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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 31, 1976, High Point, North Carolina St High Point Enterprise wednesday March ii 1976 status is granted to advisory Board a Guilford county animal shelter advisory Board has been elected and Given official status by the county Board of commissioner members Are Lane s. Anderson representing the county humane society chairman Anna Fesmire of the Greensboro humane society vice chairman and Secretary Hannah h. Lange of the High Point humane society. Or James c. Young High Point veterinarian or David e Harling Greensboro veterinarian and Coy Mac Ivey of Gibsonville and Bruce Lapp of Whitsett members at Large. The chairman pointed out in a society newsletter that the boards function will be to advise the commissioners through the county manager on the efficient and humane operation of the county animal shelter rather than hearing sporadic complaints from several individuals the Board will be a politically recognized entity with a unified voice representing the collective membership of the humane society the veterinarians association and the citizens of the county the Board is presently considering a revised policy manual for the shelter and the possibility of reorganize my the shelter under civilian personnel rather than the sheriffs department the society s annual report shows that the High Point office of the society handled in excess of 8,000 Calls during 1975 concerning lost or found or abused animals the statistical report discloses that members from the High Point office made 1,600 Auto trips in response to such Calls in addition to Telephone investigations Walker gets name n directory i in service army pvt. Benjamin f. Lamer son of i and mrs. Edward h Lanier. 508 Carlton st., Thomasville was assigned feb 28 to the 9th infantry division of it. Lewis Wash pvt Lanier a Field artillery Cannon operator in Battery a 2nd battalion 4th Field artillery of the division artillery entered the army in september 1975, completed Basic training at it Knox. Brand was last stationed at it Sill. Okla a 1975 graduate of Thomasville High school he was employed As a Stacker by Southern veneer Thomasville before entering the army. Navy storekeeper Seaman apprentice David j. Willis son of or and mrs James p. Willis of 501 Baker Aveis serving aboard the aircraft Carrier uss Independence and recently participated in Fleet exercise National week xxx Quot the uss Independence is Home ported in Norfolk. A a 1974 graduate Al High Point Central High school he joined the Navy in july 1974 Navy Seaman recruit Winfred l. Harvell son of mrs. Becky Johnson of 305 Sunset Oris serving aboard the aircraft Carrier uss Independence and recently participated in Fleet exercise a National week the uss Independence is Hoine ported in Norfolk a a former student of West Montgomery High school at Troy he joined the Navy in december 1974 Navy aviation Ord Nance Man 3rd c. Billy i. Mickel son of Walter t Mickel of be sicker rd., Lexington. Is serving aboard the aircraft Carrier uss Independence and recently participated in Fleet exercise National week the uss Independence is Home ported in Norfolk a Raleigh a Richard l Walker music librarian for the North Carolina symphony has been named to the eighth edition of the International who a who in music and musicians directory. We Alker the son of or and mrs Roy l. Walker of 415 Ford Street in Lexington currently resides in Durham a graduate of Lexington senior High school he received his Bachelor s degree in history and philosophy from High Point College he holds two higher degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill a master of music and a master of Library science degree prior to joining the North Carolina symphony in 1974. Walker was music librarian at Brooklyn College music cataloguer at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and research librarian pc in Chapel Hill Walker has performed As first clarinet with the american wind ensemble As a saxophone soloist and clinician giving recitals in Chapel Hill and at High Point College with the inc new music ensemble he also served As minister of music and Tenor soloist at United methodist Church Marine Lance Cpl James m. Franklin 22, son of or and mrs Floyd Phifer or of 205 Hay stand husband of the former Patricia a Stewart of 1916 Fern ave. All of High Point has been promoted to his present rank while serving with the 2d Marine division at the Marine corps base Camp Lejeune a 1972 graduate of High Point Central he joined the Marine corps in september 1974 Barbecue supper there will be a Barbecue supper at Kepley s barn. Highway 68 Friday at 6 gospel singing will be by the Christian heralds and the Good news singers. Donations will be received for the Parkwood Baptist Church building fund resuscitation course the High Point Thomasville chapter of the american red Cross is offering a course in cardiopulmonary resuscitation april 5. 7 and 9 from 9 a m to noon this course teaches the techniques for reviving heart attack victims registration May be conducted through the local red Cross Catholic school celebrates 25th year a banquet was held sunday at the Christ the King school on Kivett drive commemorating its 25th anniversary. Staged at the Holiday inn the banquet was open to faculty alumni parents and friends of the Catholic school located on Kivett drive miss Christine Ruderson faculty member and former student of the school spoke on the background history of the school and mentioned its accomplishments Over the past Quarter Century. City councilman Sam bubbled spoke on his association with the school he congratulated the Sisters and faculty for the services they have rendered on behalf of their pupils among the guests were a group from new York of franciscan handmaids of Marv and the Community of Sisters in charge of the school who had served on the faculty in past years. Bichler appointed new York a novelist Mordecai Richler has been appointed to the editorial Board of the Book of the month club Richler has been the club s literary advisor in Canada Tor the past two years ask Andy Andy sends an extra generous award to Chris Stamatelos age 13, of West Des Moines Iowa for his question what is a tarsier a cartoonist could draw a great Many faces but probably never come up with one More engaging than the tarsier s looking for All the world like a Happy Little Elf he lives among the treetops leaping lightly from Bough to Bough looking for his nightly meal a tarsier is a tiny creature who lives in the forests of Sumatra Java Borneo and other Pacific islands. He ranges in size from five to nine inches Long with another to inches added for a slender furless Tail he is a relative of the Monkey clan and As such he is a born climber. His name comes from the extra Long tarsal Bones found in his ankle. His tiny fingers and toes end in a larger than Normal pad that is grooved like the tread on an automobile tire. This gives him extra holding Power As he jumps from tree to tree. He has Long claws on his second and third fingers and toes with which he uses to Groom himself the tarsier s dominating facial features Are a pair of super size round eyes and Large Mickey mouse ears. His Saucer like eyes Are Handy since he is a creature of the night. His big ears catch faint sounds to help him locate his insect prey. A Small pug like nose rests above a tiny elfin Mouth and Chin. His head which can turn almost All the Way around sits upon a delicate body that is covered with woolly Golden Brown fur. Very Little is known about the tarsier s private life since he spends the Daylight hours tucked away in his secluded abode sleeping. Mother tarsier gives birth to a single infant which enters the world in a ready to go fashion the baby is born with its eyes open he a covered with fur and capable of a climbing and making Short hops when Mother goes leapfrogging through the Forest baby is right with her hanging on for dear life. Tarsier Are the smallest members of the primate Monkey clan their ancestors can be traced Back some 60 million years. Close relatives include the marmosets lemurs and a Squirrel like animal called the Aye ave More Distant relatives Are the monkeys and the great apes Andy sends an extra generous award to Lucy Lockett age to of Santa Maria calif., for her question do Birds have ears Birds have ears and they work very Well of course we done to often see them because most of our feathered friends Don t have outer ears like we do. Actually the ability to hear varies greatly from one species to another but experts Tell us that Many Birds hear better than we do. The Chaffinch for example can detect sounds up to 29,000 cycles per second while a Young healthy human s Range is from 16,000 to 20,000 cycles per second. Birds need to hear Well for Many reasons they communicate constantly with each other by Means of varied and Complex chirps squawks screeches and clucks. During periods of courtship nesting and danger the air is punctuated with Bird language of every Type. Then too a Birds hearing sounds of prey can determine whether he will eat that night or not. A barn owl for example can locate prey in total darkness using Only his keen sense of hearing Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the Merit students encyclopedia to Tony Elia age 13, of Niagara Falls ont., Canada for his question do both hands have same fingerprints the fingerprints seem to go hand in hand with murder mysteries and whodunit movies. When the use of fingerprints began however it was Only As a Means of identification. Potters artists merchants and perhaps even Kings used a thumb print As an indisputable signature. A fingerprint is the impression of the inside of the Finger Between the tip and the first joint. If you look at your fingertips you can see the tiny ridges that Loop twist and turn every which Way. Glands beneath the surface of our skin secrete an Oil to keep our skin soft. When you press your fingers against a solid surface the Oil is left behind in the patterns formed by your fingerprints. Sir William Herschel is Given credit for being the first to devise a workable method of fingerprint identification. In the 1850s he was a British government official in Bengal. India. He sought to use the thumb prints of illiterate workers As a Means of positive identification. In those Days people often pretended to be someone else so they could collect wages they Hadnot earned. In time the idea of fingerprinting More properly called dactyl Graphy developed into a scientific system. Sir Francis Galton founded the present system of fingerprint identification in the Early 1900s. His system was later refined and perfected by sir . Henry a commissioner of Scotland Yard of London. Today the Henry system is the most commonly used. F fingerprints can be broken Down into three Large groups of patterns a the Arch the Loop and the whorl. Each Large group bears the same general characteristics. The Loop and Arch groups Are broken Down further into two smaller groups each while the whorl group is broken Down into four smaller groups. This makes eight groups in All and from Here on it really gets complicated. You can begin to understand How detailed it gets when you realize that out of the billions of people in the world no two share the same fingerprints. What s More the prints on your right hand Are different from those on your left. Multiply the world population by to and you can come pretty close to the total number of different fingerprints that exist. About three quarters of the american population have their fingerprints on record open daily 10-10 sundays i wed., thurs., fbi., sat. Navy Hull maintenance c ,. Technician 3rd c. Derrick supper and auction o. Patton son of Pat o. Patton of Randleman is serving aboard the aircraft Carrier uss Independence and recently participated in Fleet exercise a National week the uss Independence is Home ported in Norfolk a a 1974 graduate of Trinity senior High school he joined the Navy in August 1974 Marine pvt James Williams jr., son of mrs done m. Baldwin of 116 w Willis ave., has graduated from recruit training at the Marine corps recruit depot. Parris Island s c Marine pvt Harley b. Smith jr., son of mrs Harley b Smith of 3434 Greenhill or was graduated from recruit training at the Marine corps recruit depot Parris Island s c. Tomlinson elementary school on Chestnut Street will have a Barbecue supper followed by an auction and game area Tor All Ages Friday beginning at 5 30 tickets Are available at the school High Point irs to be open saturday the High Point office of the internal Revenue service. Located in p first citizens Bank Plaza 101 s. Main st., w ill be open for Federal tax assistance saturday from to to 2 . Area residents Are asked to bring the 1975 Federal tax forms received in the mail and All pertinent documents and records Darling dresses with All the trimmings take her through Spring in fanciful style our newest collection of fashion favourites All in no Iron polyester or polyester Cotton to resist wrinkles and stay neat throughout her Active Day springtime colors. 4-6x. 4 Days Only sunny Spring tops. Sparkling screen prints on polyester knit. Our Reg. 5.57 Tope sizes 40-44 .4.33 right shirts of fuss free acetate Nylon in prints. 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