrooms As Large As modern Day Motel rooms a retain the other world Quality when most of the clientele were titled englishmen or germans instead of americans. The Superior but wild beat of the Rock music emanating freon the Palace bar the Rich Little kids in their very Long hair and jeans their mothers in Slacks and a Pullover at dinner seem out of keeping with the decor. But most of All the Hustle and Bustle of the noise and impatient waiters in the Rococo dining room where the menu for the hotel guests offers one cold and one hot Choice for dinner the latter More often than not. Cold too is symptomatic of late 20th-Century aging pains. The Wise hotel guest who is allowed a to Swiss franc reduction for each meal not eaten in the dining room will choose the Grill where he will pay 120 per person for dinner. Ten Swiss francs is about $2 so. Which is All the dining room meal is Worth anyway. Presided Over by italian born Stef a no Sancassani. The epitome of the perfect maitre d hotel the Grill is a favorite of the Shah of Iran gho is a yearly guest at St Montz. For last Summers 2500th anniversary extravaganza i n Persepolis the Shah employed Stefano and All his waiters to service his guests. Stefano was selected to serve the Shah at the banquet. During the Day one of the tents of which Stefano was in charge housed vice president and mrs. Agnew they formed a Mutual admiration society and Stefano has three Goldann tie clips from the v in president to prove it. Stefano s English is excellent having acquired it in the usual Vagabond career of an International hotel Man he spend several years in new York at quo Vadis and the now defunct Colony. At 56 his dream is to a spend my last years in America. After my son is finished with College i Hope to go though the Grill s clientele is International with maharajah and exiled Kings and princes As numerous As the Jet setting americans Stefano prefers the latter because they Are the a Best customers the friendliest and the most generous the Small but charming Grill with flowered banquettes Pale Green velvet drapes and carpet Walls and Boisserie of the same Green. Yellow tablecloths. All this is far More inviting than the impressive but slightly forbidding dining room its food is almost the equal of the finest French restaurant the service is impeccable. What Stefano s bus boys and waiters May forget to do does not go undone. Tile maitre do Steps into the Breech immediately never considering it beneath his dignity to bring additional butter to the table present a missing Fork or pour the Mineral water. The Continental menu features a lightly smoked Salmon from Scotland or Sweden the most frequently ordered dish in the House served with Lemon wedges and warm Toast it has a far More delicate flavor than the Best of the smoked Salmons normally available in North America a from Nova Scotia. But the dish which typifies the grandeur of the Palace hotel and the wealth of its transient inhabitants is the incredibly delicious combination of a baked potato split open topped with two eating Tablespoons of iranian caviar and dressed with sour Cream. It puts caviar and russian Blini out in left Field the Price is also out of sight a about $8 a serving. Every homemaker has a favorite recipe. Chances Are its one that a won compliments from friends and family. And just about every Man or woman who a Ever cooked knows what that does for ones ego. Tit at a where artichokes come into the picture. They re an unusual and distinctive vegetable and the Novelty of eating a Well prepared Artichoke is sure to intrigue those sitting around your table. Even though the Artichoke looks somewhat formidable until you re familiar with it its easier to prepare than most of the More common vegetables. Just drop it trimmed if you like into boiling salted water and Cook until tender. Most people serve the cooked Artichoke with sauce. Hollan Daise melted butter cocktail sauce sour Cream or any family favorite. But there Are Many other ways to prepare it. You can stuff a cooked Artichoke with vegetable fish meat or Rice or Cook it with a meat dish. Fresh artichokes Are available year round with the Peak season during april and May. December january and february Are the months for a Winter kissed artichokes. These have Bronze tipped outer leaves caused by Light Frost in the area along the Pacific coast where All our artichokes Are grown. Although the color is not As Green As the Spring corp connoisseurs Tell us that a Winter kissed artichokes Are the Best Flavoured artichokes available. This recipe for Cornish game hens with Savory stuffed artichokes will fit easily into your list of favorite recipes. It is colourful tasty and fragrant with spices and the Aroma of Sherry. The artichokes Are piled High with a mixture of Long Grain and wild Rice chopped celery onion mushrooms and carrots and served with a wine sauce that a also used to Baste the Birds while they bake. Tantish game Hana with wine sauce makes 4 Servings 1 medium onion finely chopped 2 Tablespoons Olive or salad Oil 2 beef Bouillon cubes 1% cup boiling water a Teaspoon Pepper 2 Small Bay leaves i Teaspoon thyme leaves 2 sprigs Parsley i Small Clove garlic 1-3 cup dry Sherry 1 Tablespoon Tomato paste Salt 2 Cornish game hens i i to 2 pounds each 3 Tablespoons cornstarch 1-3 cup water saute onion in Oil until Crisp tender. Dissolve Bouillon cubes in boiling water add Bouillon liquid and seasonings to onion. Cover bring to boil reduce heat and simmer ten minutes. Add Sherry and Tomato paste and simmer another fifteen minutes. Remove from heat. Sprinkle about v4 Teaspoon Salt and i Tablespoon wine mixture into each Cornish Hen Cavit. Tie legs together and place hens in shallow baking pan with breasts Down. Baste with wine sauce. Roast in a 400 degree oven for 30 minutes. Turn hens breast Side up reduce oven temperature to 350 degrees and roast i video Romeos Amsterdam Netherlands was a if your boy Friend refuses to propose or if Hubby has become cold watch More to with him. Such is the advice of or. Louisa de Lange. 47. Who told ladies of the monday club Here that a a to viewers Are inspired to embrace each other even when watching news she added that a there is a kind of erotic tension that evolves from w Matching the t v hour longer Basting every 15 minutes with wine sauce. About 5 minutes before hens Are done Combine cornstarch and 3 Tablespoons water. Remove Parsley garlic and Bay leaves from wine sauce. Stir cornstarch mixture into wine sauce and bring to a boil boil about i minute until thickened. Serve sauce with hens and Savory stuffed artichokes. Savory stuffed Artichoke makes 4 Servings 1 package 6 ounces Long Grain and wild Rice mix or Chicken flavor Rice mix 4 cup finely chopped celery h cup finely chopped onion it cup finely chopped mushrooms a a cup finely chopped carrots 2 Tablespoons butter or Margarine i egg. Beaten 4 artichokes prepared As directed for stuffing prepare Rice according to package directions reducing cooking time by 5 minutes. Cool. Saute celery onion mushrooms and carrots in butter until Crisp tender. Remove from heat add Rice and egg and blend Well. Spread leaves of artichokes and spoon about 2-3 cup stuffing into each Artichoke. Place stuffed artichokes in shallow baking pan containing i Inch hot water. Cover tightly and bake in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes. Serve with Cornish game hens with wine sauce. Place any remaining stuffing in Small baking dish cover and bake with artichokes in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes. Salad stuffed Artichoke with groan goddess dip makes 4 serving i package to Oun Chesi Frozen peas and carrots 1-3 cup sliced celery 1-3 cup chopped onion i cup diced seeded Cucumber is Teaspoon Salt recipe for Rainy Day keeps children Happy Raleigh a take a Rainy Day a add two or More children. The result earsplitting noise and utter bedlam. During the warm weather Days ahead you can count on some Rainy Days with the children being confined indoors. But it does t have to be a completely bad experience says mrs. Faye Haywood Extension family relations specialist North Carolina state University. Rainy Days spent playing indoors Call for special places to play special activities and clearly understood limits she adds. You can to expect children to play quietly All the time. But you can confine noisy games to the basement Back porch or a room that can be closed off from the rest of the House. Preferably that room should have a minimum of furniture and colouring Finger painting and making collages require washable tabletops or practical easy care flooring. Also a Rainy Day shelf is helpful. Put special toys there that children can use Only on Rainy Days. Include books and quiet games. An alternative is a Rainy Day grab Basket. Next time you re shopping pick up a few Novelty toys or Story books. Choose inexpensive surprises that your child can select for himself when the raindrops Start. Add fresh or dried fruit to the Basket for a special Surprise. When its gloomy outside your child a disposition can easily follow the Cue. Its a disappointment and a change for him. So try to find a time during the Day to read him a Story or play a game with him. And you might let him help you make cookies or a pudding for lunch or supper. Yer von for Tom Sawyer Tor the House Al representatives commit so Heel vim Sawyer 9 no Hoki i a / r Jusn at the a great gift for mom on May 14 easy corp body shirt. Snappy decoration springing up on pants skirts and jumpers spirally 5 pc d 6 ploy it versatile. Coordinate your own separates looks for any hour with this nifty body shirt of Perm press eos Mon Kodell polyester and a it it Rayon. Simply Wash Tumble and Wear. Great get together for casual or career occasions. Simply styled with shirt front and three Button barrel cuffs. In eight color cued shades to mix and mate sizes 30-36. Shof4 ways a fashion shop charge a Lay away a Banka Dericard e master charge 114$ main St in Mion Point colors abound Orange a yellow to e Lilac Navy a White a oni a Fink 221 she St. In Gih Sooro �4 All rings in 18k Gold. Other perfect love Diamond rings priced from 1129 to $10,000 everything was Fine until the minister asked for the minutes ago Sha s still trying on perfect loves Diamond solitaires and wedding bands looking for the combination she likes Best. With so Many ways to get them together could any girl make up her mind in a hurry it Teaspoon Pepper 2 Tablespoons Oil i Tablespoon cider vinegar 6 chilled artichokes prepared As directed Green goddess dip to prepare salad stuffing for artichokes Cook the peas and carrots Drain and Cool. Place peas and carrots celery onion Cucumber seasonings Oil and vinegar in bowl toss lightly until mixed. Fill artichokes with salad mixture serve with Green goddess dip. Any left Over dip can be stored covered in the refrigerator for a few Days and used As a salad dressing Green goddess dip makes 1-2-3 cups place Xhu cup sour Cream 4 cup Mayonnaise i Clove garlic 4 drained Flat Anchovy fillets 4 scallions with tops coarsely Cuta cup Parsley clusters i Tablespoon Lemon juice i Tablespoon vinegar it Teaspoon sugar and it Teaspoon Pepper in electric blender Container. Cover and blend on High Speed for to seconds or until vegetables Are finely ground if you do not have a blender. Repeater Winchester England a was a Christopher Buck j 28. Told the judge at Crown court Here that he was too j drunk on his wedding Day to i remember that he had got married. A so when i married j for the fourth time i did no to know it was bigamy a he added. As soon As he clears up his bigamy Case Buck intends to marry Irene Anita Smith. A i love women and they need a lot of affection and Protection a he said. A my Only problem is supporting four children by my first two then finely chop garlic anchovies scallions and Parsley and Combine with remaining ingredients. Basic directions for cooking Artio Hoko to prepare artichokes Wash artichokes. Cut off stems at base and remove Small Bottom leaves. If desired trim tips of leaves and Cut off about i Inch from top of artichokes. Stand artichokes upright in a deep Saucepan Large enough to hold snugly. Add a Teaspoon Salt for each Artichoke and 2 to 3 inches boiling water. Cover and boil gently 35 to 45 minutes or until base can be pierced easily with Fork. Add a Little More boiling time if needed. Turn artichokes upside Down to Drain. If artichokes Are to be stuffed gently spread leaves and remove choke Thistle portion from Center of Artichoke with Metal spoon. Z00mm Ultra Tat another Ona sold let yours be next list your property with us phone Charles Dixon i 4 to Ohnson Dixon Oon telephon857tc 3 132 Church Ava a High Point n c. Homa phone 883 9686 special 100% continuous filament Nylon carpets 9x 12 38�?o 12x12 12x15 12x18 available Cash and carry 108 Commerce St. Building Whf Litty wings of. -50%-60% Market samples ellati0ns-closeouts open daily 9 30 to 5 30-Fri. 9 30 to 8 00 p m sat. 9 till 5 s 139 s. Mam St., nigh Point pm. 113-0127

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