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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 3, 1972, High Point, North Carolina In saturday s primary election rides to polls to be provided High Point Jaycees will provide free transportation to the polls saturday for anyone unable to furnish their own. Get out the vote chairman Ron Cox said that a Telephone Call on saturday Between the hours of 9 a in. And 6 . To 883-2016 will bring a car and Driver for any registered voter needing a ride to the polls. H. G. Alderton inc., is providing automobiles for the Jaycee Drivers. A Complete Sample of the ballot to be used saturday by Guilford county a voters May be found on Page 3-c of today a editions. High Point Enterprise Section c wednesday afternoon May 3, 1972 the machines Are equipped to a clock off certain portions of the Large ballot to voters not qualified to vote. For instance voters registered As a a Independent will be allowed to vote Only in the school Board race which is non partisan and on the two Bond issues. The polls will be open until 7 30 . Which is an hour later than usual which Means that returns will be later by at least that much. All columns of the ballot Are occupied but the democratic voters will have to work the record turnout expected in county alcoholism checks needed by Braxton Younts Enterprise staff writer or. R. Gordon Bell president of the Dogwood Institute of Toronto Canada today addressed the Guilford county conference on alcoholism in Industry being held in the Sheraton hotel. The conference is being presented to representatives of Industrial firms ministers and others concerned with absenteeism from work caused by addiction to alcohol. In a pre conference interview or. Bell said that the Dogwood Institute is a nonprofit organization devoted to research on addiction mainly alcohol addiction and the treatment of the malady. A it is a clinical research facility one which has been in existence for some five years. It grew from a private clinic which had been operated for 21 a alcohol addiction is a sick Ness. And it is hoped that in the 70s, and certainly in this Century that we will become Able to pick out the dangerous patterns which indicate acute alcoholism. We Are working toward establishment of a routine Check similar to that used for diagnosing heart ailments for instance that will enable this a or. Bell said. He said there is no problem. In identifying the alcoholic in the latter stages of addiction. A this is very obvious. It is in the Early stages both for the alcoholic and the drug addict that establishment of patterns is needed and this is what the clinic and others like it Are striving to he called upon Industry and the general Public for help in this Endeavor citing the losses to Industry when valuable employees move to the latter stages of alcoholism and Are unable to work at their full capacity. Or. Bell said that he is in favor of ceasing to use the jails As a place for the chronic alcoholic a if we can find a bet or place to Send an addict w to cannot Stop drinking on his own. The jail will Stop him for a while and give him a Chance to live. A some people Only manage to survive because the jails give them a Holiday from the dangerous effects of alcohol. There Are Many living today because of these holidays. In fact a he continued a there Are a lot who have been in jail who live longer than others who have not had their heavy drinking interrupted at Long enough periods to give their bodies time to the Canadian said there Are no two people exactly alike and therefore alcohol affects each differently. This is the reason he noted that a we see alcoholism on 2-c by Forrest Cates Enterprise staff writer total turnout in High Point township at a around 10,000.�?� that is about 3,000 More than voted in the township in the 1968 primary which set a record. A i base my prediction on the traffic experienced by this office during the past few weeks a mrs. Small said. She noted a brisk activity in new r e g i stations particularly among Young voters and in registration transfers. A it would indicate a More than usual interest in the election a she stated. While neighbouring counties will be using paper ballots Guilford will ballot entirely by machine. Even so the complicated ballot May slow the voting. At 6 45 tonight Hospital s fund Chisholm rally drive launched anything to Divide the people of North Carolina. I want to unify the people. A government is the Way people work together to solve their problems a he continued. A i am not going to do anything by myself if i am elected governor but we Are going to do it working together. A i want to get everybody involved in listening to Taylor the Crow i of about 150 persons was clustered on the station s platform around the rear of the train. People were also standing at the rail of the overhead Walkway looking Down at the train where Taylor was speaking the train itself was decorated with banners and posters proclaiming it the Taylor special. A huge Banner was draped across the front of the engine. Another was Hung on the Side of one of the cars. The rear platform was decorated with red White and Blue Bunting. Taylor supporters and Young people Riding the train mingled with the crowd during the Stop. One of the first hands Taylor Shook As he came off the train was that of Young Graden Yates of Kannapolis. Graden who is eight years old came to High Point with his parents or. And mrs. Price Yates and his two older Sisters Carolyn and Karen to Board the train. Mrs. Yates and the children planned to ride the train to Gastonia and then catch the bus to return to Kannapolis tonight. Some High Point supporters of Taylor boarded the train to ride to Thomasville or Lexington with the candidate. During most of the Stop Taylor moved among the crowd shaking hands. In response to a question he declined to predict flatly the outcome of the election saturday. A i have seen polls and i Ste Taylor on 4-c hardest to choose their nominees for the general election in november. They must choose from 62 candidates to nominate 22 candidates to go up against the Republican candidates in november. Republican voters have a Field of 24 candidates from which to select 14 nominees voters of the american party have Only to eliminate one of two candidates. Offices for which Guilford county voters will help select candidates Range from . Senator to county school Board member. On the ballot also Are names of democratic and Republican aspirants to the presidency running in a preferential primary. The left hand Side of the ballot is devoted to state and District races including governor and Council of state contests. The Center of the ballot lists the names of school Board candidates in one column because it is a nonpartisan race. The next columns Are for the state senator state representative county commissioner and Register of deeds candidates. The two Bond issues�?$150 million for the a clean water program and $2 million for a state zoom Are in the far righthand column. Campaigning has been fairly brisk for the county offices but the campaigns have failed a to raise few issues on which a voter might evaluate candidates. The ballot is singularly Short of High Point candidates. Among the 24 democrats seeking county offices Only Lynwood Smith in the state Senate race is from High Point. In the Republican column Edmund Lowe is the Only High Pointer among la candidates. He seeks gop nomination to the state House rare. In the race for the three posts on the school Board there Are two High Point residents mrs. Katharine Kirkman an incumbent and mrs. Mary Clayton. Pat Taylor greets City councilman Sam Burford High Point c Campaign manager Henry dowdy cd looks on staff emotes by mrk Austin a 50-Man task Force was dispatched tuesday night to put on a a completion campaigns for $400,000 to assure that the major expansion of High Point memorial Hospital will be paid for when completed by the end of this year. The limited Effort in which business Industrial and professional people Are being asked to contribute is being led by r. T. Amos or. And w. A. Homey or. As co chairmen. They announced that $130, of the $400,000 is already in hand contributed by members of the Hospital s Board of trustees. The same co chairmen headed an earlier Campaign which raised in excess of $2 million which is being used to add about 130 Beds and make major renovations and such additions As a sophisticated cardiac care Center. Board chairman Henry a. Foscue remarked at last night s meeting that when the work is done this year High Point memorial will be the finest Community Hospital in the state with some special care facilities that will be the envy of even the major teaching hospitals. To launch the special Campaign the leadership called on Tom Haggai who spoke at the Victory Celebration for the earlier fund drive. He told the group that they would be calling on the most generous Community he has Ever known. In a Surprise ending to the program after new director Ned Clark was introduced Foscue presented keys to a new automobile to w. R. Peters. Who retired from the Hospital s top administrative Post on May i. The Auto is a gift of the trustees and medical staff. Festival 2 offers �?~trip1 into space a six minute a a trip into space is in the offing for adults and children alike at festival two this weekend. The Multi Media show titled a Cosmos a utilizes sounds colors and flashing Light in its simulation of a journey into outer space. Festival two opens in the exhibition Hall and in town Hall auditorium at the Greensboro War memorial coliseum thursday night. To continue through sunday the festival offers a wide ranging View of Talent in the performing arts and in the Fine arts from throughout Guilford county. Among the Art forms and entertainment to be featured during festival two Are gospel Bluegrass and Rock concerts poetry readings puppet shows and dramatic productions Metal sculpture and Glass blowing exhibitions demonstrations in jazz Ballet Folk and modern dancing sidewalk Art shows and a paint in sculptured gardens and individual Flower arrangements and arts and crafts demonstrations by artisans. All events Are free to the Public. Festival two is under the sponsorship of the Greensboro United arts Council the North Carolina arts Council and the Greensboro Jaycees. Continuous showings of Cosmos the journey into space will take place in the exhibition Hall. The Cosmos trip is in seven Basic scenes the creation the formation of the universe objects in the universe Infinity in the universe Multi dimensions of space Man s awareness of himself and spiritual aspects of the universe. Cosmos is the creation of Richard Bowling of greens so festival 2 on 2-c Muskie Model is recalled Washington a presidential motors announced last week that it was recalling the a Muskie a once considered the hottest Model on the Road. In a terse statement announcing the recall presidential motors said a engineering difficulties and Lack of consumer acceptance have forced us to recall the the Story behind the Rise and fall of the a a Muskie is one of the great stories of automobile history. It was originally developed by such great presidential designers As Averill Harriman Clark Clifford sol Linowitz Milton Shapp of Pennsylvania and John Gilligan of Ohio. They wanted a quiet Model that would hold the Middle of the Road had the Confidence of the people and was Safe at any Speed. Candidates for Guilford county offices pressed their campaigns toward conclusion today with the Promise of a record turnout of voters in the primary election saturday. A final flurry of advertising and handshaking will bring the 35 candidates seeking their parties nomination to county offices to the final hour of decision. Election officials in Greensboro Are predicting a record turnout of voters maybe As Many As 70,000 of the 120,000 registered a during the 13 hours of balloting. At the High Point elections office mrs. Elva Small chief elections clerk estimated the whistle stops Here Taylor special arrives on time by Robert Marks Enterprise staff writer from a design Point of View it had to Appeal to the Little Man but at the same time it had to look like a Lincoln. After working at their drawing boards for two years they came up with the a name they were sure would have consumer Appeal. Before investing Money in the Model the manufacturer took surveys All Over the country. They discovered that compared to other models that would be offered in 1972, the a a Muskie was leading 2 to i. At one Point it was rated More popular than the a Nixon a and presidential motors was sure it had a Winner on its hands. As a result of the surveys millions of dollars were allotted for a High powered advertising Campaign. The a a Muskie was described As a front runner unbeatable in the cities and in the Countryside. It was designed for Comfort and had something for everybody a the poor the Farmers the Blue Collar workers the businessmen it came in All colors and All sizes. It was according to the ads the Best buy for 1972. With an overconfidence not seen in automobile circles since Detroit put out the a Romney a the manufacturers took the a a Muskie up to new Hampshire for Road testing. Everything was going along Fine when suddenly in front of a National to audience the a a Muskie broke Down in Manchester n. Ii. Presidential motors was appalled. All the time and Effort and Money invested in the Model was wiped out by one Small Radiator leak. To make matters worse the press reported that the a a Muskie had a very Short fuse and every once in a while went out of control. The engineers and designers took another look at it and tried to repair the damage before trial runs in Florida. But the a a Muskie came in a bad fourth in the race and some people at presidential motors decided they had another a a Romney on their hands. The advertising Money was Cut Back and the people working on the a a Muskie Campaign were taken off salary. Investors started backing off. The consumer began taking interest in another smaller Model called a a Mcgovern a which had been built in the Back room of a garage in South Dakota. The next disaster took place in Wisconsin when after a slow Start the a a Muskie ran out of Gas. The final trials came in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. Presidential motors decided that if it sell the a a Muskie there they sell it anywhere. Once the sales figures came in from those two states presidential motors had no Choice but to recall the Model. The manufacturers have announced that while the a a Muskie will not be sold in Ohio Michigan new York or California this year it will be on display in the showroom at the Miami convention Center in Case anyone still wants to buy it. Copyright 1972, los Angeles times the Pat Taylor special belied the claim that trains Are always late when it arrived in High Point today. Carrying Taylor on a one Day whistle stopping tour across Piedmont North Carolina in his quest for the democratic nomination for governor in the primary saturday the train pulled into the Southern railway station in downtown High Point at 11 50 am., right on schedule. Taylor made the most of the Opportunity to mingle with the crowd waiting on the station s platform. He was one of the first off the train when it stopped and an aide had to tug him Back to the observation platform for the Brief welcoming ceremony. The train arrived in High Point after stops in Reidsville where the trip began and in Greensboro. A Light rain which had been falling lifted As the train slowed to a halt but then began again. Taylor however described the weather in High Point As the Best yet during the train trip. A this is also our biggest spoke briefly from the observation platform at the rear of the train. A one thing i want to do is to Tion platform at the rear of the train. A one thing i want to do is to bring the railroads Back a Taylor joked. A Harry s. Truman Rode a train to Victory in 1948. I decided to do the same on hand to Greet Taylor officially was councilman s. E. Burford. A i Hope the dampness is not indicative of High Point s enthusiasm for you. High Point wholeheartedly welcomes you a Burford said. Henry dowdy Taylor a Campaign manager in High Point introduced the candidate. He noted that this was the third visit by Taylor to High Point during the primary Campaign. A when he comes again hell be the governor of North Carolina a dowdy predicted. Speaking briefly Taylor sounded the Call for Unity and Progress which has been a theme of his Campaign. A i have great Confidence in the people of this state a he said. A i am not going to say is slated Here Richard Bowling a rearranged schedule will bring presidential candidate Shirley Chisholm of new York into High Point for a rally tonight at 6 45 of clock. Mrs. Chisholm who is a representative to Congress from new York is a candidate for the democratic nomination for president. She is one of five democrats on the ballot in North Carolinas first presidential preference primary saturday. Her appearance in High Point today was originally announced for 5 30 p. In. A schedule for a three Day Campaign visit to North Carolina released today by her Washington office has the High Point rally set for g 15 p. In. However attorney John Langford of High Point a member of the High Point Black caucus said the High Point rally for rep. Chisholm will be held at 6 45 p. In. She is scheduled to appear at a rally in Thomasville at 5 30 p. In. Langford said the High Point rally will be held at either the Carl Chavis Myca on fourth Street or in first Baptist Church on Washington drive if the Rainy weather continues. If the weather permits the rally will be held in a parking lot at the Corner of Underhill and e. Washington drive. Rep. Chisholm plans to appear at Asheville Charlotte Winston Salem Durham Fayetteville Greenville Kin Ston Goldsboro and Rocky mount during her visit to North Carolina. Scheduled to join her on her Campaign tour through the state is or Reginald Hawkins of Charlotte who is seeking the democratic nomination for governor. Or. Hawkins has urged Blacks to support rep. Chisholm so that she May Lead Black delegates at the democratic National convention. In order for her to win any North Carolina delegates she must get at least 15 per cent of the votes cast in the states presidential primary saturday

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