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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 3, 1972, High Point, North Carolina 21 i pfc Point Enterprise wednesday May 3, 1972 Kennedy daughter joins Mcgovern Campaign new face another and new Kennedy face on the hustings Kathleen Kennedy campaigns in Cleveland for sen. George Mcgovern. The 20-year-old daughter of the late sen. Robert f. Kennedy has been working for Mcgovern and appearing in his behalf in his run for the presidency. _ a we comments invited from Consumers by Marian Burros Washington last month the food and drug administration disclosed a 61-year-old a a secret a acceptable Levels of a natural or in voidable defects in food for human it Mas a secret however Only from the Consumers. Government officials knew what the Levels were and so did the people responsible for keeping food processors reports carried line after line of the about of rodent pellets cysts insect fragments. Hairs and Mold allowed per Gram but not one mentioned that the Public might have a say in the mat ter. In releasing the information the pad has entered m a he Federal Register a proposal on these a Natu a1 and unavoidable defect Levels on which interested parties Are invited to comment. Specific tolerances will be established in an amendment to the present Section dealing with the matter. The proposal states that a some foods even when produced under current Good manufacturing and or processing practices contain natural or unavoidable defects at Low Levels that Are not hazardous to health. The food and drug administration establishes maximum Levels for such defects. A defect Levels Are established for products whenever it is necessary and feasible subject to change upon development of new technology a compliance with defect Levels does not excuse failure to observe the requirement. That food May not be prepared packed or held under insanitary conditions. Evi ence indicating such a violation renders the food unlawful a a food with permitted amounts of a current defect level Rev not be mixed with another lot of the same product Vav Ith an impermissible amount of a current defect current Levels for natural or unavoidable defects in foods May be obtained at the office of the assistant commissioner Lur Public affairs Fua. Room 15b-42, 5600 Fishers Lane Rockville. My. 20852. Interested persons have a Little less than 30 Days left in which to comment by writing to hearing clerk. Dept of hew. Room 6-88. 5600 Fishers Lane. Rockville. My. The Home made cake with the professional ask the person who bought one. The Sweet Shoppe bakery a 113 v maim St. A b eat Chester mall a College \ Hayer shopping Center by Terry Ryan associated Prest writer Cleveland apr it is sort of pretentious to say that i am really being helpful a Kathleen Kennedy says of Lier Campaign efforts in behalf of sen. George Mcgovern and his bid for the democratic presidential nomination. A maybe i am. It would really be Nice. The newspapers say i am. I done to the eldest daughter of the late sen. Robert f. Kennedy and a Niece of president John f. Kennedy miss Kennedy was in Mcgovern a entourage this past weekend As he stumped Ohio in Advance of the states presidential primary yesterday. She spoke briefly at rallies and Shook hands As she followed the South Dakota Democrat through the streets. She seemed hesitant and nervous in front of crowds. A i am with Mcgovern because he is so much against the War because he also has ideas about what to do in the United states a she said during an interview. A my father thought he was one of the Best men in the Senate. And i like sen. Mcgovern As a person. He is a very Good miss Kennedy talked As she sat in the Kitchen of a High school Friend s Home in Cleveland Early sunday. A i get nervous in front of All these people. I can to Ever exactly figure out what i am suppose to be saying. I mean. I am not basically a politician not in the least a she said. Miss Kennedy first appeared with Mcgovern last month in Massachusetts and later campaigned with him in Pennsylvania. She did not at first mention her father or use the Kennedy name. Quot at the beginning i did not mention daddy. Then i thought maybe i should. I want to relate him to sen. Mcgovern. To show that there is that connection. A lot of people still like daddy. I mean. In a no Good As a 20-year-old out of Radcliff a her Standard contribution of the Mcgovern Campaign in addition to her name is a one minute talk at the beginning of a rally �?�1 did not ask to make appearances. I Hadnot planned to do anything like that. I hid planned to go out and leaflet and canvass. I just said i would work for him. And i said in whatever capacity you want me to. They said a would you mind going around with the senator a a miss Kennedy said she Nad not talked with her Uncle. Sen Edward m Kennedy about campaigning for Mcgovern. Her Mother Ethel Kennedy reportedly plans to Campaign for Mcgovern. In Italy Basil is called a kiss me Nicholas and any girl approaching a favorite Young Man with her Basil sprig is hoping to be kissed revolutionary changes in work schedules Are considered mule marigolds flourish by Betty Yarmon women s news service new York was now that the four Day 40-hour work week has become an accepted reality for a part of american business and Industry moves Are afoot to alter working periods in other ways Here Are some of the alternatives to the five Day 40-hour work week that is still the Norm plans that Are being talked about by economists business executives labor leaders and experts in personnel employment off a seven Days on seven Days off a a three Day 36-hour work week a nine months on three months off a six months on s i x months off. In each Case the worker is on the Job an extended number of hours so that the total equals or approximates the amount of working time under current norms. The advantage of such clumping together of working time and Leisure time from the standpoint of the worker is Clear. Basically it gives him or her ample time to engage fully in Leisure time activities not just Over saturday and sunday when he May never get to completely unwind from the work week and has to compete with so Many others having the same Days off. If the nine months on three months off routine were established for example the fellow who likes to ski might opt for a three month hiatus in the Winter. When he could indulge his love of the snowy slopes with much More abandon than on Short week ends. Similarly the boating fan could spend three months during the summer with sail or motor. In each Case of course he will be expected to do a years work in the remaining nine months on an adjusted schedule. The recent experience of Many of those who have tried the four Day 40-hour work week warrants further consid Eaton of these new plans. For such workers generally Are finding the luxury of three Day week ends justifying the extra hours on the Job during the balance of the week. They enjoy the extra time they get with their families the Opportunity for a weekday on which they can conduct such personal business As going to the Bank or keeping a doctors appointment and the time for greater involvement in travel sports or just puttering about the House. They find certain Money benefits too. They save on commuting one Day a week moonlighting is easier women find they can save on Babysitter fees and the need for other hired help around the House. Managers meanwhile say the system improves morale among workers thus cutting Down absenteeism and increasing productivity. They talk of lower production costs easier recruitment of new employees better use of capital equipment. If Industry were to go on a seven Days on seven Days off basis for example plants would be Idle Only during periods necessary for maintenance. However the More Radical changes in work scheduled involved in these plans do bring up some new question Marks. A some workers simply done to know what to do with Leisure. At Best they might be encouraged to engage in More moonlighting increasing unemployment and perhaps placing an added Burden on their own health. At worst they might be led into anti social activities not excluding crime. A families might be disrupted particularly where both husband and wife work and might find it impossible to coincide their working Leisure schedules. Also unless schools likewise shifted their schedules some parents would never be Able to take vacations with their children. A with Public transportation restaurants and other facilities geared to current work schedules workers on differing schedules might find themselves with inadequate services. A there is fear that work skills will become rusted by Long periods away from the Job and that the momentum for working when it becomes a steady routine May be lost. None of these plans at the moment is much More than a gleam in someone s Eye. But there is talk about the plans and that May Lead to action sooner than we think. Antique show and Sale to include recordings Charlotte whether you prefer to hear the tinkle of Fine Crystal or the scratching out of a popu a song of yesteryear on an ancient phonograph set you can please your tastes at an antique show. The Nelson garretts inc., will be holding their annual Spring antique show and Sale in the merchandise Mart on Independence blvd. From May 7 through May to. Hours for the show will be from i to to p. In. Daily last Day hours will be from i to 6 . Tickets will be available on a daily or weekly basis. Net profits will be placed in a scholarship fund for deserving music students from t e Carolinas. A whether people Are Young or old men or women Antiques have an Appeal unequalled a says mrs. Evelyn Garrett show director. Store strawberries in the refrigerator with their Caps on to retain maximum Vitamin c. National Home fashions league showroom tour saturday May 6 to am 6 pm sunday May 7 i pm 6pm Erwin Lambeth Southern furniture exposition building High Point Drexel heritage 1690 English Road High Point Thayer Coggin South Road High Point Tomlinson of High Point 305 of est High Street High Point admission $3.00 a students $1.50 by Sheila a Allan Swenson yes you can Plant mules and get a colourful kick from them too. Mules Are the newest Type of marigolds. They Flower Early Are eve Blooming and Low enough for Beds and Borders. They display an array of shades from yellow through Gold to Orange. Mules Are unique. These marigolds Are triploid hybrids. That Means they re crosses Between the Large american Marigold and the tiny French types. French marigolds have double t h e chromosomes american types do. So like mile animals these crosses cannot reproduce themselves. To compensate for this they Bloom and Bloom and Bloom in an attempt to set seeds. The seed firms must Cross varieties each year to produce these prolific flowering mule marigolds. The result is Worth trying in your Garden. Nugget marigolds Are the earliest flowering Ever. They Start in Early june and keep going till Frost. Only 12 inches tall maturing in five weeks these Are Ideal for fast color and displays in the Garden window boxes or potted displays for portable color. An extra advantage is their Strong insect and disease resistance. The new seven Star Marigold introduced for 1972, is the largest flowered mule Marigold yet produced. These begin bearing 6 weeks from seed on compact plants that fit into mid Beds and Borders. You can enjoy them right through Frost. Since they do not know they can to set seed they Bear profusely in a Muti hued profusion. On the horizon Are new developments from Plant breeders. As triploid hybrids Are perfected and introduced a gardeners annual dream May be answered a Flowers that offer Brilliant abundance throughout a longer season. Plant a mule in your Garden this year. Plant a team of them. Mules Are surprisingly different. Today s recipes Burgundy Royale by Marian Burros elegant enough for a fancy dinner party but not so fattening As most desserts. I 3 ounce package Blackberry Gelatin i-1 cups boiling water a a a cup red Burgundy sweetened whipped Cream optional dissolve Gelatin in boiling water. Stir in wine and chill until firm. To serve spoon into individual dishes and top with whipped Cream if desired. Makes 4 Servings. Actress Outlook changes Paris Sarah Miles of a blow up she really made her name in a a Ryan a daughter which her husband Robert Bolt wrote for her says that before she got married a i Hadnot known what i wanted except a Short Cut to now that s All in the past. A the glory thing has gone now. I just want to work honestly a she says adding. A i regret nothing. Not my leaving school at 15, not my love affairs in the past. It is a sin to regret. A i done to take my life Here for granted i get up each morning and look out and think How Lucky i am. I Tell myself to go out and show that i deserve Ambrosia by Marian Burros a popular Southern favorite Good after any heavy meal. 4 Large oranges peeled and sectioned 6 Ripe bananas 2 cup confectioners sugar 3 cups shredded Coconut remove membrane from Orange sections and Dice. Cut bananas into thin slices. Combine sugar and Coconut. Arrange alternate layers of oranges and bananas i n serving dish and Sprinkle each layer with Coconut mixture reserving some for top. Chill before serving. Makes 8 Servings. Casserole. Dot with butter and season with Salt and Pepper. Place tomatoes Over Beans and Sprinkle with cheese. Bake at 375 degrees for 25 minutes. Makes about 4 Servings. I route service. Fast Friendly efficient. Sri Titu in an est i Auno wet Iima i Umi Tomato bean bake by Marian Burros combining canned vegetables with fresh definitely does something for the canned 1 16 ounce can Diagonal Cut Green Beans drained 2 Tablespoons butter Salt and Pepper to taste 2 medium tomatoes sliced 3 Tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese place Beans in i quart re in pm her. Flat Ord Tri tarty for Mokhor 1 Day May 14. Nelson Florist 311 n main 113-1765 at Iii if of Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer Tom Sawyer vote forlorn Sawyer for the House of representatives Comini turf id elect ism Sawyer t no Hokan treasure. Kraut Serene budget priced a a it a Vall \rr4r4 Quot i a artistic t Beauty College a nit 327 i v Maut is. A Tri. M82-mis / a the official class ring designed ten or twelve years ago does not fit today s student preference. Buy your class ring in the modern manner. At. Lester a jewellers i 31 South main St. Delivery a weeks taxing orders for Quot class of 74 Andrews 4 All other schools last 3 big Days the carpet Mart of High Point inc. 706 English re. Ssh Rhone 183-6933 885-8991 hours. 10-9 daily sat 9-6 tickets available or to i Hgt Al mix of Salls inc. Tri North main bt., High Point under age 12 not admitted at the desk at each of the showrooms 4 74

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