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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 26, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Moore predicts he will stay within sheriff s dept. Budget Asheboro a it Wasny to easy and some needed services had to be Cut out but Randolph county sheriff Carl Moore says he will be Able to stick to his current budget and not overspend As had been predicted several months ago. A i feel certain we will be Able to stick within the current budget a says Moore pointing out a we Cut everything we could and we Are doing without a lot of things we need in order to sneak next week notes Moore he will begin planning his new budget which goes into effect on july i and hefty increases Are necessary. Pointing out that the City of Asheboro it which is Only 36 Square Miles in size has at least 38 men Moore says to cover Randolph county which is 801 Square Miles in size will take twice or More the number of men he now has he notes he has around 38 men including the jail staff. The City uses the county a jail facilities which the county sheriffs office must of of. Right now i need eight More men on patrol two More investigators two extra civil men and one new Man to work with Deputy Joe Farlow. Public relations the sheriff said All of the cars purchased recently the used Highway patrol vehicles will have to be replaced within 12 months. Quot Randolph deputies get their uniforms and Mace from the county a observes Moore a but the rest of their equipment including their pistols they must Purchase themselves and on top of this they get no real subsistence Moore said he saw no Way to provide the Protection the county needs and to hold the budget Down at the same time last year Moore was budgeted approximately three times the amount of Money any previous sheriff has Ever received. Temmy ask Andy Andy sends a Complete 20-volume set of the Merit students encyclopedia to Sharon Carter age 12, of Don Mills ont., Canada for her question will the stars Ever Burn out the stars in our sky inhabit just a Small Corner in the mighty Galaxy. They were there in More or less the same patterns thousands of years ago All the while Burn ing themselves out. However even when our old favourites All die there still will be stars in the sky. For new stars Are being born to replace them. The average Star Burns up its Basic fuel at a fantastic rate. It is of course a stupendous nuclear Furnace and its Basic fuel is Hydrogen Gas. Our Sun for example uses about 564 million tons of Hydrogen fuel every second. It has been blazing away at this extravagant rate for about 5 billion years. So far it has consumed no More than half of its original fuel. An average Star starts out with enough Hydrogen fuel to last perhaps 12 billion years. But this depends on How fast it Burns. A huge Star tends to be hot and Bright and it Burns up its fuel at a great rate if it is about to times More massive than our Sun it May Burn itself out in a few million years. A Star that lives a Long time is usually a Small one perhaps about one tenth As massive As our Sun it Burns More slowly and its fiery Furnace May have a life expectancy of 500 billion years. However at Long last every Star comes to the end of its fuel and the blazing Furnace finally becomes a dark Ball of cold dead ashes. Astronomers Tell us that the final phases of a Star s life May be very dramatic. As the fuel runs Low the Core of the Star shrinks and becomes even hotter. The outer Shell of gases becomes cooler and spreads out to form a giant red Star. This phase lasts until the whole Star collapses growing hotter and heavier. Perhaps the collapsed Star will explode. For a Short while it becomes a Supernova Bright enough to outshine All the other stars in the Galaxy. Its shells of outer gases continue to expand through outer space. The Core becomes a White Dwarf Star so dense that a thimble full of its material weighs too tons. The White Dwarf no bigger than a planet continues to Burn up and the Star Dies. Meantime dramatic events Are happening in other parts of the universe. Here and there a vast Cloud of Hydrogen condenses into a huge Ball perhaps surrounded by several smaller balls of material. When things Are just right the big Ball ignites a nuclear Furnace a and becomes a Brand new blazing Star. Perhaps it Sheds its first beams on a family of planets a and a whole new solar system comes into being. Andy sends a 7-volume set of the chronicles of narnia to Tracy Tausch age 13, of Sarasota fla., for this question How did Uncle Sam get started Charlotte May Annex area Charlotte a the City Council discussed thursday the annexation of 19 Square Miles with population of 29,000. A plan requested by the Council proposes the annexation of nine areas on All four sides of Charlotte. Annexation would give the City a population in the neighbourhood of 300,000. Its population in the 1970 census was 241,978, in 1961 Uncle Sam became an official National Symbol by an act of Congress he is displayed As we know As a lanky Yankee with a Skinny White Beard wearing his stars and stripes with a tall top hat. The whole idea got started in the Early 1800s. Sam Wilson was proud of his Job As army meat inspector. To show the world that each package of salted meat had been approved by the United states he stamped on a Large us. But the War was not altogether popular. Protesters in certain northeastern states showed their disapproval by referring to Sam Wilson a us As Uncle Sam a newspaper in Troy n y., published a sketch of an Uncle Sam character. There was an Uncle Sam storybook and an Uncle Sam Clown suit. When the War ended the character became More popular. And through the years americans have grown very proud and very fond of their Uncle Sam character. Do you have a question to ask Andy Send it on a Post card with your name age and Complete address to ask Andy in care of this newspaper. Entries open to girls and boys 7 to 17. Movie ratings for parents Ano Young people the of tiv of the ratings if to inform parents about the suitability of mow Content for a Ewing by their children i hot i dogs i Good fri., sat., Sun., it # v un., pfc0�?z# in March 26,27, 28 lc2t i Archdale soda shop my 3313 s. Moin St. Pome 431-2113 �3 2i 6 new in High Point i a the rib room j Hiu. To Thom As Viii $3.00 per person a or $3.00 couple Man or woman open daily at 12 00 noon except sunday at 1 00 . 12 big hits rate xxx i night time showings at 7 a 9 . A a love lips amp #2 a miss september read the Enterprise classified ads High Point Enterprise Friday. March �?~6. 1976 7b Royal Cine ii j Zorro shopping Confer Soiu Hoitorp or. Phone us-4427 j shows from to am til 12 pm teenage fantasies let your dreams come alive plus Quot inflight service Quot starring Denise Robbins. She knew How to please her passengers open sunday at i pm. Fro. Notch Trot Tod indict admitted fro now show s torts loth wed a a a a Mimi to Iii gtd x x x Ami Ruml in the Sheraton hotel specializing in prime ribs of beef rib Eye steaks Barb que spare ribs daily luncheon specials luncheon special. Sun. Sat. 11 30-8 00 . Steaks. Lobster. Seafood serving nightly till 10 00 . A night to remember at the Cavalier Steak House and family restaurant with live entertainment spacial flesh King crab meal amp prime rib this saturday night in person. Quot new water Llou la by Hod up in motts. In a hilarious run for Tho Montu Fie a no mph Damn Jimmu Dan idiom Martin twin Walt Disney productions Ino Deposit no return a Ages admitted general audio flu a Ages admitted parental guidance suggested o some material May not be a Mirable let pre teenagers restricted under i 7 require accompanying porent it adult guardian Ali pm and % flus receive this Seal of the motion picture code of self regulation coming april a Swap meet Kun Parris ave. Tel 869-2161 my my my to ii i i a ii a

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