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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 3, 1972, High Point, North Carolina R Ioc Hlili Point Enterprise wednesday Moy 3, 1972 Jacoby on Bridge a stretch but a Cross Ruff to you r Good h health by Oswald a Jamas Jacoby South a bid of four Spades represented a slight stretch. His opening bid was just about minimum and North a jump to three Spades had strongly invited a game bid but not forced South to make that Call. Of you Are going to overbid you need to know How to play Tough hands and South certainly handled this one with real skill. If West had opened a Trump arid East taken his Ace and played a second Trump South would have no Way to collect to tricks but West made the Normal Lead of the King of clubs. North q954 v ak832 a 4 754 West 72 j 95 kj75 kq103 South d kj108 �4 a a8632 a a98 both vulnerable West North East East a63 v q to 7 6 q to 9 j a 2 pass pass pass in 3 pass pass pass pass South i i 4 opening Lead k South looked Over the hand carefully and asked himself the important question from the code word Arch. How can i make this contract the answer was that he needed six Trump tricks plus the three Side aces and King Ai hearts. This meant he had to work out a Cross Ruff to collect a total of six Trump tricks. He would have liked to Duck the first club in Hopes that the suit would be continued but East a Deuce meant that there was a Good Chance that West would shift to a Trump so South took the first club. Then he played Ace of diamonds ruffed a Diamond Ace and King of hearts ruffed a heart ruffed another Diamond ruffed another heart ruffed a third Diamond and relaxed. East could Over Ruff and Lead a second Trump or discard. Either Way South was now sure of his six Trump tricks. The girl with a curvature and a Short leg by George c. Thosteson . Dear or. Thosteson about three years ago i was told i had a curvature of the spine. The doctor did no to recommend a Brace but told me to do some exercises. Unfortunately i did no to stick to them. I have recently turned 17 and was wondering when this trouble will end or if it will continue. The curve is almost at my Waist my hips Are not the same and one leg is nearly an Inch different than the other. Could you Tell me if this can be cured and what will happen if its not a . Let s not cry Over spilt milk a the years you should have been doing the exercises but did no to. Few of us Are exactly symmetrical. One legs Shorter than the other and your hips done to match. This May or May not get worse As time passes. One thing is certain it wont get better by itself. At 17 you Haven to much time left before your Bones become too rigidly set to change very much. Not much time but probably a Little. Get Back to the doctor. More especially go to an Ortho Peist who is a specialist in these things. It May take More than exercises. It May take a Brace and exercises and perhaps even other therapy. It May require a special shoe. But go get some expert advice at once. And follow it. Done to spend the rest of your life saying a i wish id done something when i was 17 and things could still be dear or. Thosteson i have been told i have skin cancer. It is a Black spot on my breast almost under my it has been there about to years and Given no trouble. The past few months there have come a few Black spots in the neighbourhood of the original spot. Is there any danger from this is anything needed to treat it i Ara 94 years old. A . Who diagnosed it As cancer and you should have a doctor look at it right away. Your age is a Factor to be reckoned with. If you were younger. I would say the spot should be removed forthwith a because skin cancer promptly removed is a very curable disease. 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