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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 1, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Monday May i. 1939the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point North Carolina Page nine i sism news of interest to Farmers first Haff tuesday May 2 Adams Millis is. Silver knit at Adams Millis. National upholstery is. High Point weaving at National upholstery. Myrtle desk. Bye. Tuesday May 9 Adams Millis is. High Point weaving at High Point Wea ing. Silver knit is. Myrtle desk at Silver knit. National upholstery Bye. Tuesday May 16 Myrtle desk is. High Point weaving at Myrtle desk. Adams Millis is. National upholstery at National upholstery. Silver knit Bye. Tuesday May 21 National upholstery is. Silver knit at Silver knit. Adams a lists is. Myrtle desk at Adams Millis. High Point weaving Bye. Tuesday May to National upholstery is. Myrtle desk at Myrtle desk. High Point weaving is. Silver knit at High Point weaving. Adams Millis. Bye. Tuesday Lune 6 Adams Millis is Stiver knit at Silt knit. National upholstery is. High Point weaving at High Point weaving. Myrtle desk. Bye. Monday june 12 Adams Millis is. High Point weaving at Adams Millis. Silver knit is. Myrtle desk at Myrtle desk. National upholstery Bye. Wednesday june 14 Myrtle desk a. High Point weaving at High Point weaving Adams Millis is. National upholstery at Adam Mill Silver knit Bye. Tuesday june 20 National upholstery is. Silver knit at National upholstery. Adams Millis is. Myrtle desk at Myrtle desk. High Point weaving Bye. Tuesday june 27national upholstery a. Myrtle desk at National upholstery. High Point weaving is Silver knit a Silver knit. Adams Millis. Bye. Second half schedule monday july to Adams Millis is. Silver knit at Adams Millis. National upholstery a. High Point weaving at National upholstery. Myrtle desk Bye. Wednesday july 12 Adams Millis is. High Point weaving at High Point weaving. Sliver knit is. Myrtle desk at Silver knit. National upholstery Bye. Monday july 17 Myrtle desk is. High Point weaving at Myrtle desk. Adams Millis is. National upholstery at National upholstery. Silver knit. Bye. Wednesday july to National upholstery is. Silver knit at Silver knit. Adams Muu a. Myrtle desk at Adams a lulls. High Point weaving Bye. Monday july 21th National upholstery is. Myrtle desk at Myrtle desk. High Point weaving a. Silver knit at High Point weaving. Adams Millis Bye. Wednesday july 26 Adams Millis is. Silver knit at Silver knit. National upholstery is. High Point weaving at High Point weaving Myrtle desk. Bye. Monday july 31 Adams Millis is. High Point weaving at Adams Millis. Silver knit is Myrtle desk at Myrtle desk. National upholstery Bye. Wednesday August 2 Myrtle desk is. High Point weaving at High Point weaving Adams a lulls is. National upholstery at Adams Millis. Silver knit. Bye. Monday August 7 National upholstery is. Silver knit at National upholstery. Adams a lulls is Myrtle desk at Myrtle desk. High Point weaving Bye. Wednesday August 9 National upholstery a. Myrtle desk at National upholstery. High Point weaving is. Silver knit at Silver knit. Adama Mollia Bye. Farmers saved $10,000,000 in fight against diseases develop vaccine to cure horses Plant infections take loll of $50,000,000 annually in in. I. Sports but ki�i>1k Bill it new Youk. May i a to Weka Swath look like the who country is pulling for Loa a hts fan mail right now is the heaviest Ever. Seem to it the boys who Are buy Elevon Luke Sewell to succeed oar a Yutt St Cleveland Are putting a couple of mighty Nice Guys on the spot. A in relays news indicates Jock Sutherland merely shifted from the football to the track squad. Kington Anvil chorus i awing again likening t Fithia payroll to those and St. Louis. The Washta in full Ark Citrin Philly Cincinnati Louis is Hoef with a suggestion a j. Abner the originators of baseball. Brother Schaefer would substitute Doubleday for double headers Nixson Denton. Tines Star Quot or or Breaks out i designed to Honor Doubleday one of mall Box Bobby White sox say you Pitcher than Ever getting re betting Texas Christian Feller the Are a better before and. Dutch Meyer around Austin does t win the Southwest gild title again this year ,. I p tale y editors get ref try for a wholesale House of David invasion. Washington redskins you May As Well Start looking for another end. Bob masters0 no t0 Tav in Florida and coach Ponce de Leon High at Coral Gables. ,. Frankie Frisch the baseball write s say they can i help missing the sight and found of you on the Cardinal Bench. Gabby a it Nett took a few Huff and puffs in batting prac Tiff toe pm r i a a it and almost blew he Park Down. One of dizzy Deans pitches landed in almost the atm spot a did the famous Hartnett Homer of last gets t a. A n a i c in mrs Quot. Another created the palings. A Iii i Ria n near lore Fie Fence flown. Gabby howled togged the cull it in h Quot thai lust to keep Uso Hurt mil., for his j i a up Iii ii v is Amli night a North state league team w l pct. I Mooresville. 3 o i too i Lexington. 2 i 667 Concord. 2 2 .500 Salisbury. 2 2 500 Kannapolis. 2 2 500 Landis. I 2 .333 Thomasville. I 2 .333 Cooleemee. I 3 250 today s Gambs Cooleemee at Thomasville Landis at Salisbury. Lexington at Kannapolis. Concord at Mooresville. National league team w. A pct. Cincinnati. 6 2 .750 Bolton. 7 3 .700 Chicago. 6 4 600 St Louis. 5 4 .556 Brooklyn. 4 4 500 Philadelphia. 4 s .333 new York. 3 6 333 Pittsburgh. I results yesterday 8 111 College station Raleigh. May diseases take an annual toll of 50,000.000 in farm crops and ornamental plants in the state hut North Carolina Farmers avoided potential looses estimated at $10,000,000 by following recommended control measures last year it was reported today by or. Luther Shaw Plant pathologist of the stale College Extension service. For instance or. Shaw said that the 460,000 acres of Cotton planted in 1938 w Ith seed treated with Ethyl Mercury Chloride diet increased the value of the states lint and Cotton seed crop by approximately $4,320,000. He said mat demonstrations conducted by Farmers showed an average increase in value of $9.85 per acre where Cotton seed was treated before being planted turning to a of Blue Mold downy mildew the most serious of the several diseases which attack tobacco. North Carolinas no. I Chi i crop tile Extension specialist said that each year the disease necessitates the expenditure of approximately three million dollars by North Carolina Farmers in seeding excess bed area to produce an adequate Supply of Plant. Even though additional Beds Are planted. During certain years notably 1932 and 193 7, the disease May be so severe As to greatly delay transplanting and thereby lower both the yield and Quality of the tobacco crop amounting to several million dollars in losses he explained. Or. Shaw said that red Copper oxide sprays or Benzyl or Paru i Chlorobenzene fumigation will serve to prevent or greatly reduce losses from Blue Mold and that these three method. Of treatment Are the Only ones recommended by the Extension service and the state College Experiment j station. Caswell selected for land use plan College station Raleigh May in Caswell county has been selected for special work Iii the land use planning program of the United states department of agriculture it was announced today by j. F. Criswell of Hie state College Extension service who is directing thin newest Federal farm program in North Carolina. The recommended program of land use changes will be put into operation in that county in 1940 by the various Federal state and county agricultural agencies cooperating in the project Criswell explained. Caswell was selected by the state land use planning committee because it is representative of a Large area of North Carolina in Laud use problems and because Many of the cooperating agencies Are already operating in that county. New Type Woulf i sed to combat ing sickness re sleep Montgomery Farmers received s51,583.14 Troy. My a i Montgomery con in received $51.583.j inc with the Isi conservation plop in Davenport. This Money 1.236 Farmers planted within lot ments and since March i v Farmers have ii for complots agricultural Ain reports k form Asimont. Has been raid to of the county who their acreage a1 grew summer and Winter legumes to improve their soils. Davenport said approximately is per cent of the conservation Hecks have already been re Criswell said that the two phases of the program mapping and classification have Bern completed in Caswell an Din Harnett Greene. Gaston Camden and Transylvania counties and that preliminary work in the recommendations phase has been done in Caswell. The recommendations phase will begin in Camden May 3. 4 and 5 in Harnett the week of May 8-13 and in Gaston the week of May 15-20. The Anat two phases of the program will begin in Rowan county on m to 22. More than too Community and county committee meetings have in in conducted by Criswell and his aides a. P. Quinerly of the Extension service and r. T. Mel i Vin and w. H. Pierce of the Bureau of agricultural economics a since the program was started i in february. Criswell praised the cooperation received from county farm i and Home agents and their assistants and from representatives of the related agencies in the agricultural held. He also paid tribute to the unselfish and Vail Jable counsel furnished by com i hum Ify and county committee of farm men and women who map. Classify and recommend land use changes in their respective areas. Cash income from marketing i of american farm products in i March totalled $487.000,0o0, a i 13 per cent increase Over the $430,000,000 received in february. College station Raleigh. May new Type of vaccine processed from Fertile Hen eggs is available to combat sleeping sickness in horses a disease which last year attacked 186.000 work animals in the United states and resulted in cons Der Able losses in North Carolina it was announced today by or. C. D. Grinnell veterinarian of the state College animal Industry department. The so Eallond Quot Ciolck a vaccine Nas been distributed to veterinarians of the state by biological laboratories licensed by the Bureau of animal Industry of the v. S. Department of agriculture and or. Grinnell said owners of work8tock should consult their local veterinarian about giving the preventive to horses and mules. The state College veterinarian said the vaccine is admin stored in two doses at seven to ten Day intervals and is supposed to fed Corn to hogs and realized is a Bushel Hendersonville May even though the Price of hogs has dropped to around 7 cents a Pound. W. A. Cannon of horse shoe. Says a you can still feed your Corn to hogs and realize $1 a Bushel for farm Guit d. W. Bennett reports this Mendel son county Farmer recently demonstrated tills when he fed 17 hogs for a period of 45 Days on a self feeder. Using equal parts of fishmeal and cottonseed meal As protein supplements. The hogs gained i 4 a pounds each per Day for the month and a half period. Forsyth tobacco growers turned Rye Ere planting Winston Salem May out of 600 Forsyth county tobacco growers contacted by farm agent r. W. Pou and assistant agent s. R. Mitchiner Only three were found who had not turned under Rye before planting their tobacco. The farm agents estimate that approximately 95 per cent of Forsyth tobacco Farmers Are now turn log under some cover or Green manure crop for tobacco. Corn value increased by Swine feeding under method advocated by n. C. Stat College station. Raleigh. Day by adopting Swine feeding methods advocated by the state College Extension service commercial hog growers of the state increased the value of their Corn fed to hogs lat year by about $1,350,000, it was estimated today by h. W. Taylor Extension Swine specialist. He said that demonstrations with self feeders for Swine have shown that the value of Corn is increased an average of 50 cents per Bushel when turned into pork. The self feeder method Means putting the shelled Corn in one compartment a Mineral mixture in another compartment and Tankage or fish meal in a third compartment of the trough Taylor explained. More than 1,600 North Carolina Farmers adopted this method last year and quit a a slopping 23,000 head of hogs he reported. The Swine specialist also cited widespread advancements last year in Swine sanitation and predicted that even greater gain along this line will be record in 1939, he said that grower who used portable farrowing houses and raised their pigs o Dean land until they Reache a we get of too pounds a to found Hie practice prevented Dis ease losses and otherwise promoted economical production. He called this raising a Thrift pigs and said that scores o Farmers have told him that the were Able to finish 200-Poun&Lt hogs when they were five an one half months of age. He pointed out that the most profit Tali hogs Are those which go to mar bet at the youngest possible age providing they weigh 200 pounds or More. In conclusion Taylor said the Outlook for 1939 is for Towel prices than in 1938, and that the situation presents a Challenge to Farmers to lower Cost of production by crowing feed cheaply and raising Thrifty pigs unde sanitary conditions. M a i. Boston 3. New York 2 Brooklyn 3, Phil Adeph Chicago 4. St. Louis i. Cincinati Paltu Burgst rain today s Gambs the Extension Lehr ate it a 25 thay 8, having been created ingress May 8, 1914. Service will anniversary on by new York at Boston Philadelphia at Brooklyn. Cincinnati at Pittsburgh other team not scheduled american league team w. L. Pct. New York 5 3 .625 Boston. S 3 .825 Chicago. 6 4 .600 Washington. 5 4 556 Detroit. 5 .s4a St. Lout. 4 5 .444 cd Viand. 4 6 400 Philadelphia. 2 7 222 ius its yesterday weekly feed Market news first j provide almost Complete immunity for at least six months. Or Grinnell warned Farmers to beware of so called a cute Allsy for sleeping sickness. A the disease is too dangerous to warrant taking chances with Patent remedies or medicines of unknown origin which May be offered by itinerant paddlers a he said. Extra precautions should also be taken to provide cloth nets to protect against insects when horses Aud mules Are working i in the Fields and to keep them Cut of Low pastures where they j May be bitten by mosquitoes and Ether insects which Are carriers of the sleeping sickness disease. Or grinned concluded. Onslow county reports expected Weed increase Jacksonville May present indications Point to a sizeable increase in tobacco acre nge this in Onslow county i reports farm agent Hugh Overstreet. New curing barns Aie being built All Over the county. Over a Street said and a number of growers who Hae stayed with n the aaa pros pm since it was first begun state they intend to exceed their allotment this year. Northampton cattle men import 126 Western head Jackson. A i a added impetus to the beef Caille Indus try of Northampton county was Given with the importation Oil 126 Western White faced cattle a or distribution to Farmers re-1 ports e. I Norton farm % tit j the state College one of a series of open letters to the american Public appearing in 427 newspapers and in National magazines finance your new car through your dealer your interest can Hest he protected by having your Tiller handle All the details of financing your new car through commercial credit service. Our Twenty seven year experience and the financing of millions of time payment transactions through local dealers has convinced us that this is True. Why not ask your dealer about this plan he can arrange everything for you at one place and at one time. Service. It a. Extension Tuff the Luke sew Ell at $12.5 0 per i the highest paid Hull pen a atelier in baseball ,. Johnny inn Lino Rookie second Sacker of the Browns. Is drawing rave kit ices All around the circuit. Duong the 1939 at the a Dana Bible will find a lad rho scored 267 Points no 1937 and another who tolled up 245 awl year. To Orgie fighting cartoonist i a crowd please and is set to 0 places As a middleweight. Honey but y. A 3004b. Kentucky Hack Bear now working Tho iou them wrestling circuit la 1 bed with he promoters ,. In simply refuses to Jose what a this about the Yale so Bels suggesting that Hack eld Loach Earle i easy Neale Fop his nickname. Dan Acker of the n. Y Mirror n living wrestling promoters nuts i Way he is printing the remit of their matches a Day retd of time. Yanks giants re dodgers doubt if the world s air will help baseball attendee much. Zeke Houma. To likes an Apple a Day along 1th his bananas was charged a a is per for same by a la Hilly Del. Cd Sutherland sex baiter it of athletics for Good Philadelphia. My i Don Harrison who As director athletics at the University of its Burgh helped put the Panora it Tho top in fool Ball is rough with athletic. A Spectator at the Penn relay a carnival last Friday and u Day Harrison declared a in irs of High pressure athletics is nigh for me. I have no intention Harrison now head of the eng i department of the pin Exten Buhton 3, Philadelphia i Washington 3, Mew York 2. Chicago 6. St. Louin 3, Detroit 14, Cleveland i. Today a games Cleveland at Detroit. Other team not scheduled major league leaders by the associated pres n action Al i e Yul e batting Myers. Cincinnati. Soo Hack. Chicago and Medwick 8t. Louis 400 run a oar is Bolton Llott. New York. 9 runs batted in Goodman. Cincinnati. 13 Campit. Brooklyn 9 hits Hack Chicago. 16. Arnovich and Mueller Philadelphia. Is. Doubles Bartell. Chicago. 6 Moore. St. Louis and Martin Philadelphia 5 triples Hack and Herman. Chicago 2. Home runs candid Brooklyn and Goodman. Cincinnati. 3 stolen bases Lavagetto. Brooklyn. 3 Myatt. New York. Gleason. Chicago and Rosen and Koy. Brooklyn 2. Pitching Fette. Boston and Hamlin Brooklyn 3-0. American league Hatting Dima Flo. New York .435. J Greenberg. Detroit. 429 runs Mccosky. Detroit 12 Walker j Detroit to. Runs batted in Walker. Chicago and Gehringer. Detroit la. He tax Kuhet Chicago. 19 Mccosky Fox and Greenberg. Detroit. 18. Doubles Trosky Cleveland 7 Mcconky tigers. 6. Triple Gelbert and Travis Washington 2. Home runs Greenberg and Gehringer Detroit 3. Stolen bases Hoag St. Louis. 3 Cashe Washington and Kuhel and Walker. Chicago 2. Pitching a Feller Cleveland. And Bridges. Detroit 3-0. Marathon tryouts new York May final Marathon tryouts for the 1940 olympic team will be held in Yonkers to november. Raleigh May i feed i markets advanced to a new High Point for the season during the past week report the. S. Part North Carolina departments of k agriculture in the weekly Market news service review. Continued urgent deman of ctn feeders and feed manufacturers for wheat will Mill feed for immediate delivery and a a Rity of offerings of these feeds were the principal strengthening influence. Torn feeds Weie also higher. The Index number of feed prices advanced to 115.8, t h e highest Point since january 1938. North Carolina Strawberry sales this week were up a Little from last week and were almost on a with a year. Mis fion Arys and big Emores wholesale at 12 to 15, a few 16 to 17. Poorer 4 t to rents per quart in new York at the period Dost. Other than 6-Pound and up Rock fowls at 20 to 21 cents which were i to 2 cents stronger in Philadelphia and2-Pound and up leghorn boilers at 14 cents per Pound which were i cent easier in Washington the Northern wholesale live poultry Market held about steady this week. Pome classes however continued weak and draggy. For the second successive week Northern wholesale egg markets ruled steady on top Glades and about steady on intermediate and lower grades. It Washington net f. O. B. To shippers government graded and dated u s. Extras Large at 21 cent and ungraded White current receipt at 16 Var to 17 cents per dozen were unchanged increased activity in shelled and cleaned peanuts the psst week resulted in to for Farmer a Stock i i specially of the larger fluctuating nature of it for finished goods fact that following moral Price increase la has again i fancy and demand Dias by. The Esth mar is seen in last weeks the mar weakened slightly with some Shell ers on other grades banners Stock delivery Point hash at present is quoted As follows Best jumbo 3t� to 4. Few 41 cents Best Bunch 3 to 3% cents and Best shelling Stock. 3 to Vuk cents per Pound. The country marketed enough live Stock this week to turn Price downward on All specie. Lamb broke hardly hogs to a trifle while the rank and file of fed steer declined 25 to 50 cent at Chicago. Apparently in ceased movement of cattle provided the Opportunity for a hear raid on the steer Market and the same was True with reference to fat lambs however hog markets received sul its fial support from packing interest and withstood the increase in numbers rather effectively. Despite the general decline on cd steers and yearlings prime Ezra ska fed Bullocks reached 14.00 at Chicago. A new High for the year in the meantime top lambs dropped to 10.15, while hogs hovered around the 7.10 and 7.15 Peak. At Chicago top hogs held 7.10 to 7.15 although the net result of the weeks Price movement a a 5 to to cent decline on lights and medium weight butchers. Late in the period heavy Hutch Cis and packing sows slumped More severely the latter Das closing 25 to 40 cents lower for the week. Benthall of Rich Square d the animals Aud is re them to Northampton in cider to stimulate u of More beef Type Ani the county. Several a. In pure Hasi Selling Farmers growing Ilia in Era have already bought from in o to ten of these Hereford and have put them on pasture Corn variety demonstration to determine those varieties Best suited to local conditions have been started All Over North Carolina by farm agents of the state College Extension service or. Tobacco grower at last Here s an Oil burning cure that is economical to operate conditions tobacco better and assures you uniform High Quality in your cures. It it the super fix made by perfection stove co. For p particulars see Beeson hardware company 214 n. Main High Point n. T. Rate guaranteed no hidden charges when we handle your time payment transaction on any make of new car through your dealer u t guarantee that the financing rate you n ill does not exceed $6.00 per year per Loo 50c per month on your original unpaid balance plus charge for the insurance Vou receive payable in 12 to 18 or More equal monthly instalments. Some states require a a Small charge for filing recording or tax which is added. This rate is available on any make of new car through acceptable dealers anywhere in the United states. No hidden charges for Quot investigation or otherwise. Real insurance Protection your investment will be protected by a insurance policy or certificate sent to you by one of the largest insurance companies. This insurance will protect you against loss by fire actual value theft Broad form collision deductible Type and other accidental physical damage to your new Cir. Ire guar Antee that you n ill get exactly the coverage you Jot and will not any More for such insurance than the regular published rates charged by the same insurance company for the territory in which you live. You Deal with local people when you arrange with your local dealer to finance your new car through one of the 192 local offices in the United states offering commercial credit service you Are dealing with a group of local people trained to give you efficient sympathetic and fair treatment. They bring additional funds into your Community. If your dealer finances your new car through the office nearest to you this also assures you of preferred service from the other offices. Your dealer can Tell you what this May mean to you. Churm of the Board old guarantee Ola v financed any w financed Sny whore when your a a Quot a a a fit a it United in j Crest service. A a Auld for. You shoud Yurt Ryth you and get cry commercial credit company Baltimore Greensboro x. Commercial credit service 901 s. Elm St., Tri. 8125 mrm tale of the turf Back to a sea la Knoxville april Tennessee a a vanity baseball team 5this season for the first time in nine years. Is Ion Center at Erie pa., resigned As director of athletics two years ago following differences with or. John Bain Jock Sutherland. Then Bead football coach. Sutherland resigned two months ago �?�1 have always liked to teach a Harrison said. A now i can do no. Ion the steeplechase history of the running horse in this country told in sketches by Art Krenz

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