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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 5, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Of. Ten Sec blur my or i rum i hui.1ii Lumuir f Ith redact township delegates in Are selected revivalist 5 dip cat who Vith the various Pruit not so. Committeeman will rep i a Jones. H. G. I Merton i. High Point town is Ingram mrs. Henry Hall h. In the Guilford o. Perry n. M. Cates. Reece in Greensboro Snyder r. S. Long l. Z. Jones listed by pre Leonard Gray d. S. Croker w. J. Bailey. L. H. Bak Ross her cinch ent the is precincts Only convention saturday Are cts below Sci not no. I j. Fisher Edna b nes b. Lovelace Ben i a w. G. Holston. Sam Strick Droy Culler. Carlton Kirk a. J d. Ross Charles Mcanal Claude Scott Ethel m. Fisher. A Moffitt Silas Mcbee. W. D. Among. t. Powell. Mrs. W. Bryant c. W. Vondrehle. Sirs. W. T Powell. V. L. Bry a. K. Young. T. W Sprinkle. F. Tomlinson or. V. J. E. Millis. Amos Pauline Robichaux. Mrs Simmons. Mrs. J. B. Lovelace t Wagger. Mrs. Charles mein by mrs j. A c11 n a re. Mrs. Hip Schnell. S c Clark. Is f. Tomlinson mrs. Clay made w. F. Fraley. Rupert pick Frank Power capt. John of. Sam Brown. Sci not no. A. E. Murphy mrs. Cassie in Kenneth Ellington. H. R. Blame a. E. Herndon. A. A. Ron. Mickey Schwartz Baxter Singer. J. A. Davis. J it Menan. Helen Smith. A f Simp a. Dock Johnson. Mrs. Kenneth Langton. Mrs. Kelman Homo. Fhy in i no. \ laude Smith. J. L. Perkins or Nance t. R. Short. M. K. A bib. M i. A mail la m Smith Cha Kales a Lee Gibson Al Hunt w. C. Causey r a. In of on. Albert col Field. Mrs. H. Kennedy. I him i no to k ii k i. I h it Ingram l. P. Howell de re Gurley Ross j. Hart. J Oil n aah. Roach mrs. Del Batea h. E. Sloop. Mrs. Ana Kilburn j. W. Lyndon. Bennett. Aah. F. Or j. R. Curry Geddie Strickland. Mrs. S. T. Buie. M. Z. Per Kinson or. P. S. Kennett. Mrs. Ave. P. Leonard mrs. A. J. Bennett. Aah. F. Robinett a. C. Sawyer. Raymond Watson. Precinct no a Lewis Underwood. Mrs. A. B. Sprinkle. C. F. Griessom miss Ethel Samuels. H. H Culler. E. S. Barnes Dolph Cable Jeff Alexander mrs. Z. Phillips. John l Jac Hunt Lucian Long. L. C. Quot Beck Kearns mrs. A. Barrier or. Aah. J. My anally e. S. Bennett Robt. Mathews Dave Witcher Lewis Payne. De Pierce. Bill Albritton g. O. Kearns. Joe Kidd. Precinct no. 7 Ernest Sappenfield. Frank Williams mrs. Frank Williams r. F. Turner. Katherine m. Howard. George Wade s. A. Leven veil b. Morgan. De Smith Carl Wright j. B. Farlowe Sam Kerr Jim Davis. R. T. Harmon i. D. Venable. R. A. Sechrest o. B. Ixe Viner Jeff Medlin Bennie Samuels v m precinct no. It j. O. Gold. A. J. Russell Chic Hedrick. Grady Hedrick. M. P. Hedrick. J. R. Loftlin e. T. Gregory. A. C. Asbury. Clyde Wayne g. K. Wise Curtis Grady j. D. Snipes j. M. Curtis. Preli it no. Ii a. H. Queen. J. E. Smith la. Aah. Smith. Fred Ridge. S. G. Brown. Carl Pierce. B a. Jenkins. George Kersey. A. C. Putnan w. G. Brady a. Carl Kearns mrs. Vera Young. Mrs. Frances Marshall Eugene Gregory t. P. Andrews. A. E. Simmons. Precinct no. 13 j. E. Miller mrs. I. P. Walker will celebrate 100th birthday prisoner shot in escape try of Canaan Church on May 1 dts Are you sure termites Are of not destroying your property Call us for free inspection we will advise you a to the condition of your Sills i and ventilation. Five year guarantee a yearly inspection have treated Over pm residences and buildings and Thomasville Iii High Eno Point Carolina exterminating co. L. R. Uen Cut a Bedford. See a Trens. W. Tau pe4e" serf Lee mile mfr. 340 North Wrenn St. Phone 2615 4327 log Xep Rev. Paul Taylor of the it. A croon charge will conduct a ten Day revival at the Calvary methodist. Church starting this morning at la o clock. Services will he hold each night during tin week. Thos h elder c. E. Melton. Robt. Myers Frau Edwards. A l. Bowman. Lewis e. Williams j. L. Kivett. Geo. Estes. E. M. Foster. Otis Cardell a. E. Hussey g. A Summey j. C. Brackett Ernest cometh precinct no. La c. E. Williams. Thos. Logan. A. B. Butler. E. Aah. Bowman b. B. Tysinger g. A. Tomlin Tommy Lance b. P. Keever. Horace Chaney l. L. Grant Hohertz aah All Claude Williams Joeve Arner Grady bean Walter Upton. Buck Anderson. A. B. Lockhart j. F. Fagan. S. D. Underwood. A. S. Hasty h. F. Richardson. R l. Whitaker Sam Fountain. Aah. C. Cribs j. S. Upton j. N. Slay e. R. Gay Artie Mcdowell. Precinct no. I it j. L. Medlin g e. Carmichael r. J. Reddick. E. F. Cates. A. G. Friddle. J. R. Teague. H. H. Stout. L. T. Proctor i. J. Cates de. Hayworth. K. A Aughan. Marshall Loflin. R. F. Horne Vav. C. Welch. T. R. Stone. G. Y. Stone. J. L. Siegler h. L. Mcmanus a. P. Ridge h. A. Freeman. Precinct no. It we. D. Lewis h. A Wood c. M. Waynick. W. R. A heedless. J. C. Fortis. A. B. Durham. R. L. Carmichael Frank Sechrest s. U. Clinard. Rev. J aah. Groce Fred Harris j. F. Wood. Precinct no. In c. C. Haworth. Mrs. C. C. Haworth. Blair Richardson. E. C. Elder s. Aah. Horne. F c. A Aughn it. E. Bulla. C. B. Vaughn. J w. Cox Ben wooden. Cd Vance Ija Iller. Joe Medlin b e. Poston or. Billion. A a a a Australia will restrict the admission of foreign electric horns for automobiles. Or. S. W. Taylor and John Ray Mccrary to feature methodist anniversary by John o. Garn or members of the Canaan methodist c Hare a located about four Miles Northeast from Denton will celebrate the one Hundredth anniversary of the establishment of the first meeting House in that settlement on sunday May 12. Beginning the All Day Centennial program will be an address by or. S. A Taylor of High Point District superintendent of the High Point District methodist Church at the la of clock meeting for worship. Featuring the afternoon program will be an address by John Ray Mccrary Lexington attorney and widely known Lay member of the methodist Church. The Ridge quartet who Are children of or. And mrs. Noah Ridge and grandchildren of or. And mrs. L. G. B. Bingham will sing special selections at both morning and afternoon sessions. Rev. C. E. Ridge a native of the Cancun settlement and pastor of Shiloah methodist Church near Lexington will have charge of the singing. As a part of the afternoon program the grave of Ransom Harris will be decorated with Flowers As a tribute to the memory of the Man who is credited with having been largely responsible for the founding of the Church a Little More than a year before his death in july Umi. He was the first adult member to be hurled in the cemetery close by the Side of the Little log meeting House a a re which he had helped to build. I Many of the descendants of this distinguished citizen of a Hundred years ago Are expected to be present to take part in the ceremony of respect. Markers markers designating the Cornerstone of the first House built Are to he erected showing the original Church site and the location of other buildings used in the past. In front of the present Church two markers one on each Side of the main Entrance will be unveiled. On one will be inscribed the names of the members of the realized Church of 189 8 and will speakers or he unveiled by either one of the two surviving members. Mrs. Noah Ridge and mrs. Webster Bingham. On the other will he inscribed the dates of important events connected with the history of the Church and will be unveiled by a Lineal descendant of Ransom Harris to he chosen by the members present Al the Centennial service. Cancun was first organized a a measure All cars regardless of Price by the leaders line up 4 and you la know Why Chevrolet leads All cars in sales Why pay More no other car regards of be Combine Oil the Chevrolet Quality feature no other Cor regardless of Price con match Chevrolet Public demand Chevrolet first again a a is master 85 business Coupe other models slightly higher All models priced at Flint Mich. Transportation based on rail rates state and local Jaxes if an optional equipment and accessories extra. Prices subject to change without notice. Lyles Chevrolet company 127-33 North main Street phone 4966 John Ray my Rary methodist episcopal Church one Hundred years ago in the year i my. It is thus one of the oldest methodist churches in this part of Davidson county. At about this same time the first faint rumblings of coming strife Between the states of the North and the hates of the South Over the Issue of slavery began to he distinctly i Ai d. William Lloyd Garrison Wendell Phillips Theodore Parker Henry Ward Beecher or. Channing the famous Boston divine and Many other celebrated abolitionist were ceaselessly crusading to arouse the nation to a militant consciousness of the evils of a system which they regarded As distinctly unchristian. John Aveley the great founder of methodism had pronounced the institution of slavery the a sum of All Villa inies a and the Church both North and South had done much to ameliorate the lot of the Black Man and to discourage the further spread of slavery. I Hurth divided nevertheless the institution became a vexing problem to the methodist episcopal Church. In an Effort to partially solve tile problem in 18 4 4. The Church Wax peacefully divided Aud the methodist episcopal Church. South was organized seventeen years before the great conflagration in internecine War enveloped the brotherhood of states. Cattan became affiliated with the new conference of Southern churches and for fifty years it remained a methodist episcopal Church. South. For a time it prospered As a country Church but shortly after the civil War it began to decline in membership finally dwindling to where regular services were discontinued. The building was neglected and had it not been tor the cemetery the Church might have been aban Dum entirely. In 1898 it was reorganized As a Community Church with four denominations the methodist episcopal South the methodist protestant the missionary Baptist and the lutherans joining to put up a new and larger building. An interdenominational sunday school was organized and Canali Church again became a Center of influence. Gains under the new organization the methodist protestant denomination made rapid gains in membership and soon outnumbered All the other three denominations combined. The Baptist and the lutherans ceased to hold services and the methodist episcopal Church South held Only irregular services. In 1926 the methodist protestant denomination purchased the rights of the three other denominations to the property of Cancun and it remained a methodist protestant Church till 1939 when the three great branches of methodism were United. The Centennial service commemorating the founding of the Church at a Anan of sunday. May 12. Is expected to draw a great throng of people. The pastor Rev. George l. Curry of Denton has been preparing for the event foe several months and has arranged an interesting and fitting program. Reproof now. Pay later no Down payment Low service charge 3 Viars to Pasquot a Idor provision of a a a National housing act Barber Penasco roofing of Ost Ari co in Voard Hedgecock lumber co. Phone bom uis Ward St Steve Gryzwana 18 Dies from Shotgun wounds Raleigh May lip a Cary prison Camp officials said today that Steve Gryzwana jr., is sent up from Cumberland county was fatally wounded in an escape attempt today. Gryzwana. Prison superintendent Oscar Pitts said jumped from a truck which was bringing a prison work gang Back to the Camp and was shot by guard aah. O. Rex. He was brought to the Hospital at Central prison but died in the prison Yard before reaching the Hospital. Pitts said that the truck was just outside Raleigh s City limits on Highway 15-a, carrying a gang of approximately 20 prisoners when Gryzwana jumped from the truck. I a Riis in trailer Rex and two other guards he added were Riding on a trailer behind the truck. It was stopped and the guards set out in Pursuit. Pitts said Rex called on the prisoner to a half a and that when lie did not Stop the guard fired twice with a double barrelled Shotgun at a distance of 50 to 75 Yards. Prison records showed that Gryzwana was set up from Cumberland county in april to serve a five to seven year term for it Ceny and robbery and that i Home was Otis Indiana Sprinkle gasoline service from seaports saves serves satisfies tax 17 per paid i i l gallon Sprinkle ervice station 13118 is main is. 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