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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - May 1, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Monday May i 1030thk High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page Sente Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family National game horizontal i pictured Ball. 8 turn of a baseball team at Bat. Xyz at All times. 14 rings. 16 tune. 17 native Metal. 18 animal 19 2000 pounds. 20 to hurry. 21 policeman. 22 Ever. 24 fiber knots. 26 alleged Force. 27 to manage. 28 and. 30 tone b. 31 to sup. ,32 Tea. 34 Sharp. 36 subject of a talk. 37 to Pierce i with horns. 39 Kiln. 40 plural pronoun. 42 neither. Answer to previous Puzzle 43 of the matter. 44 pronoun. 45 Tennis Fence. 47 flour Box. 49 emissary. 51 Auto. 52 tatter. 54 carved Gem 56 Aurora. 57 to value. 58 angry. 59 instrument. 61 baseball infield. 62 failures to hit baseballs. Vertical 1 verb. 2 to eschew. 3 withered. 4 before. 5 dress cover. 6 to vault. 7 upright Shaft 8 Small Island. 9 Wood Demon. 10 Metal. 11 baseball teams. 12 african tribe. 15 opposed to Stoss. 20 scoring play in baseball. 21 to slash. 23 parsonage House. 25 baseball thrower. 27 artificial silk 29 plural of that 31 breakfast food. 33 ready. 35 silk glue. 38 to steal. 41 harem. 44 dispatch. 46 Farewell. 48 Spikenard. 49 hardens. 50 Bard. 51 chef. 53 jewel. 55 Mother. 56 silkworm. 57 Road abbr60 while. In serial Story Border adventure Uncle Ray s Corner by Oren Arnold cop Yaksht 1099f Nea service. Inc ast of i of a Rai a of is Betty m a by Iordana pretty Young Border patrol service Secretary. So Emma x St a ult handsome Border patrol officer. Hope Kildare Starr a fellow officer also a Bachelor. Lits Barro a mexican smuggler. Saturday Betty is put to work in Burro laundry. Doing outside to spread clothe and looking Over to Elpaso and the huge College a a my on a Hill she hit on an idea to outsmart Burro. Will it work chapter xxii a you say Hope that she was t in her hotel All night a a Sheridan Starr a few inches taller and several pounds heavier than Hope Kildare gripped his friends Arm now with fingers like steel. Concern for Betty Mary had moved the larger Man deeply. A a that a what i said a Hope admitted soberly. A i could t just a go to bed my lord Man a Sherry swallowed. He hated to see Hope this Way. Cold and formal and almost antagonistic toward him. He who had been comradery so Many years. A a Well no of course not. Hope. In the fact is her two White signals for safety had been hanging there for several Days and nothing Likely would Hurt her if she just stayed around town in Jauregi. She a smart i figure. She can Lake care of herself now if there had been three White spots a that would mean trouble but just a Blank window. A Hope spoke impatiently almost snapping it. A a Blank windows and Betty unaccountably missing now for nearly 24 hours stupid Well you j sit Bere Aud talk hut i m going i to do Sherry himself was angered a bit by that. A fall right what a he barked. A what you going to do you were already Over there of you did no to want me to help you Why a you come Here at Daybreak you know Well enough we be been teaming together All our life especially in a Pinch like this Hope git off your High horse now and let s go into a huddle. First things to find her. Then any personal business love and whatever can be settled your own Way. See what i mean a he that made sense of course Anil Hopes inherent Good judgment told him so. Actually he Felt a trifle ashamed and he tried to convey that fact now by co operating with Sheridan. A maybe she moved her room and figured we d have sense enough to follow her signal in another hotel or something a he ventured. Obviously he was desperate but still did not know just which Way to turn. A no i doubt that a Sherry said a but we can sure look and see. The Dawn Haze was about lifted what time is it a both looked at their watches and saw it was 7 25. Quot the Man in the Tower will come Down at 8. One of us la slip up for a bit then take the glasses and study every window in Jat Irez. Then we la go a mile or two up River and look from another Angle. I reckon we could go look from that Angle first while we in two minutes they were in a government car hastening out one of the streets near the River. When they topped a Rise that gave them a elem a View of the town across in Mexico they parked and studied Jam sex carefully. A there s plenty of White spots but none in any window a Sheridan said finally. A it could be just two spots any color. Did t her not say two for safety three for help any Way any time ? she she gave the note to you that night not to Hope added this last a Little bitterly. Coldly. Quot yep. That s a fact. I mean about the signal. She just happened to give it to me la the conversation served How Ever to upset Sheridan Starr considerably in his heart. When Hope said nothing to that Sherry spoke again. A a it a nearly 8. Lets go on Back and take a look from the Tower. We better be there in Case she phones again they talked scarcely at All on their Way Back to the patrol Headquarters and when they had parked the Man from above was just coming off shift. He saw Hope and Sherry As he clambered Down his ladder like Steps. A they you two hams a he hailed them Good Nat redly. A we rent to you interested in boy scout signal or something a few Days ago y of asked me about two White spots in a hotel window a yes Why a Hope and Sherry looked intently at him. A what is it did you see the signals today a a hold Yore losses no i did no to see no two White spots in no window. In fact i guess what i saw was just clothes drying. But away Over at that ranch House a the old Terrazas place you know a Are three White spots sort of up on the Hill but a Quot three a Sherry barked it. A yeah. But it just sheets drying. Near i can make out with the glasses. Still ifs a funny time of Day to hang out a a but that s Luis Barros Home nov Man a Sherry and Hope were staring at each other As if a bomb had exploded at their heels. Betty Mary Jordan a prisoner behaved far better than her captor might have expected her to. It a evident that Luis Barre told two of his guards to watch her closely for often they came to Check up on her. And each time found her peacefully at work. Not As scared As she had been she maintained a front of abject fear nevertheless. At that it Wasny tall pretence. She Laboured in the laundry until after Sunset. A it is night a she told the woman in charge there. A there Are still some Large linens. Shall i hang them out now even so a a things dry at night Iii this air a the woman said. A but do you think you can slip by the guard a Betty Mary did no to try to escape. With the clothes line already full she climbed 60 feet or so up the Steep Hill Well above the roof line of the House a and lied three White sheets to shrubs that grew there As she had often seen Wah women do in Texas. Indeed some dark shirts had been pinned there by another laundry worker this Day and that had really helped Betty to conceive her own idea. She Learned that evening that a no was extremely Busy with the aliens who kept coming. More than too were assembled now. Bailo would have so Many men under Arm that no Border Force Short of a detachment it soldiers would be Able to Block him. Daringly he would fight right on through in the Remote event that the american officers had wind of his plan. With Betty Mary the spy now helpless he probably Felt that his crossing would be Safe Abe realized. Barro could t even know that she had Learned All of his plans but he was keeping her just for safety. Then too. He was attracted to her. These Points and More she picked up from the gossipy servants in the kitchens and elsewhere. Overhearing part of it. She devoted much time to looking for a Chance to slip away unnoticed but there Wasny to the merest Opportunity. The Cook soon put her to washing dishes and after she had been locked finally in for the night with but Little sleep she was working again Iii the Kitchen before Dawn. She peered out a Back window once at Daybreak and Felt two causes for gratitude she had not seen Luis Barro again and her three White sheets were still hanging. To he two in de the human Eye As we look about us in this Spring season we May see flow ers and other beauties of nature and for our Power of sight we can thank our ryes. The human Eye is a wondrous thing. Light Waves pass through the Eye. Until they strike the then a message goes to the brain by Way of the optic nerve and quickly we know what we see. A person can see things with Only one Eye but he cannot judge distance or place so Well unless he has two. Each Eye sees a thing just a Little differently than the other. The a a pictures enter different optic nerves and Combine in the brain to form a single View. The coloured parts of the Eye is known As the it is circular. And contains Small Muscles. A person with Blue eyes has dark pigment at the Back of the Iris of each Eye but that seems to be the Only colouring in Blue eyes. Brown eyes and Hazel eyes have colouring at the Back of the Iris and colouring also goes on the Little Muscles of the Iris. The Iris Muscles act in their own Way. When Light is Bright they pull together. In this Way they tend to close the opening or a Pupil a and do not let so run a Light through it. The Pupil seems Wack but it really is just an opening. A doctor who treats the eyes uses an instrument which sends electric Light through the Pupil and makes it possible for him to see the inner lining of the Eye Hall. When there is Little Light in a room or when a per on is outside at night the Iris spreads out and makes a Laager Circle this is to let More 11 u ii t pass through the Pupil opening. We May be dimly in what we Call a the dark a hut there must he some bit of Light Day Starlight a to make it possible to see. Neither a Man. Nor an owl nor e cat could see anything if there were absolutely no Light. Behind the outside part of the opt Heftye diagram of human a get Thorn Blind spot. Eye is a Ball usually about c Inch in diameter it contains Clear a Jelly like s u b s a n r which lets Light through he Ai ill As would Clear Glass. Arou this Jolly and lining the ins of the eyeball is the Coati known As the Retina at the place where the Reti join the optic nerve la the i called a Blind spot of the i i plan to Tell a few things Aho the Blind spot in our next is urday talk. For general interest sect ii of your scrapbook the leaflet. A cities of Europe May be had by sending a stamped return envelope to ii in care of this paper. Ingle rav. Tomorrow the sense of he a ing. Shield against Shari winds on unexpectedly Cool Spring an fall Days lightweight Coats an suits May not be sufficient t Ward off penetrating breezes. Be that extra bit of warmth that a Pel Comfort use a new shoulder Shutel to snap inside the Hack of Sui jacket or coat. The shield is woe lined covered with Rayon sat and Cut and shaped not to Intel fete with the svelte lines of you costume. The colors Are Navy beige and Black. Harrison. In Hollywood lessons a English who Hollywood no. I Tough Guy it s dance mater Prinz no fooling he won Colony a Only formal Duel then wrecked car to escape prosecution by pall Harrison Ika service staff i or respondent Hollywood. May i Wattling Leroy Prinz ski Ping about Asia teaches some kids the Steps in a a Deville routine for a the Star Laker a you a never guts that the Bort Stocky dance director is the a ugliest Guy in Hollywood. If he in to there a nobody who As successfully disputed the title though quite a few have tried ust lately he broke some More ones in his right hand by in timbering his sunday punch. Prinz has been fighting and dancing Ever since he ran away rom Home in St. Joseph mo., at he age of 15. After going to sea or a while he fought in the for Ign legion in the air above Vance and briefly in Mexico and Nicaragua. He Leat up a Marana politician for molesting some entertainers and landed in a cuban prison for his chivalry. For the same reason lie walloped a Chi a ago gangster and later was so Bally mauled by tile gang that they left him for dead. In Hollywood he has taught oms painful lessons to various of enslave characters. Once at the Oor of the Trocadero he routed Bree hired Muskie Raen and hairiest ruined one of them. A Rinz Diel to la i ski a few years ago Prinz fought the Only formal Duel Ever staged Here. That was with an attache of Tho German consulate and it grew out of some remarks which Prinz resented they fought with Broadsword in a barn on the ranch of a famous director and Prinz was slashed 15 times before he finally Laid open the face of his opponent so that he could t continue. Tile District attorney had heard about plans for the Duel and had promised prosecution if it happened. So on the Way Home Itiat night the Lance director deliberately ran his in into a Telephone pole and smashed the w my Ohleh w Ith a rink. When police came to his Home a showed them Tho damaged car and blandly insisted that his wounds had been caused by flying Glas. The German Hail been spirited out of town and soon lift the country so he did t testify. Prim s latest encounter seems to have been rallies on sided. He charges that a Man attempted to molest his 11-year-old daughter and another girl. But before any formal charges were made Prinz hauled the larger Man out of a House hooted him into the Back Yard and whale the daylights out of him. Theres no telling what would have happened if radio patrolmen had t swooped in from ail direct by a. L. Gordon the family doctor Side glances a Yea he s Back from the City says something about having had i ear pinned Back. Words often misused none can be treated As singular or plural according to context. A will you bring me the dictionary a a there is none on your a will you bring me the oranges a Quot Tutere Are none in the often mispronounced rinse pronounce rills not rim nor rens. Often misspelled real genuine. Reel to resolvable device synonyms Noble illustrious famous renowned exalted eminent honorable. Word study a use s word three times an Dit is yours a let us increase our vocabulary by a it Ter in gone word each Day. Today s word indiscreet not posse its ing Good judgment in conduct and especially in speech. A eau indiscreet can Man is More hurtful than an ill natured Addison. Shoddy rigs no bargain shoddy rugs even at Best bargain prices Are never Good buys. Quality in floor covering actually is Economy in the Long run and it is usually intelligent shopping to Purchase produces of a manufacturer who has a reputation to maintain. Woolen rugs should be made from flexible Good Quality Long fibres densely Woven into a Strong durable foundation. The dyes of Cours should he fast color. Mons after neighbors for blocks around had telephoned police that a Man was being killed. At the preliminary hearing Prinz tried to attack the defendant again but what with his bad hand and so Many cops around he could t get in Auy Good licks on Tho set or rehearsal stage Tho director is an exacting Boss. But never Tough. Chorus girls like him also they be found thai predatory playboys become polite and subdued when a girl says a a in a working for Leroy Prinz a make films for limited Al Dien be the notion that motion pictures can be made for limited adult audiences like books or plays has finally resulted in formation of a i sort of theatre Guild of the i movies. In fact ifs called the motion picture Guild and the original sponsors include Melvyn Douglas and Helen Gahagan John Garfield Gale Sondergaard and Hor husband director Herbert hibernian. Several writers Are associated with it and so is James Wong Howe one of the top cinematographers. They want to make pictures with social political Ani economic themes which could not he dealt with in films intended for general release. So the Guild products Are not Likely to he widely shown and the sponsors done to expect to make any Money. But have a loft of fun on their Busman s Holiday. The group theatre in Manhattan is going in for movie making too. A program of three pictures has been announced for next fall the first an original Story by Clifford Odets. These efforts doubtless will go in for social significance and All that but they must conform to regular standards of censorship because the plan is to re loan them through one of the major Hollywood Campania. Worried about your figure Fishbein advises Middle aged women to divert attention i Quot rom hips to i Ace by or. Morris Fishbein editor journal of the american medical association acid of he Gaia the health Magazine anyone who visits a gymnasium where a considerable number of men and women Are assembled without too much clothing and who has Opportunity to study with a certain amount of Leisure the general make up and contours of a group of people particularly those past Middle age become impressed with two facts. They Are that the vast majority of human being Are not constructed along the lines of either Apollo and Venn and that taken As a whole they Are not especially food to look at. Frankly most of us accept what we Are and do Little to bring about improvement. Men in fact Are much More Likely to do regard their physical appearance than Are women. The average Man Paat Middle age puts on a Little excess weight most of which is in front in the Midline of his development has been a Little irregular because of deficiency in his glandular Anion his hips May appear to be somewhat Large. A see frequently the aspect from the rear is vaguely reminiscent of a Percheron. The appearance of a succession of chins dropping slowly and magnificently into a Point just above the beginning of the Chest so that the neck has entirely disappeared is also a part of his profile. While these outlines in a Jan have become to customary that few concern themselves about the matter the tendency of the. Times is toward streamlining. Women consider the a things much More seriously. Everyone knows that there Are All sorts of exercises and manipulations that have been suggested for improvement. It has been raid that of the thighs Are too fat Tho excess can be eliminated by exercises which involve bending of the Knees stepping High and indulging in similar performances. The Riding of a bicycle swimming and walking have also been suggested As Means of eliminating the excess. Nevertheless Many a woman has found to her sorrow that hours and hours of walking bicycling and swimming seem to accomplish Little in the desired direction even constant rubbing patting slapping kneading and the other manipulations by a competent masseur obtain but Small effect. E 0 by the time we have reached Middle age. The Structure of our bodies is rather Well determined. Of we Are built in such a manner that the hips Are wide and heavy there a Little that can be done to change that Structure. Surgeon occasionally remove Largo masses of tissue yet of the Bones Are big Little is accomplished. Ohm modern woman gets the beet effect by selecting clothing particularly foundation garments which tend to produce a streamlined appearance and by doing everything possible to attract attention away from the hips and toward the intellect and the face. Many a Young girl has made herself miserable by worrying unnecessarily boil thick Ankles and Large legs. Yet not infrequently the amount of attention Given to the improvement of the intellect and toward developing what we commonly Call Charm would have minimized the structural difficulties. This minuted a Howato Mihill the words you Are about to look to. In the split seconds that they hit your eyes form a new kind of reporting. This wms i take sixty seconds to read Ahtl you Are Reading these facts the event they describe Are actually taking place. What happens m one minute on Earth. A world is in motion. Destiny unfolds a Mckenney on Bridges Wise defender can defeat contract if he selects his opener carefully by we. E. Mckenney Secretary american contract Bridge league Start Reading in one minute migrating Bird Fly a mile american like to keep their clothes immaculate. This minute another eight Hundred and fifty Pound of laundry soap Are being produced in the United state. France spends seventeen Hundred Franca a minute on her colonies. One Hundred and fifteen telegrams a minute crackle Acton the was in great Britain and North Ireland those countries being Tho worlds largest tenders of auth messages. Of r Hoft Hern neighbor Chile is the worlds largest producer of iodine. It s a byproduct of the nitrate Industry. This minute Chile is producing another three pounds of the valuable element. Argentina soil Well yield 34 barrel of Oil every sixty seconds. Internationally famous bolivian tin is produced there at a rate of one Hundred pounds a minute. United states Trade with Central America averages one Hundred and fifty dollars Worth each minute of the year. Brazil makes five Hundred and fifty pounds of Cocoa every minute Uruguay imports two Hundred pounds of sugar a minute. Stop Reading. This is the thirteenth of a series of 25 Bridge quizzes. Par la too. Deduct 20 Point if you answer incorrectly question no. I 15 for no. 2 to for no 3 and 5 for no. 4. Keep your daily score and be How High an Arrage you can maintain. I. Should South s opening hid be one Diamond one club or one no Trump 2 Over on Diamond should North bid one heart or one no Trump 3, How should South respond to North a bid of one heart 4. Of South had been the Declarer at three no Trump and West opened the seven of Spades and Dummy played Low. Do you knew Why could play the five and know that the seven would hold the trick solution to Bridge i i 1. South a Only one Correct old. One Diamond. One no Trump should never be bid on a hand remaining a weak double ton. With two four card minor suits. The higher ranking one should be hid first. 2. While North could not he severely criticized for bidding on no Trump one heart is a better hid. One no Trump might be considered a sign off by partner and passed. The bid of of heart May he just what partner is looking for at least it gives him another Chance in the bidding. 3. South must again refrain from bidding no Trump As he does not have the Spade suit Aki v kj73 974 ak83 q j o 7 n 6 a 151 v832 w e �5 i a a 52 4 j in 3 a 9 6 5 s Cesar a a a to 4 v a did a kq86 a a j 2 rubber neither Vul i stepped he should hid two club hoping the his Pinner with a Spade stopper can go to no Trump if North does hid two no Trump. South is justified in bidding three no Trump. 4. Of South were the Declarer and West opened the Spade seven East could apply the a Rule of eleven As follows subtract the number of pips on the card led in this Case seven from la. The answer is four and that la the number of higher card in that suit held in the North and South hands. Dummy he one and East has three therefore Declarer can have none thus a Spade opening would Defeet the contract. With North the Declarer v in Ever if East made the natural opening of a Spade Declarer can win nine tricks. The Only Way East and West can defeat North a three no Trump is with a 1u-�?�nond opening and a Spade shift. Flapper Fanny by Sylvia cos him in my sillier my t w 1 6 u % sit of copyright. 1939, enquire feature. Inc look and learn by a. C. Gordon How can i ? Modem etiquette 1. How High does the earths atmosphere extend 2. Who was the first president of the i. S. To make a Public address Over the radio 3. What Domestic animal cannot reproduce its kind 4. What is the difference in Standard time Between new y Ork City and san Francisco 5. In what Section of the u. S. Occur the greatest number of sunny Days during a year answers 1. In appreciable quantities not More than too Miles above the Earth. 2. Warren g. Harding on june 21. 1923. 3. The mule. 4. Three hours. 5. Southeastern part. Soi ads Uke treason Kansas City May i Bill Mayer manager of they Yankee so Kansan City subsidiary Calls Ted Williams of the red sox the greatest natural hitter since babe Ruth. By Anne Ashley q How can i make a Good soap substitute for washing ribbons and also delicate Woolen goods a some people claim that two or three potatoes grated into a pail of water will give even better results than soap for thin purpose. Q How can i prevent eggs from breaking or sticking to the pan when poaching a. Put a few drops of vinegar into the water. Another method is to grease the pan before putting the water into it q what is a Good tonic for plants a. The water in which beef has been washed is an excellent tonic treatment for plants especially for roses and geraniums. By Roberta Lee q when a Young Man has been introduced to a girl and likes her very much is it All right for him to ask permission to Call on her a. Yes after he has been in her company for a reasonable time but not within the first 20 or 30 minutes. Q. Isnit it a Friendly gesture to hold a person s hand or place a hand on his Arm while talking with him a. It May be a Friendly gesture but it is very annoying to some people and should be avoided. Q. What would be a Goorji Toast for a Host to offer to a guest a. A to our guest and our Only request is that he be our guest liver Edv dish of leftovers Combine leftover cooked Ham. Finely chopped with cooked Macaroni and medium White sauce and top with grated cheese. Brown in the oven and serve with hot biscuit and a mixed Green salad with French dressing. United states government officials estimate that the american Public suffers a loss of about $3,000,000,000 annually from Worms bugs and Hie. The warfare waged against insects alone costs $200,000,000 a year. It is against the Law to share any part of your meal with a Friend in a restaurant in Omaha neb. Jil my 4l just love this sort of things it bring Alt my pea sat blood

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