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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 24, 1974, High Point, North Carolina In new night school program drop outs work on jobs and diplomas the Label a High school drop out carries a stigma which those who leave school before graduation Are forced to face Day after Day or until that Label is erased by a diploma. At High Point Central High school former drop outs from City schools now have the Chance to rid themselves of that bothersome Label by attending a night Quot school. A night Quot school As it is commonly called Here rather than Quot optional or Quot alternative Quot school As it is known in other area Sis part of a Pilot project involving 22 school districts in North Carolina. The Greensboro Thomasville and Winston Salem school systems Are also included in the project. A it is designed to allow students to work and then take regular courses oriented toward their jobs a says Jerry Shaver principal at Central. Funded by Federal vocational Money the idea of the program is to Aid the student who needs special educational help to enable him to hold Down a Job the student who wishes to continue his education but has schedule conflicts and those who could t handle the regular school grind. Or. Helen Miller coordinator of the City program has to justify that courses taught Are Job related. Quot there Are several Aims of night school a says or. Miller a but the most important is to get the student to get a High school diploma. All the courses Are designed to meet the educational Levels and Job needs of the students. It is extremely flexible with an occupational emphasis. A students receive a full credit for on the Job training and a half credit for a Job coordinating course a she says. A training is highly individualized and each student has a handmade schedule a or. Miller explains. Quot our teachers Are doing wonders and they Are All volunteers. Whereas other area programs have several full time workers i am the Only full timer Here. A even with that drawback we try to give the students what they need. The teachers were picked because they Are exceptional at individual training hav the High Point Enterprise sunday morning March 24,1974section d ing to handle As Many As four different Grade Levels and non readers in one class. They can relate to the students who found the regular grind too two of the teachers were drop outs themselves and one works for the employment Security commission. One Point that or. Miller and Shaver put special emphasis on is that the night session is an integral part of High Point Central just like the Day session. A they have the same rights and privileges As the regular students and Are provided the school services like the Library a Shaver says. A the students Are Here because they want to according to or. Miller and Quot they find the atmosphere at night much easier to adapt a drop outs can fit into two classes. One is the student who can t conform to the conformity required by Shaver says. A then there Are those who quit because they feel like they have to earn Money. But in either Case the drop out feels a everybody is against a me. According to or. Miller a we Are dealing with people who Are potential liabilities if they Don t fit in and get jobs. They Are potential workers and potential Good a a lot of drop outs feel like coming Back to school after six months to a year Quot says Shaver. Shaver feels that the night school could in time become an Extension of the school Day. Or. Miller has mixed feelings about the Extension idea. Quot i have detected a reluctance in some students of being in the school building because it reminds them too much of the unpleasantness of the regular Grid. I think having the session downtown or away from school would present a better situation some students just done to fit the lock step school image. A we want them to come to the night session because it fits their she says. A attendance int any better than during Day sessions but they come in spite of problems because they Are accepted and learn from the atmosphere and the Way we teach not what we teach. What we Are teaching is conventional Basic material a according to or. Miller Quot there Are differences Between the Day and night session but they Are Good differences. I would Hope that the Day session could learn from the night session. A i think we accomplish More by moshing and joking than by being rigorous but we can t let them act like wild indians we did t want to keep anybody unless they wanted to commit themselves this has to come first we want them to see Progress so they can say with integrity that the credit Means something. The closer to graduation they get the More they see the need to the biggest problem the program faces is the ending of Federal funding on june 30. Officials have said before that some places take the Windfall Money establish the program and then when the funds Are gone the program fades out. Or. Miller is hopeful that won t happen in High Point a there is a crying need for this school students deserve a Chance. We have had excellent cooperation from agencies in town associated with the school but we need influential citizen and school Board support to keep it going. A the night school is not a dumping ground for students that teachers can to get along says or. Miller. A it is oriented toward people who need to work and think in terms of work. A night school in t our school it is a stirs a stories by Arthur Utley Iii program s regulations courses Are preferred a a in a just thankful for it a says Vickie Hauser a student at the night school program going on now at High Point Central High school. Her reaction is typical of the students who Are taking regular school courses at night because they work during Day session hours or left school for other reasons according to Vickie Quot i was unhappy with the discipline problem at school. Some students make it hard for others and the teachers have to spend so much time on discipline that they sometimes carry it too far. I dropped out when i was a Junior to work but because of night school i la graduate during regular graduation ceremonies at Central in june. A having that diploma certainly makes a she says. A it makes me feel better and i know people get More respect if they have a she is one of seven students in the program who will graduate during regular exercises at Central and Andrews. There Are 60 students on the Roll now taking English math science and social studies courses for credit. Equally important Are the credits me students receive for on the Job training and Job coordinating courses. A we can t handle anymore than what we have now Quot says or. Helen Miller coordinator of the program. A your ratio of students to teachers is one to 15 in All the courses but English where the ratio is one to 22. The one to 15 is much More desirable because we stress individual study at the night most of the students have Industrial employment at Mills but there Are a truck Driver retail store workers and six housewives enrolled students learning specific jobs receive credit for their training for example. One student is learning to be a fixer at a textile Mill his training there counts just As much As a semester of math. Job coordinating courses help students find out what jobs they Are capable of doing How to get a Job and How to develop attitudes for the Job i e. How to stay on the Job and Advance in position. The individual study and the teachers receive the biggest accolades for the program. Says Buck Foster an Lith grader who left school to work. A i can get into individualized work Perry Widemon says Quot it gives a feeling of being Able to communicate better and the teachers Are outstanding they understand the students and they Are Down to Earth when we need to talk to them they Are willing to talk a for Peggy Butler who dropped out of school when she became pregnant the teachers Aren t As strict As the ones during the Day. We can leave class when we want too a another june graduate James Maness likes the informality. A to an extent the formality of Day school causes students to quit. Here they Aren t As strict and everybody seems to be Happy about it Quot he says. The hours for the school Are also suitable according to the students. Meeting from 5 to 8 pm. Monday through Friday the students can get in a Day s work and still go to school. Says Gail Steele. A you done to have to go to class As Long As you do during the Day. And you have the Chance to make Money and get a Little education on the with regular school hours returning soon the night school is changing its operations Back to 4 to 7 p.m., but or. Miller does t foresee any problems. A we May lose a couple of students but i doubt it. Most employers will work with the students and we have told them that if they Are late. Okay. They can still get their studies done. One thing we will have to do is to have More substantial food. Now we can get by with snacks because of not starting until As positive As the students Are about the night session the possibility of the school folding after Federal Money runs out in june is distinct. Kerry Hunter an employee of Alma desk and a june graduate says. A the night school should have City help because it is help students attending High Point s new night school to a a Oby Rodino by Saul Pett a special correspondent Washington a despite founded rumours that he loves opera and writes poetry secretly his credentials As a Middle american remains impeccable. He is As american As Apple strudel in Milwaukee Kielbasa sausage in Gary Corn Pone in Kentucky lasagna in the North Ward of Newark. He is a graduate of the depression a product of a City political machine a native of the East As far from the effete East As the Light years that separated the rough democracy of Barringer High Newark from the elitism of the prep school at Groton. Until life became a so serious a he used to do Jimmy Durante imitations at family parties and sing a Way �?o0 sole Mio Quot and other Golden oldies of the italian persuasion. His singing and speaking voice remains less than olympian despite the fact that As a boy he used to practice rating with stones or marbles in his Mouth hurling shakespearean monologues at two tall poplars in Branch Brook Park Newark. An Italo american Demosthenes growing up in new Jersey. A Quarter Century ago he came to Congress from the East worrying about communism. That was two years after another Young Man came to Congress from the West worrying about communism. The two parallel lines now meet. One of course is Richard m. Nixon. The other is Peter w. Rodino Democrat chairman of the House judiciary committee inquiring into the possible impeachment of the president of the United states. One Man reached his Pinnacle by drive the other by endurance. And now at 64, Peter Rodino a Little Man in stature and until recent months in reputation becomes living proof that a cat can not Only look at a King he May even help dethrone him. This awes and depresses Rodino. His \ handling awesome impeachment Issue father an italian immigrant brought him up to respect the institutions of America especially the presidency. The largest photograph on the Wall of Rodino s office is one of him and a smiling Richard Nixon shaking hands the last time they met. The occasion was the signing of the renewed Law enforcement assistance act of which Rodino was a sponsor. The Date was aug. 6, 1973, when a a impeachment was still Only a whisper although Rodino already was researching its problems unofficially he also keeps in his office in a richly bound leather Book of testimonials a a dear Peter letter in which the president congratulated him for his a deserving recognition in receiving the Man of the year award from the Justinian society of lawyers. The president praised him for his a dedication to the Best interests of the the letter was dated oct. 17, 1973. Three Days later Nixon fired the first special watergate prosecutor and brought on the resignations of the two top men in the Justice department. Three Days after that in the ensuing uproar five impeachment resolutions were introduced in the House and speaker Carl Albert d-okla., officially assigned the matter to the judiciary committee. Overnight Pete Rodino who had needed 24 years an upset election and the seniority system to move to the top of the committees totem pole overnight was jerked from obscurity to a High chair of history. A can this really be happening a he recalls thinking. A will i really be the Guy if Fate had been looking for one of the powerhouses of Congress it have picked though awed and saddened he was not immobilized. He set the machinery in motion. And on feb 4, a Man not renowned for his eloquence Rose on the floor of the House in support of a Resolution giving his committee full authority and Complete subpoena Powers for an inquiry of impeachment. It is thought he grew taller As he spoke a it has been said that our country troubled by too Many crises in recent years is too tired to consider this one in the first year of the Republic. Thomas Paine wrote a those who expect to reap the blessings of Freedom must like men undergo the fatigue of supporting a now it is our turn. A a. W Hen we have completed our inquiry whatever the result we will make recommendations to the House we will do so As soon As we can consistent with principles of fairness and completeness. A whatever the result whatever we learn or conclude let us now proceed with such care and decency and thoroughness and Honor that the vast majority of the american people and their children after them will say that was the right course. There was no other the Resolution passed 410 to 4 Peter Wallace Rodino is 5-feet-7. How a a Wallace infiltrated a Nice rep. Peter Rodino italian family deponent claims not to know. But his wife Marianna exposes his secret with a mischievous chuckle As a Young Man he just dreamed up the Middle name to a add distinction Quot to his own hair Gray White Wavy senatorial. Eyes dark warm voice soft thin apparently the result of dip Thena As a boy. Clothes mostly dark pinstripes the slightly wide tie and heavy sideburns being his Only concessions to mod personality amiable hardworking warm Earnest cautious Thor of u g Hin colourful. Speech habits Ordinary Unn Nging no quotable quotes from the saints muses or folks Back Home eyebrows stable. In Short an unlikely to replacement for Sam Ervin. This Man All of him is now in an historic pressure cooker unmatched in too years. He runs the inquiry with few precedents to guide him. If his committee votes articles of impeachment he will have to floor manage them through the House. Yea or nay he will have to explain. A one false move a John Pierson noted in the Wall Street journal Quot and Pete Rodmon a in trouble two and the country a in trouble. Like bungled surgery a botched impeachment could maim not it is generally agreed that an unconvincing impeachment indictment suspect for political motives or an unconvincing no indictment suspect of timidity could tear the country apart. People Are that polarized judging by the committees mail. Meanwhile Rodino must steer a Middle course toward a the truth Quot As he says and As he does no to say somewhere Between Republican Fig eaters ready to accuse him of partisan delay and Young democratic a bomb throwers ready to charge him with spineless slowness. At this writing Rodino believes that most members of his committee 21 democrats and 17 republicans All lawyers and All politicians like their chairman a Are trying to push politics aside. They re trying. I think there la be More soul searching As we go along. Quot at this Point in time most representative members of the committee republicans and democrats liberals and conservatives go Flowers and go faster appear to be satisfied that Rodino has been doing a fair objective impartial Job. Several add the phrase a so the one criticism heard is that he see Rodino on 2d

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