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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina �?�j6b High Point Enterprise tuesday March 26,197# Jacoby on Bridges Culbertson to your Good health shows stuff by Oswald amp James Jacoby today a hand shows Ely Culbertson at his Best. To Start with he threw his Culbertson system right out the window and responded to his partners one club opening. Then when he had a Chance to Stop at four diamonds he went on to five variety Only to find that to who thought Ely had a better hand proceeded to take him to six. Hal Sims decided to open a club. Ely won in Dummy and promptly led a heart. Dorothy Rose with her Ace and led a second club. Ely won in Dummy while discarding a heart ruffed a third club ruffed a heart cashed Dummy Sace and King of Spades ruffed a answer to previous Puzzle across i of prawns 5 dry As wine i cure by salting 12 baking chamber 13 musical syllable 14 Ca Bamide chem 15 Ocean route 16 River islet 17 slam is of greatest 20 fakes corrections 22 Earth latin 24 crustacean larval form Zool 28 military term pm 33 River in Montana 34 turn inside out 35 inclination 36 hindu Queen Var 37 Parven 40 change 41 actin response 43 commingled 47 venerate 52 go by aircraft 53 golfer s Jyl a in in la a v i i i o 3 in a a i u3 to in i la a i my i u a i 55 re w be it s i Fajg. B to d e a e in i a a b it i Tzc Quot cd i o a Vij 1x3 1 m o i 71 v i get a 1e i it in i Quot _1_ a s it Cly k a l. E. F i g j 55 roman Date 56 fast season 57 before 58 the Dill 59 gaelic 60 family member Coll 61 body of water Down 1 kind of Slaw 2 Ellipsoidal a 3 travel 4 Koko s weapon 5 Utah for instance 6 son of Gad it bib 7 provides As with food 8 six sided solid Hama Mao Aua mum a n a t e u photo Geom 9 algerian seaport 10 tear asunder 11 irritates by scolding 19 Emblem 21 make lean 23 musical note 24 Aleutian Island 25 Sweet secretion 26 followers 27 Mountain for 29grandparental 30 lease 31 taste Scot 32 one who suffix 38 took a breather 39 Symbol for tantalum 42 nicene a a 43 bundle of Cotton 44 sidelong look 45 sea eagles Var 46 memorandum 48 Small Glass bottle 49 feminine appellation 50 fetid air 51 italian City 54 epoch Spade ruffed his next to last heart with the nine of Trumps ruffed another club ruffed his last heart with Dummy Sace of Trumps while Dorothy had to under Ruff and made the last two tricks with his King and Jack of Trumps. Incidentally we have no criticism of Ely a one heart bid. System or no system you can to sit Back with a two suit hand and stay out of the bidding when your partner opens. We do have some criticism of the defense. A Diamond opening or a Diamond Lead at trick three would have left Ely one trick Short. North d a a k j 9 9 a a 9 6 a ak876 West East a 862 4q1075 vkq73 va104 a 87 a q3 2 a q953 j42 South a 43 vj8652 a k Jio 5 4 a to East West vulnerable newspaper Enterprise Assn i 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Roll 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 a 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 a 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 26 West North 1 pass 24 pass 4 pass 6 pass East pass pass pass pass South i a a 3 54 pass opening lead�?43 her ganglion disappeared with a blow by George c. Thosteson my. Dear or. Thosteson i was told by my doctor that the Lump at the base of my Finger was a ganglion. One Day i accidentally hit it and it disappeared. What causes ganglion what can be done to cure them is it possible that mine will return a . Quite possible that it might return a about half of them do under such circumstances. A ganglion is either a cyst or a herniation a bulge that is in the Sheath that covers a Tendon and it forms because of a weakness at the spot in the fibrous tissues. Periodically i get questions about a ganglion and my usual advice is to ignore it since it is not a cancerous Lump. Banging a ganglion with a Book is the classic old fashioned Way of handling them a a crude method in my opinion and Only temporary half the time. Of a ganglion is unsightly or causing discomfort it can be corrected surgically without the risk of having it come Back. Dear or. Thosteson can you Tell me something about diverticulitis following an acute attack is it necessary to remain on a Low residue diet the rest of ones life what is allowed and what is banned a . No a Low residue diet is not always necessary. You must however avoid foods most fruits and berries that have hard seeds As Well As a few foods that have irritating husks or hulls. Diverticulitis is an inflamed phase of the very common diverticulosis and you la find both of them discussed in detail in my Booklet a a done to let diverticulosis throw if you a like a copy Send 25 cents and a Long stamped self addressed envelope to me in care of the High Point Enterprise. Dear or. Thosteson is there any Way to increase the length of your toes and fingers any exercises a miss . Not unless you Are Young enough to be still growing. And in that Case nature decides it. Causes High blood pressure code stamped envelope and what can be done to treat it get a controlling your blood pressure hypertension a a by or. Thosteson. To obtain a copy of this helpful Booklet write to him in care of this newspaper enclosing 25 cents in Coin and a Long self addressed use zip it or. Thosteson welcomes All Reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers questions Are incorporated in his column whenever possible. Note to mrs. . Psoriasis May be influenced by nervous tension but is not a caused by while there is cure various medical treatments can limit the severity and discomfort. High blood pressure can be controlled. To find out what when you cat out. Make it a family thing come see us treat the family to eating out often. We specialize in wholesome delicious meals at prices dad will like. Dine at Bettye Packer s feb cafeteria serving monday a Friday lunch 10 30 till dinner 4 to 7 . 808 Ward St. Just off w. Green or phone 883-1909 Dine atop the Beautiful Southern furniture Market Center each wednesday night fresh seafood Buffet luncheon monday thru Friday dinner monday thru saturday Erat parking next to building altar s 30 . 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